Advice being given at the moment by Devon and Cornwall Police is that the best way to report those believed to be contravening the Government Regulations is to report to the police via their 101 service, by phone or online, which they can then follow up.

Here is a link directly to the reporting page to save you looking it up.

To quote our local police, “Use of 101 will generate activity on our logging systems which are monitored by our senior management team. The more logs we get, the greater the likelihood of more resource being pushed our way. Please urge your residents to report directly to us on 101.” So, the more reporting the more chance of some action being taken.

There have been instances where the police have talked to those who arrived at second or holiday homes after the restrictions on travel were put in place to find no legitimate reason for having travelled, and some have returned back to their primary residence, which is what we wish to happen. Not all, granted, but the police do not have the power to make them go home.

There are others who are in holiday accommodation to be separate from their families whilst they work on the frontline in the NHS, and those properties are often donated for such use, all of which is to be applauded.

So not everything is always as it might appear. Hence why it is important that first and foremost the police are told, and are then left to deal with possible infringements of the regulations.

We will get through this together, a strong community which cares. Please use the 101 service.

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