Whilst Salcombe Town Council (STC) appreciate some people may be concerned about these works, it is required for the safety of the users of The Berry and to sustain a healthy and vibrant woodland for future generations.

STC have engaged Devon Tree Services to fell 5 Ash trees at The Berry suffering from Ash Dieback. The work is scheduled for the 17th and 18th November 2020, which may affect access to some areas of The Berry on those days. The felled wood will be left on site to benefit wildlife and is an approved method of woodland management.

As you may know, Ash Dieback is a serious disease that causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees and can lead to the death of the tree and The Berry woodland has a significant amount of Ash trees. STC are monitoring their woodlands and hedgerows for Ash Dieback and have identified a significant amount of Ash in the woodland adjacent to Primrose Field. Not all these Ash trees currently look to be badly affected, and it is prudent to wait to see if any of these trees survive or have some immunity, however, as with Councils across the UK, STC are looking to replant suitable saplings around their estate in a bid to mitigate the loss of dead and dying Ash trees.

To that end STC’s gardening contractor, South Hams District Council, have been engaged to do some scrub clearance work around Primrose Field to facilitate the replanting. Additionally, the gardening team will be looking to tackle the Ivy and Wild Clematis which is infesting some of the trees.

Salcombe Town Council have been fortunate, in that the Woodland Trust will be providing saplings, free of charge, as part of their Community Programme and once the ground is cleared the saplings can be planted.

You may in the interim, see some canes appearing in the woodland and these are being placed to indicate young trees and shrubs that should not be touched as part of the ground clearance.

If you would like to assist with the replanting please contact STC on 01548 842282 or admin@salcombetowncouncil.gov.uk and you will be contacted further if a socially distanced opportunity to help is viable.

Thank you.

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