South Hams District Council (SHDC) successfully secured funding last year from the Environment Agency to construct a tidal defence structure in this location.
· The purpose of this wall structure is to reduce the risk of tidal water from entering the town during extreme tide and weather events.

· The works centre on the construction of a new tidal flood barrier at the top of the existing slipway in Clifton Place. This area is currently undefended and susceptible to flooding during times of extreme conditions e.g. high spring tides, on-shore winds, low pressure and heavy rain.

· The works are being carried out under SHDC’s permitted development rights and the height of both the gate and adjacent wall corresponds with the extreme tidal still water level 100 years from now. Any structure lower would not make the scheme viable.

· The current wall construction is incomplete and still needs to be rendered and slate coping added. This work is scheduled to take place soon when we will also be in a position to install the main gate.

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