* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell *
Cllr T. Lang *
Cllr R. Moore *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott *
Cllr G. Keeler A
Cllr P. Lafferty-Holt *
Cllr M. Long (also District Councillor) *
Cllr I. Hatch *
Cllr A. Hainey A
Cllr M. Payne *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr Mrs J. Pearce A
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) A
WPC Jo Pengilly A


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Long advised that he would not take part in planning decisions due to him being on the District Development Management Committee. Cllr Lafferty-Holt declared an interest in planning application 0677/19/FUL.


Dist Cllr Brazil attended to speak on the recent Development Management meeting and District Council applications approved for Salcombe which he did below.

Police Report
Nothing received to report.

County and District Councillors Report
Cty Cllr Gilbert advised that blocked gullies must be reported online and would be cleaned on routine a maintenance schedule, but some would be cleaned sooner if they were a safety issue. Any on the top side of a camber would not be cleared any longer as these could run off into lower ones. Cllr Hatch noted that North Sands car park flooded because County did not carry out often enough routine drain clearance on drains feeding down the roads. Cty Cllr Gilbert responded that if water was flooding properties, they would be cleaned but otherwise they would await the normal routine cycle. Some drains were blocked solid by cement or silt so works to free these up would take time to get through. Cllr Fice asked about safety issues and noted that Salcombe was situated on a hill so areas like Sandhills and Coronation Roads drains blocked so water could come down and flood properties. Cty Cllr Gilbert sympathised with the problem and the fact that town council had previously put together a report on all the drains around the parish. He urged town council to approach the Highway Officer and ask for feedback on works from that report. Cllr Hatch asked if the contract for works provided additional money every three years to do all the gullies and whether this this had changed as he had previously been on the town council and some had never been done. The cycle was still set for every three years and to do those drains.

Cty Cllr Gilbert thanked councillor for sending emails regarding builders’ waste coming out of a property as he could follow this up. Church Street resurfacing, which was dropped last year as there was considerably more work than anticipated, was now within another funding scheme and it was hoped to receive this money soon. An owner along Onslow Road had been written to so Devon County had accepted responsibility in dealing with this overgrown vegetation. Bennett Road was in hand for the hedge cutting. Batson Hill potholes was number three on the list of areas requiring works so this would also be done. Cllr Lang mentioned that vegetation in Cliff Road was hanging down and causing the road to narrow.

Enhanced parking enforcement had been arranged and was in force and there was a fast track system to report direct bad parking. Bantham and Thurlstone also had terrible problems regarding parking. At Newton Abbot and another area, they were trialling 20mph speed limits and it may be that this would be rolled out across Devon. Cllr Lang noted it was not so much the speeding but lack of enforcement in stopping it. Cllr Lafferty-Holt noted vehicles were speeding into town past the Park and Ride as along that section some did not slow. Also, he asked if down Onslow Road was there a legal limit for the width of pavement so that vegetation did not encroach as with placement of A boards. Cty Cllr Gilbert was not sure on this point and the Highway Officer should be asked.

On the road through to Plymouth the traffic lights were still in place just past Modbury with motorists being escorted by a guard turnaround vehicle. This seemed to be working reasonably well but Cty Cllr Gilbert had no idea when the work would be undertaken as the whole road was slipping into the field below. The hatched lines outside the fire station were faded but some road markings were no longer legal so these might be being left to fade and some areas were being replaced by double yellow lines to conform to regulations. Cty Cllr Gilbert noted the Fire Brigade consultation and urged town council to keep an eye on changes as Kingston was going to close so this could lead to the Salcombe unit being used more. It was said that the service could not get retained fire fighters, but others noted that the problem was the criteria to achieve this was extreme for those people volunteering and having to also work. On a question regarding the responsibility of brown signs these were Devon County as they could decide if such a sign could be placed in a location but there was a charge attached to this also. At North Sands there was a brown sign but under the name Overbecks there was a ‘no dogs’ sticker. This was probably placed by National Trust as they did not permit dogs.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

Dist Cllr Long noted that the current Council Tax Support grant being provided to Parish and Towns had been reviewed and a gradual reduction, with the option of phasing the grant out over 2 years. Regarding the waste and litter bin review, once overflowing if a full bin was reported online to District Council then FCC must clear it within 2 hours as this was in the contract. Cllr Fice noted that bin emptying recently had occurred at 8am, midday and 10p.m which did not coincide with usage timings. Cllr Long noted he was still awaiting the schedule coming through.

The three District Council planning applications for Salcombe had been approved. He went on to advise that the hotel proposal for Kingsbridge would have more consultation taking place with the public, businesses and others. He had spoken to Pat Whymer who wished to provide planning training for councillors and as every parish in Cllr Long’s ward wanted this, he was thinking of holding it in a central location, perhaps Malborough Hall in October.

Cllr Fice noted the planning decisions notification received and referred to 4219/18 Brambles, Higher Batson. Town Council objected to this application as it removed a Devon bank. Reading the officer’s report and objections listed there was no reference made to the bank and the report stated there was no infringement of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Cllr Fice had expected a reference as to why the decision had gone against the town council objection. Cllr Long also noted that the Tree Officer did not consider there was a problem. There was a condition about replanting and restoring the hedge, but this could not be done as they were digging into the bank. The landscape officer requested conditions, but Cllrs Fice and Mrs Turton disagreed because this proposal was at the back end of the house.

It was also asked whether there was any news on the advertising flag erected on the stone wall by the War Memorial and Dist Cllr Long said there was not, but the matter had been raised.

Cllr Mrs Sinnott had received a complaint with regard to North Sands public toilets, which was followed up with photographs showing that, in the ladies’ side changing area for children, the unit was blocked so water was going in and then gushing out and going over the floor. Nothing been done about this and she advised it was disgusting and the floor was wet and slippery. On the ‘boys’ steps between Allenhayes and Devon Road there remained broken glass, Cllr Long advised he would deal with this.

Cllr Lang noted that the bin had been moved from outside Crew closing to Market Street but that he felt there was still one required outside Crew. Cllr Long noted that it was moved as an experiment to see if this would stop the fly tipping and there were enough bins close by either side, the Mayor agreed. The bin that was moved had no sea gull flaps on so needed these. Cllr Lang said he could name those people who put black bin bags into public bins and was asked to do so.

Cllr Lafferty-Holt noted at the toilets at Whitestrand the attendant finished cleaning in the men’s side and it smelt of chemical and the floors were done but the urinals had not been wiped and had stains on the outside. The soap dispensers often ran out and should be topped up more regularly. The four wheelie bins place on Whitestrand were making a big difference but could there be an extra one by the toilets as within the ladies’ section there were neither bins provided for sanitary products nor a nappy bin. He went on to ask what was being done about the survey paint that was still visible on the road and pavements. Cllr Long advised that Dan Field, engineer, was chasing the contractor about this matter as it was now graffiti. Gould Road was the same now so it was everywhere. The toilets at Cliff House Gardens were closed but a sign stating toilets remained up the top and it did not say it was closed. Pete Robinson had already taken photographs and reported this to District.

Dist Cllr Brazil attended in Open Forum as Chairman of the District planning committee because he acknowledged he had voted in favour of the Whitestrand application. From a planning view it was felt there was not enough to refuse the application and planning would have been in a ridiculous position of an Appeal. The Mayor stated the decision went against everything planning wise and town council were against it. On planning policy, it would be in conflict with the Neighbourhood Plan and Joint Local Plan but Dist Cllr Brazil still felt there was not enough to refuse the application but he did not think town council should feel game over. As it was a District Council project Dist Cllr Brazil said it would not go forward until District Council wanted it to. He suggested that Town Council, the Neighbourhood Plan group, District Council and the Harbour Board should sit down and work out what should happen with the Harbour office. He felt this was £1/2million being spent to rearrange Whitestrand deckchairs when the money should be used to shore up the harbour walls. Town Council were urged to make contact and say they were disappointed about the lack of consultation and would like a meeting of all the bodies to come up with a better solution. Those present however noted that Dan Field, engineer, had come to Salcombe and consulted with Town Council who responded District Council should follow the current footprint and explained all their views regarding visibility and access. The officer agreed and then nothing happened or changed.

Dist Cllr Brazil understood the frustration as the Harbour Board felt the same, but he still felt there was an opportunity to change the plans. Cllr Hatch felt that District Council just did what they wanted to do and asked why Dist Cllr Brazil did not vote against the application. He responded that it was purely a planning point of view and he did not think there were enough reasons to stop the application, which the Mayor countered responding ‘even though it was against the Joint Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan. Dist Cllr Brazil noted that an Appeal was won in Island Street that went against National Planning Policy Framework, Joint Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan but the Inspector still allowed it. Continuing it was asked why he did not defer a decision to relook at the plans. Cllr Lafferty-Holt felt that the only option left open to Town Council and the public was not a positive way forward. District Council officers had previously been used to having they as they wanted but the election had changed this and Dist Cllr Brazil felt everyone should now sit down and have a discussion. Cllr Moore said Dist Cllr Brazil was Chairman of the Harbour Board and Development Management and he had agreed it was against the Neighbourhood Plan so should have voted against the application.

Cllr Fice noted the planning decision and that Dist Cllr Brazil did not want to go against the officer report but asserted that no officer was going to write a report recommending refusal of a project which was basically from their boss. Dist Cllr Brazil urged Town Council not to be deflected from the fact that although District Council put the application in and got it passed, they must set up a meeting to discuss. Cllr Moore felt that if the customer, the towns’ people, did not want this why spend the money on such a project. Dist Cllr Long noted that we are where we are so should not go over it but just move forward. Cllr Fice felt most aggrieved about District talking about collaboration and working together when they did not and various illustrations around the South Hams area of this were provided. It was noted that no planning notices were put out up for this application. Cllr Mrs Sinnott noted that District had principal power over what was done in the town and on planning applications so could ride roughshod over everyone. Dist Cllr Long would request a meeting to be set up early September and Dist Cllr Brazil would email the Harbour Board to ask them to request the same. The next Harbour Board meeting would be 16th September.

Regarding the ongoing maintenance of public toilets, the Harbour Board and Town Council were looking to run them. However, District Council changed the goalposts and took out fixed costs, insurance, water rates, toilet paper etc and the budget offered had gone from £50,000 to £20,000. There was no competition now and Dist Cllr Brazil did not feel the group could go ahead with this proposal. Everyone knew that tourism was the biggest economic driver in this area and clean, free, open toilets were of paramount importance. Some at District had said why would you not charge for people to use toilets, but Dist Cllr Brazil illustrated the analogy of why did supermarkets have free car parking, because they understood people. Officers at District, he felt, were more interested in financial viability of the council than the communities. Dist Cllr Long noted he would be sending a letter/email out for the Whitestrand application meeting and asked the Mayor to choose a couple of other councillors to attend such meeting.

Cty Cllr Gilbert had referred previously to the lack of retained fireman across South Hams but this was a lot to do with the lack of affordable housing. The same dilemma affected the Harbour, RNLI, nurses and doctors. The Mayor noted that Salcombe already had a Community Land Trust up and running so were on the ball on this.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 10th July 2019 were amended in the first paragraph of the Clerk’s Report to show ‘not’ on the matter relating to the town council parking space and that a decision had been made by the Tree Officer and not warden before being approved and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.
Cllr Lafferty-Holt left the meeting whilst the following application was considered.

  • 0677/19/FUL READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received) Demolition of existing detached house and detached garage, and the erection of a replacement detached dwelling and detached garage, outdoor pool and associated landscaping Overcombe, Devon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HJ – Response by 31st July – No objection.
  • 1904/19/FUL Installation of six solar panels, dimensions 1675 X 997 X 38 mm on sloping roof of agricultural barn to provide internal lighting and power, Collaton Wood Barn, Salcombe – Response by 9th August – No objection.
  • 2134/19/FUL Erection of a monument to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of lifeboat based at Salcombe, Cross Gardens, Onslow Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8DE – Response 16th August – No objection.
  • 2235/19/HHO Householder application for new extension The Glen, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8ND – Response 23rd August – No objection.

2227/19/TEX Proposal T1: Elm – fell, dead, over pathway; T2: Manna Ash – Fell, dead, where helicopter lands; T3: Manna Ash – Fell, dead, where helicopter lands; T4: Ornamental tree – Fell, dead, where helicopter lands; T5: Pinus radiata – remove main central leader at approx 14 metres from ground level, sheared off, come away and separated from another leader, hanging balanced over footpath. Moult Hill Salcombe, TQ8 8LF – To note as already granted.

2035/19/TPO Cyclical consent request. G1: Spp incl. sycamore, beech, ash, holm oak(pathway approx. 40mtrs) – deadwood removal from trees either side of footpath obstructing footpath (exempt), clear vegetation either side of footpath (not subject to TPO); G2: spp. incl beech, sycamore, holly, holm oak – Trees from gate to car park entrance (driveway approx. 300mtrs) either side: deadwood removal (exempt), crown raise to approx. 4 mtrs from ground level to clear access, prevent damage to trees and vehicles, no cuts to branches greater than 5cm in diameter; G3: spp incl sycamore, holm oak on right hand side of footpath (approx. 450mtrs) from gate at bottom of vegetable garden The Moult, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8LE – Supported.


  • 2288/19/TEX Proposed works: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5: Beech – Deadwood removal, no greater than 10cm branch diameter, trees over public footpath adjacent to Cliff Road. Location: Woodcot, Cliff Road, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8JU
  • 2378/19/TEX Proposed works: T848: Sweet Chestnut – fell, dead. Location: Sandnes, Beadon Road, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8LU
    The above were NOTED.

Cllr Hatch enquired who cut the tree down at the corner of Cliff Road. It was noted who this was as following the works they needed to repair the wall and capping. Cllr Lang asked about these works as he was on the committee of the Friends of Cliff House Woods and had not been advised.

Cllr Fice noted that he attended the meeting for the three applications heard at District Development Management. For the Creek new industrial units with associated parking he was concerned about the loss of recycling banks and coach parking areas. They had managed to include a condition on the planning permission that a new site for the recycling banks and a time scale for them to be moved to that site would be agreed prior to construction. However, they had no success on the coach park. Cllr Hatch noted that in due course glass would be collected in the household collection at the door and the coach parking was more important. The Mayor felt the town needed both as recycling was used by visitors. Cllr Mrs Sinnott noted that signage for a coach was bad as when parking the driver never knew how or where to pay so this provided false figures for usage. The Mayor advised that Town Council would be re invigorating the Transport Review after summer and would look at this and the group discussion had a significant contribution from South Hams officers.

Cllr Fice continued regarding the Harbour Master facility and Dist Cllr Brazil had talked earlier about this application but although Town Council asked within the meeting about height and for a condition that there was no loss of parking spaces during construction that request was knocked out. Following on from the Whitestrand application consideration at Development Management Cllr Fice referred to his email correspondence with Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce advising he felt she did not understand his points. She and the previous District Councillor, Simon Wright, had been down on Whitestrand for the benches consultation and had both agreed further consultation on Whitestrand but nothing had happened. If District Council wanted to be more collaborative and work together, they needed to try harder.


The Freedom of Information questions and answers were noted and there were seven questions with seven answers to date. Cllr Fice noted he was part of earlier discussions and with hindsight Town Council could have replied immediately with the information requested and a brief summary that discussions stalled because of plot A so Town Council pressed ahead with the lease. It might seem as though Town Council had tried to hide information as it should have taken less time. However, it became complicated talking about legal privilege which was stated in an email by the solicitor.

For those new to the Council it was advised that all along Town Council acted on the request of the community to get the land transferred to town council. When it became apparent that South Hams was not going to agree Town Council had to extend the Lease and pursue that. There was no in-house expertise around this table to carry out these negotiations. Cllr Moore suggested that someone meet and discuss this face to face. He asked that all the invoices be forwarded to him and he would set up a meeting.


The SUSTRANS report received from Kingsbridge Town Council was considered and it was AGREED that this did not appear to reflect the discussion around the table of the meeting held at Kingsbridge Town Hall and was not what was expected in the report. There was surprise that a connection to Malborough had been ignored and this response would be advised to Kingsbridge.


A request by a member of the public that ambulance response times to incidents in this rural area be discussed was considered and it was AGREED that only reinstating more ambulances in Kingsbridge would assist and as there was no funding available town council had nothing to add.


The proposals for town council annual insurance were received and it was AGREED to accept the change to a lower premium with higher cover on 3-year contract at a cost of £2700.91.


It was APPROVED to give delegated authority to the Clerk to respond to planning applications received during the August recess following input from councillors.


Options for holding the Civic Lunch and venues were considered and it was AGREED that the Harbour Hotel be approached again as the venue as it needed to be within walking distance of the church. It was noted that Fr. Daniel wished to introduce the new curate and his wife by bringing them to the civic lunch, but councillors felt the Mayor must take a view on the numbers who should be invited before a decision on this request was made.


The arrangements to be considered in readiness for Remembrance Sunday were AGREED as follows:

  • Sound engineering – Ask Rob Wheeler to meet and explain what was required and then contact other providers for quotes.
  • Chapter 8 Road Closure – Update training to be arranged.
  • Nigel Blazeby – Cllr Fice would ask if he would be Parade Marshall again.


The Mayor noted RNLI 150Th celebration was moving on with the planning application for the proposed monument now received. All councillors were asked to attend on Saturday 21st September for the statute unveiling at a time to be confirmed but would be morning. HMS Magpie and other boats were coming down and there would also be a royal visit. She asked Cllr Lafferty-Holt to accompany her as her escort for this event. The parade up to the Memorial would be on the 22nd September followed by a church service but currently more details were awaited.

She reiterated the point that everyone must individually report dustbins/public bin problems on the District Report It page and ask for feedback to their ‘councillor email’ address.

Attending the scoring meeting with other District Councillors and District Officers relating to the redevelopment of Courtenay Park there had been nine bids and one had been awarded the contract. The information as to who this was would be released once all the other applicants had been advised of the decision. Then the proposal would go out to public consultation during August so that this input could be worked in to the final plan. District wanted to get the work done by Christmas.

There had been more vandalism in Redfern Woods, and it was questioned whether it was worth getting a CCTV camera. Cllr Hatch noted that this would entail signs and the cameras would become a target. He continued that what was required were six-inch posts three foot into the ground with one to one and half barrow loads of cement per posts ensuring a proper job and they fence could not be moved or snapped. When utilities had redone the edge of the pavement the posts of the current fence were then not surrounded by concrete. A question was raised as to why the fence was being replaced but it was required as there was a steep fall off. Also, the fence panels should be nailed and screwed on. Planting of a prickly shrub along this border could assist and District maintenance would be asked to address clearance along this edge. The Mayor noted this was a worrying trend with all the recent vandalism.


  • Cllr Hatch – Noted that there had been inconsiderate car parking at South Sands by the barrier. If he parked at this area for maintenance purposes enforcement ticketed him so why were they not doing so with these. At the bus stop on Main Road, top of Onslow Road, there was a buddleia overhanging so the bus was forced to stop in the middle of the road.
  • Cllr Long – Advised that at the Plantation strimming had taken place in the woodland which he had argued against previously, so he was going to take this matter up with the tree officer. Those who were leasing this woodland were carrying out works so that it was being gardened. Cllr Long would seek a Woodland Order over the whole area. The issue raised regarding Netherwood and fencing had been visited by the tree officer who advised the works had not touched the roots of the beech tree so no action would be taken. There was a further issue with light pollution emanating from Harbour Hotel from lighting which was to wash the wall in blue and he had spoken to Jason Parry and the hotel had been adjusting the brackets and moved one light to see if this fixed the problem.
  • Cllr Fice – Reminded everyone present that the Neighbourhood Plan vote was taking place the following day. He along with the Mayor attended the recent Development Management meeting and spoke on the three District Council applications within Salcombe. Within the application relating to Batson and the Creek they had talked about the siting of recycling bins. It was stated within the Design & Access statement they could be placed further along Batson and the officer said this could be done under permitted development, but Cllr Fice raised the issue that this was outside of the development boundary. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce had advised that as the recycling bins were on District Council land, they could place them where they liked. All three applications had been approved as discussed within the Dist Cllr Brazil report above.
  • Cllr Moore – Noted that it was good to have direct communication and feedback to District Council. He also felt that Dist Cllr Brazil could have voted against the Whitestrand application.
  • Cllr Payne – Felt that rather than 20mph speed limit raised bumps were better and should be used along Onslow Road in prime places. Discussion took place regarding cameras and the number of occurrences of speeding. Some cameras measured a car speed as it approached and after it passed and locations where such would be of benefit. County Highways would be asked again whether town council could place such units.
  • Cllr Lang – Noted that there was overgrown vegetation along Cliff Road from Woodcot Bridge to North Sands.


  • Regarding waste and litter issues District had arranged for the trial relocation of the bin currently outside Crew clothing to be moved next to the one on Market Street. This would be monitored to ascertain the success of this in the hope it would remove a fly tipping location. Signage had been commissioned for some of the bins in Town where it was known holiday homes were depositing their waste in litter bins. Schedules of bin collection times were awaited, and officers were carrying out visits for spot checks.
  • In response to a complaint about the condition of the public toilets a District officer advised that the waterless urinals at Whitestrand were causing the odour problem. These were installed as a trial to see how effective they would be in terms of making savings in relation to water costs. Having reviewed the water bills District had identified a small saving from installing these urinals but on reflection felt that some of the ‘smells’ may relate to the high usage of these toilets and that stainless steel urinals would be more appropriate for these toilets. Unfortunately, the replacement of the waterless urinals was not something they could carry out at this current time of year, because the work would necessitate a temporary closure of the facility. District would ensure that the works were carried out at the end of the busy summer season to prevent disruption to visitors.
  • A resident had requested that cyclists be encouraged by Town Council, by providing more signage, to use the Salcombe to Malborough Cycle Path rather than the main road. This was noted.
  • The Malborough Parish Clerk had emailed to advise that County Enforcement had taken on the joint request re various areas identified by them and Salcombe that required additional visits and attention when it came to poor parking. She requested by email that if town councillors noticed any difference (or not) regarding enforcement if they could please let her know and keep her updated with any developments. For information it appeared County had already done a quick check on the Hope Cove area as one of the locals was ticketed at an identified hot spot.
  • Letter dated 19th July 2019 received from the Environment Agency advised that those who were previously exempted from the need to apply for a licence to abstract or impound water under the Water Resources Act 1991 would need to make an application to secure the benefit of Transitional Regulations (2017). This benefit would end on 31st December 2019 and the new regulation would come into effect to improve the management of water resources and protection of the environment.
  • A hard copy of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan 2019 – 2024 had been received.
  • An email was received to town council requesting a discussion regarding a project proposed around small offices and hot desking facilities to be offered in Salcombe at a fee and using re-purposed shipping containers sited over towards the fish quay/Batson car park. Town council felt that this matter should be forwarded to the District Councillors to respond as they owned the land in question.
  • Further vandalism had been carried out on the fence up at Redfern Woods and quotes would be obtained for repairs. Pete Robinson would be asked to obtain quotes for the repair of the fence and barrier at the bottom all to be posts set well down into concrete to as not to be able to be bent and snapped.


Bank Balances
Current Account £500.00
Deposit Account £364,064.88

Receipts: Nil

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments to:
Adrian Dornom Property Services – Redfern Woods fence and Herbert Road bench vandalism repairs £255.50
HMRC – Tax and NI £787.26
Wages – £1791.05
NEST – Pension payments £177.01
SHDC – May maintenance contract £998.95


Town Council would be in recess during August so the next meeting would be held on Wednesday 11th September 2019 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.00p.m.

Meeting Closed: 9.25p.m.

……………………………………………….. 11th September 2019.
Town Mayor.

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