* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell A
Cllr T. Lang *
Cllr R. Moore *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott A
Cllr G. Keeler *
Cllr M. Long (also District Councillor) *
Cllr I. Hatch *
Cllr A. Hainey *
Cllr M. Payne A

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr Mrs J. Pearce *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) *
WPC Jo Pengilly A


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Long advised that he would not take part in planning decisions due to him being on the District Development Management Committee. Cllr Hatch declared an interest in Appeal 1322/18FUL.


Phil Pritchard attended to enquire what was being done about the obstruction of views. At the location of Plantation Wood no one could now see across the estuary as there was a latch fence that obliterated the view. There was also a property being built in Bennett Road that caused view problems and he was seeing this problem in Cliff Road. There was a house being developed with hoarding which stated temporary but people had no idea what was being installed behind it. So he wished to seek the view of the Town Council on this matter of public views being robbed. Descending down the bottom of Sandhills Road, he felt, was now like going along a tunnel and across the estuary he could see this problem was also occurring. Surely the view was something that visitors came to Salcombe for and he felt this was a selfish attitude that people move in and take the view for their own needs with no regard for anyone else’s enjoyment. This town thrived on tourism and the planning process did not appear to be controlling this.

Cllr Long advised that Netherwood and Plantation House, which had both installed close boarded fence, were technically allowable under planning due to their height. However for Plantation there was no boundary delineated on the planning application. At Netherwood there were no pre commencement conditions so this had only just been completed. Planning therefore needed to look at such conditions going forward. At Underdecks that was temporary so would be watched. Mr Pritchard agreed that something might be temporary but what about what was being installed behind. Cllr Moore noted that internal planting was not something town council could do anything about, although he was concerned about loss of vistas. Cllr Fice did note that town council put forward objections on loss of public view where applicable. Mr Pritchard enquired whether the Neighbourhood Plan covered this but was told it could not for a fence because it would go against planning policy rules. Mr Pritchard was disappointed that this was the position and there continued to be loss of views with a 1.5m height of fence allowed. Mr Pritchard suggested the owners could be approached by the town council, as a body, to seek owners support in retaining the town and public views.
Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce arrived.

Police Report
Nothing received to report.

County and District Councillors Report
Dist Cllr Long noted several waste issues encountered over the summer which he had taken up with District for his whole member area and had sent a commentary to the officers to be considered when looking at these matters. They were reviewing these and Sarah Moody, waste officer had taken a very positive, pro active stance going around looking along with the locality officers. He urged any councillors with waste issues to please utilise the District Report It website to log these issues. Waste bins were supposed to be emptied within 2 hours and to a large extent, latterly, this had been working. If anybody did report something, they then felt was not being dealt with through this route they should advise District Councillor Long or Mrs Pearce. Cllr Moore said that if next season this service started again at point zero nothing would change as this had happened other years. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce stated FCC thought the South Hams was going to be like the West Devon area, but they were a good enough company who had now got the measure of the differences and this would not happen next summer. Cllr Moore asked if they were also aware of the forthcoming half term school holidays.

A review was continuing as it was key for District to get it sorted.

One other issue was rubbish bags from holiday homes being placed in public bins or left beside them. District would now write to properties that were on business rates requesting details of their waste disposal and if not adequate or fitting District would collect and recharge. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce said if they did not receive information of a contractor, they would just start billing them for doing the service. Cllr Lang noted that most times the person leaving the rubbish in a public bin would not be found as the rubbish was at the bins. Dist Cllr Long acknowledged this but said the business rated properties would be targeted firstly then they would look at advertising on Air B&B etc and then move onto whatever area thereafter.

There was now a District Environmental Crime Policy which Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted had gathered policies/rules together rather than information being piecemeal. Going forward there would be Zero tolerance with abusers being fined and the level of fine varied on the type of notice. One illustration was that litter thrown out of cars, if photographed, would be a fine to the owner/registered keeper of the car no matter who threw the litter out.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce advised that they had agreed to take on two more planning enforcement officers which the manager of planning felt would deal with all outstanding issues. This work would need to be done along with Town and Parish Councils so they could be selective on what to enforce on and not demand it on every small item. Something minor might not be worth enforcing on or perhaps even a neighbour dispute. So they would reserve their resources for where they needed to enforce rigorously. Cllr Long felt the process was better and clearer for identifying with the reporting questionnaire having relevant questions and a harm assessment matrix. Breaches were then rated high going down to lower matrix levels so an officer could see immediately an emergency. Once something was reported it had to be signed off in an official way, so District was looking at ways to sign off matters when they were not expedient to enforce. Town and Parish Councils could assist in this to signpost with local knowledge.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce congratulated Salcombe that their Neighbourhood Plan had been made up and now sat alongside the Joint Local Plan as material. She had spent a morning in Salcombe with the Regional representative of FCC and felt there was cooperation between them, and District and all issues could be sorted. The tour noted that public waste bins around town were either green or black and sat next door to each. They were not being cleaned and had no information stickers to state District Council or what could be placed inside etc. Some had no seagull flaps and two openings but only one being available due to obstruction of siting. A lot had been noted and she would be putting this report to District to obtain matching bins, cleaning, flaps etc. The implementation of additional wheelie bins should take off with better usage next year with stickers to state official bins etc. The Regional representative was the one who assured her that next summer would work. FCC, she felt, had responded well with changing staffing and those experienced who came through were perfect. One point she did note was that maybe it was not necessary to sweep along Fore Street every day and perhaps this resource could be used in other roads up in town. Cllr Lang felt that in August the main high streets did need sweeping every day. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce said this would be looked at and done on a need basis but the early morning sweeper would have to signal if it had been bad previously and required being done. District Council declared a Climate Change Emergency along with Devon County and there was a lot of pressure to look at their District Council carbon footprint. They would produce an action plan by the end of January 2020. She asked if Town Council wished to also do this and join in because there was definitely a move to do this. With this in mind District Council was proposing to set up a web page to co ordinate all ideas through as to what was going on but they were not going to set up a forum. An evening would be organised towards the end of November for Town and Parish Councils to hear what Devon County said about their budget but they would be asked to also speak on Climate Change as they were leading the actions for Devon. The County proposals might be more relevant to towns to assist influencing people in town.

The draft Supplementary Planning Document to the Joint Local Plan was going out for consultation sometime in November with response time over Christmas into the New Year. District Council had discussed it last Monday and she felt it was basically a good document but could ironed out if anything had missed so Town Council were asked to please advise of any comments before it was finalised. District hoped to get the document approved and out for the end of March 2020 to assist on the detail of the policies in the JLP. Issues such as parking spaces per dwelling etc were subjects where there had been a bit of a tussle as Plymouth had different parking issues to deal with. Cllr Fice noted the Inspector had thrown out of the Neighbourhood Plan reference to parking spaces. This document would not be policy but guidance so a developer must state why they were diverging from this.

Cllr Fice referred to the earlier comments on increased enforcement and was still very concerned regarding the advertising flag at the café in Cliff House Gardens. The current advertising had remained for a complete season and still there was no planning application or permission. The previous Saturday when there had been the RNLI memorial no one could stand and watch from there due to the flags. Cllr Lang agreed Town Council had been told the advertising would be removed. Town Council raised this matter at full council when the items first appeared but had not done this through the enforcement system as it was on District Property. This was not a planning but lease issue and Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce said they would tackle this through the terms of the lease.

Town Council had spent a lot of time developing an Open Spaces Sport and Recreation Plan in line with the District requirements and one project included was the provision of a better parking area for the community minibus. The Trustees of the bus had put an application in for that money but were told it was not relevant to this fund and to approach their District and County councillors to use their locality funding. It was questioned what the point of an OSSR plan was if this community need to get the elderly out and about did not fit. Cllr Long felt that the group should have been told it did not fit before the project went onto the plan list. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce responded that each project was scored with applications that did not score enough not qualifying. The officer had advised that this did not relate to sport and recreation, but Town Council felt it kept old people moving around.

Cllr Fice noted that at the last meeting there were many applications seeking variations of conditions. He asked if there was any way that those applying for such could be made to show what the variations were as it was a nightmare trying to find what had been changed. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that South Hams had a Local List of requirements for submission which required such from applicants and felt this could be beneficial to add.

There had been email communication regarding the Whitestrand planning decision but still there had been no response as to why there was never any public consultation on that application, or why consultation held with an officer meeting town council was not heeded. Cllr Moore noted that consulting and then not heeding comments sent an awful message. At the last consultation held on Whitestrand for the railings and seats changes the District Councillors said then there would be no further movement in that area until there had been full public consultation. Town Council when asked made representations and said that before anything further was done full public consultation should be undertaken and even that meeting with an officer was totally ignored. Cllr Long agreed that officers were taking the view that a planning application was consultation. Cllr Hainey stated that in an area as important as Whitestrand District could not as a council say they were going to do something and he felt this attitude was disgusting, not least because he was someone who lived in Salcombe. He felt everyone locally was being rail roaded. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce felt that to a certain extent all would disagree with whatever plan. Cllr Fice responded that a suggestion tabled from town council that would have let development could go ahead but deal with concerns was ignored. Cllr Long said very few people were saying no nothing should happen. Cllr Hatch felt District should not block all the way along to the pontoons with development only allowing a little gap. Cllr Long felt that with more discussion on design plans and what could happen people could have considered changes. With global warming District were putting another workshop on the water’s edge where it would be flooded, and Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce countered it was a building built to flood. Boathouses always flooded and were meant to as expected this forthcoming Sunday evening due to high tides. All the car park was situated in flood zone 3 but Cllr Hatch said move it back and then it would be a better workshop with tools not getting wet. The harbour team had preferred this position, but Cllr Hatch felt in 10 years’ time it would not be so favoured. Cllr Moore informed that District would rent the new marine buildings, so they did not want them to flood. Cllr Moore requested that the planning officer to speak to town council again and as District Council requested the planning permission Cllr Lang felt they could change their mind. Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that the risk was if they did not build it this year it might not get done. Cllr Fice noted the initial consultation with Dan Field, who outlined three proposals from District, on which Town Council made comment but particularly about the proposed Harbour Office as they felt there should be an alternative design with any building remaining on the original footprint. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted District was looking for an alternative contractor to build out the building as Kier could not do so within the financial envelope. A local contractor had been found and it was possible that they would start in the winter. Cllr Long observed that it was the loss of the open area around this harbour office and such elements around this that was the issue. Cllr Fice noted that it was not the people who worked at the Harbour Office Town Council were referring to but the visitors who wanted to come to this unique space. The harbour staff had advised District that operationally they had enough space for the small fishing boats. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce stated that perhaps the area should just be a town square, but it was the town who had always wanted to retain the parking.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 11th September 2019 were amended as requested acknowledgement added that Cllr Moore felt Dist Cllr Long attended the planning review as he could not attend the full meeting, and the words ‘overhanging the Bolt Head flats’ inserted in application 2259/19 response before being approved and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.

  • 2805/19/HHO Householder application for alterations and extension to dwelling (Resubmission of 1949/19/HHO) Craiglands, Coronation Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8EA – Response 11th October – No objection
  • 2890/18/HHO READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans received) Demolition of existing singlestorey extensions and construction of single and two storey extensions, including balcony and dormer, additional rooflights, and other external alterations Woodcot Cottage, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JU – Response 18th October – No objection
  • 2902/19/HHO Householder application for erection of extension to dwelling 4 Moult Farm Cottages, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8LD – Response 18th October – No objection.
  • 2903/19/LBC Listed Building Consent for proposed refurbishment of existing basement and new iron railings to front external stone wall Old Porch Cottage, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8DJ – Response 25th October – No objection.
  • 3020/19/FUL Use of agricultural dry storage building for occasional storage of boats and chandlery when building is not in use for agriculture Farm Building at Batson, Lower Batson, Salcombe, TQ8 8NH – Response 25th October – Objection. The building was granted permission as an agricultural building on new land. This would be loss of an agricultural building which if no longer required should be reinstated to its former land use.

Cllr Hatch left whilst the following matter was considered.

  • 1322/18/FUL Appeal ref APP/K1128/W/19/3234364 Proposal: Erection of single dwelling “Batson Hall Farm”, Higher Batson, Salcombe Appellants name: Mr Joseph Cooray Appeal start date: 2nd September 2019 – Due to the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan Town Council wished to amend comments. The impact on listed building and on Batson Conservation Area was contrary to SALC B1. Loss of parking was contrary to both SALC B1 and SALC T1. Reference to infill development should be removed. The Appeal Form refers to an Appeal case but as this information was not on the planning portal website at the time of consideration it could not be referred to. A Section106 agreement regarding Principal Residence Policy, as set out in SALC H3, would be required if the Appeal was to be allowed.
  • 1345/19/FUL Appeal ref: APP/K1128/W/19/3233811 Proposal: Demolition of dwelling and erection of 1 detached dwelling with off street parking “Loring View”, Loring Road, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8BL Appellants name: Mr Alan Cookson Appeal start date: 2nd September 2019 – Town Council objection stands with no further comment.
  • 0439/19/FUL Appeal ref: APP/K1128/W/19/3233438 Proposal: Demolition of existing bungalow and detached garage and erection of 2no. dwellings “Rock Point”, Knowle Road, Salcombe Appellants name: Mr James Allen Appeal start date: 2nd September 2019 – Due to the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan Town Council wish to amend comments. The planning statement made several comments on which Town Council was dubious regarding the Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan. It quoted the affordable homes for local people policy but did not go on to mention that the definition of affordable homes was as defined in the NPPF i.e. housing for sale or rent at reduced price, available only to people with a local connection and unable to meet their needs in the open market. The statement also quoted SALC H2 as supporting infill development but omitted to list the conditions that – All development should meet the following requirements;
    a) Development is delivered in line with JLP Policy DEV8 together with a minimum 30% provision of affordable housing. b) The type of housing responds to local housing needs as defined in the latest Housing Needs Survey; c) As part of the above consideration should be given to provision of housing solutions for the increasing number of elderly in the Parish in the form of market sale sheltered, extra care or assisted living housing; d) By further consideration of the elderly above this Plan also supports opportunities for existing residents to downsize and make more larger units available to the market.
    The reference to SALC ENV7 and infill development should be removed but Town Council request a Section 106 agreement re Principal Residence Policy as set out in SALC H3 in relation to the new property if the Appeal was allowed.

PLANNING CORRESPONDENCE – Nothing further received.
Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce left the meeting.
Feedback on a review of the drains survey was received in order to provide the following prioritised list of those highway drains that remained blocked to fit within criteria where funding might be sourced by County Council for jetting clearance, drainage investigations & drainage works:
Coronation and Gould were now clear having been recently jetted.
Drain in Island Street opposite Gin Factory had some growth but otherwise the drains were clear.
St. Dunstans Road still needed a lot of work as they had cleared drains but the one at top was now blocked and over half blocked.
Camperdown and Raleigh Roads – Camperdown two drains by the Rugby club were blocked and bottom three at Raleigh where others were running into. It was the pattern of water and debris running down with the same happening in Market Street making them blocked.
Bottom of Sandhills very blocked and when surveyed the whole section was red (blocked).
Cleaning needed to concentrate on Market and Courtney Street
Fore Street had a partially collapsed drain opposite the Kings Arms.
Herbert Road, Devon Road and Newton Road again were on hills and therefore debris ran down and blocked.

It was AGREED that the above along with the maps would highlight areas for County Highways to prioritise.


Noting that the fence had been the target of two types of vandalism being to the posts and cross members Cllr Hatch advised that the replacement cross members were proposed thicker. The uprights would be strong enough due to the depth of posts concreted in. Strim guards were discussed as to whether they would be unsightly but felt necessary to protect against maintenance when taking vegetation out. On the short section the lower side of the footpath was repairing enough, or would it be cheaper to replace and match. As only a buffer was to be installed to this section hold up this was felt adequate. Recovery of wood removed would be undertaken so that it could be stored for emergency repairs in future.
The specification details below were APPROVED that quotes for the works could be obtained by the project officer:

  • Replace c.40m of fence along Onslow Road (from the boundary wall at Woodlands to the steps down into the woods)
    Replacement fence to follow the existing fence-line
    All timber to be tanalised with 15-year guarantee provided
    All cut timber ends to be fully treated with wood preservative
    Posts to be 100m X 100mm (4”X4”)
    Posts to be provided with strim-guards
    Posts to be installed AT LEAST 750mm (30”) deep
    Posts to be installed using concrete and not post-crete @ 2m spacing
    Posts to be c.1200mm above ground and to follow the contour of the hill
    Rails (X3) to be 100mm X 50mm (4”X2”) planed tanalised timber
    All rails to be screwed (X2) and nailed (X1) at each end
    Rails (X3) to be spaced equidistantly along the posts and follow the contour of the hill
  • Reinforce/repair short section (c.2m) of existing fence from the steps to the boundary fence of Mount Knowle
    Timber from existing fence to be used for repairs
    All new timber to be tanalised with 15-year guarantee provided
    All cut timber ends to be fully treated with wood preservative
    Make any repairs as necessary
    Install braces to the rear of the fence
  • Replace 2m barrier at the foot of the steps (NB; Barrier is intended to stop anyone stepping/tripping off the steps from falling down the bank)
    Barrier to be parallel to the steps and squarely aligned with the right-hand side (looking down steps) and should be 2m wide
    All timber to be tanalised with 15-year guarantee provided
    All cut timber ends to be fully treated with wood preservative
    New barrier to be built in similar style to existing steps
    New barrier to be ‘tied’ into the existing steps
    Posts to be 150m X 150mm (6”X6”)
    Posts to be installed AT LEAST 750mm (30”) deep
    Posts to be installed using concrete and not post-crete
    Soil at foot of steps to be levelled
  • On completion all timber from the existing fencing (and timber from previous repairs under the steps and in the Woods) and all other building detritus arising to be removed from site and the site left clean and tidy.


It was AGREED there should be representation by Cllr Moore at this highway, exhibitor style, free conference being held at Rattery.


The Mayor advised that the Courtney Park consultations held were well attended at the school but not so many in the park. There was to be a District review of the feedback on the following Monday. She had been invited to the school to help choose the Head Girl and Boy and the result would be announced this Friday. She thanked Cllrs Fice, Long, Mrs Sinnott and Moore for their support in attending the RNLI celebrations. She had been at the Kingsbridge unveiling as well as in Salcombe and chatted to the Duke of Kent. There had been the parade and rededication on Sunday with a superb service given by Father Daniel French. The Mayor requested consideration as to whether an invitation should be sent to the Lady Sponsor inviting her to either or both the Civic Lunch and Remembrance Service. The reason for this was her connection to HMS Magpie as she was herself a volunteer representative for the ship and this service lasted for the life of the ship and there had been no contact between her and Salcombe for over a year. It was agreed to invite her to both to suit her commitments.

The Mortuary Working Group were requested to get together to discuss this project and as Phil Lafferty-Holt had left a replacement was requested. Cllrs Hatch and Hainey both offered to assist and would do so along with the current representatives Cllrs Moore and Lang. The Mortuary was a Heritage Asset that needed changes or at least maintenance and Cllr Moore agreed to lead this group. Pete Robinson was asked what information was held and he noted he had some previous plans and would pass these to Cllr Moore and give access to any of these councillors who wished to receive these documents through a Dropbox link.

As Cllr Lang was on the Friends of Cliff House Woods committee, he was asked to speak to them about brambles causing problems on the steps/footpath along with tree foliage blocking out street lights thus making it dark. He noted that the group were due a meeting and he would raise this matter. It was asked whether the Working Group in charge of the garden next to town council parking spaces was still going. Cllr Lang advised that those involved got despondent as someone went in and cut things and left wooded clippings all around. Pete Robinson had also talked to those involved and agreed brash had been dumped and the area needed completely tidying up. Cllr Lang was asked to investigate whether others wanted to carry on and Cllr Hatch offered to take some of the brash away.


  • Cllr Keeler – Noted regarding enforcement there was supposed to have been trees planted around a barn and questioned whether this should be followed up. Cllr Long felt that this would this be a low priority for enforcement now but that in future following up on conditions was being encouraged. He thought Locality Officers should check this. Cllr Hainey felt this was what hoped for in the future. Any breach of planning should be reported as an enforcement issue as going forward a breach of condition was easy to serve.
    Phil Pritchard left the meeting.
  • Cllr Hatch – Raised concern that when the Park and Ride meters were down how much income was lost. He continued to ask why the matter was not responded to and repaired quickly enough and why was town council not looking for another provider/contractor. The Town Clerk explained what was done to follow up when the machines were not working and how it seemed that many at County were on holiday. Cllr Fice suggested that the quarterly figures be obtained and then, if necessary, town council put in a claim. At this point the impact could be assessed and Devon County be asked to guarantee this would not happen in future years. If a satisfactory response was not received, then the matter could go out to tender again. Moving on Cllr Hatch noted that weed spraying was supposed to be taking place again and advised it must be by the end of October at the latest. Pete Robinson advised that although town council had requested the routes and this was the same with flailing, to date no rotas had been provided. Cllr Lang advised that there was a District Council van and operatives working up at Shaws Corner cutting back. Around the Berry was a lot of growth like old man’s beard especially at the entrance and the dragon’s teeth were overgrown. Cllr Hatched also suggested that some more dragons’ teeth should be placed down the lane to stop parking and fly tipping. About land encroachment adjacent to the swimming pool he asked what had been done by County as more land was being grabbed.
  • Cllr Moore – Had been advised that the Berry Lease was only for 10 years but it was advised that the Lease signed was in fact for 15 years.
  • Cllr Long – Noted a problem with a Tree Preservation Order area which had occurred and that this was with enforcement. He would be attending the allotments to mark the elms up because they were going to need work this winter. He had hoped they would remain, but they had deteriorated a lot quicker since being attacked and were leaning out on the road side. Some had been pollarded earlier and were now multi branched and splitting. He would look at this and get Pete Robinson to obtain quotes. He was pressing District on planning applications as he found more issues where conditions were put in but these were not enforceable as pre commencement conditions. Therefore, applicants carried out the work and then brought landscaping in afterwards and state they could not do what was required. He had told officers that they must put pre work conditions in. At Topwood where demolition commenced, he noted that the area at the back was not on the plans so he had stressed to planners and enforcement that he expected this taken into consideration and the wall reinstated.
  • Cllr Fice – As Redfern Health Centre had been voted the best in England he wondered if representatives from health centre could be invited to the Civic Lunch to celebrate this achievement. As a community asset a doctor and partner and staff plus partner representatives should be invited. The council website was missing a lot of councillors and this was being addressed but others needed to input their information. Cllr Fice noted that a monthly list of enforcement cases, which were private and confidential, was regularly received but during training with Pat Whymer previously he had said the cases could be discussed so long as this was done in closed session. He proposed, if others wished, that every 3months town council looked through and discussed the list. Cllr Long noted enforcement was looking at the outstanding matters at the moment with a few being from January 2015. There were reasons but each matter needed to be reviewed and questions raised to be able to remove the item.
  • Cllr Lang – Along Martins Way path a tree came down, but he had moved the larger section away off the path and it could be walked around more easily so was not a problem. If further work was required to remove this wood a chainsaw would be required but he had shifted a hawthorn bush further back as well.


  • Janice Voce had made contact to advise that she had been trading in markets for many years selling Caribbean food as well as running markets. She now wanted move into organising markets and wondered if it would be possible to run a market in Salcombe during the summer from March to September. It was not felt that Salcombe needed this during the height of the tourist season.
  • It had been reported that there was a tree down on Martins Way footpath in North Sands valley and this was being reviewed to ascertain whose land this was and whether it needed to be forwarded to the Tree Officer to deal with. Cllr Long had walked that way and advised it was one stem of a multi-stemmed ivy-covered ash that sat on the bank part of the footpath that had rotted away and fallen. It was not hung up or suspended in another tree; it was resting on the opposite bank. It was an awkward limbo to get under being so low but easy enough to cut with a chainsaw. It had been dealt with as reported above.
  • It was also reported today that Herbert Road was blocked by a fallen tree between the junctions of Loring and St. Dunstans Road and that this has been reported to Devon Highways.
  • Two SCARF report surveys were both finalised in 2007 with no further action regarding speed. However, at that time the County Council police contact was to arrange for Community Speedwatch in Onslow Rd and the police were also made aware of an enforcement issue in Devon Road. Having checked the mean speeds that County recorded in 2007 they were around 26mph in Onslow and 25mph on Main Road. These speeds would not support installation of a VAS sign as most people were driving under the speed limit. The Highway Officer has asked for another survey to be carried out due to the time lapse since the last. Main Road coming towards Beadon Cross
  • The date for the next Devon Community Resilience Forum Event would be 27th November to be held in Rattery.
  • District Council had responded to the British Telecom Kiosk removal consultation that it was felt that the Onslow Road unit should remain as it conformed to the consultation requirements in that it was near disadvantaged people – social housing at the top of town, in a low income area – tourism dependent work opportunities and people who had no mobile phone or land line. This area had hot spots with no mobile signal and by virtue of the fact that the unit was used 14 times in the last year it is felt that it was required. It was also noted that the Town Council had obtained materials and renovated the unit so it was not in disrepair, so they requested BT ensured that it was retained.
  • Enquiries had been made regarding Chapter 8 update training. Costs had been obtained from the Notter Bridge trainers previously used but an enquiry of Devon County found that they now used the same trainers and would pay for training. The question now awaiting an answer was how many County would pay for to be trained.
  • Ottery St Mary Town Council declared a climate emergency and set up a voluntary group who called a meeting for Tuesday 24th September 7pm in Ottery St Mary’s Council Offices. The invitation was sent but too late to forward to town council as the date has passed.
  • Devon County Report a Pothole/Problem now allows more than one pothole to be recorded in one online report. They also had a scheme called ‘Managing your Verge’ along with ‘Adopt a Roundabout’ which encouraged communities to create wildflower areas along verges and take control of roundabout maintenance with sponsorship from local businesses. There was also now a Pavement Parking report portal.
  • A County Open Data resource showing highway drains and time rotas for clearing was available but found hard to navigate.
  • A Devon Maritime Forum South West Coastal Change Conference 2019 was to be held ‘Managing our Coast in a Climate Emergency’, 26th November 2019 at Plymouth Marine Station. Agenda and booking details would be out soon on the DMF website and to reserve a place email
  • Devon Dark Skies Day was to be 31st October 2019 with an evening event being held at County Hall, Exeter for the public.


Bank Balances
Current Account £500.00
Deposit Account £396,740.24

Receipts September:

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments for September to:
Wages – September £1791.25
HMRC – Tax and NI £787.06
NEST – £177.01
Tally Ho Coaches Ltd – Provision of bus during summer 2019 £10,089.80
M. Fice – Travel £52.44
Play Inspection – Jubilee Gardens Park Annual Inspection £78.00
SHDC – August maintenance £998.95


The next Town Council would be held on Wednesday 9th October 2019 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: p.m.

……………………………………………….. 9th October 2019.
Town Mayor.

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