* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr Mrs Bricknell *
Cllr R. Moore *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott *
Cllr I. Hatch *
Cllr A. Hainey *
Cllr M. Payne *
Cllr Miss D. Ward *
Cllr P. Lafferty-Holt *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr Mrs J. Pearce A
Dist Cllr M. Long *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) *
Tom Ladds Kingsbridge Gazette A
WPC Jo Pengilly N


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Caroline 0137 – Genesis felt personal contact should leave. Lindy same brother in law lives next door. 4296 – Camperdown on same block for Lindy.


Rob Wheeler and Pete Armstrong were present to observe only.

District and County Councillor Reports

Cty Cllr Gilbert had emailed the following report:
Devon County Finances:
DCC Council tax share now made up 80% of its income.
DCC employees 2010/11 = 6,600 & in 2020 = 4500 increasing a little for Covid
Covid funding from Government = £80 Million which basically covered DCC Covid expenditure.
Budget for DCC 2020/21 = £541M with Adult social care £260M and children‘s services £146M
Budget proposed for DCC 2021/22 = £578M = £11M/week or £1.5M/day
DCC earmarked reserves = £120M (March 2020) being in the middle of UK upper tier authorities.

Recycling depot privately registered vehicles (now) permitted free of charge and without a permit:
Cars – Pick-ups – Camper vans fully fitted – Minibuses fully fitted – People carriers – Hired vans to a private household and Motability type vans/vehicles. Any privately registered panel van would require a permit giving up to twelve visits a year free of charge. Those wishing to use the service could apply online. Further various Covid related information including vaccination information and a weekly Devon County video link had been circulated.

With regard to forthcoming Elections the Police commissioner and County Council elections were now set for May 6th and further information would be published. It was felt that anyone feeling comfortable going to a supermarket or post office should feel confident to attend a polling station in May.

The A379 Edmeston road works had started with some night closures from 19.00 hours onwards. With regard to other road repairs after so much rain and Covid-19 staff safety/absenteeism there would be delays in repairs. Repairing pot holes full of water or ice was not best practice and led to complaints later if they failed. At Beadon Road he had been assisting with an enquiry from a resident concerning pothole repairs, tree trimming and emergency access, following Cllr. Moore requesting he assist.

For the Salcombe to Malborough Cycle Track a works order had now been placed to plough back the edges of the cycle way. At Thorning Street, with regard to the flooding, a scheme had been submitted for 2021

Within the meeting Cty Cllr Gilbert also advised that a County team turned responding to the Gould Road tree fall. He had received detailed correspondence, along with plate numbers, that day from a business in Salcombe wherein Niall Rudd had explained that there were many Bentley, Aston Martin and other luxury cars being left parked on double lines but no one doing anything. Cty Cllr Gilbert was just advising town council and he would look into this. He would report on County climate change initiatives at the following meeting. From statistic for Devon there had been a 41% fall in vehicle traffic on the roads since last lockdown. So there were half as many cars and HGVs on Devon roads as would normally be at this time of year pro rata to a non pandemic year. He understood the frustration locally as when he was out walked he observed that second homes were occupied at present. This problem was not peculiar to Salcombe and his mailbag was full right across the board for all parishes.

The Mayor observed the comment on traffic reduction and advised that on a necessary journey to Derriford hospital to deliver someone for an operation last Monday at 6a.m. she had never seen so much traffic in her life, so perhaps they were all travelling by night! Cty Cllr Gilbert suggested perhaps many were going to work.

Cllr Fice thanked him for assisting in obtaining the Park & Ride figures and his help was much appreciated. Cty Cllr Gilbert felt that Cllr Fice had been robustly diplomatic in his requests and with the ongoing poor administrative service asked could Salcombe Town Council not get a better service elsewhere. District car parks team had been considered initially but the contract went to County and going forward a local authority was preferred to a private provider due to the legislative differences.

Cllr Lafferty-Holt raised concern regarding highway works on the main road just outside Salcombe near the narrow section. Warning signage had to be placed but as cars went through they were purchased further into the oncoming traffic to get around these signs and this defied logic. Was there not another system enable safely placed signage. Cty Cllr Gilbert sympathised and advised all that if they found signage dangerous email him and he would get it sorted.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

Dist Cllr Long noted that he and Cllr Hainey had taken training on signage placement and road closures and in response to Cllr Lafferty-Holt advised it was legislation that determined spacing, set distances and set types. However a more sensible solution was a good idea. Regarding the Park and Ride he agreed an approach to District for them to oversee cash machine collections and enforcement whilst visiting Salcombe Car Parks would be a good use of resources. They should be asked to quote and explain how effective the service could be.

On business grants he continued to urge anybody out there with a small business to complete the grant applications. These were being taken up heavily and a lot of good work was being done. With the various schemes since 5th November £6.2million had been distributed. Some businesses might be eligible for 2-3 grants. Cllr Hainey corrected the assumption that it was easy and explained the grants were not simplified and in fact the application was now harder and required their accountant and bookkeeper to help. He could understand the need to prevent fraud but this was above and beyond. Dist Cllr Long agreed it had simplified with less forms but they were asking small businesses for profits by months, money in and money out and end of year account and he had raised this with the team. Noting the problem if a business had to ask accountants it was a further cost for their time.

The new recycling scheme was flagged up previously and the new vehicles had been delivered and were being tried out down lanes and getting the crews to understand the workings. On the 22nd February there would be a letter going out to explain the system. Not until a week before an area collection started would the new containers be delivered to each household. The Town Clerk forwarded him an interesting email which contained very good points raised by someone having read the District website and changes. If any councillors received questions they could feed them to him as he would get explanations as he was sure there would be glitches. Cllr Lafferty-Holt asked if the bags were changing and what the stock was like. District was going completely over to plastic containers together with a reusable reinforced bag. Dist Cllr Long had requested the recycling bags to be collected in the first few weeks so they were not wasted.

From bookings for holidays and listening to reports visitors were looking high for summer but Government advise no one should be making bookings! The route out of Covid was not yet completed. There District Council had agreed to four additional locality officers to be employed from Easter till September and there was more this in the Mayor’s report.

Nothing recent comments regarding the police Dist Cllr Long had learnt through District Council that the police were planning to increase resources over the ten days of half term and for the holidays. They were working to proactively stop vehicles on main roads out to these areas questioning those with caravans, surf boards et al and would fine and turn them back. Resources would also be increased to deal with complaints regarding those already in situ and they would run a warning and informing campaign for people to be sent home. Dist Cllr Long noted it would be interesting to see if this happened. The 101 was in place to report to police and he knew that around the area police had been out and paying visits to people and sent them home after checks. So he urged people to keep a look out over half term and report on 101 and see what happened.

Cllr Miss Ward noted second home owners who used local refuse collections and an email from Kay Stevenson sent on by the Clerk to Dist Cllr Long. Cllr Miss Ward gave an overview of the same scenario during the summer period where some second home owners paid household rates so their waste was collected every week. They could pay for commercial collection if they paid rates as business and if they wanted bins emptied more frequently due to AirB&B they should pay. Dist Cllr Long agreed that if they rented out whether to family or business they should sort waste themselves. The Mayor stated each must make business decisions for the frequency they needed.

Cllr Fice referred to the Pier and the fact that the stainless steel railings placed around were starting to fall apart. The ones around the pier going into the sea, bottom section, he had photographs. Landmarc had advised it was a specific section but it appeared that all sections were covered in weed.

Regarding the decision on Moult Hill barn Cllr Fice had been confused reading the Inspector’s report. Was he right in thinking that the applicant must still run this as a camping barn and leave the internal as the original plans? Dist Cllr Long agreed such reading was correct but that the applicant could not use such area as they had. Even the inspector contradicted himself in places so there was a temptation to point this out but perhaps this would be counterproductive.

He acknowledged the Mayor had reported the tree down but again thanked her for standing with him for 3.5 hrs on Gould Road. He also thanked Cllr Mrs Bricknell for providing coffee which Mark Capper, the operative, had said was a godsend. It was a good response to fallen trees and the two young lads, both former apprentices, Olly who worked around town and joined from school 8 years ago with another had been outstanding. They had enjoyed the challenge even though it was bitterly cold. There was sawdust everywhere and the guys cleared today. County and police turned out also and the policewoman remained for 2.5 hours leaving once she had verified safety of properties. He gave a huge thanks to all services where deserved.

The Minutes of the online meeting dated 27th January 2021 would have purely typographical and name amendments done so with this they were agreed and once changed approved to be duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The applications below were considered by councillors and the following response submitted to District Planning by the Town Clerk:
Those applications that councillors had Declared an Interest in were all take together at the end of planning consideration so that all those councillors could be removed from the meeting whilst such was done.
• 3632/20/HHO Householder application to extend existing balcony on first floor living room, The Cottage, Salcombe Court, Cliff Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8JQ – Response 18th February – No comment.
• 4248/20/FUL Resubmission of 1203/20/FUL for loft conversion 2 Moult Moor, Moult Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8LG – Response 18th February – Objection as although this was an improvement on the previous application there was still an overbearing impact on the character of the building, detracting from original features. This proposal was felt to be unneighbourly with potential overlooking, noise and light pollution, with additional strain on an overloaded drainage system by the introduction of new bathrooms.
• 4295/20/HHO Householder application for garage/ storage/ work from home unit Norview, Raleigh Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8AY – Response 18th February – No objection but Town Council request a condition that the building be used in perpetuity as a garage/ storage area/work from home unit. There should be a further condition relating to the type of work to be carried out (low noise levels) as this was in a residential area.
• 4296/20/HHO Householder application for storage / work from home unit 16 Camperdown Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8AX – Response 18th February – No objection but there should be a condition that the building was used in perpetuity as a garage/storage area/ work from home unit. Further it required a condition relating to the type of work to be carried out (low noise levels) as this was in a residential area.
• 0099/21/HHO Householder application for proposed single storey side extension to existing detached dwelling The Beach House, Beadon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JT – Response 25th February – Objection as the proposed development removed a well-established public amenity tree. The additional bathrooms would place further strain on an already overloaded sewerage system. If the application was approved then there needed to be a condition that the extension remained ancillary to the main dwelling and was not used or let as a separate dwelling.
• 0137/21/HHO Householder application for alterations and extension to dwelling, including demolition of outbuilding Genesis, Loring Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8AT – Response 25th February – Objection as the first floor balcony accessed off the living area would cause overlooking of the neighbouring gardens and the properties set below in Grenville Road. This could also increase noise pollution for these adjacent properties. The design of the large window on the east elevation would cause significant light pollution to these same properties. The size of the proposed extension would significantly reduce the light to the garden of Loring Cottage thereby reducing their light amenity. Due to the sloping topography of the site, the proposed extension would be over dominant and unneighbourly. The additional bathrooms proposed would place further strain on the already overloaded sewerage system. Although one parking space would be created at the front of the property there was currently parking in the garage and to the front of it so no additional parking had in fact been created. Add to this the addition of two further bedrooms would lead to more vehicles using the property placing increased strain on the on street parking, contrary to Salcombe NDP policies B1 (para 4) and T1 (b)
• 0162/21/CLE Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of ground floor as self-contained studio flat/dwelling (Use Class C3) 1 Raleigh Terrace, Raleigh Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8BQ – Response 24th February – No comment regarding the Certificate but it was advised that Neighbourhood Plan policy H3 principal residence should now be a condition as this was a new dwelling.
• 0199/21/LBC Listed Building Consent for internal and external refurbishment works (part retrospective) 2 The Quay, Lower Batson, Devon TQ8 8NN – Response 25th February – No comment.
• 0202/21/FUL Replacement of existing storage container with pitched roof single storey store to front Salcombe Dairy Ltd, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8DX – Response 25th February
– Support.


• 4293/20/TPO T1: Chestnut – Fell due to decay; T2: Holly – Deadwood removal (exempt works); T3: Pine – Fell due to overhanging onto lawn 1 Mount Knowle, Knowle Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HY – Response 18th February – With regard to works to T1 there was no objection as this had declined over the last 3 years. There was an intention to replant and grind the stump out but it was felt that replanting would be better with something more suitable like an Oak rather than chestnut. T2 was noted exempt due to deadwood. There was an objection to T3 felling of the pine as this was healthy. Overhanging had occurred from branches grown out so maybe crown lift to remove a branch and branches overhanging onto the lawn but lesser works were favoured not felling.
• 0088/21/TPO T23: Holm Oak – Removal of failed limb at ground level on the SW side and the decayed stem at ground level on the SW side, crown lift to 4m from ground level to reduce weight on remaining stems. T12: Yew – Deadwood removal (exempt). Shadycombe Cemetery, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe TQ8 8NL – Response 23rd February – No objection as the Tree Warden had confirmed the condition of the tree.
• 0182/21/TPO T1: Lime – Crown height reduction by 1m, lateral reduction on all sides by 1-2m to obtain a more natural and balanced shape 4 Beacon Court, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8LA – Response 23rd February – Objection to all works proposed but it was suggested that limited lateral reduction with no height reduction together with crown thinning to bring the tree back to a more natural shape and growth could be undertaken.
Pete Robinson left the online meeting.
• 0090/21/TCA T001: Cherry – Crown lift to 2m from ground level/ crown height reduction by 1.5m/ lateral reduction by 2m on the North, West & South sides and by 3m on the East side to reduce impact on BT overhead cables Land at SX 740 391 Junction of Market St & Buckley St, Salcombe, TQ8 8DE – Response 10th February – This was a town council application. The Tree Warden advised that these works outlined by the contractors were excessive and reduced the style of the tree apart from the west side where it was out of balance. The Tree would benefit from crown lift, crown height reduction and work to make it into more of a contained shape and this is what he would suggest to the Tree Officer.
Dist Cllr Long left the meeting.


Discussion took place with regard to the sound and good service provided by Tally Ho over the years and a consideration of whether to offer support against the backdrop of the ongoing Covid restrictions. It was noted that the Park and Ride was historically provided to increase business in town but even with restrictions the town had been full up from 4th July onwards last year with plenty of people parking and walking.

It was noted that town council could not be seen to subsidise one business over all town businesses which were taking a huge hit from Covid and the bus company received Government grants as everyone else. It had been a successful year in town without a bus and it was suggested town council may need to look at new systems without a bus because it had meant less hassle from people expecting and complaining about the bus provision dates. The Information Centre supported the focus on walking and exercise as they believed it had worked incredibly well and also suggested that £3 was too cheap for all day parking at the car park. There was a suggestion that to not provide a retainer could lose the goodwill and when applicants for the contract were originally sought this was local and accessible with many other operators being as far away as Newton Abbot.

Following discussion on not providing a bus down into town it was felt that long term it would be prudent to look at drop off points for motorists and disabled parking. It was noted that anyone with a blue badge could currently park on double yellow lines.

It was:
(a) AGREED that no contribution payment should be made to Tally Ho
(b) AGREED that the bus service from Bonfire Hill down to the town was NOT required for the forthcoming season following the parking figures for last year during the pandemic restrictions.


Information provided from a motorhome user was circulated and the request that parking provision be provided close to town for such users to park and use Salcombe retailers and hospitality outlets was considered.

In New Zealand nowhere was there a problem taking a large motorhome but the culture in England was that wild camping was not acceptable. Anyone with a top box on had nowhere to park and this was a shame. Previous discussions some years ago with County and District had focused on a whole transport infrastructure review for town and provision of additional parking at the top of the hill. Part of the Neighbourhood Plan suggested a review of transport and parking in town. However for this it needed a sizeable field somewhere for campervans, coaches and for Lorries to unload. All would like this to be implemented but there was nowhere unless land was donated or made available at a reasonable cost so where would it be put. Following these discussion the person dealing with this at District left and Devon County was not interested.

A land suggestion was Ashbys or the field next door but this was out of town and in Malborough parish. It was recognised there was a lot of disposable income arriving with these vehicle users and spend per head was too great to lose but there was nowhere to put them. Other fields along the main road were raised as used by Crab Fest for parking. The Mayor stated that if half the point was coming into town then if fields were being considered why would users not go to campsites that catered to motorhomes. There was nowhere for these vehicles to come to and the park & ride was abused by Lorries so height barriers were installed. Another option to cater for larger vehicles would be to surface the area completely and that was not attractive.

Most towns and villages in Cornwall streets were too narrow so why not send vehicles to North Sands car park which was accessible by foot. The space where the bus turned at the Park & Ride could be trialled for larger vehicles whilst there was no bus provision because this area was before the barrier. As campervans came into town whatever and would park wherever it was free of charge why not let them park where money could be charged. It was not known whether campervans could already park at North Sands but chose not to.

It was AGREED to look at the Park and Ride area to ascertain whether it could accommodate 2 or 3 campervans. Also the pricing structure in the car park was too late to change for this season so this would be reconsidered in Autumn along with whether to change provider.
It was noted that Cllr Payne had troubles with reception and at points was not within the meeting.
Rob Wheeler left the online meeting during the above agenda item.


It was AGREED that the location for a landmark tree should be within Jubilee Gardens.


Requests for financial assistance were received from;
(a) Kingsbridge Gymnastics Club towards new equipment – As not based in Salcombe NOT AGREED.
(b) Youth Mental Health Foundation based in Ashburton, Devon – A response was awaited from Salcombe School and Town Council would CONSIDER favourably a contribution if the school requested and wanted to provide this for Salcombe pupils.


A proposal to encourage volunteers to clear weeds, tidy vegetation, and care for their town by creating a competition for various categories was put forward. This was needed for the town as areas were looking shoddy and if youngsters were offered recognition and prizes it was felt they would take part.

Another thought was that there were already a lot of clubs and associations as the whole town ran on volunteers and whilst they might support such action perhaps it was a step too far. Cllr Mrs Bricknell noted that when she announced the clear up works at the Shadycombe cemetery many people turned up (circa 15) so perhaps Volunteer Days would be better. Cllr Fice supported per street strategy so people looked after their own area. In Buckley Street they had a second home owner who contributed and they all did the road and steps together as they all took pride. Help for wider areas like Loring to Grenville to Bonaventure could perhaps be working groups! Most felt this was an all-inclusive idea so that second home owners could get involved with giving physical help, others donations to provide the working party with sustenance from a local business, say coffee and a sandwich.

Set days to promote volunteers being sponsored by businesses was felt an idea but Best Street could cause challenges that no one was allowed to touch anything! Cllr Mrs Bricknell was going to provide this within councillors reports later but advised at this point that a neighbour stopped her about how untidy the street looked and asked where were the street cleaners.

It was AGREED that group distanced volunteer days were the way forward and Cllrs Mrs Bricknell, Mrs Sinnott, Payne and the Mayor would put this project together with Cllr Hainey offering labour support.


The Mayor advised town council had received the first draft of an agreement with the District Council with regard to keeping Salcombe’s toilets ‘free on entry’. The legal working group would have a Zoom meeting to discuss the agreement ahead of bringing it to Town Council for comment and approval.

She thanked Cllr Mrs Bricknell and Richard Turton for their all their hard work in clearing the slippery and dangerous moss from Piggy Lane the previous weekend. Hopefully, this could now be kept safe by regular volunteer upkeep.

She continued, thanking again Cllr Mrs Bricknell for ringing 999 and reporting the fallen tree on Gould Road late the previous afternoon. The Mayor then spent 3½ hours, along with Dist Cllr Mark Long, waiting for the police and the South Hams grounds maintenance team to arrive, meanwhile directing traffic and people away from Gould Road. The remaining trunk of this multi-stemmed tree was also being removed as its prominent lean into the car park meant it was too dangerous to leave standing. Devon County Council maintenance team also turned up, for which town council thanked them, but as all was in hand they left to attend to other fallen trees across the district.

She had been advised by one of the Salcombe District Councillors that they would not be attending Town Council Meetings due to a perceived personal attack from one of the Town Councillors at a previous meeting. An apology was asked for, which had been sent. She believed that the apology sent was appropriate, but it had not been accepted.

On the 5th February the clerk and Mayor attended, along with Totnes, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge and Ivybridge, the online Mayors and Clerks meeting with the District Council CEO, Leader and other District Councillors and officers.
• All District services had been kept going throughout the pandemic, although juggling illness, and child care issues meant sometimes things were running a bit slower.
• The new recycling service would be phased in from the 8th March, with a break over Easter and completion of the roll out by week commencing 5th May.
• Preparations for summer 2021 had begun and Localities and Covid compliancy officers would be working seven days a week, 6am to 8pm. Additional seasonal staff would be employed rather than rely on voluntary overtime. Each town gave an overview of what preparations they were making for reopening.
• All precept forms had been received for 2021/22. There was an average increase of 8.2% against 11.1% last year. So far £2.7million had been paid out in Covid grants, with more yet to be paid.
• Phase one of installation of electric car charging points in District car parks was scheduled for the end of 2021 and then phase two in 2023.
• Salcombe raised the weed control issue, ie two different teams for weed killing and clearing, asking how the other towns managed. Most had a man and a hoe! District would be considering how this problem could be dealt with better.
• With regard to police attendance at Council meetings, the other towns received crime figures or a full report, but generally not their physical presence.
• During the three lockdowns, all pay on entry toilets were free to use, as a service to local residents out walking, because people could not go anywhere else due to businesses being closed.
• Preparations for London Bridge (the Queen’s death) or, more likely, Forth Bridge (Prince Philip’s death) were as up-to-date as could be. A dedicated webpage needed to be available for uploading as a ‘home page’ with a link to electronic condolence pages and appropriate information for services, etc.

In relation to these events, Cllr Mrs Bricknell had very kindly agreed to make a black fabric backing for the mayoral chain when worn in mourning, which she would try and make easily removable for general use. Thanks were offered in advance of this work.

With regard to reporting problems around town, e.g. fly tipping, unemptied bins, water or gas leaks, and any other community reports the Mayor again requested that all please remember to use the online reporting systems, links for which were on the town council website or could be found on the relevant body’s website, or a number would be in the phone book, if anyone still had one! She urged everyone to use their councillor email address to be kept informed as it might help get things looked at more promptly. She explained that by the time each report was sent to Pete Robinson, the clerk or herself, a report could have already been sent in to be actioned. Also photographs taken as the problems were seen and sent with the report would help identify a precise location if it was not obvious. These organisations all needed problems to be logged into their computer systems, it was just how it was these days, and the person who came across an issue was better informed than anyone else of exactly ‘what’ and ‘where’.

• Cllr Fice – Noted at the last meeting he had raised the van parked in the park and ride field. Pete Robinson had asked County but had no response so far and would chase this. The proposal to amend the Neighbourhood Plan had been on Town Council website, noticeboard, Facebook and received no comments so he would now forward this to District for the next stage. He had received a request from a resident as to whether two benches on Victoria Quay could be taped off as they were along the narrow bit and day visitors sat eating and drinking coffee so it made it hard to socially distance and get past. Another councillor wondered whether a one way system on Victoria and Buckley could be considered as this would be safer route as the Quay was very narrow. Pete Robinson advised the benches could be removed as they were only screwed down on each foot so this would be a better alternative and they could be stacked in the OAPs courtyard. There was sympathy with the issue but as there were many narrow pathways in Salcombe unless something was done for all it was an unnecessary issue to worry about in isolation.

The grass cutting contract was up for renewal at the beginning of April and was discussed in December and now included the area around the council parking spaces. Current regulations that meant any contract over £25,000 should go out to tender using the Government’s contract process had been reviewed. This seemed overkill for this town council maintenance regime and he wondered whether to extend the existing contract as continuity of service had just been achieved. It this was favourable a quote could be brought as an agenda item at a future meeting. The nationwide tendering process and registration was onerous for just one contract. The current work being received had been far superior to previous contractors and all present were content to take this line forward.
• Cllr Moore – Asked if the Mayor knew from the Inspector what checks were carried out on those arriving down. The house over the road from him, end terrace who washed his BMW and stayed overnight when questioned whether he was registered in Salcombe said he would get his driver’s licence. The postman had at another time advised they were delivering a lot of DVLR letters so were people just changing the registration of their cars as a loophole.
• Cllr Lafferty-Holt – Enquired about ongoing security for the forthcoming summer and renewing yellow footprints in town. It was explained that funding from Covid had been obtained and District operatives were in fact being used to install repainted footprints. Once the Government lockdown reopening was announced new or further signage would be reviewed.
• Cllr Payne – Had wanted a white line down the middle of the main street through Salcombe to define the side people should keep to when walking and again requested this. He also felt the benches on Customs Quay should be removed to stop visitors sitting there reducing the passing place. He then asked about the matter within the Mayor’s report about a District Councillor not attending meetings and requested further explanation. The Mayor asked if the councillor involved minded if she stated a name. Cllr Hainey was in total agreement for discussion. The Mayor then explained that Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce had not accepted the apology provided. Cllr Payne supported Cllr Hainey and was concerned as he remembered the Sandes application and was in agreement he personally felt Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce did not do enough to support the feeling from town with regard to the planning application and its effect on that road. She had justified her actions by the fact she did not have a vote but he felt this was not acceptable when she was Leader of District Council. The Mayor advised that this was because as Leader she was not on the planning committee. Cllr Payne advised it was not a personal grudge matter but that he and Cllr Hainey knew and understood the objection within town. Cllr Fice felt that Cllr Hainey had done nothing wrong but engaged in robust discussion and if he had apologised that was to be congratulated. Cllr Hainey had expressed his and other people’s views. Planning was a separate District committee and Dist Cllr Pearce had no influence. However the point that Cllr Hainey raised was she not appear to support the town enough and that was his opinion which was acceptable even she could not do any more on the planning vote. Cllr Payne noted that within the meeting in question Cllr Fice had supported Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce on what she was allowed to speak to. Cllr Hainey accepted that Cllr Fice was between a rock and a hard place as he had a set of rules he had to work by and knew planning a lot better than others and he understood also that Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce did not support the town as much as he wanted and she could not do anything about Sandnes. That was why he sent an email to her because he had this explained and he understood this point. Cllr Hainey had offered to resign from town council but this was not accepted so he hoped he had the support of all his fellow councillors. Cllr Fice clarified that he noted the District Councillor comments but had merely corrected procedure and advised what she did at the meeting was acceptable, he attended District and was aware what took place and he felt social media was not portraying what was actually said.
• Cllr Hainey – No report but was grateful he was still on the council and agreed he was a sledgehammer occasionally but he had the best intentions for the town.

• Email received raising concerns regarding the proposed roll out of new recycling collections was passed to District Councillors. Dist Cllr Long had forwarded this to the District Officer so that these points could be considered when a report on Salcombe was sent out.
• Pete Robinson had reported damage, due to the recent high winds, to the Information Centre noticeboard situated in the park and ride.
• Ashridge Nurseries had notified that they were unable to provide the replacement trees for Bonaventure Woods due problems at their growers. The trees would be reviewed and an alternative sought.
• Pete Robinson had met a client in the cemetery to advise of the cremation plot areas, one consecrated and the other not. The client had returned as requested to place ashes alongside Tabiner and McKnight in the upper bedding verge which was not within the allocated areas. There was also a request to plant a tree and this required consideration as to whether there were any suitable sites within the cemetery that would not impede burial ground. This was all being investigated.
• An email promoting Bubble of Fun water walking balls project had been forwarded to town council but it was not felt that there was an area within Salcombe that could host such.
• An email advising that anyone could view the forthcoming AONB committee meeting on 12th March was circulated to all town council.
• Fencing works at the park and ride, cemetery and Jubilee Gardens had been carried out by H2 this morning.
• Town Council had been approached to consider what was to be done, if anything, with regard to using the services of a hawk handler for seagull problems. It was suggested the Harbour Board could be asked whether they wished to contribute again. Due to no other input this was money spent out from the benefit of taxpayers of the town. The request originally came from businesses and they wanted to contribute but did not due to Covid so town council was not convinced this was the right use of public money. Dist Cllr Long would be asked if he would like to contribute as a District Councillor and other sponsors found but not town council.


Bank Balances
Current Account £501.00
Deposit Account £475,225.75

Harbour Hotel – Park and Ride £2,875.00

APPROVED Internet payments to:
SHDC – January Maintenance Contract £998.95
Cliff House Trust – Annual Rent payment 1st February 2021 to 31st January 2022 £3898.68 Lease commenced on 18th April. Question payment and do not pay!!!!!! Andy said not using it at present and what about a different venue??? Pay but point out paying for something we are unable to use as building closed down at present!! Phil noted modern world


The next Town Council Meeting would be held at 6.30p.m. on Wednesday 24th February 2021.


…………………………………………….. 24th February 2021.
Town Mayor

Meeting ended: 21.15p.m.

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