We are very pleased to announce the release of our new film “The Drip – a watery tale” – beautifully animated by Tim Britton of Forkbeard Fantasy – it’s only 5mins long and we’d love you to watch it … and if you love it too, please do help pump it along the water connected pipeworks of your own catchment … the more ‘viral’ the better!

Click Here to Watch Video

Introduced by a drip of water, this wonderful and engaging animation interprets the natural water cycle and other important areas of aquatic science and geography. It also takes a quirky look at the ‘dark side’, taking us on a thought provoking journey through the murky depths and issues of our own waste, only to re-surface with brighter optimism for a healthier future, full of home-grown heroes.

The rich poetic narration and colourful animated artistry of Forkbeard Fantasy adeptly leads us through many of the key concepts that geographers, scientists and practitioners can often struggle to interpret! From ‘water catchments’ to ‘nutrient enrichment’ – all are covered in just 5 magical minutes
Equally enjoyable as a school topic opener to encourage an early discussion or brainstorming, as a ‘closer’ to review the topic or simply found cruising the ‘YouTube flow’ for fun, it won’t disappoint.

Certificate ‘AONB’ – for everyone – from toddler to granny (Granny is a head-friendly unit of time used within the animation to represent 36-50 yrs or so … and egg cups a new unit of microbial populations!).

The film was commissioned by the South Devon AONB on behalf of the South Devon Catchments Partnership (co-hosted by the Westcountry Rivers Trust) using Catchment Based Approach funding from the Environment Agency.

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