* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr Mrs N. Turton – Mayor (in the Chair) *
Cllr. M. Fice *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell *
Cllr T. Lang *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott A
Cllr K. Baker *
Cllr P. Lafferty-Holt *
Cllr M. Long *
Cllr Mrs Kemp A

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *

Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) *
WPC Jo Pengilly A
Kristen Bounds Kingsbridge Gazette *

The Mayor advised that Rich Whitfield had tendered his resignation but had offered to continue as Web Master, an offer which was gratefully accepted.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. None received.


County Councillors’ Report
Cty Cllr Gilbert noted a temporary traffic order to close Normandy Way.

The taxi rank request by a taxi driver had been resolved and going ahead in a location proposed by County officers as the initial site offered by town council was felt unsuitable. Town Council noted that the parking place to be designated by County had been constantly full of cars during August so there was a concern as to how this would work. Cty Cllr Gilbert felt that at least this would be a start to accommodate a taxi rank. The issue of parking for carers came up at a Cabinet meeting at County Hall and they were definitely going to review thoroughly the parking for carers as presently they could not park on double lines. The intention was to enable them to park closer although Cllr Fice noted that some obtained permits to park in residents parking. Cty Cllr Gilbert advised he was going to send a video with clips to illustrate scams as it this issue was getting horrific in this country and costing £15 billion per year. It was old people who were getting hit hardest. Even his parish council in Ringmore knew of two people scammed in that village alone. He urged all town councillors to watch this video and pass it on to as many people as possible. Often victims lost their entire life savings and were left with nothing.

The Mayor asked when the First Responder bay was to be marked up correctly with painted lines and was advised that it would probably be done at the same time as the taxi rank markings. If the Town Clerk sent him an email he would get a definitive answer by return. The Enforcement officer for County was the person to check parking in this and disabled bays etc. and there was more enforcement presence this year. However it was noted that the other day a car was parked in First Responder bay but the enforcement looked at it, stood around and wandered off doing nothing. Cty Cllr Gilbert did feel that the County officers were more lenient but if there was an issue if the officer’s epaulette number could be noted they could be given further training. It was suggested that 6.30p.m. in the evening was a better time to enforce.

Cllr Fice drew attention to resident parking areas and motorbikes parking which did not display resident permits but could park. When raised previously he felt he had received a ridiculous answer and as there was adequate bike parking they could go elsewhere. It had now gone from 1 to 3 bikes blocking resident parking spaces.

Cllr Lang noted inconsistency with rules that all deliveries should be before 10a.m. as this was impossible in Salcombe and yet this was a rule in towns across Devon. With the same vans covering the whole of Devon or Cornwall they arrived at different times of the day and sometimes traffic wardens would pick on them giving inconsistent messages. It seemed strange that officers always allowed Tesco lorries to park up. Cty Cllr Gilbert acknowledged this problem and also that tradesmen with vans purchased a permit and were parking in Kingsbridge and leaving their vehicle for three days. Shop keepers were up in arms as this taking customers parking away. County were addressing all these points and a document was being written to deal with this problem and people were asked to send photographs with evidence. Vehicles were being parked for small jobs and could be up to three vans that were left all day. The permits were supposed to be used to bring down equipment and drop off and park elsewhere but a vehicle could be kept parked if access to item from it was needed. Builders, it appeared, were giving this excuse to enforcement the whole time. Traders’ permits were therefore being reviewed as well along with pavement parking because of disabled access, pushchairs and the fact that such parking trashed pavements. Cllr Lang mentioned that the pedestrian priority sign for Fore Street did not mean anything to motorists and then pedestrians felt they could close their eyes and walk down the middle of the street. Cty Cllr Gilbert questioned whether pedestrianisation was in the Neighbourhood Plan. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce stated it could not be because this was a County function so only District planning matters could be within the plan. When the draft parking document was finished it would go to consultation and then cabinet and be adopted so hopefully all being well new regulations would be ready for the holiday season next year.

Cllr Baker noted St Dunstans Road (Herbert Road to Bennett Road) and that on one side there was yellow lines and on the other side everyone parked so it got full and then cars meeting along with road could not get past each other so it needed designated passing places. Cty Cllr Gilbert said that this should be included on Salcombe’s list for Traffic Orders through HATOC. Part of this road was unmade highway and they were also parking on this now. Trailers and other vehicles were being dumped on grass verges and highways and the problem was that officers did not know who owned the trailer and then after two weeks they would be gone. It was noted that this problem had occurred for longer than two weeks and Cty Cllr Gilbert advised there was a procedure to serve notice that in three weeks the vehicle/trailer would be removed. Cllr Long raised the issue on Longfield Road which could have had quite easily had a notice served. The Town Clerk was asked to put this in an email to Cty Cllr Gilbert and the Highway Officer to request a notice be served. There was also a small caravan parked unattached for the same period of time and possibly by the same person.

Cllr Baker also advised that St Dunstans Road had a blocked drain which had been like this for over a year. Cty Cllr Gilbert responded that the gulley suckers were working their way round and there were gullies blocked all over the place. Every time he asked when they would be in Salcombe he was told they did not know. More often than not a gulley was blocked and needed digging out but they did not this as they said if was not going to cause problem to property they would not do it. All at the meeting agreed that effectively a blocked drain in St Dunstans would affect property because of the journey of the water as it travelled downhill. Cty Cllr Gilbert stated that this was the only reason that would be considered because County would be liable in a flood. The Town Clerk was asked to add this to the email so that the Highway Officer could put an Order on, if appropriate, that the contractor had to clear it. Cllr Baker asked how councillors and residents alike knew if this matter was being progressed. Cty Cllr Gilbert explained his system for checking at his monthly meeting with the officer and how he entered up outstanding issues for Salcombe.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

District Councilors’ Report
Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce advised that the Waste Procurement was moving along and would go to another District council meeting the end of this month and then the final one on 6th December to decide whether they would be contracting out.

The Joint Local Plan was also moving forward with the Inspectors’ Interim letter having been received and referring mainly to the fact that housing allocations in the AONB had to be removed but Salcombe was an exception and the sites remained in. All settlement boundaries had to be removed as they were felt old fashioned but any proposed in Neighbourhood Plans could remain and as long as the rest of the plan conformed it could go forward. District Council had decided to write a Development Plan Document and once adopted would reintroduce the settlement boundaries. Inspectors did not feel the boundaries point within the Plan was robust enough but District felt it would be. There would be a further letter from the Inspector agreeing a number of things like settlement boundaries for Neighbourhood Plans and Green Space in Plymouth and the Inspector was now asking to see major modifications proposed and once these were signed off they could go out to consultation again on these points and move onto the final report. It had taken a long time for the Inspectors report so everything was held up but hopefully the plan would be adopted by the end of the Financial Year although this was a three month slip from December 2018.

Dist Cllr Wright advised the District ‘join the conversation’ was now live and it was a specific question and answer to their portfolio as they responded and it seemed popular. SeaMoor Lotto had given £7000 to charities over the year and was building well. He encouraged groups to apply and explained that all that was needed was 20 people to sponsor the application.

District’s website now had a bit of national advertising on it and they were seeing how this went. There was a website link with Neighbourhood Plans being created as a lot of smaller villages and parishes wanted to see what was involved so this link would show the process as it happened in other areas. Also officers were coming up with a Most Asked Questions page.

Dist Cllr Wright had personally been trying to be in Salcombe every Friday morning so that if anyone wanted to see him he would be there. On this point Cllr Long asked Dist Cllr Wright about his visits to the Over 60s Club on a Friday. It was now regular for him to be there and the questions that he had been asking had raised concerns amongst people going as to his interest in the building. With his Deputy Leader title the questions appeared a prelude to some action, proposal or intent for District to dispose of the Over 60s as an asset. This question had been raised specifically from the Over 60s attendees. Dist Cllr Wright agreed they appeared suspicious but he was actually meeting a lot of the older locals and that was a tremendous way of gaining the history of Salcombe. Dist Cllr Wright went on to state categorically that there was nothing untoward for anyone to be worried about with regard to his attendance.

Cllr Fice noted personally although he felt that others on the planning working group were also concerned about the delegated authority decision for the planning application on the corner of Devon Road and Baptist Lane. Town Council raised a large number of sound planning objections and an awful lot were also received from residents around the property and therefore this application would have been a prime candidate for going to Development Management Committee. He questioned why therefore it was given delegated authority as certainly the officer’s report did not answer the questions raised. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that it was not always the number of objections received but the materiality of them. She assumed that most of the underlying objection was about loss of view but those present at this meeting stated the objections definitely did not complain about view. She continued that the officer, Graham Lawrence, was a well-qualified planner whose points she usually agreed with and he had addressed all the Conservation Area points. Cllr Fice disagreed that the response ‘it will enhance the Conservation Area’ was not an answer and reiterated with the number of objections why the District Councillors’ did not take it to committee. Cllrs Long and Mrs Turton disputed that the applicant had amended the design and all were very disappointed with this decision and not to being able to put these points forward at Development Management Committee as this was an important site in Salcombe situated in the Conservation Area. This area included very important buildings, largely unchanged and adjacent to the open space of Courtney Park being very prominent on a corner and thus would have a large and detrimental impact on the Conservation Area. It sat firmly in the centre of the Conservation Area and to say town council was dismayed was an understatement especially as there was some quite material planning grounds on which it was challenged on. This did damage and opened up a problem within the Conservation Area. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce felt that there were numerous other areas within the Conservation Area that had already been affected and they were told it no longer made a difference to which Cllr Long responded you might as well wipe the Conservation Area policy away then. It was never too late to use the Conservation Area to protect.

On the matter of public bin emptying Cllr Fice thanked both District Councillors for their input as it improved but unfortunately it lapsed over the Bank Holiday. The view from the recent Kingsbridge Gazette report illustrated that this had however been a problem for the whole area. Salcombe was a tourist destination and having rubbish was not good although Cllr Fice understood that people were just as much to blame. He suggested that at the very least there should be one collection in the morning and one in the evening rather than one in morning and one at lunchtime. It was the evening one that was most important to remove the refuse so that seagulls could not spread it around the following morning.

At the Cliff House café, when planning permission was received it included they were to have discrete signs to encourage users down to it. The cafe had huge flag banners mounted on moveable bases and towering up the steps. This had been reported and Dist Cllr Wright had spoken to the girls serving who had gone back to the tenant. In the long term they were going to address this issue and have a canopy over the porch which would have café in reverse for those up above to see so there would be no necessity for flag flying.

There was a patch of land just off Victoria Quay which was a bit of grass owned by District. The RNLI had basically being using this every day during summer and were blocking a Public Right of Way and a garage entrance and effectively begging. Whilst those present supported the charity for them to be so vocal and ruin the grass area had raised a lot of complaints locally. It was one thing during lifeboat day to be out and about but not every day. As District land it should be dealt with.

Cllr Long noted road sweeping issues from the last meeting and that District had previously been sweeping the town at weekends Saturday and Sunday 5.30 – 6a.m. but were now arriving at 7a.m. The roads were then not clear when places opened and people, mainly visitors, were around. Dist Cllr Wright advised he had also voiced concerns and monitored the situation and the operative did drive down at 7a.m. but his contact at Tor Quarry had left so he did not get to deal with this.

The Mayor noted discussion with regard to replacement public bin replaced with a dog waste only bin in Cliff House woods. She knew of no reference to requesting just a dog waste bin as this location was near benches where people sat and it was getting messy with rubbish left everywhere and should be a general purpose bin. Dist Cllr Wright would get on to this. Also if the bin hooks on the wall could not be reused please could they also be removed as it looked tatty.

Cllr Lang noted the draft poster with regard to fly tipping and felt it was extremely aggressive. Dist Cllr Wright felt that if the bin was full people should not leave rubbish behind. The Mayor expressed a view that there was too much rubbish in town due to all the outlets to not have enough bins around. Stating leaving any waste was a crime was extreme and the sign should say do not leave if you cannot get it in the bin! Cllr Long offered that considering the problems experienced in Salcombe had District Council looked at the ‘compacting’ bins which worked very well in Bath town. Bath would have needed four to five more bins but compacting bins operated by solar panels could compress the refuse in high intensity areas with food packaging and could perhaps address the challenges of frequency of emptying. Dist Cllr Wright did not feel there was not enough solar energy getting to these points in Salcombe but other present felt Salcombe must get more sun than in Bath!! Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce suggested that if waste was contracted out the contractors might do their sums and put this in.

Cllr Lang raised another major local complaint specifically the South Hams refuse lorry. It needed to be washed out every day as the leachate was creating an appalling smell along all the streets.

An update on the shelter cordoned off within Cliff House Gardens was requested and advice was that work should be starting in the next couple of days. Cllr Long sought assured that no works would impact the Remembrance Sunday.

Police Report
There was no report from the police.


No further applications received this was dispensed with.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 25th July 2018 being duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The following applications were considered by the working party and such observations by town council submitted to District by the Town Clerk under delegated authority.

  • 0087/18/FUL READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans and description) Erection of building containing a ground floor marine maintenance unit (B1 use) with dwellings above Site of Former Workshop Gould Road, Salcombe TQ8 8DU – Objection. The usage indicated that this was to be light industrial in a residential area when this was not in fact a residential area. There was concern regarding venting of such B1 maintenance area as by virtue of the proposed marine use there would be fumes created for workers and above properties. Any amendments to this application would require fresh plans to be provided to town council.
  • 1345/18 READVERTISEMENT (Additional Report Received) Roof alterations and extension to the main building. Renewal of the previous approval 41/0366/15/F for car port/garage and deck Eastone Grey, Allenhayes Road, Salcombe, Devon – No objection
  • 1562/18/HHO READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans) Householder application for proposed extensions and alterations to existing house (resubmission of consent 3515/17/HHO) Aloha, Herbert Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HN – No objection.
  • 1641/18/HHO READVERTISEMENT (Revised plans and description) Householder application for demolition of existing conservatory and construction of flat-roofed, single storey extension with balcony above Ambleside, Herbert Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HN – Objection as this proposal was unneighbourly with excessive bifold doors which created light pollution in this sensitive area. Privacy screens would be necessary.
  • 1824/18/HHO READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans Received) Householder application for replacement garage with studio over Oversteps, Froude Road, Salcombe, Devon – Objection. This was overdevelopment providing a separate dwelling and would create a loss of an important public amenity view.
  • 1825/18/HHO READVERTISEMENT (REVISED PLAN RECEIVED) Retrospective householder application for improvements to parking area Underdeck, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Objection as the plan indicated as existing was incorrect and misleading in that it illustrated what had been built and not what was existing before being now retrospectively applied for. This proposal would remove a public amenity view as there used to be a clear view of the estuary from Little Head up to Smalls and since works had commenced nothing could be seen and further planting was proposed on top of this. Since the increase in wall height gradually being nudged up the public view was now only of sky. Historic walls appeared to have been removed on entrance down to Salcombe Court and this proposal did not blend with the Conservation Area.
  • 2224/18/FUL Replacement dwelling of the existing garden flat at Bar Lodge, The Garden Flat, Bar Lodge, Salcombe TQ8 8LW – Objection due to overdevelopment and incorporation of too much glass creating light pollution. This was an iconic site which could easily be seen from the estuary and coastal footpath from across the water in Portlemouth and thus would have a significant impact on the AONB and Coastal Protection Zone.
  • 2298/18/FUL Alterations to flat, including provision of new balcony and re-slating the existing roof Estuary View, 8a Egremont Terrace, Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8EZ – No objection.
  • 2368/18/FUL Erection of new balcony Apartment 2, Lyndhurst, Bonaventure Road, Salcombe, Devon, TQ8 8BG – No objection but the proposal must match the existing balustrade material and design.
  • 2515/18/FUL Erection of new dwelling, garage and associated works (Amended scheme to that approved under 2992/16/FUL) The Rough, Devon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HJ – Objection. The change of cladding from timber to zinc was not felt to be conducive to a prominent building situated within the AONB, the change of vehicle standing, from permeable paving to porous tarmac, would have a negative effect on the street scene and the change to the design of the chimney (it appeared from the plans that stone facing had been replaced with render) this was felt to be unneighbourly.
  • 2524/18/FUL Application for a garden studio/exercise room in the rear garden Quiet House, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LD – No objection


  • 2436/18/TPO Proposal: T1: Cupressus Macrocarpa – fell, tree in decline last 5 years, lost lower crown, base of main stem rotting, main crown deteriorating, leans over Cliff Road and x 3 good healthy Holm Oaks, tree potential hazard and concern for traffic and safety The Moult, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LE – No objection but replacement protected planting with Monterey Cypress or Oak was required within the area of removal.
  • 2472/18/TPO T1: Sycamore – located on opposite side of track, crown height reduction by up to 5 metres, lateral reduction by up to 2 metres, becoming very large, potential hazard to users of track, shallow roots, located on a verge; T2, T3, T4: Hawthorn – height reduction by up to 2 metres, lateral reduction on all sides by up to 2 metres, out of control, works to allow access to lower section of garden 4 Landmark Road, Salcombe TQ8 8NY – Objection – T1 Sycamore appears to be a healthy tree, with no obvious safety issues, there was no evidence of shallow roots nor did it impact/restrict movement of vehicles or pedestrians in Beadon Lane. The works proposed would not be appropriate nor did it seem to meet good arboricultural practice. The tree sat comfortably within the lane on the field edge as do many other trees along the lane. The tree was also not within the ownership of the applicant but was part of the field ownership. Therefore, it was felt that the proposed works would damage the amenity value of the tree.

Objection was also expressed with regard to works proposed to T2,T3,T4 Hawthorns. Damaging and excessive works had already been carried out to one of the Hawthorns without TPO regulation consent. The proposed works were excessive and inappropriate and would be damaging to the amenity value of the three hawthorns and change the nature of the lane. There could be some acceptance to minor works to the hawthorns to clear an internal garden footpath and to allow light into the garden but the excessive height reduction and lateral reduction was not appropriate.


  • 00653/17/FUL Appeal Ref: APP/K1128/W/18/3202518 Proposal READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans Received) Demolition of existing care home and redevelopment to form 4 new dwellings Wells Court, Herbert Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HN – Town Council had no further comment to add.

The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.

  • 0653/18/FUL Alterations and extension to flat READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plans) Hideaway, 16a Fore Street, TQ8 8BU – No objection.
  • 2431/18/HHO Householder application for rear extension and alterations to dwelling Lorrell, Loring Road, Salcombe TQ8 8BL – No objection.
  • 2620/18/VAR Application for variation for condition 2 following grant of planning consent 2155/16/HHO 13 Courtenay Street, Salcombe TQ8 8DQ – Objection. The window and bifold doors made a complete wall of glass on the first floor and there was a concern with regard to light pollution and inappropriate design in a Conservation Area. This was not felt to be a variation to condition application but revised proposal plans.
  • 2730/18/HHO Householder application for external steps between garden and colonnade (proposed modifications to approved scheme 0586/16/HHO) The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Objection as the proposed design did not satisfy the requirement for the reinstatement of the curved steps for this Listed Building.
  • 2731/18/LBC Listed Building Consent application for external steps between garden and colonnade (proposed modifications to approved scheme 0587/16/LBC) The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – As above.
  • 2742/18/HHO Householder application to transform the existing garage to encompass a new entrance hallway providing access to a reorganised internal layout and for a first floor extension 55 Kingsale Road, Salcombe TQ8 8AW – Objection due to being set in a row of similar semi-detached bungalows with an impact on the street scene from its uniform vista and because of the use of materials for roofing being changed from tiles to slates. This change would imbalance the adjoining semi. If considered for approval a condition must be imposed that the roofs not be used as balconies in the future.
  • 2743/18/FUL Application for proposed internal and external improvements, alterations and refurbishment The Kings Arms, 18 Fore Street, Salcombe TQ8 8BU – Objection. There was a question raised as to the suitability of materials proposed in the Conservation Area. It was suggested that wood be used for the awning/pergola as these would be more in keeping with the beach design and such to also be used for the windows and bi fold doors. Within the plans were comments relating to paint and signage to be agreed but this should be submitted as a separate planning application with relevant details for consideration.
  • 2744/18/LBC Listed Building Consent for proposed internal and external improvements, alterations and refurbishment The Kings Arms, 18 Fore Street, Salcombe TQ8 8BU – As above


  • 2711/18/TPO T1: Horse Chestnut – reduce by 3m maximum away from property roof (see images), 1.5m crown reduction of remainder to selectively reduce potential hazardous branches and biomechanical defects Sandhills Cottage, Sandhills Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JP – Objection to the proposals as more limited works would be preferred with an acceptance of some crown lifting to take branches away from the roof line but crown reduction was not felt appropriate unless there were any potential specified limbs that were required to be removed due to branch defects.
  • 2380/18/TPO T1: Lawson Cypress – Fell, in bad health, limited amenity value, adjacent tree failed and fallen, T1 is high risk to fail and fall. Redfern Health Centre, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe TQ8 8ND – No objection but required a replant adjacent to it and in view of the previous tree fall two replacement trees would be preferred.
    Dist Cllrs Wright and Mrs Pearce

No further documentation received in the meeting.


The proposals by District Council for pay on entry facilities were discussed and it was AGREED to respond as follows:
If District was to charge for entry they must be maintained to a higher standard. There would be an impact on local businesses as it was noted that there were 43 businesses without facilities and consideration should be given to a reduction, at least, for them.

Considering problems encountered with the contractor for car park meters and getting them fixed what the ongoing maintenance costs for these machines were and could the contractor react quickly enough to repair in the busy season. The charging must be able to accommodate more than cash and tap card/payments should be included as many do not carry cash and town council requested a response on this point.

If every town and parish council said they would take over running of the toilets District Council would still have £200,000 costs which were centrally allocated to these toilets and a they were not getting rid of these people how they were reducing central costs. How had District come to their figures indicating that the all year round car park at the top of Kingsbridge could bring in an income of £1000 whereas a seasonal car park in Salcombe would bring in four times as much?


This was DEFERRED to the next meeting to allow a fuller discussion.


The draft costings for the Mortuary together with historic figures for the Council Hall were discussed and it was AGREED that the next steps regarding both buildings were discussed.

As the Council Hall was currently tenanted with no indication of it being vacated and the Mortuary was accessible on one floor and had parking it was preferable. If it was to be used solely for town council the only saving would be rent, so it required ancillary uses. Matters such as would a caretaker be required so that the gate was closed each evening after usage by groups were discussed but further consideration to these points could be given during public consultation.

It was AGREED to seek someone to research the viability of a full extension to the whole building and if this could not be achieved then the project could fall back to lesser plans.


The urgent repairs required and actions for the following were AGREED as detailed below:
(a) Redfern footpath fence – Health and Safety concern and works already requested at a cost of £95.00
(b) Jubilee Gardens sandpit and surrounding fences – Remove sand pit and consider Malborough younger play equipment for ideas for additional play items together with sourcing prices for steel fencing to replace the wooden.
(c) Victoria Quay memorial bench repair – Awaiting a response from the bench suppliers.
(d) The Berry dragons’ teeth – For the handyman to replace the defective posts along with installation as a cost of £410.00. To check that the posts are either guaranteed by the supplier or treated by the contractor for extended durability.


It was AGREED for the attendance at the above conference by the Mayor, Cllr Long, Cllr Baker and Town Clerk update and training on 3rd October 2018 10-4p.m. at a cost of £25.00 per member.


The Mayor attended the Regatta Service on 12th August giving a reading which was well received. Cllrs Mrs Bricknell and Mrs Turton with a play equipment provider at Courtney Park and had not heard back with a quote to date. Further companies would be approached in order that town council understood what provision was possible within the budget. Salcombe Town hosted the affiliation liaison officer Brigadier Fraser and Lady Sponsor, Teresa Gardner on 6th August and all were taken by the Harbour Master around Salcombe harbour pointing out matters of interest to the harbour and then lunch was provided by the Harbour Hotel. Following this Roger Barrett gave a talk about the museum displays commemorating the strong bond in the town with the harbour.

Today the Mayor hosted HMS Magpie for her first visit and the top year school children thoroughly enjoyed going aboard and asking questions. Other guests also in attendance were invited to attend the town council reception buffet held at the museum.

The RNLI were planning their 150 Anniversary events for next year and were looking for support from Town Council as they were commissioning two statues, one to be sited in Kingsbridge with the other at Salcombe. Anne Balkwill, Mayor of Kingsbridge and Cllr Mrs Turton had attended two meetings with the RNLI committee to look at possible sites. The location in Kingsbridge had been suggested on the harbour wall where repairs were currently being undertaken so that weight bearing could be incorporated. In Salcombe District agreed a wall could be knocked down to place the statue on Normandy pontoon. Locally this was questioned as it was not felt to be a suitable position and believed not to be owned by District.

Those present felt that everyone needed to be careful where it was placed so it did not impinge on other memorials and the like. Also Town Council needed to see a final design of the statue before consideration of a site. It was suggested that it would be a plinth with a ship on top very similar to the current memorial. With two different types of stone and metal it must not impact on the Normandy area to commemorate D Day. Normandy pontoon was not felt an appropriate place for this memorial as it should be nearer the current lifeboat station or South Sands where the original lifeboat house was.


  • Cllr Lafferty-Holt – At the top of Bennett Road he was worried about overgrown vegetation and had sent his concerns to Cty Cllr Gilbert for attention.
  • Cllr Long – With a view to cutting the bank and planting with bulbs up on Main Roe had met with the handyman and one thing he suggested was to use the flail tractor to clear the bank and then they would only have to rake off. A quote of £275 for all these works had been provided. The Town Clerk would advise the Highway Officer of the intention to cut back and plant bulbs along this highway verge and seek prices for circa 1000 bulbs.
    Whilst the flail tractor was around the operator could be asked to include Main Road, Bennett Road junction and any other problem spots that town council advise. Town Councillors asked to advise within the next week or two to have areas included. With the temperature dropping Cllr Long and the Mayor would get together to consider the Grit Plan and template hedge cutting letters would be provided to Cllr Long. He would also attend the Salcombe/Kingsbridge Estuary forum on behalf of Town Council.
  • Cllr Mrs Bricknell – The new defibrillator unit had arrived and been placed in the existing box as the pipe was repaired so with all fitted and charging no further problems were expected to be reported back. The lane from Raleigh to Onslow was getting overgrown and Cllr Mrs Bricknell would do this voluntary work. Another side of the BT phone box had been scrapped so she was hoping to get the repainting organised. At North Sands BT phone box she would have to blitz the public garden area before working on the box. .
  • Cllr Fice – Mark Dowie had declined to be Parade Marshall at Remembrance Sunday but would ask Nigel Blazby. With regard to the Neighbourhood Plan all responses to Regulation 14 had been received and a redrafted plan had been completed so they were hopefully going through Regulation 15 shortly. This section would go to District Planning and they would do consultation and receive any comments from this stage which would go straight to the Inspector who considered and responded. A plan Health Check was funded and carried out by the Institute for Surveyors who basically suggested that the Salcombe plan should be firmer on its policies. The Mayor asked if Rob Wheeler had agreed to install the PA system for the Remembrance Sunday and he had.


  • Letter of warm thanks from Brig. JK Fraser RM for hosting him and Mrs Gardner, the Lady Sponsor, on their first visit to Salcombe.
  • Letter dated 20th August from a resident who had written to Kingsbridge Gazette to suggest that dogs be allowed on North Sand Beach but only on a lead. Also reference to a response letter in a later edition of the Gazette and a proposal that town council pay for poo bags to be handed out by the Winking Prawn.
  • Letter dated 20th June 2018 from South Hams District Council advising that the play area inspections were heavily subsidised and that parishes had been advised in 2017/18 that this would be revised. An increase for this service had been agreed and it would now be £200 and asking for an indication from councils should they wish to use these arrangements. Salcombe Town Council had not used this service for the last 2-3 years favouring Play Inspection.
  • Training for highway management at events such as Remembrance Sunday needed updating every three years. The change to the training body means that the cost per person to retain will be £100.00 plus VAT (£70 for the course and £30 for the certificate. Cllr Long stated he would be interested in doing this training.
  • David Lake on behalf of Batson Creek had requested assistance to fund the first part of two parts of a three part project to clear the creek. They have made an application to the Open Spaces, Sport and Recreation Plan by virtue of completing an application form. To be considered on the next agenda.
  • Honey Foskett had forwarded an email with draft signs to place near public bins together with an overview for the siting of bin location within Whitestrand car park and this information had been forwarded to town council for consideration. District put three wheelie bins in place during summer so they should supply enough capacity full time.
  • Graham Philips from Overbecks had made contact as they wanted to place a wreath for Armistice on Remembrance Sunday as he advised that over time 1000 soldiers had passed through Overbecks for convalescence following war. Details for the British Legion Poppy Wreath contact had been provided.


Bank Balances as at 12th September
Current Account £500.00
Deposit Account £347,067.92

180816 Community Reinvestment Grant for Batson to Onslow Road street lighting £16033.78
180911 SHDC – Half yearly precept £40,576.50

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments in August to:
HMRC – Tax and NI £753.79
NEST – Pension £146.20
Wages August – £1752.11
SHDC – Grass maintenance July £998.95
Devon CC – For Street lights at Batson £16033.78
Softcat Plc – Office 365 £30.85
Play Inspection – Jubilee Gardens £60.00
Graham Fincham – Signwriter £110.00
Foot Anstey – Legal fees £618. 60
Harbour Hotel – Civic sustenance for HMS Magpie Brigadier and Lady Sponsor £319.25
Councillors APPROVED Internet payments in September to:
Foot Anstey – Legal fees £2047.80
SHDC – Grass maintenance £998.95
Concorde I Ltd – Copier usage £6.91
G. Claydon – Sundries for civic event £31.01
Pear Technology – Annual Cemetery management subs £270.00
Sticky Fingers – Civic Reception catering £350.00
SHDC Bonfire Hill Bin Rental – £4.65
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Neighbourhood Plan Health Check £1996.00
Softcat – Office 365 £30.85


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 26th September 2018 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: p.m.

……………………………………………….. 12th September 2018.
Town Mayor.

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