* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair)  – *
Cllr. A. Biggs  – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell  – *
Cllr. R. Wheeler  – *
Cllr D. Cohen  – *
Cllr T. Lang  – *
Cllr R. Whitfield  – *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott  – A
Cllr Mrs A. Clacy  – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright  – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce  – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert  – A
Gill Claydon (Clerk)  – A
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer)  – *
WPC Jo Pengilly  – A
PCSO D. Gibson  – A
Chris Derrick – Kingsbridge Gazette reporter  – * (In attendance 18:45-20:15)


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting.
Cllr Biggs: 2857/15/FUL & 0116/16/FUL


Sue Crabtree – Resident of Lemon Cottage, Church Street
Ms Crabtree explained that she lives next door to the property referred to in Planning Application 3051/15/HHO for Bigbury Cottage and wished to highlight her concerns wrt the application in that she considers the development is overbearing. Loss of sunlight to her downstairs bedroom and dining room were also an issue as is the overshadowing of her property. Light from the proposed lantern will be overbearing; the new party wall is going to be very high – at garden level it will be 11’ 7” high. Ms Crabtree invited Councillors to view the proposal from her garden. Cllr Fice advised that STC had already considered this application at STC meeting of 27/01/2016 and that Ms Crabtree should refer her objections to SHDC. Ms Crabtree has spoken to Sarah Carol (SHDC Planning Officer). Cllr. Pearce said she had a meeting with Sarah Carroll on Monday 15/02/2016 and would raise it then. Ms Crabtree again advised that rear access is available. Cllr. Bricknell acknowledged that the neighbour on other side of Bigbury Cottage has also raised objections to this application.

Ms Crabtree left the meeting 18:40

Police Report – The following report was provided by WPc Pengilly by e-mail.
Since the 27th January 2016 there had been three crimes recorded for the Salcombe area. One harassment (Domestic related), One Criminal Damage to property (within a multi occupancy accommodation) and one attempted fraud.

She also requested that all members of the Town Council be made aware of the following so that they could advise any vulnerable people they may know.

Please be very mindful of telephone calls where the person is claiming to be a Police Officer, normally giving name, collar number and also the station where they work. The latest claimed that a person had been arrested and was in possession of a bank card, this being a ploy to obtain bank details and PIN and other information from the person they had called, with the intention of obtaining money.

Please do not pass any personal details over the phone, if anyone hears of anyone getting similar calls please contact the Police on 101 to report it, there was an ongoing operation with reference to similar incidents.

The Harbour Office and Police were running a Crime Prevention event in the Easter Holidays, most likely day would be 4th April 2016 but this would be a small event.

Also the area recently had been victim to Anti-social Behavior from drivers, Snapes, Bolberry and East Soar had all been damaged and the police had received information also that at one point they were using the Park and Ride however WPC Pengilly had not witnessed this yet after working late shifts last weekend. The behavior was mainly targeted in Kingsbridge. She had spoken to the traffic officers and they are, when able, going to patrol the area to try and prevent this from happening. Also all local units had been informed and asked to pay extra attention to the National Trust car parks and also the Park and Ride. If anyone saw groups of vehicles driving in a manner where they were being anti-social they were asked to report this on 101 obtaining as much information as possible.

District Councillor Report

Cllr. Pearce:
• Budget – Extra money will be received from government under Rural Services Delivery Grant giving more money than was expected – £56k this year and nearly £56K next year, but then funding drops off.
• Executive meeting last Thursday- Community Right to Build (Localism Act) – Applications need to be made on form to Council and if so a planning application will not be required as effectively the Community has applied.
• Paper on Housing Mix – Currently developments were mostly 3/4 bedroom houses which was a disparity between the affordable/help to buy requirements. It has been made clear to developers that for future developments should be comprised of the following, 35% 1/2 bedroom 35% 3 bedroom and 30% 4+ bedroom properties.
• Remuneration Panel – Member’s allowances have increased as the number of members has reduced so no budget increase. Cllr. Pearce reminded that Town Councillors can claim up to 2.5% of the available funds.
• Officer Site Visit to Tides Reach. – Advised that Tom Jones Richard Gauge Alex Wish and Cllrs Wright & Pearce attended a meeting with Tides Reach developers who are willing to work with Planners to resolve matters around the extension taking up too much space and the overbearing impact on the old lifeboat house.
• Proposal for 4-Day Bin Collection Rounds – There will be longer working days to achieve this and it may be that on the other day of the week other rubbish could be collected that SHDC are not currently being paid to do. This proposal came from a working group and was raised from a budget report. Monday was the chosen day not to do rubbish pickups and it was agreed that this would not be suitable for Salcombe due to non-collection of waste from holiday homes.
• Greystones (Junction Sandhills Road and Main Road) issue – Alex Whish and Cllr. Pearce have been to site and Cllr. Pearce is now awaiting for response from Alex Wish once he has looked at TPO and other relevant documents. Concern over opening to the Greystones property and damage to possible TPO trees on this and land adjacent to Hipple Field, which Cllr Pearce reiterated was a civil issue. No planning application has been made as yet with regard to this work.

Cllr. Wright:
• Proposal for 4-Day Bin Collection Rounds – Added that change was only a proposal and not confirmed. SHDC identified that they are collecting a lot of rubbish that they should not be collecting and it was this that caused the budget implication and why the issue was raised within the budget report.
• Budget – Reiterated that Rural Services Delivery Grant is good news for now but SHDC will need to invest for the future when no money is available.
• Vulnerability Training – Attended a course looking at various types of abuses (sexual, drugs, etc.). Raised the need to be aware of abuse on the street. One speaker from Veterans Peer Support was an ex-soldier who lived on the street and gave a vivid view of what life can be like for some ex-servicemen – he is now back in the family home. Another was a widower who also gave a personal view of his experiences

STC Councillors raised the following:
Cllr Wheeler – North Sands house, Waters Edge. Previous application were refused to prevent the removal of TPO trees. Trees are now being removed and there is concern that developers are ignoring any TPOs.

Cllr Fice – Raised issue with regard to excrement in bus shelter. Read the reply from Environmental Health Office that District could not offer any assistance to clear the waste, but considered they could prosecute Town Council for not clearing away what could be an environment incident.

Cllr. Lang – Raised issue of fly tipping up at National Trust land on road to Overbecks.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 27th January 2016 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


DEFERRED due to no further applications.


The following applications were considered and town council observations submitted to District Planning:
• 2695/15/LBC READVERTISEMENT (Revised Plan Received) Listed building consent for replacement of 1no. existing window and remedial works to exterior render, beneath replacement window following tidal erosion 5 Clifton Place, Salcombe TQ8 8BX – Applicant Mr D. Field.
Cllrs unsure of what was required. Cllr. Pearce explained that the site location plan was incorrect and this applications was to correct it. Cllr Biggs raised the issue of the use of modern bricks on a Listed Building. No plans received, only spec received from SHDC. Cllrs questioned why no planning application was received with no detailed plan. Cllrs Pearce and Wright to look into. Cllr Biggs to forward pictures – Already considered at meeting of 13/01/2016 – No objection.
• 2857/15/FUL Change of use from annexe accommodation to separate dwelling Lower Collaton Farm, Lane to Lower Collaton, Malborough TQ7 3DJ – Mr & Mrs R Bouverat
Cllr. Fice reminded meeting that Mr Bouverat came to a recent meeting to raise the issue – No objection.
• 3069/HHO Householder application for demolition of single storey wing of house together with 2no. outbuildings. Erection of side extensions, front entrance and partial additional storey, basement, terrace, driveway and associated works Bridleway House Moulthaven Service Road Salcombe TQ8 8LF – Applicant Mr D. Blatchford
Deferred – Application rec’d Monday 8th Feb and not seen by Planning Committee.
• 3081/15/HHO Proposal to build 2x single storey extensions to the front replacing existing veranda and at a two storey extension to the rear and a new garage set into the sloping garden St Nicholas Coronation Road Salcombe Devon TQ8 8EA – Applicant Graeme Lennox
The planned work had no impact as lots space around the building. The planning working party felt that the glazing would not be an issue – No objection.
• 3130/15/HHO Householder application for alterations and extensions, associated landscaping works and erection of new studio building to rear garden The Dower House, Bakerswell, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Ms. P. Bearblock –as below.
• 3131/15/LBC Listed Building Consent for alterations and extensions, associated landscaping works and erection of new studio building to rear garden The Dower House, Bakerswell, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Ms P. Bearblock
The planning working party had concerns with regard to light levels and overlooking neighbouring property, however the Mayor spoke to the owner of the overlooked property who advised that he had no concerns. Concerns were expressed by town council with regard to the garden room as this will be seen from the estuary and would have a detrimental impact – Council objects due to the impact of the garden room on the AONB.
• 0116/16/FUL The demolition of an existing house and the building of a new dwelling and associated works The Rough, Devon Rod, Salcombe TQ8 8JH – Applicant Mr & Mrs R. Tudor
All trees removed (some large) and town council enquired whether these were covered by TPOs. Concerned that the newbuilding would be rotated to face the neighbouring property and will cause overlooking of neighbours house, conservatory and garden. Design and mass of building overbearing impact on AONB and street-scene – Council object on grounds of overlooking neighbouring property, impact on Street-scene and impact on the AONB. Concern was also expressed with regard to trees being removed.
• 0173/16/HHO Householder application for single storey lower ground floor rear extension with terrace over, ground floor rear extension and new steps to remodelled rear garden, 11 Courtenay Street, Salcombe TQ8 8DQ – Applicant Mr D. Fitzsimmons
No objection.
Cllr Pearce and Cllr Wright left the meeting.


• 0073/16/TPO Site: Collaton Wood, Moult Hill, Salcombe, Devon Proposal – Tree works to Holm Oaks as shown on map. Crown lifting is required as advised by Devon County Footpath Officer to remove obstacle to Public Footpath access. Two Sycamore to be felled are of low amenity value and invasive nature is no in-keeping with a small copse. Replant with Holm Oak.- To rely on the decision of the tree officer.
• 0209/16/TPO Site: Woodcot, Cliff Road, Salcombe Devon. Proposal T1 Beech – Fell (exempt), T2 Sycamore – Fell (exempt), T3 Sycamore – Fell, T4 Sycamore crown reduction of 4 metres, T5 Oak – Fell, T6 – Fell (Exempt), T7 Beech – Fell (Exempt), T8 Sweet Chestnut – Removal of deadwood (Exempt). For town council to consider and offer observations. – To rely on the decision of the tree officer.


• Nothing further other than information already provided.


The future options with regard to ongoing use of town council property were considered and it was AGREED that
the Town Hall costings should be reviewed and bought up to date and that costings for the Mortuary design and build should be run in parallel. Cllr Biggs suggested there needed to be resident involvement in the decision making. Both sites have a similar potential for creating space.
Cllr Wheeler asked what people would think about the use of the cemetery as a community centre.
Cllrs. suggested there should be two costings for Mortuary i) to make it watertight ii) to develop it as a Council Office/Community Centre. It was agreed that a Working Party consisting of Cllr. Wheeler, Cllr. Lang and Cllr. Biggs (Cllr. Cohen reserve) should look at the options and report back.
All agreed working group taking this forward.


The format of the newly updated website was noted. Some Councillors are still to provide photographs and information. Also the following comments were made with regard to content:
• The Mayor queried the opening hours shown on the website. Cllr. Whitfield advised that he had added the opening hours as advised and that Cllrs personal e-mail accounts were not all updated as yet.
• An issue was raised with regard to the gallery not working properly – Cllr Whitfield to investigate and correct.
• Cllr Wheeler advised that the Planning Portal widget from Hugo Fox allowed planning search directly from the South Huish website and STC is being looking to embed this in the new website. A new web domain has been purchased to achieve this. Cllr. Whitfield is liaising with Hugo Fox.
• Link to NDP under planning under town council but under town section there are useful information and this should be added also under here.
• Councillors were reminded to forward phone numbers and biographies to Cllr. Whitfield for inclusion on the Who’s, who page.
• Cllr. Fice thanked those involved for the work that was being done to implement the new website and reiterated the need to have ideas from Councillors as to what to include (Park & Ride and Cemetery to be added Table of Charges to be added).


To consider and if required respond on the following District Council consultations:
(a) South Hams Green Infrastructure Framework
(b) South Hams and West Devon Playing Pitch Strategy

Councillors were asked to review both documents and come back with comments at next meeting – Deferred

758. GRANT

Council discussed the offer of grants to:
(a) Salcombe Maritime Museum towards their rent for £3000 – condition to be applied, being that is, as STC are looking to potentially reuse the Mortuary site for Council purposes, if the grant is agreed STC will require removal of stored items belonging to the Maritime Museum within a notice period of 3 months. Maritime Museum to acknowledge the condition in writing. Councillors voted 7/1 in favour of the proposition.
(b) Salcombe Holy Trinity Church towards the cost of refurbishment of the town clock up to £5000. Councillors felt they needed more information and as such this item was deferred.


The report provided by Hi-Line was noted, however, as the Clerk was not present to fully outline the scope of works the matter was deferred until the Clerk was present.


The Mayor:
• Attended a meeting at The Berry with the Clerk, SHDC’s Head of Assets (Rob Sekula) and legal team to discuss the situation wrt SWW land – The matter is ongoing.
• Attended a Chamber of Commerce Meeting – At the meeting he put forward the fact that the new Traffic Order is to include pedestrianisation of Fore Street. Feedback on current situation was that some businesses were still busy and other not.
• Spoke to Barry Birch Balfour Beatty Customer Relations Officer – Currently Balfour Beatty are behind schedule and he confirmed that if they do not complete Fore Street by 26th Feb they will stop where they are at that time.
• Signage for P&R Field – This has not been paid for as not all agreed signs have been provided. STC are still awaiting pedestrian signage and DCC (Chris Rook) say they would not put up pedestrian signs pointing people toward the scheduled bus service as they believe it would cause confusion.


• Cllr. Biggs – Nothing to report.
• Cllr. Bricknell – Nothing to report.
• Cllr. Cohen – Nothing to report.
• Cllr. Clacy – Raised the issue of the Chapel End bench and asked if it is to be retained? Currently with the new flood defenses works it was considered the newly erected wall is an obstacle impeding the view from the bench. Councillors suggested the bench needs to be raised in order for the bench to be viable in its current location. Works to improve the view to be considered once work on the flood barrier is completed.
• Cllr. Lang – Raised an issue on Footpath 24 (Cliff Road to Bennett Road) where a wall has been removed at the Cheesewring property and remains of what appears to be the demolished wall is causing a danger on the footpath. Cllr. Lang (as Footpaths Officer) advised to speak to site foreman and if not their responsibility to raise the issue with SHDC.
• Cllr. Wheeler – Highlighted the fact that it now appears the owner at River Knowle is now parking his car on double yellow lines where in recent months his builders have been doing using Parking Permits. Cllr. Wheeler was asked to send picture to DCC and copy in County Cllr. Gilbert.
• Cllr. Wheeler raised Road Closure for Crabfest – The festival is over 3 days and due to the nature of the closures there will be no access for businesses and holiday makers in Island Street. The closure used to be up to Thorning Street and conflicting info seems to be unsure of where the road closure will actually be. The Clerk has raised the issue with DCC Highways, as part of the normal consultation process.
• Cllr. Whitfield – Reported back on his discussions as to who would be leading the Remembrance Day Parade. Reggie Gough was suggested, but is not available. Council were advised that the criteria required to take on this role is for someone having an understanding of military procedures (and suitably loud voice).


In the Town Clerks absence the following issue were raised from the Clerk’s preliminary report:
• Further to the request by town council for information on the provision of additional public waste/dog refuse bins District Council had advised that emptying of such additional bins would cost £600 pa. per bin. There also had to be a genuine need perceived for the provision of such bin with a dog bin costing in the region of £260 plus £70 installation and VAT. All bins must be positioned adjacent to a road or as near as possible in order that this aided emptying.
• Cllr Fice asked that if Councillors feel there is a need for more bins they should bring this to the next meeting.
• Following the observation that Kingsbridge Town Council had managed to have their road side drains gulley sucked further information had been obtained from Kingsbridge Town Clerk. Apparently the County policy stated that if surface water was still standing 24 hours after rain had ceased then action would be taken by County. Due to the high flood risk around Kingsbridge Quay the town council were explicit in their evidence and relied on the assistance of their ward member Cty Cllr Brazil to ensure that this drain was cleared due to high tides and the imminent higher tier authority flood warnings. This information did not appear to assist the blocked drain issues in Salcombe.
Councillors were asked to advise and take photographs if they find any blocked drains and STC will invoke this clause.
• Consideration of the handyman role was omitted from the agenda for this meeting and with only one positive response the Clerk wanted to know is STC should go with that individual and ratify at the next meeting so we can get the bench that has been order from Rattery Sawmill fitted (at the top of Herbert Road).
Councillors agreed that Iain Randall (Greenspace) should fit the bench, as delivery is pending from the supplier, but the final decision on the Handyman role should be deferred to the next meeting.


The Mayor advised that the auto-sweep set up on the current account (which balances the account at £500 every day) and because a new payee takes an extra day money that had been set up was swept out. As money was removed the transfer failed and Llyods want to charge £35 for a failed transaction. It was agreed the sweep should be removed (current interest rates are negligible at this time).

Councillors APPROVED the following payments:
BACS payments:
Held awaiting confirmation of installation – Devon County Council – Park and Ride and Town Signs £2412.74
Krystal Hosting – Domain Registration for planning section £29.99
P. Brendan – Website Design final payment £248.00
SHDC – Bonfire Hill bins £2.17
Salcombe Yacht Club – Room Hire Neighbourhood Plan £30.00
Daysigns – Reserved parking and information signs £64.80
Devon County Council – Traffic Regulation Order advertising payment £1500
003441 None this meeting.


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 24th February 2016 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 20.38 p.m.

……………………………………………….. 24th February 2016.
Town Mayor.

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