* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell *
Cllr T. Lang *
Cllr R. Moore *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott *
Cllr G. Keeler *
Cllr P. Lafferty-Holt *
Cllr M. Long (also District Councillor) *
Cllr I. Hatch *
Cllr S. Williams *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr Mrs J. Pearce *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) *
WPC Jo Pengilly *
Kristen Bound Kingsbridge Gazette *


Cllr Mrs Turton was proposed as Town Mayor by Cllr Fice due elected by all present and the Town Clerk received the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Mayor.


Cllr Lafferty-Holt was proposed as Deputy Town Mayor by Cllr Mrs Turton and duly elected and the Town Clerk received the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Deputy Mayor.


Acceptance of Office and Declarations of Interest received from all newly elected Town Councillors.

Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. None received.


The allocation of working parties and representatives on outside organisations was AGREED as below:

  • Salcombe Swimming Pool Association Lindy Sinnott
  • Malborough Feoffees Mike Fice, Tony Lang and Ian Hatch
  • Minibus Committee Mike Fice
  • Salcombe Harbour Liaison and Port User Group To be advised
  • Emergency Committee Nikki Turton, Phil Lafferty-Holt and Caroline Bricknell
  • Allotment Committee Tony Lang
  • Neighbourhood Plan Group Mike Fice
  • P3 and Footpath Warden Tony Lang
  • Chamber of Commerce Mayor or Deputy Mayor
  • Coastal Communities Team Roger Moore

Finance & Staffing Working Group Mike Fice, Phil Lafferty-Holt, Nikki Turton, Tony Lang and Roger Moore
Legal Working Group Nikki Turton, Caroline Bricknell. Mike Fice and Roger Moore
Planning Working Group Councillors that can attend on the day
Media and Website Mayor and Lindy Sinnott together with Pete Robinson and Web Master
Mortuary Building Group Tony Lang, Phil Lafferty-Holt and Roger Moore
Open Spaces Sport and Recreation Caroline Bricknell, Nikki Turton and Spencer Williams
Tree Warden (Voluntary Group Apptd) Mark Long
Data Protection Controller All town council
Data Protection Officer Town Clerk


The following review of Leases, Tree Surveys and other legal obligations were APPROVED as detailed below:

  • Cliff House Office – Lease signed for a three-year term commencing April 2017.
  • Council Hall title held with leases lapsed and now on a Rolling Tenancy with Tourist Info Centre and Museum. Proposals for use of the Council Hall space were currently on hold. The Mortuary usage remained unresolved and town council continued to consider options. Safety fences had been erected to protect the unsafe roof until future usage was confirmed.
  • Town Council own the title to the land used as parking and a garden amenity space.
  • Valuation for market rental of the Council Hall was carried out February 2009 and reviewed by email. Payments had increased incrementally to attain such market value. Council Hall electrical check and updating works had been completed.
  • Berry Lease held by peppercorn rent between Town Council and District Council for a term of 15 years until (date to be provided when the signed Lease was returned from Land Registry). Further fencing around land adjacent to the Berry had been proposed to adjoining properties to ensure security of the perimeter boundary. However, no agreement had been reached with the neighbours and on 12th February 2019 town council’s objection to the Possessory Title had been withdrawn and Minutes dated 13th February detailed why no further action would be taken.
  • Ember Road Diamond ‘Jubilee Gardens’ – Transferred to Town Council in October 2012 and Section 106 landscaping works carried out during 2013 with play equipment installed during September 2014. Play Inspection currently carried out the regular Health and Safety checks and such insurance was within the town council policy. Sandpit was finally removed during 2019 and new fencing installed.
  • Welcome Gardens (bedding area at top of Onslow Road on the Main Road) had been planted out following a Licence for use of the land with Devon County Council being provided in 2015. The highway verge from Jubilee Gardens towards Welcome Gardens had been cleared and planted with daffodils and going forward included in the maintenance programme.
  • An agreement had been entered into October 2014 for Devon County Council to carry out meter emptying and parking enforcement at Bonfire Hill car park. The Service Level Agreement had been amended to include the provision of payment by phone and credit card. Disabled parking bays were tarmacked and lined out along with works to the barriers.
  • Tally Ho provided the bus service on a seasonal basis with fees agreed annually. The fares for this coming year remained the same but a charge had been included for a child fare ticket for young people travelling alone.
  • The Harbour Hotel continued to pay quarterly for and utilise 13 spaces within the Bonfire Hill land under Licence letter. Management at the Harbour Group had requested a formal document for such usage and a draft was awaited from them but had never been forthcoming so matters remained the same.
  • Town Council placed a defibrillator at the Spar Shop in Loring Road from May 2013 and this Agreement was that it would be maintained by South West Ambulance for a term of seven years until April/May 2020. Update training had taken place and Cllr Mrs Bricknell now regularly checked the defibrillator and reported once a month to the authority.
  • Ongoing SLCC, NALC and ICCM membership paid annually as agreed in the precept.
  • The parish council website continued to be updated by Rich Whitfield as webmaster and a Town Council Facebook account was to be operated by Cllr Mrs Sinnott and the Project Officer, Pete Robinson.

Tree Reports:
Hi Line had been commissioned to provide an overall assessment of all trees in the ownership of Town Council during January 2015 and repeated in January 2019. Ongoing reports had been obtained and were now held as an ongoing Excel spreadsheet of needs with a high, medium, low assessment. The areas covered by Town Council as below:

  • The Berry – Luscombe Maye 100 year memorial oak was placed on the Berry 2014 and a further memorial tree had been planted in June 2016 in memorial to someone’s relative.
  • Redfern Woods – Works carried out in 2019.
  • Bonaventure Woods – Tree Preservation Oroder application approval awaited for works in 2019.
  • Shadycombe Cemetery – Works carried out in 2019
  • Bonfire Hill Cemetery Trees assessed as not needing professional tree report as of limited height or risk.
  • Allotment boundary hedge and trees at far end. Autumn works to be considered once a summer assessment of the trees in leaf had been carried out by the Tree Warden.
  • Town Council car parking raised garden area.

Policy Documents

  • Standing Orders and Financial Regulations updated 25th November 2014. Up to date templates issued by National Association of Local Councils including the new regulations and would be brought to town council in the coming months.
  • Town Council Risk Assessment document reviewed 12th May 2010. Further consideration required and would be done during 2019. It was noted that the Risk Assessment from Cliff House Trust was required.
    Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce left the meeting.
  • Cemetery fees reviewed January 2019 and the fees and charging structure along with a usage policy document remained as was.
  • Allotment Rents review carried out in 2019 ascertained that the rates continued to be in line with other providers.
  • Grass cutting contract renewed 2018 – 2021 South Hams District Council cover General Grass Cutting maintenance contract together with contract for Jubilee Gardens and Welcome Gardens. The War Memorial planters contract now was undertaken by Fiona Cranford-Smith. Tender review due January/February 2021.
  • Weed spraying arrangements reviewed and requoted with District Council with any additions to the contract to be highlighted and reviewed as necessary.
  • Kyocera Photocopier – Maintenance agreement terminated as company was no longer able to honour due to the age of the machine.
  • Annual Agreement with District for business collection of refuse at Bonfire Hill Cemetery updated to District new contract and charging structure.
  • All Town Council insurance cover reviewed with agents WPS in July. Following insurance agent advice this policy was extended for another year until July 2019.
  • Outstanding were matters being dealt with by town council solicitors on various land issues.


No member of the public present this was dispensed with.

Gave report after planning.
Police Report
WPc Jo Pengilly apologised for her lack of attendance due to limited back up support. From 8th May 2018 to 8th May 2019 there had been 76 reported crimes in the Salcombe area.
1 x sexual offences
8 x Dwelling Burglary
8 x Common Assault
4 x Harassment
1 x Assault/neglect
9 x Criminal Damage
4 x Send letter communication
14 x Various theft including theft by finding
4 x Public Order
3 x Actual Bodily Harm
3 x Burglary Non Dwelling
4 x Possession of drugs 1 possession with intent to supply
3 x Drive excess alcohol/unfit through drugs
1 x Assault of an emergency worker

This was not all the offences, just the main ones and some crimes even though they had been recorded may have later been non-crimed. However, it had been a very active year with investigations still ongoing going into the burglaries and drug offences. To balance this, she advised that between the same period of time over 2017 – 2018 78 offences were recorded.

For the coming year they would carry out more proactive patrols and operations into Marine Crime and Misuse of Drugs. So even though this had been a very busy year it has been a very positive year.

Cllr Mrs Sinnott noted that she followed Molly, police dog, and her searches for drugs and noted from this police feed what was being discussed. The dog use was pro-active in finding the drugs, but she asked what happened to the people who possessed the drugs. Did they get convicted or was this difficult. WPc Pengilly responded that it depended on whether they found Class B – Cannabis which could result in merely a warning. Some occasions could not be dealt with by warning, so this led to investigation. It was more serious to supply, and this involved a long process of investigation before a decision. Cllr Mrs Sinnott congratulated the police for doing a grand job with the assistance of Molly.

Cllr Williams highlighted that since holidaying in the area in the 1980s alcohol intake on motor boats had increased and questioned whether the police could do anything. He was advised that this was for the harbour master to deal with. If people, then stepped off onto the pontoon there was still little that could be done unless they were driving!

District Councillors Report
A report was provided in the Annual Town meeting, so this was dispensed with.

Cllr Fice noted that the shelter at Cliff House Gardens had been boarded up since last September as it was said it was unstable and nothing further had been done about it or reported back from District. Also, there was a flag for the café which had been installed and was blocking the view of the estuary and the War Memorial. Bin collections had not changed as promised and continued to be collected 7a.m. and then 12noon but public bins required a collection during the afternoon. Courtenay Park was in a mess over the Crab Fest weekend as these bins were full. Simon Wright previously, as District Councillor, promised to investigate these points and was coming back with clarification of other issues such as what the hair braiders could do under their licence. Dist Cllr Long was asked to take these points forward as the newly elected District Councillor. Cllr Keeler enquired whether different types of bin size and other alternatives had been considered and was advised about proposals made by town council and their suggestion of compaction bins. A previous district councillor felt that to remove bins would remove rubbish.

Cllr Williams noted that the Bloor Homes lower section of the site had been taken over by a new builder, but no work had been carried out for seven months. He asked if there was a time restriction as to when works should be completed. It was explained that there was nothing that could be done as once an application was activated by commencement of the build it could be completed whenever the owner chose. All agreed the area looked a mess.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 24th April 2019 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.

  • 0762/19/HHO Householder application for part-reformation of existing boundary wall, new step formation and associated terracing Chesfield, Allenhayes Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HU – Response 24th May – No objection.
  • 0867/19/HHO Householder application for extension to existing balcony The Beach House, Beadon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JT – 31st May – Objection due to overlooking of the neighbouring garden as this proposal would introduce a new balcony the whole length of the property angled towards the neighbouring property.
  • 1067/19/HHO Householder application for proposed single storey extension to provide boat store and utility space, including modifications to stone boundary wall 6 Bonfire Hill, Salcombe, TQ8 8EE – 31st May – No objection.
  • 1200/19/VAR Application for removal or variation of condition 2 of planning consent 1407/17/FUL Woodside, Bennett Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JJ – Response 31st May – No objection.


  • 1094/19/TPO Proposal: T1: Beech – Crown raise lower branches x4 on south side to 4-5m from ground level to allow plants below more sunlight; T2: Beech – remove branch at 5m from ground level, crown raise branches x6 on south side to 4-6m from ground level to enhance growth of plants below; T3: Sycamore – remove branch x1 on South side at 4m from ground level; T4: Sycamore – Fell due to rot at ground level and to enhance growth of new planted area; T5: Pine – removal of limb in vertical position on South side being held by Clematis plant; T6: Holm Oak – crown raise lower branches x6 on South side to 5m from ground level and remove limb on north side at 2m from ground level to enhance new planting area; T7: fallen tree – cut up and clear and deadwood removal of 3x trees in wooded area (exempt) Bridleway House, Moult Hill, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8LF – Objection. There was no arboricultural reason behind this request as it was felt to be a continuance of gardening of the woodland. It was advised that there was sufficient light for regrowth, but the planting areas appeared to have been cleared inappropriately and were not good woodland management. One tree, T7, had fallen across the track and whilst there was no objection to cutting and clearing it was felt that the dead wood removal was inappropriate as lying dead wood increased biodiversity.


  • It had been noted that there was an application across in Portlemouth Parish for the Boat House on Fishermans Cove and this would be considered at the following meeting.
  • The planning working party had been asked to check posts on the lane off Allenhayes Road. These posts had been put up on a property and not in road so there was no more obstruction than previously, and the road could still be driven.


It was noted that no petty was cash held and the reference to ‘limited assurance’ was for smaller income councils.
It was advised that the Audit Statement must be filed with the auditors by Monday 10th June 2019 and the Annual Governance Statement was read out and completed during the meeting.

It was AGREED;
(a) to accept the annual internal audit report as there were no recommendations or findings thereon
(b) following going through each section of the audit form that town council approved the Annual Governance Statement and therefore it should be signed accordingly.


The documentation for the audit was provided but one councillor took issue with the amount of monies held and initially wanted more time to consider the figures although retracted this request later. It was explained and duly discussed that the various reserve funds needed to be considered and reassigned in view of changing projects. The finance and staffing working party would sit down with the figures and come up with proposed changes.

It was AGREED by full council to;
(a) adopt these Accounting Statements for 2018/19, subject to the rounding factor introduced to the figure, as duly completed and presented, signed and dated, by the Responsible Financial Officer
(b) approve such signed Accounting Statements and for the Mayor to sign and date confirming such proposal within the meeting.


Further areas to be included within the maintenance contract were proposed and these were AGREED so that costs could be obtained from the current contractor for such works. Cllr Williams raised a concern with the hedge at the top of Bonfire Hill adjacent to the Park and Ride which made a blind spot for those crossing so this was included.


A legal response was requested of town council’s solicitor regarding ongoing requests for a breakdown of legal fees and this was tabled and discussed before it was AGREED that the legal working group would meet to consider the letter and what could be provided.


It was AGREED to ratify the Examiner’s report and approve the content of this document. A referendum would now be set in place by South Hams District Council.


The Mayor had attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting and advised that Salcombe Information Centre was now a full member. Three more businesses had joined since the last meeting. She then advised of various matters raised and the huge success of the Easter Egg hunt run by the three Information Centres, Salcombe, Kingsbridge and Modbury. Employment land Kingsbridge 5 had been sold to District Council for £1 and one business was in negotiation regarding use and the land might not be used for various smaller units. The Chamber AGM would be held on 20th June. South Hams Locality Budget had given £200 to the Youth and Business Achievements Awards which were run by the Chamber.

The meeting regarding the Ferry Steps and scaffolding going up on The Salcombe was noted and this had been held so that businesses and shops would be clear of scaffolding for Bank Holiday and half term. Would monitor.


Cllr Hatch – The pathway down from higher and lower Batson had a wall down which had been like this for over twelve months. He felt that if this work was not carried out the road would go soon. As the District car parks take a significant amount of money could they not repair the kerbs by the Fire Station. Cllr Hatch was advised that the Creek Car Park was to be redesigned and when District were erecting the workshops this could be raised with them. Pete Robinson said he would report these problems if photographs were sent to him.
Cllr Lafferty-Holt – Noted that the new parking machine was installed at Whitestrand Car Park, on trial basis, and would be up and running from the following day. It was solar powered and had three ways of paying. He questioned whether if a payment machine was not in operation motorists were not allowed to park. This was the case in Cornwall where they enforced this. The Town Clerk would ask South Hams District about this and report back. A company he worked for operated a phone service like the Ringo payment but did not charge a fee and this should be looked at.
Cllr Mrs Sinnott – At Newton Road, where the wall on the bend near the top had been hit, the wall had moved from the road and the orchard in the property below could be seen. If this was not addressed and sorted there could potentially be a significant problem with the road falling in. Some wooden struts were placed across but it was not felt this was secure and was very dangerous for walkers.
Cllr Moore – Advised that Courtenay Park was a mess after Crab Fest around the dustbins. He did the litter collection on behalf of Rotary for Crab Fest, so he would include Courtenay Park next year. When he spoke to the operative collecting the bins he did not know he was supposed to do another bin collection.
Cllr Williams – Asked whether there were any plans for the pier and Ferry Steps to be rebuilt as he had an apartment at The Salcombe and with the wall breaking down there was no barricade. He was advised that District Council had obtained £48,000 for works and they were paying for carrying out a study. On another matter out on the water looking back all that could be seen was bright green scaffolding nets. Why was this structure allowed to be so bright? Other scaffolding has hoarding that contained advertisements, but it appeared that there was no way of controlling this. He felt that on busy weekends the cash point machines were drained by 10.30a.m. even though The Fort pub had installed a further unit to assist local shops. It was felt by others that last year the service was actually good and the new ATM machines at Whitestrand held more money. There was also now a machine at the Co-op. Nationally more places might start charging for use of cash machines and this was more of a worry. More companies were using credit cards now. Finally, he noted that the Salcombe town entrance sign was tilting more and needed straightening.
Cllr Fice – He had attended the licencing hearing regarding the Gin Distillery outside bar area. Simon Wright and he opposed the application, but Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce supported. It had been granted subject to two conditions. The use of suitable signage in the area in relation to age restriction and noise nuisance and construction and use of a barrier directly behind the side door for safe access on to the highway, planning permission must be obtained for this. The fence above Redfern Woods along Knowle Road was reported vandalised at 11.30p.m. one evening as a group of youths went past and one just decided to smash the fence. One post was in half and another fence panel split. He thanked the Rotary for organising Crab Fest which brought a lot of people into the town. Cllr Moore agreed it had been good and as a Rotary member advised that Triangle were being provided with a physiotherapist for a year out of the funds raised.
Cllr Lang – At the last meeting Footpath 26 had been mentioned regarding weeds being cut back. He had been to the North Sands section and looked but could not find any problem. However, on Bridleway 10 North Sands to Hangar Mill there had been a tree down on the corner, but he had dealt with this.


  • Advance application notification received from OpenReach contractor with regard to a road closure for Batson Hill 15/16th August 2019. This was the Yacht Club Regatta but no boats would go along this road so it was felt not to be a problem.
  • A report was received that the public bench provided at the corner of St. Dunstans track and Herbert Road had been damaged. Steps be taken to repair the damage.
  • Costings had been received from the newly contracted handyman and as these were in line with expected rates the works to jet-wash the bus shelters, repaint Shadycombe and treat the noticeboards and cemetery gates would proceed.
  • A resident had requested that Town Council raise awareness of light pollution and ask residents and visitors to turn off unrequired lighting. Whilst it was acknowledged that many shops and properties contributed an large amount of light it was not felt that anything could be done on this.
  • Licence application received from South Hams District Council on behalf of Crew Clothing for the use of North Sand beach on 3rd and 4th August from 9 – 5p.m. with a set up from 6.30a.m. for consideration. Objection. This was within Regatta week and was not a charity fundraiser but a commercial venture on well used public space.
  • The Highway Officer had visited and reported that the complaint regarding Union Street and a van plus string being placed to reserve space was nowhere to be seen. At Buckley Street only one scaffold was present and appeared compliant. On Devon Road the skip was definitely a large unit but he could see through/around it when driving so was content that oncoming traffic could be negotiated. County urban footpaths/steps in town had been raised and a list of those that required remedial works to the steps would be provided. Scaffolding on Henri Lloyd was satisfactory as was the one in front of the old Lloyds but the licence for this one expired 5th May 2019.
  • District Council had not supplied the dates for weed spraying and as the meeting was postponed to next week this would be picked up then and the dates circulated to town council.


Bank Balances
Current Account £500.00
Deposit Account £376,913.23

Receipts: None

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments to:
EPEC Electrical Services Ltd – Works following the electrical report £1250.00
– Supply fit and connect 6 x LED ceiling lights £960.00 Total: £2210.00
SHDC – Rates for Bonfire Hill Cemetery £807.34 and Shadycombe Cemetery £527.83 Total: £1335.17
Hawthorns Accounting Sers Ltd. – Internal Audit and April Payroll £233.00


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 21.00p.m.

……………………………………………….. 22nd May 2019.
Town Mayor.

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