* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr T. Lang A
Cllr R. Moore *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott *
Cllr M. Long (also District Councillor) *
Cllr I. Hatch *
Cllr A. Hainey *
Cllr M. Payne A
Cllr Miss D. Ward *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr Mrs J. Pearce *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) *
Tom Ladds Kingsbridge Gazette A
WPC Jo Pengilly A
Anthony Mangnall MP *


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Ongoing advice was that Cllr Long would not take part in planning decisions due to him being on the District Development Management Committee.

Cllr Long advised of his interest in the Cliff House Trust matter and requested that following planning item 6 Covid be brought forward and discussed and then he would leave the online meeting.


The Mayor welcomed Anthony Mangnall MP who joined the online meeting. He complimented town council as he had seen firsthand all the preparations for installing pedestrian and traffic priority signs, due to Covid, and congratulated what had been done. Feedback he had from people in and out of town had been good. Going forward he wished to have a more regular meetings with Salcombe Town Council to support the town and work together. Over the coming weeks and months, he advised that there would be enormous opportunities to support these areas for transport, the new bus model and actual travel. There had been a bid elsewhere to reopen the Primrose Line although he felt this would be just for walking and cycling might be good to extend this to Salcombe. Everyone was pacing themselves now following the relaxation of lockdown and all eyes were focused on the period from 20th July – 4th August plus 16days. This was the time it would take the wider population to be infected. Therefore, he urged Salcombe that if they needed anything on guidance or questions answered then please approach him. He could root out the answers as he would walk in and bother Ministers and the right people to seek clarity. He, Cty Cllr Gilbert, and Cllr Mrs Pearce were often on calls with CCG Health Groups and he wanted to be informed locally to be able to provide the reassurance as to how capacity was faring on the ground.

He referred to the ‘extraordinary’ new package of support from the Minister and was personally delighted regarding the 5% VAT cut as he had written to the Minister on this subject following talks with businesses who highlighted Coastal Communities and their struggles and this cut was all about coastal places such as Salcombe and Kingsbridge. This town needed to thrive and survive in the future, so he gave an enormous thank you to everyone.

Mike Dinsdale was present to discuss provision of PPE. He had been dealing with issues for carers and from the people he had telephoned the equipment was difficult to get hold of. When it was announced provision was available the amount of supplies only last a limited period of time. In the South Hams he had created a database of those that needed PPE and who were local with no head offices. Domiciliary care needed a larger number of masks per week as in-house care, which operated differently, meant changing each session due to protocol. The price had gone from 80p to £2.50. His concern was that he was only overviewing this care and how could the flow available pan out. He felt whilst some carers were clapped and applauded this group of people were in dire straits. Anthony Mangnall responded that he believed people were receiving supplies although they might say they were close to running out, but they were getting it. If Mike Dinsdale had examples that there were people in dire straits, then send this information through to him and he would assist. Mike and his wife had applied for a grant and would change the status of their organisation so he and his wife could work on this.
Anthony Mangnall MP left the meeting.

Mike Dinsdale continued that he was pleased the Anthony Mangnall MP did not feel that there was a problem for PPE but wished to comment on a separate issue regarding the amount of rhetoric aimed at second home owners, which he did not feel was as widespread as mentioned. There were a small group of people who punched above their weight. He wished to know what the Town Council stance was on suppressing this rhetoric aimed at second homeowners. All of this had been exacerbated due to the Covid pandemic and brought more fear to others but he challenged whether local people were behaving themselves with regard to face coverings, which he stated would become mandatory following a recent expert report. How was everyone going to mandate such messages to local people and help them to wear masks and stop the second home ‘problem’ messages?

The Mayor advised that Town Council followed Government guidelines as did District and County Council. This matter was a minority who were getting keyboard happy and ruining things for the majority. Following the Government relaxing of lockdown Town Council had signs up Welcoming visitors back. Until Government did make facemasks mandatory Town Council would not pursue this. Small shops could request masks, and this was down to other people. Distancing was being promoted and it was difficult with holidaymakers, but no one could force them to do so until Government ruled such.

Cllr Miss Ward noted that from a Salcombe Information Centre point of view that although it was said by Mike Dinsdale visitors were being bad mouthed this had not made the slightest bit of a difference to the amount of people coming to town. Every property for let could be booked 10 times over and the staff were turning them away by the dozen so the small minority who made these comments had not turned people against Salcombe.

Mike Dinsdale did not feel this was not quite the question he raised but the Mayor moved on with the meeting stating Town Council would do what they could as and when.

Cllr Mrs Sinnott noted, with regard to visitors, that the Information Centre staff had a dialogue with some visitors had been continuing to work for months and just wanted a break away. People could not be put all under the same umbrella inferring that they were being irresponsible visiting. Mike Dinsdale agreed this. His point he referred to was that over the last 10 weeks he had been attending mountain groups, resort owners meetings etc and they were being proactive and planning for summer and the following year and he was wondering what Salcombe was doing in that respect. The Mayor said town council would not want to step on the Information Centre’s toes regarding such promoting as that was their purpose although those supported them when possible.

Cllr Fice advised that Town Council had always supported visitors and encouraged them to visit as with second homeowners and he had stated this, as Mayor then, on television a few years ago. Facebook messages were a small minority and these messages were not just created in Salcombe but came from all over the country referring to the same thing. Some messages were correct as some people in Salcombe were understandably frightened having visitors down as they were deemed vulnerable. There was irresponsibility by some holidaymakers, but Town Council had gone to a lot of expense and time creating and obtaining signs advising of distancing to encourage people to keep to the left. But there would always be a percentage that would follow, and the rest would continue walking straight down the middle and did not care. Against that the town needed holidaymakers. Enforcement of wearing facemasks Town Council could not do and should not do.

The Mayor stated that all people had been asked to observe social distancing, signs were around town, with yellow footprints on the road to further highlight keeping to the left but Town Council could not be out there telling people what to do. Mike Dinsdale said he knew of people who were frightened by the lack of direction to visitors and he had filmed how he was nearly mown down by a vehicle going through town. His assertion was that the messaging in St. Ives was considerably more than Salcombe. Cllr Hainey advised he had assisted in erecting the signs and all who had done this were doing the best they could. Everyone was working within the guidelines given, although they had tried to do more on parking, but he felt that this conversation was going nowhere as Town Council had a set of directives to work to and that was it. He felt the meeting needed to progress.

District and County Councillor Reports
Cty Cllr Gilbert advised that for COVID-19 Devon was 146th out of 150 areas at risk in England which meant at present very low risk. As of 30th June there were two positive cases per week. The Government had placed responsibility for local Covid-19 outbreaks with upper tier authorities being Devon County Council and they had an advanced ‘Local Outbreak Management Plan’ LOMP in place, should it become necessary.

With regards the economy about 30% of workers in Devon had been furloughed or made redundant, with up to 90% in tourism. Tourism = 5.5% of Devon’s economy and employed 12% of the workforce being about 63000. At County Economy was within Cty Cllr Gilbert’s portfolio and they were working hard to restart, regrow and reset the economy with the main sectors being Tourism, Retail, Construction and Agriculture food & drink.

Regarding broadband there was mobilisation of a new CDS Devon and Somerset contract set for early 2021. There were six lots to tender for individually or as a group with plenty of interest coming forward and the contract completion by December 2024. BT Gainshare had provided £6Million to date which had allowed an additional two thousand hard to reach properties to be connected. The take up had been 65% as against the national average of 61% which had improved the Gainshare monies.

Previously Cty Cllr Gilbert was requested to consider the state of Onslow Road pavement. The Highway Officer had inspected and put in a request for surface dressing. Cllr Fice, at the last meeting, referred to British Telecom stickers appearing on some BT cabinets stating no parking in front of the cabinet. Following an enquiry these were request stickers and had no legal standing.

Various businesses had been expressing interest in street café table applications and Cty Cllr Gilbert referred to one before Town Council for The Wardroom and asked for thoughts regarding any applications to be sent to him.

Following the above report that Cty Cllr Gilbert had forwarded earlier he advised that the previous day he agreed to give Salcombe library £1000 towards, getting it open. He hoped Salcombe library would open as soon as possible. The last County Covid 19 update report contained some important and good information and Devon County had, at Cabinet, adopted the Local Operative Management Plan to look after areas wherever there was a local outbreak. As the upper authority they would be responsible for this. He had forwarded The Wardroom application information to Town Council. He was sorry to note that Town Council had received a complaint about signage from one person in relation to the Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice but agreed with Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce that this was one complaint against all the people who had visited Salcombe over the weekend of 4th July.

The Mayor requested to return to The Wardroom application as this had caused consternation. Cty Cllr Gilbert asked that this be put in writing to him and the Highway Officer. The Mayor continued that this proposal would compromise what town council was trying to achieve in reducing cars along Fore Street. This area was used for people to step aside when trying to pass each other. It was also the access for people going into the shop and tables and chairs outside on this pavement area would make this narrower. Who would be policing the tables and ensuring that the customers were not affecting pedestrians. Would there be alcohol served here. Anyone applying for a table licence for Whitestrand was advised that such licence stopped at 9p.m whereas this County application gave a time of 11.30p.m. What about right of way through the shop carrying food and drink which would be walked through the whole building past new clothes, this was inappropriate. It had been locally suggested that this café might be also applying for a licence at Whitestrand which appeared a better place for a social distanced café. Cty Cllr Gilbert noted this and advised that table/street licences function was to be delegated to District. Cty Cllr Gilbert advised he would leave the meeting and immediately send an email setting out that Salcombe Town Council had considerable concerns. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce also said she would certainly make these remarks.

Cllr Miss Ward noted that she had raised all these points and more by email and was advised that these would all be included in the response to County. Cllr Miss Ward continued that she had mentioned this matter to the clothing section of the shop (Crew) and the staff knew nothing about this proposal and were most disturbed as they had concerns with tea/coffee and food travelling through their shop and what would happen when their section of shop closed for the day.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

Dist Cllr Long noted that public bin emptying had been a problem and needed to be dealt with particularly the evening collections. He referred to the comments from Cllr Fice highlighting the collection problems on Victoria Quay and other places. Dist Cllr Long had experienced a similar problem in Hope Cove for evening and Sunday collections. There were issues with dog bins not being emptied as well. Dist Cllr Long would raise this issue with FCC as operatives did not appear to be locking the dog bins properly so other rubbish was being stuffed in.

Whitestrand toilets had to be closed Tuesday afternoon as the facility was starting to back up. The team tried to ascertain the issue but could not get access to the main sewer as this was where bikes were placed and due to this, they could not get in. This morning they had rodded and noted items were being placed within that should not have been in there. The maintenance team did respond very quickly and dealt with the issue. However, this was the first week back after lockdown, so it was worrying. The discretionary grant for South Hams businesses finished this Friday and he had been pushing several businesses who had not applied, to do so. There were still businesses that had some financial problems who were struggling due to the loss of earlier business.

Regarding Saving Devon Treescapes, Lottery funded initiative hosted and funded by Devon Wildlife Trust covering 5 areas across Devon, Modbury area covering Salcombe Dist Cllr Long advised he served on the advisory group. They had a meeting, but this had been delayed due to Covid, There was to be a Zoom meeting of 54 groups and following this he could give a better update at the next town council meeting. It had received good funding and there were initiatives to promote new hedgerows, bolstering old ones and funds towards Ash die back.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted she and Dist Cllr Long had ensured the Gould Road toilets were open but had to press hard for this. On Whitestrand two licences had been granted and two more applications were in for consideration, but she could not say who at present.

The bins were getting very full of paper coffee cups from the Winking Prawn and by 5p.m. overflowing but she was impressed to see that Winking Prawn had put a dustbin out. So here was a business trying to collect their own rubbish and she felt this was good collaboration.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce acknowledged the lack of collection at Victoria Quay and advised the FCC collector admitted that he had not followed the programme route so was put on a behaviour modification programme report. She would report the other bins. The Business rate grant finished and there was some surplus that could have gone to workers if second homes claimed to pay their staff who usually worked in properties. There would be a Discretionary Grant at the end of this week. As they did have a balance left it looked like grants would be increased for discretionary promotions regarding food and drink, marine trade and B&B. So those who had £5000 initially could be increased to £10000 which would be good for Salcombe.

District Council still had a financial challenge and as Leader she had said that they must be generous. For summer there were only two months till the beginning of September and Government was giving away £500million to the upper tier councils for care. District had agreed to take off 5% of what was usually received, and Government would make up 70% of the rest so District would not be in desperate need. She wanted to have projects for local people and local enterprises, and they would hopefully go forward with the business units and harbour workshops to benefit the district and help future working and enterprise. They just were relying on not having a second spike of Covid.

The Mayor asked if the availability of funds to do projects included Shadycombe car park. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce responded that they were still looking at it but there was a problem around the view of the church tower from the Conservation Area and Dist Cllr Long agreed with that concern. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce felt that an extension to the car park could look nice enough but there were various inhouse views. Project were not going anywhere fast due to the pandemic and financial situation but borrowing, at present, was risky so they could only do for things they could justify take up for. During the pandemic there had been no income from parking fees.

Cllr Long noted Shadycombe car park extension and personally felt that District could still work up plans on issues towards a planning application etc. Currently the objection on the CA view was from an officer.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell asked that the bin collection for Cross Park Gardens be highlighted as this bin had been piled up twice recently.

Cllr Fice reminded the report regarding the wall at Chapel End that lost its coping stone, but nothing had ever been done since March and the water must be getting in and doing more damage. Whilst going to the Co-op shop, he had noticed Creek House and the section above the architects that had been refused planning permission and gone to Appeal but had people staying in it. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce advised that measures were in place to deal with this, but it took time. Cllr Fice continued that regarding bin emptying and the fact he raised issues last Monday but wished noted that by enlarge bin emptying had been a vast improvement on previous years. All the bins were jammed full of takeaway boxes and how was Salcombe to overcome this when the bin was full. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce agreed this was a problem and District had put notices on bins asking anyone seeing anything regarding household rubbish in the bin to please take a photo, with the time and if possible where people who were dumping household rubbish into public bins came from. Household waste should not be in bins but put out for private refuse collectors.
Cllr Mrs Bricknell gained access to the online meeting.
Cllr Mrs Bricknell noted the portaloo situated by Courtenay Park had been thrown over the barrier and was halfway down the bank. It was believed this had been dealt with today.
Dist Cllr Pearce left the meeting.


The Minutes of the online meeting dated 24th June 2020 were approved to be duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The applications below were considered by councillors and the following response submitted to District Planning by the Town Clerk under delegated authority:

  • 1611/20/FUL Demolition of existing disused Care Home. Development of two detached,two storey, four bed dwellings with associated parking and landscaping Wells Court, Herbert Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HN – Response 24th July – No comment but a Section 106 Agreement was required for both properties in respect of the NDP Policy H3 Principal Residence requirement.
  • 1782/20/HHO Householder application for extension and renovation (resubmission of 1278/20/HHO)
    Towans, Grenville Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8BJ – Response 31st July – Objection as although there had been modifications to the original proposal, the size, height and proximity to neighbours of all the amenity spaces at the rear was unneighbourly and would significantly impact on the amenity enjoyment of their own garden, by the neighbour..
  • 1802/20/HHO Householder application for proposed studio Highwood, Moult Road, Salcombe,
    TQ8 8LG – Response 31st July – No comment but require a condition that the studio and parking area remain as such in perpetuity and also that the studio remained ancillary to the main dwelling in perpetuity.

Nothing further received.


It was AGREED that confirmation had been received that town council could give 6 months’ notice at any point and;
(a) the document received for the renewal of the town council office space lease could proceed to completion.
(b) Nicola Turton and Mike Fice would be the two councillors to sign the lease on behalf of Salcombe Town Council.

The following item was brought forward and taken before Cliff House Lease so Cllr Long could take part and leave thereafter.


The Mayor advised that Town Council received the Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice on Friday 3rd July. It was not as Town Council applied for, nor ideally wanted, because it was not possible to apply the waiting times on parking bays as requested under the Temporary Covid Regulations. This meant that all parking bays on Market Street, Fore Street and a section of Cliff Road were No Parking or Waiting bays, with a section of Cliff Road opposite Cliff House Gardens designated as No Parking, No Loading or Unloading and No Waiting bays. Access was still possible for deliveries, properties with parking, loading and unloading, and Blue Badge Holders, who she was advised by County Highways were able to use the No Waiting parking bays as if they were double yellow lines. This should assist with worries regarding fetching prescriptions.

She gave her very grateful thanks go to Cllrs Hainey, Long, her long-suffering husband Richard, and Pete Robinson, Project Manager for all their hard work in putting up the signage around town. She and her husband had started spray painting the temporary footprints, starting at the Cliff Road/Newton Road junction. They had got along to Robinson’s Row before the rain started the previous night, and would resume when it was dry again, hopefully the following evening. They were doing this work in the middle of the night, once the last stragglers, taxis and staff vehicles had left town, and because the timing was her idea, she could not ask others to go out at such a time. Probably another three sessions to get this finished.

Cllr Long felt signs were good but requested two additional signs to the larger yellow one. An A frame stating Fore Street Access Only, Whitestrand Car Park Closed on the junction of Fore Street/Clifton Place and an A Frame on the barrier railings outside the Information Centre.

Cllr Fice agreed with Cllr Long as waiting down on Fore Street he counted a dozen cars going out along Fore Street within a period of 15 minutes. He wondered whether to do some spot checks at Whitestrand to ask drivers why they were going out through Fore Street to get an idea. Also, signage on Island Street was not good enough for pedestrian priority as they needed to be larger and on A frames either end.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell reiterated Cllr Fice’s comments and noted cars were flying through Island Street when it was busy. The Mayor agreed that enforcement should be asked to visit. Cllr Moore agreed more representation on Island Street was required. Cllr Long noted an increase in speed along Fore Street due to the lack of volume of traffic so cars were going faster. He was concerned there would be an accident due to this, but perhaps this was a police matter. When he was down at Whitestrand a couple of cars slowed up by the entrance and he asked why they came along, they stated they did not see signs that said no car park along Fore Street. More police on foot in town needed for a while.

Cllr Long asked for feedback about the change of use of Whitestrand as time went on. Cllr Hainey noted that whilst putting signs out he noticed that the one-way arrows from Whitestrand were missing and these would be needed once it was re-opened but he wanted to mention it whilst he remembered.

The Government led reopening of the high street had taken place on Saturday 4th July and it was AGREED to raise the following points;
(a) that the further 3 or 4 signs would be ordered along with police and enforcement asked to visit on foot.
(b) there was no specific feedback on the usage of Whitestrand that required attention. Someone was seen coming out of Whitestrand in a vehicle, so people had moved cones to get into car park circa 5.15p.m. that evening. Cllr Long noted this and would ask the Harbour to check their CCTV camera.

The Mayor noted there was a lot of good feedback that the car park had been closed. So far there were only positive comments about it as a town square. Cllr Mrs Sinnott asked if the comments were businesses or residents and the Mayor said people generally. Cllr Long noted a mix of comments for and some hesitant, and others not sure being not completely against but not overly happy but with no good reason why. The Mayor asked if they were concerned about the licence situation.

Cllr Long said someone had reported and sent photos of Whitestrand and thought everything was good and a pat on the back for what had been done.

The County Councillor had highlighted that The Wardroom, Fore Street had applied for a Street Café Licence. The documentation had been forwarded by Cty Cllr Gilbert as it had not been sent to Town Council. This item was brought up in the County Councillor report section above and would be responded to as stated therein.
Cllr Long left the meeting.


This consultation documentation had been forwarded and it was AGREED to respond to the National Association of Local Councils by 17th August as follows:
It was applauded that a section on social media had been included as previously this had been a problem so was a step forward. It was noted that now a pecuniary interest to be disclosed, was included in brackets for unpaid Directorships, and the clerk was asked to seek clarification as to why an unpaid Directorship was included.


The Mayor advised that apart from dealing with the signage around town and other associated Covid issues she did not have much else to report since the meeting two weeks ago.

On Friday 3rd July she met with MP, Anthony Mangnall for a walk around town. He wished to be accompanied to meet a few of the local business owners and get their perspective on the reopening of Salcombe, and to see if he could help them in any way. The previous morning, Tuesday, Cllr Mrs Bricknell reported to her that the Portaloo on the corner of Baptist Lane and Devon Road had been upended over the fence and into Courtenay Park. The Mayor in turn reported this to the District Council officer dealing with the redevelopment of the park, and the situation was being dealt with, possibly already today. Hopefully, there was no, or very little, contamination from the toilet unit to clear up. Additional turf was to be laid where there were gaps from the play park installation. Town and District Council were very grateful to Angela and Peter Cater, immediate neighbours to Courtenay Park, who were keeping the turf watered so that it bedded in.


  • Cllr Miss Ward – Was interested to hear that a ‘councillor’ had reported the Winking Prawn to be selling alcohol from their beach box but they did not as it provided ice cream, coffee and was for taking food orders. She was disturbed and wondered who this councillor was. Cllr Hainey questioned whether it had been said local town or local council but from the lack of knowledge of this report it was felt not to be a town councillor.
  • Cllr Hatch – Wondered when Gould Road toilets were to be cleaned as he visited them, and they were not clean. This would be passed to District as a comment.
  • Cllr Fice – Advised that at the last meeting it was agreed to put forward an amendment to the Neighbourhood Plan. The District Officer responded he needed legal advice and so Cllr Fice asked why. The action of this amendment making might not be classified as a minor amendment, so he was awaiting further advice and then if not a minor amendment what had to happen. He received an email regarding dog mess asking what the town council was going to do. He responded it was not town council jurisdiction but report to District but received a response that there should there be a message on local media and to letting agencies. Most agreed this route had already been done previously. Cllr Fice had videoed the fouling problem in one circumstance and provided this information to the District authority. He did not feel there was much more could be done but advise the authority. He continued he had received a copy of an email that was sent to Andy Barsby from an architect who was asking for an opinion on building houses on a small patch of land. This happened to be the field which had been a subject of development before. He responded he could not give an opinion, but this area fell within the separation area within the Neighbourhood Plan so needed to be watched.
  • Cllr Mrs Bricknell – Noted that Gould Road toilets had a queue all day so had been very busy. She had been approached to create/provide flower planters at the top of Courtenay Park and wondered if she required permission. She was told to continue, and the Town Clerk would advise District and County
  • Cllr Mrs Sinnott – Thanked the Mayor, Town Clerk, Project Officer and all the helpers needed to be acknowledged and congratulated on an outstanding job on the highway signs and Covid response.


  • A further fund was offered for application to by Devon Communities for those with an Emergency Plan should they require signs to advise of social distancing during an emergency event.
  • Roger Barrett had advised that the Salcombe Maritime Museum would not be opening at present as most of their volunteers were over 70 years of age. The museum was a tiny space with only one way in and out and as such difficult to safeguard everyone. They would review this decision each month considering whether there had been any increase in the rate of infections across the South West and the safety of their volunteers and visitors.
  • A report had been made by a property owner that Folly Lane was not now being included within street sweeping and had become a mess so the property owner had cleared the area but raised concern at the lack of sweeping.
  • Hayley Duffy District Waste Team advised that she would be visiting Salcombe town on Friday 10th July to look at the dog/litter bin maintenance hot spots covered by FCC and could meet in the afternoon. Cllor Moore together with either Cllr Miss Ward or Mrs Sinnott would attend.
  • Citizen of the Year nomination posters had been put up and the application form was available on the town council website under news.
  • Salcombe Library could not be reopened as it was not possible for them to maintain social distancing within the constraints of Cliff House. It was hoped that Salcombe residents could get to Kingsbridge as they would do a click and collect service in their foyer. Some home deliveries were taking place within Kingsbridge, but it was hoped that Kingsbridge library would reopen 20th July depending on the Covid situation at that time.

Bank Balances
Current Account £501.00
Deposit Account £436,684.28
Receipts: Harbour Hotel – Park and Ride £2875.00
Dignity Funerals – £95.00

APPROVED Internet payments to:
Banner Kid – TTRN signs and banners £1217.10
Greenham – Paint spot marking and traffic cones x 5 £227.32
Claydon – Mileage to collect and deliver TTRN materials £42.30
SHDC – First charge for 20/21 Maintenance Contract as no cuts April – May Invoice £998.95
Salcombe DIY – Materials to erect TTRN signs £78.00


The next Town Council Meeting would be held online at 6.30p.m. on Wednesday 22nd July.

……………………………………………….. 22nd July 2020.
Town Mayor

Meeting ended: 20.20p.m.

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