The Council is the main policy-making body of the Council and considers the broad social and economic needs of the Parish, including establishing the ‘Vision’ and key objectives as laid out in the Parish Plan.

Terms of Reference
To consider and agree the broad policies and objectives of the Council, including the Council’s Vision statement and approval of the key objectives and targets in the Parish Plan.

To agree membership of the Council’s main working parties in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders.

To be responsible for allocating and controlling the manpower resources of the Council as recommended by the Policy and Staffing Working Party. Including the identification of the need for new services, policies and facilities.

To consider recommendations put forward by the Planning Working Party and agree appropriate response for the Local Planning Authority.

To finalise the budget (financial estimates) of the Council and agree the precept to be levied having taken into consideration the recommendations put forward by the Finance Working Party.

To authorise Councillors attendance at conferences, courses and meetings.

To assume responsibility for membership of outside bodies.

To respond to consultation documents from Government and other bodies, other than those matters specifically delegated to other Committees.

To enter into legal proceedings on the Council’s behalf.

To deal with matters not normally dealt with or specifically referred to other Committees.


The Finance Working Party considers the financial, staffing and general policy aspects of the Council and Parish area.

Terms of Reference
To be responsible for the Council’s budget and the works scheduled therein.

To be responsible for the collection of all revenue, raising and renewal of loans and insurance in accordance with the Council’s Financial Regulations.

To be responsible for the banking, financial and accounting methods adopted by the Council, including ensuring that an effective and robust system of internal audit is in place, in accordance with the Council’s Financial Regulations and Regulation 6 of the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003.

To consider the distribution of functions between Committees and make recommendations to Council on any major policy changes in the Council’s management or administrative purposes.

To consider the broad policy aspects together with the detailed matters of the Council’s staffing.

To promote the Council and Town for the benefit of the area.

To make recommendations on responses to consultation documents within this committee’s remit.

To formulate and put forward policies as required by Council.


The Media and Website Working Group has control of the website and all communication with media.

To review, update and maintain the Council website and newsletters.


The Planning Committee considers the planning and environmental aspects of development in the Parish and immediate surrounding area.

To consider and monitor County Structure Plan, District Local Plans, Minerals Local Plan, Waste Local Plan, County Transport Policies and Programme and other strategic planning documents, making recommendations to Full Council where appropriate.

To consider appropriate representations on local planning and development applications amendments and appeals, including those relating to listed buildings and the conservation area.

To consider appropriate representations on Tree Preservation Orders.


At the meeting held during 2017 the representatives on outside bodies for 2017/18 were made as follows:

Salcombe Swimming Pool Association – Mary Kemp , Niall Rudd
Malborough Feoffees – Mike Fice , Tony Lang , Mary Kemp
Minibus Committee – Mike Fice
Salcombe Harbour Liaison – Richard Whitfield
Emergency Committee – Richard Whitfield , Caroline Bricknell , Nikki Turton , Mary Kemp
Allotment Committee – Tony Lang
Neighbourhoood Plan Group – Mike Fice , Graeme Lennox
Footpath Warden – Tony Lang
Chamber of Commerce – Mike Fice , Peter Armstrong
Coastal Communities team – Nikki Turton
Finance & Staffing Working Group – Mike Fice, Tony Lang , Lindy Sinnott
Planning Working Group – Councillors that attend each site visit
Media Articles – Tony Lang
Community Liaison – Tony Lang , Nikki Turton , Graeme Lennox , Niall Rudd
Technology Working Group – Mike Fice , Niall Rudd , Keith Baker
Website  – Richard Whitfield
Mortuary Working Group – Tony Lang ,Keith Baker , Graeme Lennox
Open Spaces Sport and Recreation – Keith Baker, Mary Kemp , Caroline Bricknell


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