* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell *
Cllr T. Lang *
Cllr R. Moore *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott A
Cllr G. Keeler A
Cllr P. Lafferty-Holt *
Cllr M. Long (also District Councillor) *
Cllr I. Hatch *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr Mrs J. Pearce *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) *
WPC Jo Pengilly *


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Lafferty-Holt declared an interest in application 0677/19/FUL Overcombe.


No member of the public being present this was dispensed with.

Police Report
Nothing to report.

County and District Councillors Report
Cty Cllr Gilbert had mislaid his file notes so reviewed from what he could remember. The Town Council Park and Ride signs were ready and about to be installed. He urged councilors to spread the word to all their friends and colleagues advising about a closure of the A379 between Modbury and Plymouth. This would be between Edmeston Farm and Fancy Cross going out of Modbury towards Plymouth where a gulley on the downward hill was going to be repaired, originally in October 2019. This had been brought forward to June 24th and it would be closed for the morning for up to 5 hours, buses would be let through but those in communities needed to know there would be a diversion. The sub structure underneath had broken up because the water table moved over winter, so they had to dig the road up, lay new drains, relay the road and surface again. He highlighted three new County funding streams that might be of interest to local organisations. These were not large amounts but good for communities. The Highway Officer, Adam Keay, had helped others in the community sort out the extension licence for scaffolding on Ferry Steps and the contractors had then finished a week early.

Devon County budget balanced for 2018/19 although children services had added a £10million stress. Reserves were being topped up this year because of further stresses on public finances and it was going to be a harsh next year, so they were ensuring they were padded. It had been decided that £250,000 would be spent on climate change work as they had been heavily lobbied by those with banners etc. This would policy would be linked to Devon County, the National Health Service, police and all Local Authority bodies as to what could be put in place to improve the environment. Junction 29 on the M5 was to have significant work carried out on Moor Lane roundabout due to increasing traffic tailbacks. Loneliness was to be tackled and money was going in and continuing to help through highways and getting children on bicycles and more of such usage. School funding was under pressure.

His attendance as town council averaged every month to six weeks because with parish meeting dates clashing it was getting difficult to attend all, but he would keep trying to get to every 3rd meeting or so if he could. Congratulations were given to Mark Long being elected as a District Council as Cty Cllr Gilbert knew he would be good for Salcombe as it was his home base. Cty Cllr Gilbert had followed up on the question of A boards being left out, the reply may not be what was wanted but at least it was received in 48 hours. Cllr Fice took issue with this point has he had seen someone nearly get knocked over along Island Street. This was the first time A boards and items on the highway had been a safety issue. The A board problem was discussed but it was noted that the policy was remove all or nothing, so it was a difficult situation.

A boards as mentioned before were left on pavements but these ones were causing an obstruction and traffic hazard where there was no pavement so that motorists were having to reverse. There were also two deck chairs placed way over the double yellow lines which had to be moved to allow a boat trailer through. The question was raised who was liable if someone got knocked over, was it Devon County if they has risk assessed? Cty Cllr Gilbert said town council could write formally and state they were not happy and ask for A frames to be removed and then the County would respond that Town Council must agree that all A frames that were illegal in Salcombe be removed. In Kingsbridge ‘the finger of blame’ came straight back to Town Council and politically it was extremely unpleasant. It was suggested that Town Council could ask businesses to screw the signs to the wall or hang them. Cty Cllr Gilbert also noted that Town Council or County could do a written warning and at a certain point those who have not conformed with removal would be collected. Then months later one A frame would appear, and all would follow. Maybe the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Cllr Fice could discuss certain items such as the deck chairs and A boards with individual businesses.

Cllr Lafferty-Holt raised Bennett Road and the need to cut vegetation back and again forwarded the email to Cty Cllr Gilbert. Cllr Hatch questioned the removal of paper planning applications and it was explained that online was all that District provided nowadays and they were one of the last District Councils to go paperless.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

Dist Cllr Long, being new in post, had nothing to report as he had spent the last two weeks getting to know District Council protocols. He advised that Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce was now elected as the Leader. Cllr Long was on the Development Management Committee and work was starting to pile in for him to deal with and just under 100 planning applications in this Ward alone would be in his inbox shortly. In the next week or two things would ‘ramp up’ but there were distinct changes at District as the Conservatives now only had a majority of one. The Executive Committee had appointed Cllr Keith Baldry, a Liberal Democrat, to Chair and Cllr Brazil was Chairman of Development Management. There was no administration majority on any committee. He had also a couple of meetings with officers to run through things and get up to speed.

Mike Fice noted the response to 0345/19 Church Street objected to removal of the stone wall and wooden fence. Conditional Approval had been given and officer’s report stated that as this was in the 2017 approval he could not go against it. However, on looking back the earlier approval stated the wall had to be retained but this architect had shown it lower. The wall was not retained and the reference to the 2017 approval was not correct. Now the wall had been rebuilt to a different height with a wooden fence on it. Cllr Long would take this up with case officer as it misrepresentation.
Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce arrived.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted they had been sorting all new members representation out as had been approved at annual council on Thursday. Development Management had been that afternoon which was positive, and things were starting to move off the blocks. The good news was that District closed last year budget off and they were just in the black by £47,000, as it was predicted they would be in the red this was good. Her vision as Leader was to ensure District was steady as there was no surplus money and they were concentrating on getting things right first time, being outward looking to the public and she hoped that people would notice the difference.

Cllr Hatch again noted that paper plans had been removed and people were looking at a small screen and he wanted to know how much was being saved by paperless planning and would this mean people make mistakes not seeing boundaries and other points clearly. If District was saving money where was it going. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce responded that the money had been taken away by removal of the Government grant and she had been looking at plans like this for 8 or 9 years. Cllr Hatch said structures were going up around town where it was hard to see what was going on. South Ham District was the last council in Devon to move to paperless and probably the last one in the country as elsewhere this had been happening for 8 years. There were various estimates on cost saving but with two people copying plans all day and then sending them out with postage on top it was difficult to quantify but it would certainly be well over £20,000p.a. Everyone was moving to digital working. Cllr Fice agreed that there had not been any major problem so far as this transition had come into effect in April. However, for major applications paper plans would be provided. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce agreed it was hard to see a screen when out and about in sunlight, but she made sure she looked at everything before she left home. Having studied plans and perhaps downloaded some she could go back and look at the screen occasionally. She reiterated a comment from a previous meeting that if matters cropped up during the fortnight between meeting it would be better to have them passed to the District Councillors rather than hitting them with a list at the next meeting.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 8th May 2019 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.

  • 4147/18/FUL Change of use of annexe from holiday lets to provide full time residential letting accommodation Weststowe, Lower Batson, Salcombe, TQ8 8NH – Response 7th June – It would be requested that this decision be DEFERRED
  • 0677/19/FUL READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received) Demolition of existing detached house and detached garage, and the erection of a replacement detached dwelling and detached garage, outdoor pool and associated landscaping Overcombe, Devon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HJ – Response 7th June. Objection due to overdevelopment of this site and its impact on the AONB. It was clearly visible from the estuary and coast path providing light impact on the AONB and was overbearing in its context presenting four storeys overlooking the estuary. It would be contrary to Neighbourhood Plan SALC B1 in respect of the materials used not being in sympathy with the area.
  • 1139/19/FUL Construction of boat store, sea defence works to protect public bridleway, along with associated bridleway restoration works Fisherman’s Beach East Portlemouth Salcombe TQ8 8PU – Response 13th June –Objection as the retaining wall was too dominant and would require removal of trees
    thereby impacting the AONB.
  • 1298/19/HHO Householder application for minor extension of living room below existing roof and not beyond roof line. The Retreat, Onslow Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8AG – Response 7th June. No objection.
  • 1345/19/FUL Demolition of dwelling and erection of 1 detached dwelling with off street parking Loring View, Loring Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8BL – 14th June. Objection due to overbearing development of the plot and loss of light amenity to the neighbouring property. Although this was now for just one dwelling rather than two the footprint remained the same size and although the height had been marginally reduced there would still be am impact on the neighbouring property, Windjammer.
  • 1505/19/FUL Erection of new industrial units and associated parking Development Site at SX740394
    Gould Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8DU – Response 14th June. Objection due to concern over stability of the slope and therefore the security of the footpath. The turning area was close to a blind bend and the suggested area for recycling required removal of the bank and trees further destabilising the footpath. It had no parking area and was opposite the exit for the boat park with no provision for coach parking. The Design and Access statement only referred to coach drop off.
  • 1522/19/FUL New two storey Harbour Master Depot facility, including workshop, office, welfare and storage areas The Creek Car and Boat Parks, Gould Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8DU – Response 14th June. Objection on the grounds of that the proposed structure was too dominant in a Conservation Area and therefore would impact on the AONB.
  • 1523/19/FUL Replacement of the existing Harbour Master facilities and extension to the existing Public Conveniences, including the provision of welfare facilities for marine users Salcombe Harbour, Dock And Harbour Undertaking, Fore Street, Salcombe, TQ8 8BU -14th June. Objection as the siting of the harbour master office would create a serious pinch point for foot traffic to access Whitestrand pontoon and the view would be obscured. The removal of railings would also create a major hazard where there was a dangerous step and there was a loss of three parking spaces. The proposed entrance to the toilet block would be through a dark corridor with the potential of push bikes hampering access when attached to the bike racks. One of the main reasons given by District for the expensive bench seats being installed in Whitestrand was that they could be rotated so that they could be turned for people to watch events being held on Whitestrand. With this proposal they would now look at a building. Whitestrand was a very emotive area for Salcombe residents, as District Council had discovered previously, and Town Council therefore requested that any proposed development should be the subject of a public consultation, but this has been ignored. The concerns with this proposal were explained to an officer at a meeting on 26 March but Town Council comments had been totally ignored and therefore it was requested that these plans be withdrawn, a variation produced, and public consultation held.
    Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce left the meeting.


  • 2748/17/FUL Appeal reference: APP/K1128/W/18/3215145 Proposal: The demolition of all existing buildings on site while retaining the southern stone boundary wall and concrete quay, erection of circa 265sq m commercial floorspace at ground floor and a 6 bedroom dwelling with guest suite complete with existing access and the creation of five associated parking spaces Brewery Quay, Island Street, Salcombe, TQ8 8DP Appellants name: 1st Asset. Town Council were notified that an appeal had been received and the Hearing would be held on the 5th June 2019, in the Cary Room, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, TQ9 5NE, starting at 10am. The hearing was expected to last for 1 day. Cllr Long suggested that those who had commented previously should be advised and asked to attend.


The application for variation of a premises licence application for The Estuary (formerly No 55), 55 Fore Street, Salcombe, TQ8 8JE as detailed was objected to as AGREED below:

  • Alterations to the plan of the premises. To include the external areas of the premises, a new restaurant to the first floor and alter the positioning of the bar. Objection as this area must be excluded as drinking in the back garden would cause noise disturbance. The narrow pavement at the front was not felt a suitable area for serving drinks onto.
  • To add the provision of late-night refreshment Sunday to Thursday 23:00 – 00:00 Friday to Saturday 23:00 – 01:00. Objection to late night refreshment being served beyond 12midnight and 11p.m. Sunday due to disturbance from those leaving the premises.
  • To extend the supply of alcohol hours for consumption on the premises during the weekend and for residential guests. Friday to Saturday 10:00 – 01:00 Sunday 10:00 – 00:00 and residential members and their genuine guests Monday to Sunday 00:01 – 00:00. Objection as this premise was not felt to be suitable for extended alcohol hours.
  • To remove the existing Annex 2 conditions and replace with the proposed conditions detailed in the operating schedule of the application.
    As advised earlier there should be no external areas for drinking as there was a concern about noise pollution. As a restaurant licence this club should not be providing drinks unless there was food served. The limitation of the stairs and various levels raised a question regarding the handling of drinks and food. Offering a restaurant for the public when members were not present added confusion as to what this licence was trying to obtain. The licence application talked about children being accompanied but this did not tally with the membership rules. There was a concern for the safety of children and users and the explanation did not define what a guest was and how many could be admitted for one member. Club size membership numbers quoted raised concern regarding the amount of people monitored going in and whether guests must sign in. If this was changing from a restaurant licence to an ordinary licence how was the food accommodated. Changes required for other provisions were felt to require planning permission before any licence of such could be considered.


Discussion took place to explain why the overhead barrier was installed and this was due to damage to the surface and area. The cost to repair the car park barrier and bent post were explained and it was AGREED for Nicholas Jones Ltd. to carry out works at a cost up to £528.00.


The format and details for Salcombe hosting the District Town Strategy meeting was explained to new councillors and it was AGREED that some points discussed at the meeting in Modbury should be carried forward as their agenda overran time. Just four topics were potentially required plus a few matters which would be Salcombe based such as refuse, use of District Council car parks/town squares for events and the transfer of District Council assets. At Modbury there was one representative from each council and the remainder were from Modbury town. Currently the date offered for such a meeting was 13th June but those present wished it to be 6p.m rather than 2p.m. The town clerk would raise the question of an evening meeting, possibly to be held at Cliff House and to invite those from the Neighbourhood Plan and Salcombe Information Centre.


The Mayor advised that Spencer Williams had resigned shortly after joining the council due to work commitments. The legal group had met and approved the final wording of the letter to be sent by the solicitor with regard to a Freedom of Information request and this had gone. She had been trying to get hold of Fr Daniel French to see what could be done for a short service on 4th June as latterly with no Royal British Legion this had not been held.

District Council had advised that the specification for Courteney Park would go out to Contract Finder the following Friday to include provision of equipment and landscaping.


Cllr Hatch – A tree at Batson along the dump had been cut down and the brush left. Pete Robinson noted that on the weekend of Crab Fest this tree had been cut down and brash left and had raised this with Devon County who stated they removed tree from the highway but clear up was the responsibility of the landowner. This was District Council land and they had not cleared it nor accepted that the verge was theirs. Dist Cllr Long would take this issue up. On Sandhills it looked like a house was going to be knocked down as a works unit had been left on a trailer parked up and he felt that trailers should be left attached to a vehicle. Cllr Long had also looked at and photographed this. Cllr Hatch continued that if a contractor was going to work in this location the road needed passing places by stopping cars parking. This should be addressed in a construction management plan, but such was often not available.
Cllr Fice – Town Council had still not heard when District Contractors were doing weed spraying but knew they were currently in town as he had seen them getting out the back of vans. A list of some roads already treated was noted but there was a concern that nothing had been heard from District Council regarding dates and areas. He gave a brief update on the Neighbourhood Plan. The revised plan with amendments had been sent to South Hams DC who must then go through and check, and a response was expected by the end of the week providing a date for the referendum.
Cllr Mrs Bricknell – Received a complaint that in a flat above the wheelie bins on Whitestrand Car Park they could not have their window open due to the smell from bins. That person suggested that the flowerbed be removed, and the bins be placed there. Cllr Moore felt these bins were emptied every morning because he saw the operatives.


  • The park and ride signs would be arriving shortly. They would then take about 2 weeks to erect after their arrival as one of the sites, needed an additional post. This would require Wales and West (Gas) to be present at the time of fitting and they required 10 days’ notice.
  • The matter of the wall in Newton Road had been investigated by Dave Bartlett District Building Control who agreed the wall was a dangerous structure. However, he asserted that should the wall come down it would fall into the adjacent property garden. It was asked if any of the town council were aware of the contact details for the new owners.
  • Peter Howard had enquired what town council had in mind to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the departure of the American 7th Beach Battalion for Normandy on 4th June 1944. In 1994 for the 50th Anniversary a dedication of the stone at Whitestrand was arranged with the presence of the American Naval Attaché, a large number of survivors of the 7th. Beach Battalion, a ceremonial detachment from the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, and Cdr. Geoffrey Searle DSO, OBE, RN. (Rtd) who as Lt. Searle escorted the American landing craft from Salcombe to the invasion beaches. Also present were the district councillor who worked so hard to acquire the Memorial, the late Michael Beaumont and vicar, former military chaplain, the Reverend Paul Abrams, who conducted the service in Holy Trinity Church after the dedication and afterwards became Queen’s Chaplain at the Tower of London. He offered his knowledge of this event and requested to know what would be held.
  • A further email supported questions raised with regard to historic monies obtained for the Jubilee Pier reparation and monies which had been ringfenced by District but believed disappeared. This question had been directed to Dist Cllrs Mrs Pearce and Long and town council was copied in.
  • An email had been received on the 17th May advising that during the week 13-19 May, there was an ‘Intensification Week’, in which the police intended to ‘ramp-up’ enforcement and safeguarding activity.
    They were keen to enhance the intelligence picture of ‘County Lines’ exploitation across Devon during this time. It was asked that this message be shared across partners in order to allow them to report intelligence to the police. For members of the public who wanted to provide intelligence on County Lines they were asked to use Crimestoppers; 0800 555 111.
  • A resident at Ember Road had advised that they were experiencing problems with youngsters from within the estate using Jubilee Play Area. They had taken to kicking balls at the front door and running up and ringing the doorbell and running away. This was making them stressed and vulnerable in their own home. The new grassed area, which was growing well for a time, had been abused and the picnic benches moved out and as the sand pit was removed they had a much bigger area to play ball leaving this property in the firing line. A request was made for no ball games signs or something that could deter this behaviour as it was having a health impact. The estate manager had been contacted but nothing forthcoming at present. On a positive note the gardens were the best they had been with the bushes cut back, everyone was commenting on how nice it looked and walkers were now stopping for drinks and sandwiches.
  • From the question raised regarding the remit of the hair braiders licence Honey Foskett, Grounds Maintenance, sought clarification and had maps but the planter was located within the hair braiders licensed area as detailed in the site 1 plan. Nevertheless, Assets had written to the licence holder asking them to prevent any further damage to the planter by keeping their operation, equipment and customers away from them as best they could. District felt the response back sounded fair: I’d also like to assure you that nothing I do when I’m there that damages the planter in any way, I’m set up between the planter and the tree, and as I haven’t been there all winter, I cannot be blamed for its state, to my knowledge – apart from when it was installed, its never been re- planted or weeded or anything really. In terms of keeping other people away from it … I can’t stop members of the public sitting on it to eat their lunch / ice cream, make a phone call or wait for their lift. which happens all the time, these people have nothing to do with my business, I provide my own seating for my customer and always have done.
    She had not had any joy requesting Assets to declutter and clear the area. Grounds Maintenance was under the impression that a previous District Councillor had organised a volunteer(s) to maintain the beds. As this appeared not to be the case they were now onto it and would work with one of the teams to weed, replant and maintain routinely as they progressed through the Salcombe schedule.
  • Kingsbridge Town Clerk had advised that the feasibility report commissioned with regard to a cycle/footpath connection from Kingsbridge to Salcombe had not been received but the development manager was currently working on it and it should be arriving soon.
  • The clerk for Malborough Parish Council advised that at their meeting a request was made for traffic enforcement to be available outside of normal working hours, specifically during the evening up to 10pm. Cty Cllr Gilbert suggested they contacted Salcombe Town Council to determine which specific areas of Salcombe would most benefit from such a service as it was more likely to be actioned if requested as a “group deal”. Fore Street and the taxi rank, Coronation Road where there was overhanging of vehicles on pavements and residents parking areas around town especially Courteney Street, Island Street and Sandhills Road would be a start.


Bank Balances
Current Account £1340.00
Deposit Account £372,908.32

Receipts: Bonfire Hill – Cemetery fees £840.00

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments to:
HMRC – NI and Tax £787.26
Wages – £1791.05
NEST – Pension £177.01
Boots Chemist – Batteries £4.99

The Mayor advised that Kristen would be leaving and returning to Canada. Best wishes etc.


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 12th June 2019 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 21.20p.m.

……………………………………………….. 12th June 2019.
Town Mayor.

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