* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – A
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – A
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott – *
Cllr Mrs M. Kemp – *
Cllr K. Baker – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – A
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *

Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – *
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Chris Derrick Kingsbridge Gazette – *

It was noted that Carrington Marshall had offered his resignation.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Fice declared a personal interest in application 2471/16/FUL.


County Councillor’s report –Cty Cllr Gilbert noted that the highways maintenance contract had been let to a new Roads Maintenance company which was now Skanska, to carry out road repairs, potholes etc from April 2017 onwards. A year on and the running of libraries was very successful with a good service and happy customers.
Cllr Biggs arrived at the meeting.
In relation to Broadband on October 20th the tenders would be opened for the contract for works for phase 2 and eight companies had tendered but BT was not one of them. All had good reputations and were hoping to be awarded this £40million contract. Currently across Devon there were above 95% connected and Government going ahead with a further phase 3 to ensure 99%.

Cllr Gilbert overviewed how Devolution in this area was progressing with Councils involved from Devon and Somerset and all appearing to be on track. However he had that day heard there might be a change. The Communities Minister had stated he was still for devolution but progress would be slower because of the amount of work for Government at the moment with matters such as Brexit. The devolution principle of a Mayor was not popular now and District Councils were not keen at all on having Mayors preferring Leaders. There would be just one vote for each District/County Council regardless of size and there were seventeen in all to come together and agree. Cty Cllr Gilbert would keep Salcombe Town Council up to date as the process went goes along over the next few years.

He was pleased most gulleys had been cleared and a lot of maintenance work had gone into this. There had been issues as many were heavily blocked, as Town Council had advised, so he was hoping now that when the rain came all would work perfectly.

Cllr Biggs raised a concern with regard to the attitude of an enforcement officer met outside Shadycombe Cemetery last Sunday. The parking spaces opposite were acknowledged as time limited but when the warden came along it was explained that fifteen volunteers had been clearing the cemetery in preparation for the RNLI 100 years commemoration. He was asked to be lenient but his attitude was quite poor. Cty Cllr Gilbert requested that the time and place it occurred be emailed to him and he would track this back and deal with the concern as in these circumstances staff could be sent for further training.

The Mayor noted the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to place further double yellow lines along Bonfire Hill which town council supported. However he wondered where all the other suggestions put forward by town council went to as Cty Cllr Gilbert had indicated these would be on the next TRO. Officers go through the list of requests to ascertain which ones would not comply with the law, consider the budget for works etc and then they were prioritised. The Town Clerk was asked to approach the Highways Officer and enquire why the ones wanted were not included.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

District Councillors report – Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that the Council Tax Support Grant paid to town council had a reduction of 9.5% and would be decreasing roughly 10% p.a. There was a technical consultation paper out with regard to introducing capping for parish and town councils. She had recently met with Andy Barsby with regard to the Neighbourhood Plan because the group was becoming concerned about District Council’s Local Plan and how the delayed implementation would affect them. She advised on the process and told them to keep going as they could write policy when they get to that point. Malborough Parish Council had circulated their final version and was holding a consultation on 18th October from 4-8pm.

Cllr Mrs Kemp asked what was happening at District with regard to their telephone lines. She outlined what had happened when she made contact from her work and noted the problems and delay was horrendous. The Totnes lines were down and all were put through to West Devon. She asked for Trade Waste and was put through to Torr Quarry when she needed to discuss a problem with a Direct Debit. On top of the District Council was trying to take a DD back dated to April and May because they had forgotten to send out their invoices! Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce apologised personally and agreed District Council had problems with lines and explained why. That said she felt the circumstances were not justified and asked that a letter be sent highlighting this problem.

Cllr Mrs Kemp had also Dist Cllr Wright an email to request if Salcombe Swimming Pool could be considered when renovation works were carried out on the Leisure Centres and the old lockers and other changing room equipment etc be given to them. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce would investigate who to speak to and see what could be done.

Police Report – Reported by email that in the past three weeks there had been no Crime reported in the Salcombe area. The ongoing investigation into the four arrested for the Marine Crime was still ongoing and three would be returning to answer bail to WPc Pengilly in December. All were asked to remain very vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour in the area as these arrests started with a call from a member of public saying a vehicle was acting suspiciously and this led to the arrests. The police rely on the public as it was impossible for them to be everywhere at once. Patrols were continuing throughout the Estuary on and off the water as there were still crab and lobster thefts occurring in the area. Therefore if any information was received please pass this onto them no matter how small.

It had been noted by the officers that there were still a number a people failing to wear seatbelts and using mobile phones whilst driving. With the Summer season coming to a close they would be spending more time completing traffic stop checks, including speed and driving whilst unfit to do so. (alcohol/drugs).


The Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 28th September 2016 were considered and duly AGREED for the Chair to sign as a true and correct record.


This item was DEFERRED pending further applications.


The following applications were considered and such observations submitted to District Planning as below:
• 2471/16/FUL Retrospective application for erection of shed Two Meads, Camperdown Road, Salcombe TQ8 8AX – Biggs declared member of Rugby Club. No objection so long as this building remained ancillary storage for the Rugby Club and was not used for any other purpose.
Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce left the meeting.

• 2760/16/TPO Proposal: London plane – full pollard to previous pollard points. Location Woodcot Cottage, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JU. Town Council would rely on the Tree Officer’s recommendation.


Nothing further received.


It was AGREED to put forward the following project applications to these funds:
• Community Reinvestment Fund – Shadycombe Mortuary installation of water and electricity provision together with a toilet
o Swimming pool changing room facilities for families and alteration to toilets
o Provision of street lighting up to the swimming pool (subject to agreement from whoever owns the accessway)
o Provision of street lighting from Jubilee Garden to Onslow Road with pavement railings adjacent to Main Road.

• TAP Fund – Highway verge weed spraying in and around Salcombe


A report on the current situation with regard to the Salcombe Neighbourhood Development Plan was provided by the Mayor. The final version of the survey was about to be available with a closing date of 20th November. The Mayor then ran through the various sections covered and the vision statement of the group. The questionnaire was to be posted with recipients to be encouraged to respond on line. Marketing Means would receive and analyse data to be sent back. It would only be sent to Council Tax payers within Salcombe.


The Mayor noted the public bin on Market Street and that Steve Mason District Maintenance agreed the history with the bin and had said he would see what could be done to reintstate it. It was then noted it had already arrived. The Mayor then thanked Cllrs Mrs Bricknell and Biggs for organising a working party at Shadycombe Cemetery and also thanked Cllr Lang who was there helping both days.

Chris Derrick stepped out of the meeting.
There had been a meeting with David Parkes with the Town Clerk and Mayor and both felt it was a very disturbing meeting. Mr Parkes had imparted no information nor attempted to build bridges. The Mayor had therefore emailed Steve Jorden CEO to express concern and by the afternoon received a call from Chris Brook. Chris Brook advised that Mr Parkes had been brought in to work under him to look at potential development of various South Hams assets. He continued that Mr Parkes did appear keen on affordable/social housing and with regard to RA4 one of his suggestions was that he was keen to build smaller employment units on it with potential social housing above. The Mayor noted this but it was a narrow site and Mr Parkes responded that ‘there may be a deal there’ and Chris Brook confirmed that District had been talking to the landowner situated behind this site.

He also mentioned the plot of land up at the Berry along Fortescue Road. District had ideas for development of the Berry site but Chris Brook said nothing would happen without full consultation.
Chris Derrick returned to the meeting.

The Mayor then advised that the Park and Ride income looked like it came out at about £20,000 which would go towards the capital amount spent on bringing it to this state. Takings went up due to the fair weather holiday period and ongoing was being monitored. It was noted that the costs for this facility were totally weather dependent.


Cllr Biggs – Noted the voluntary team had a very successful clear up of Shadycombe cemetery with a fantastic helper response of about 12 – 15 people. The vast majority of works had been completed and a wonderful bonfire which went halfway down the driveway and it had all burnt up and was cleared. People who had attended this clear up day had offered to take part again so a list of volunteers would be put together. Mainly if was noted that the article in the Kingsbridge Gazette was why most responded.

Cllr Mrs Sinnott – Enquired where the bench at Chapel End had gone and was advised it went to Whitestrand. She noted that the minibus stopped at Chapel End and gentle folk wished to sit down and could another be replaced.

Cllr Baker – Noted the Whitestrand railings and the requirement for depth 2metre drop was incorrect. The Mayor agreed that he had spoken to Chris Brook about this and never got a specific reply as to height and need for railing but Chris Brook had agreed this on 2 metre section at the end. He would ask for an update on where railings would be placed. The Mayor believed this would be included in the consultation at the end of the month.

Cllr Mrs Kemp – Her neighbour had a substantial shed and had been assured by a previous councillor Mrs Furness (deceased) it was acceptable in size but she asked if he should ask for planning permission. It was suggested that he look on the Planning Portal or speak to District Planners.


• Works had been arranged at Shadycombe cemetery to tidy up more in readiness for the Commemoration of the Lifeboat Disaster. Voluntary works had been carried out but the contractor was asked to clear the turning circle area back down to the tarmac. He was also asked to spread the wood chippings up at the Berry and had advised he could utilise the digger hired for this down at Shadycombe Cemetery. If agreed for the Berry works at £100 for the digger for the day and £120 labour this would include use of the digger at the cemetery and would be done in the next few days. Agreed.
• For South West Water to advise of the cost to provide a service to the Mortuary this report would cost £75.00 plus VAT. Town Council were to proceed as no other quotes could be obtained as only the service provider was allowed to carry out such works.
• District Council had advised that they had considered the lack of lighting on the steps from Two Hoots Car Park down to Gould Road/Island Street. The cost to install lighting would be considerable but the officer had agreed to have a site visit review the problem. The Tree Officer had also instructed Tracey Weaver to consider the overhanging tree and whether this was shading the steps with a view to works being carried out to open the area up.
• District had been requested to collate responses on a consultation by British Telecom to remove telephone boxes that had not been used recently. Responses to be forwarded. Town Council noted that the box in question was recorded as being used 35 times, was a longer distance from another pay phone and therefore all 3 removal criteria did not apply. Cllr Mrs Sinnott noted many people came into the Information Centre office with no phone signal and it was difficult to find a telephone box that was functioning.
• Town council were advised of the below conferences so they could consider attendance at them:
Devon Communities Resilience during floods and other emergencies 9th November 10 – 4p.m. No charge shown.
Devon Highways Parish and Town Conference at Kenn Centre on Wednesday 23rd November 9.30 – 2.30p.m. Two attendees allowed, free.
• Forms had been obtained from Devon County with regard historical use of the Batson to Bonfire Hill cemetery route. These forms had been given to two members of the public (about 20 forms printed) and a link emailed to other residents for all to complete their forms and submit directly to County Definitive Footpaths.
• Government was currently consulting on whether to extend the capping rules to Parish and Town Councils and at present the proposal is limited to councils with a Band D higher than £75.46 and precept of at least £500,000. There was a sentence that did say that in time such capping could be extended to all parish and town councils and therefore town council should respond to this noting that they could not then take on services locally as it would increase the precept to capping.
• The surveyor had visited the Mortuary and Council Hall and was preparing the insurance valuation.
• Chris Rook Car Park administration by County had provided the meter information and asked whether Town Council were to offer the parking permits next year or not. He also suggested that a meeting be set up in November and dates needed to be agreed?
• Pi Play Inspection Company had provided a Stock Valuation 2016 for Jubilee Gardens play area.
• Thank you postcard received to town council and those who assisted in the arrangements required from those donating a commemorative tree up on the Berry.
• Town Clerk and Project Manager attended Town and Parish Clerks update at District. Recent lack of telephone communication explained and advised were now sorted. District officers explained that with the Government grant going they had reduced staff and were relying on technology although they acknowledged the problems with the technology not being in place soon enough. Added four planning enforcement officers and hoped to clear all backlog by December 2016. New website going up as other one was old after 4/5 years and this would be complete before November.

Sophie Hosking explained that they needed to be cost effective now with income generated and were looking at setting up a Public Sector Company to generate income from their service with councillors controlling such through ownership. However there were tests to be met to decide if they proceed and ensure that all staff could access the Local Government pension with no triggers that would create a future debt or disadvantage on tax and VAT etc. They were using Bevan Britan solicitors and tax experts and the outcomes would go to the February 2017 Council meeting. When asked who else was doing this other examples were provided although most were behind SHDC and only doing part services. SHDC would retain only 25 staff.

They were asked if SHDC councillors raised the council tax and sold services to other district councils how did this competitive market work and would varying charges be levied to other councils and how the profit would remain with South Hams. There were to be no private sector dividends and it would be on contract and shareholder agreement. Shares would be allocated to full partner services and they could increase partners with some operating services being offered across Devon and further afield.

Further discussion took place on this with regard to shadow directors or board members and the ability to deliver services. Pat Whymer Head of Planning then went through recent problems with the planning portal which he felt was now working better. It was noted that 60% of applications were through the national portal as this was easier for agents and this was why they had no control over naming of plans and information provided. Consideration was given to how District consulted nowadays on applications affecting boundaries of parishes and then content of the weekly lists and sending out of applications. It was stated that SHDC was now the only council in Devon and Cornwall sending out paper copies of the applications. When decision lists are sent out the officer’s report for that application was included under the hyperlink to the application. Our Plan had dropped back on time and the second consultation which would be the one under Regulation 19 would not be done now until February 2017 with the plan completed towards the end of 2017.

Rob Sekula covered the TAP Fund and explained that applications for statutory functions were not now favoured. He also mentioned those who could apply into the Community Reinvestment Fund and hoped that people would seek matched funding.

Neil Greenhalgh covered waste recycling and noted that staff had been reduced from 24 to 20 with the inclusion of one large mechanical sweeper and 3 small guzzlers.

Areas covered were Zone 1 – within 2hrs response
Zone 2 – within 24 hrs response
Zone 3 – within 3 weeks response
Zone 4 – by arrangement
There would be a consultation on these changes in October along with discussion on the 1000 litterbins SHDC had across the District.

Nadine Trout quickly briefed on the remit of the Locality Team and areas they covered as the customer first face contact and dealing with problems.


Bank Balances
Current Account £391.00
Deposit Account £292,414.23
Receipts: Half yearly precept £37303.50
Devon County Council – Park and Ride £27268.12

Also noted that Devon County had agreed to award a grant of £730.00 towards the cost of the Air Ambulance night time flood lights to be installed at the Rugby Club

Councillors APPROVED Internet payments to be made in September as below:
P. Robinson – Travel Claim for attendance at District update £18.00
Greenspace Grounds Maintenance – Handyman tasks £50
Bayleaf Gardening Ltd – Jubilee Contract £546.98
SHDC – Purchase of caddy bags £81.00
SHDC – Bonfire Hill refuse £42.00
Nick Philbedge – Presentation photograph for Civic Occasion £84.00
Mike Fice – Expenses for travel to meetings £122.36

Cheques APPROVED for signature:


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 26th October 2016 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 20.30p.m.
……………………………………………….. 26th October 2016.
Town Mayor.

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