* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott – *
Cllr Mrs M. Kemp – A
Cllr C. Marshall – N
Cllr K. Baker – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *

Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – *
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Chris Derrick Kingsbridge Gazette – *


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Biggs declared an interest and left the meeting for application 2843/16/FUL due to his work involvement.


District Councillors report – Dist Cllrs Mrs Pearce and Wright advised there was not much to report apart from highlighting the Whitestrand consultation which would take place by a gazebo erected on the Harbour Master’s car parking space. This course of action was member led as it was their idea and they would be putting together various displays to stimulate conversation. There would also be a SurveyMonkey questionnaire with specific questions, designated email address to ensure impartiality and the ability for people to respond to it for about a week. The display would take place on 28th from 1-5p.m. and 29th October 10 – 2pm. Both councillors hoped to do a presentation to town council on the 26th October at 6p.m. The Mayor enquired how this was to be publicised and was advised the Kingsbridge Gazette were to include a press release. The whole point of this consultation meant that all proposals would be put on hold apart from the works to the Wardroom decking and safety balustrade. Some complaints received were that people did not want a piecemeal approach and wanted to know what other things were to come forward. Therefore the old concept drawings would be used to show ideas but these were not set in stone and the SurveyMonkey would include dialogue boxes for additional comments.

The Mayor noted that the letter he was asked by the town group to write included a request that people could bring forward their own ideas and this was noted and within the SurveyMonkey. District Council at this time would also be consulting local opinion on the hairbraiders.

The Mayor noted his conversation about the railings with Chris Brook from which Chris Brook had forwarded the Harbour risk assessment on the railings. There was just one sentence which stated that protective railings were required for a drop over 2 metres. The Mayor noted that he was mostly against the proposed railings along the slipway because many people wanted to sit and watch the children and it was no way near a 2 metre drop. The District Councillors agreed to speak to the Harbour Master on this point as the original report was sent to the previous Harbour Master, Ian Gibson. Cllr Biggs raised the point that his initial comment on reference to this Health and Safety risk assessment which SHDC instigated was why had this not been done across the whole of South Hams and he noted Dartmouth did not have railings. He had spent a week in Cornwall wandering around and there were no railings on non-working quays. He was advised that the Harbour Authority had commissioned this assessment and the issue was noted from the report. Therefore District Council as land owners had been asked for the 2 metre drop concern to be pursued. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that the proposed for stainless steel railings along the pontoon sides was put forward by Chris Brook and the Harbour Master as they wanted to continue that design and it was maintenance free but this was countered with so was galvanised. It was no longer an active waterfront as boats just tied up on pontoons. Cllr Biggs suggested that the choice of materials down there was poor and asked if the consultation returned many people saying they wanted a different material to stainless steel would this just be minor planning amendments. The response from District Councillors was yes. The Mayor was concerned that the tender had been issued asking for all the works to be carried out with decking to support café tables and chairs. He was advised that this was for engineering specification to be sought.

The Mayor advised of an email he received from the chairman of the rowing club who noted historically when they went to row they parked along the side of the road but now there was a £4 charge levied. Cllr Whitfield advised that this had recently been changed. The Mayor continued that he had pursued the reinstallation of a public bin at the corner of Market Street and District Council responded it was not needed. Town Council disputed this fact as people still dumped rubbish where the bin used to be and stated it needed replacing.

The Town Clerk was asked to enquire of Adam Keay Devon County Highways what the position was with regard to gulleys as they were clearing them but they did not seem to be in any specific order.

Police Report – None.


The Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th July 2016 were considered and duly AGREED for the Chair to sign as a true and correct record.


Peter Holden noted that he had lived and worked in London for most of his life but had a holiday home in Salcombe for the last 10 years but had now moved down permanently 5 years ago. He explained that he had been involved in financial services and wanted to ascertain whether if he became a councillor he could make a contribution and difference.

General discussion took place and the Mayor explained that the Neighbourhood Plan was the way forward for to assist the community. The Mayor then gave an outline of what town council covered and areas that they were responsible for. It was suggested that Mr Holden might like to meet informally to discuss being a councillor further.
Peter Holden left the meeting.
This item was DEFERRED pending further applications.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District during August recess under delegated authority to the Town Clerk.
• 2543/16/FUL Two new conservation roof lights to attic space for top floor flat 3 Church Hill Flats, Market Street, Salcombe TQ8 8DE – No objection.
• 2564/16/HHO Householder application for construction of porch and conservatory (resubmission of approval 41/2498/15/F) Stonecroft, Beadon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LU – No objection.
• 2691 – 4 Island Street – Objection as it was felt that the rear dormer was not in keeping and would affect the setting of the Conservation Area when viewed from the fish quay as the proposal was for a full length dormer with sliding doors and juliet balcony which would dominate this area.
• 2843/16/FUL Erection of new dwelling in garden plot Merrivale, Main Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JW – Objection. Whist this was a large plot there still remained concern with regard to this sizable proposal and the design with its modern angular flat roof and such impact of this structure on the AONB. It was felt to be out of keeping as it would visible when looking up the valley from North Sands.


• 2730/16/TPO Location: Bridleway House, Moulthaven Service Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LF Proposal T165 Holm Oak. Crown reduce by 3m and reshape. T166 Sycamore. Fell. T167 Beech. Reduce limbs to west by 5m. Town Council felt that this matter would be best considered by the Tree Officer.
Judy and Simon left the meeting.


Nothing further received.


Cllr Biggs outlined the the expert advice obtained with regard to proposals for Shadycombe Mortuary. The range of advice and possible solutions for the building would probably cost £495 for an architects report and £795 for a Quantity Survey. Cllr Baker suggested that a business plan was required firstly to ascertain what was information was needed and such usage for the buildings before a cost analysis could be carried out.

It was AGREED to:
(a) DEFER this matter to await the findings of the Whitestrand car park consultation in view of the fact that the Tourist Information Centre would be better sited in this locality. Estimates for installing electricity and water services in the Mortuary would however be obtained.
(b) that the report from the Shadycombe Cemetery working party on additional works required to the cemetery grounds before the lifeboat commemoration in October be discussed with the contractor and works completed in accordance with this report. Cllrs Biggs and Mrs Bricknell along with Pete Robins would set up a meeting. Cllrs Biggs and Mrs Bricknell would also lead a volunteer group to carry out additional works and this would be advertised on local media sites and an invite extended to the lifeboat crew to ask for volunteers to assist.


Discussion took place and it was AGREED with regard to sharing the outstanding town council projects so that all town councillors were incorporated and also a protocol would be drawn up by the Mayor for the allocation of future projects.


The inspection for Jubilee Gardens playground had been carried out by the town council independent assessor and it was AGREED that the actions highlighted needed to be carried out.

It was noted that the play area was designed for young people but that older children went in it and played football so it was not being used correctly. Unfortunately there was nothing that could be done other than a sign to say no ball games.


The further quotes obtained from the property insurance valuer with regard to valuing town council properties was advised and it was AGREED to use Barrett Corp & Harrington at £550.


The Mayor advised that he and the clerk met with Devon County Highways officers and gas board representatives as the gas board needed to close the top of Church Street and Market Street. This closure would be for 2 weeks. The proposal was that traffic would be diverted along Shadycombe and Island Street and traffic would be reversed along Buckley Street so this could accommodate small vehicles. There would be a two way system on Fore Street for heavier delivery vehicles which the contractors would man and control by traffic lights. The two weeks would involve weekend working to reduce closure time. It was noted that the contractors for the previous gas board work in this area kept going away rather than getting on and finishing the job and it was hoped that this would not reoccur and businesses and residents needed such assurance. The Mayor advised that there were many suggested alternatives considered but nothing else would work.

He had also attended the site visit to look at The Grange and Tides Reach planning issues which involved a boat trip to South Sands.

The Mayor and Town Clerk then met with Dan Taylor the Localities Officer and to be fair he had dealt with some of the issues and the people he had chased made contact. Attending the Rugby Club the Mayor welcomed the fund raising cyclists back from their ride for Tina. It was noted that unfortunately due to an accident when cycling, past councillor, Roger Clark was in hospital.

With regard to the Civic Service the Mayor advised he had received an email from the church office who asked if some town councillors could do readings for the service. Cllr Mrs Sinnott offered to do one and the Mayor would do another. It was also noted that it was intended this be a communion service as the Parochial Church Council had decided to do this. However as this was a civic service for the community and a celebration of the town it was felt that some attending would not normally do so and thus a communion service would not be applicable. This would be mentioned to the church office in the hope that the town service could be separate.

Discussion took place with regard to a presentation to the outgoing street sweeper and an approach had been made to the photographic Gallery. It was felt that the choice of picture was pertinent and should be framed rather than unframed and would be paid out of the Mayor’s allowance.

The Mayor and Town Clerk met this day with Honey Foskett and Mark Capper who advised about the previous problem with their weed spraying contract. Some works this year had been done but with a lesser grade weed spray so they would now redo. Areas of spraying to be carried out along with a location map had been provided so that this could be revised for the following season.
Chris Derrick Kingsbridge Gazette left the meeting


Cllr Biggs – Raised the matter of grit bins around the town. It appeared there was now only one situated by St. Dunstans play area and he questioned whether there should be others. In view of the fact that the town council held a supply of grit in bags and the historic emptying of public grit bins it was felt that the bags of grit could be distributed as and when required in compliance with the town council Snow Warden Policy.

Cllr Lang – Advised that at the bottom of Two Hoots Car Park at the old Gas Works end where the steps went down to the corner pavement of Island Street there was no lighting.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell – The empty Jubilee Gardens trough recently created needed to be planted out and she offered to personally carry out the works to this. Cllr Biggs personally offered two bags of compost and she would purchase the plants along with a couple of replacement plants at North Sands.


• District Council had advised that they needed to convert their current Bye Laws into Dog Control Orders and town council were asked if they were content with this proposal or wished to comment. No further comment was felt necessary
• Community Reinvestment Projects needed to be considered and perhaps handrails, edging stones and general repairs to County urban steps and footpaths might be included.
• Tim Mattocks on behalf of the Salcombe Minibus wished to thank town council for their valued and continued support with their recent grant and provided the pro forma invoice for the purchase of the new bus in order that the funds can be transferred.
• Sustainable Village Consultation for District Council as to criteria had been circulated. As Salcombe was an area centre the need to respond was questioned but District Planning advised that they were setting up a chart or points system to assess areas and the outer areas such as Batson, North and South Sands would fit within this. The Neighbourhood Plan group could then use such assessment to suggest sites. All councillors and residents were invited to respond personally on the criteria rather than a meeting of town council having to be called and the town clerk was to resend the consultation link.
• Work that needed consideration:
Edging for Jubilee Gardens wild flower garden needed consideration as it was rotten but the garden contractors advised it was still required to stop the footpath edge cracking and weeds spreading.
Additional weed spraying/killing at the Park & Ride (on the tracks and in the grassed areas)
Consider whether town council should proceed to repair District Council’s benches at Cliff Road, Onslow Road and Gould Road which had concrete ends with wooden slats at £50 per bench for the repair. Otherwise if faulty District Council would take them away. All above works to be carried out.
• Kingsbridge Town Council was keen to receive Free Flood Warden Training and asked if any other Council would like to participate as well. Quay House would host unless anyone else would like to host it. The topics covered were: Understanding flood risks, Flood Risk Awareness, Emergency Response, Personal Protective Equipment, Role Profiles & Use of Sandbags. The Communities Prepared training was usually held over a series of two evenings, dates to be decided between everybody. As Salcombe Town now had a flood gate it was felt that this needed an operation policy which was awaited but no further training was required.
• The Harbour Hotel had provided a copy of their Marine Management Operation Licence application and a copy of these documents was placed with the Salcombe Library.


Audit 2016
Grant Thornton auditors had approved the accounts with the comment that the internal auditor had responded to the Petty Cash question ‘No’ and they felt the correct response should be ‘Not covered’.

Bank Balances
Current Account £500.00
Deposit Account £240,942.14
Receipts: None noted.

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments to be made in September as below:
Tally Ho! Coaches Ltd – Park and Ride service £6908.20
Hawthorns Accounting Sers Ltd – April – September payslips £96.00
HMRC – Tax & NI £749.98
NEST – Pension £143.82
Wages – £1719.36
Greenspace Grounds Maintenance – Handyman benches refit £75.00
Pi – Playground inspection Jubilee Gardens £66.00
Salcombe Minibus – Grant £2500.00

Cheques APPROVED for signature:
Graham Fincham – Civic Boards (Not transferred as no account details and therefore cheque now drawn)


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 12th October 2016 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 20.53p.m.

……………………………………………….. 12th October 2016.
Town Mayor.

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