* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr. R. Wheeler – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr Ms J. Clark – A
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott – *
Cllr Mrs A. Clacy – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – A
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *

Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – A
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Chris Derrick – Kingsbridge Gazette reporter – *

The Mayor welcomed Dist Cllr Bramble to Salcombe and having not been at the last meeting himself, personally welcomed Cllr Mrs Clacy on to the town council following her recent co-option.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Biggs noted an interest in application 2156/15/F Topwood, Sandhills Road.


Police Report – Pcso Gibson advised by email that there had been a theft of an outboard motor but this could have been delayed in reporting and may have occurred at the same time as the recent spate of outboard thefts.

County Councillor Report – Noted that he had recently been flooded with Salcombe Road Closure notices and wanted to make sure that all these were acceptable as he had lost track. On being advised that these were being monitored he hoped all arrangement worked out well for Salcombe but offered to step in to assist should he be required to. The Mayor noted with regard to all Road Closures that there were many requests for times which he felt the County officers should be aware were unsuitable (i.e. October half term week) as surely County were aware when school holidays were. Cty Cllr Gilbert felt that the officers did not know all their communities individually well enough as they were dealing with 50 – 60 applications a day. He explained that there was another one over at Thurlestone where BT under emergency repairs had closed a road with 24 hours notice and this caused much disruption and was not necessary. It was not really an emergency and utility companies did ‘swing the lead’ when stating emergency. Libraries were going ahead and well with the mutual groups set up. A devolution proposal was to be taken to cabinet on 9th December so that Somerset, Torbay, Plymouth and the other county District Councils and National Park were working together for South West devolved powers. The County Electoral Boundary Review was delayed due to complications in North Devon.
Cty Cllr Gilbert left the meeting.

District Councillor Report
Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce – Emailed a report on ‘Our Plan’ and noted that this was to be on the Executive agenda for Thursday. There were to be multiple recommendations, but notably they proposed a lengthening of the timetable so that District could ensure their duty to cooperate with adjacent areas had been fulfilled. It was also due to the barrage of recent changes coming from central government. The likelihood was that a new plan would not be submitted until Autumn/Winter 2016, Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce felt even this was optimistic). There would need to be a refresh review of the sites available in the South Hams also. Specific guidance and support would be offered to Neighbourhod Planning groups and the LDF would be updated soon.

Cllr Pearce and Wright had reluctantly let the Midships application through. On reflection Cllr Mrs Pearce felt there was a huge difference from another recent application as this development would overshadow the neighbouring property. She would therefore speak to the neighbours to try to explain. They could have taken this application to committee, but in the face of an unequivocal yes from the planning officers it would have been difficult.

Dist Cllr Wright – At full council their audit report and had been given a green light and this was very rare to get as the auditors were pleased across all services. The following day would be Executive and this would include the capital monitoring report which he would present to include Whitestrand and Batson employment units. Whitestrand was to be allocated £75,000 for works and the Batson units was ongoing and when there were more details he was insisting on further consultation with town council. Once the extension to time for Our Plan provided approved there would be further guidance for Neighbourhood Plans.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 23rd September 2015 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


DEFERRED due to no further applications.


Dist Cllr. Bramble was in attendance and the Mayor commenced discussion by asking how Transition 18 was progressing. He felt it was progressing well on a mechanical basis as the auditors had indicated. It was also successful on cost savings. He had attended a meeting where another Financial Officer from a similar accumulation of authorities explained their success but they were nowhere near South Hams shared services and Transition 18. Auditors he explained did not just write off their financial aspect as they also examined the way all administration was done and monitored risk. This was their first full year of the project with the new management team and restructured workforce. New computer sorftware and hardware were quickly coming on stream and proving to be workable and the locality team was getting around the district and being effective but it would take a little while longer to bed in.

Cllr Wheeler noted that it was admirable that within the walls of Follaton House there had been tremendous savings but this was currency for private companies. With regard to service to the public he was concerned the drop off of actual service to this area would suffer. He noted enforcement cases that practically stagnated and almost it appeared that the planning department was in a dishevelled state and all but rubber stamped applications. He felt it was depressing when statutory services such as waste collection were happening but changes to public toilet provision had been affected as District was told to ‘sweat their assets’. District was becoming a landowner, developer and landlord operating through council tax money rather than community service provider. Three years into an £80,000 Whitestrand toilet and shower development it had been suggested that this be thrown out and a new development of the car park and toilers, how did they explain this to the people. Probably all the other destination towns were in the same position and it was disheartening as District Council maybe leaner and fitter but outwardly it was not. A personal local search (for property purchase) he had sent in on 29th September and it was suggested that he might not receive a result until 27th October.

Cllr Bramble responded that on enforcement issues once it became known there was then a legal process and as such it was never quick but they had appointed a very strong enforcement officer who was already showing signs of getting on top of these issues. He understood a number of areas were not working as quickly as residents wanted but a lot of what they did was legal and thus statutory process. Cllr Wheeler noted it was felt they had an ethos of running out of steam he had hard and fast cases such as 22 Tree Preservation Order trees chopped down, then a planning application came in and went through. Cllr Bramble agreed that planning in general was high across South Hams and they did not have a planning department large enough to cope with the amount that was coming in. Still people wanted to move here and thus they had to handle a disproportionately large number of applications put in by shrewd architects. Applicants now pay ex planning officers money to operate on their behalf. Cllr Wheeler noted there was a positive feel around all parishes that wished to put Neighbourhood Plans together and yet the District Our Plan still not seen the light of day.

Cllr Bramble noted that there was to be an update at their next meeting but an accurate establishment of houses needed in this area, particularly in the light of the throwing back of Cornwall’s Our Plan due to their inadequacies, South Hams District had no option but to take note of that inspector. He felt it was better to be at this stage rather than having submitted a plan and it being thrown out. District councillors too were frustrated it was taking so long and David Cameron MP had made it clear that there was now a deadline on Our Plans which would be around until 2030. The Mayor noted that the delay was causing problems with the Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan as they had carried out a survey and now had focus groups wishing to go forward by Spring of next year. The difficulty then was how the plan went together with a non-existent District Plan if Our Plan went down one route and the Neighbourhood Plan another. No meeting with the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group had been possible with Ross Kennerley even though Graham Swiss had been liaising. Salcombe would like to impose conditions on planning i.e. Roseland Plan which refers to 2nd homes like Cornwall. Cllr Wheeler that Government were freeing up policy for development but a broad brush did not fit in Devon towns with this city approach.

Cllr Cohen questioned who District Councillors met with when they stated ‘we fought hard’. Cllr Bramble explained that this was an expression rather than a statement and issues were dealt within the National Framework or Regional Policies and weight of decision was finely balanced. The Localism Bill Cllr Bramble felt was misconceived which told people they had power in their own districts but unfortunately the process did not work like that. Cllr Cohen noted he personally did not like Tides Reach or the Gas Works applications and yet they had been approved under guidelines he could not understand.

The Mayor questioned the process further and asked when Neighbourhood Plans were in place how would District deal with any conditions that were in Plan when dealing with a planning applications. The Neighbourhood Plan would have statutory weight alongside all other development frameworks. A lot of decisions made by planning officers were finely balanced as Government had a presumption in favour of development. Cllr Bramble felt personally that there was a lack of housing and unless everyone accepted state ownership of building land we relied on the open market to solve the housing problem. The only way to solve the price problem was to create over supply so they had to build in neighbourhoods where many people did not want them. In 15 or 20 years’ time younger people could say why were you not building the houses then, so he urged we must be visionary. A lot of policy was created by urbanites and concentrated 85% in urban areas so we suffered from that but living in a country with restricted land and being harder hit with AONBs there was not much building land available. The South Hams could not demonstrate a five year land supply and a developer would at present be favoured on Appeal. The Mayor noted this but felt development in this town was not helping any housing problem due to second homes. Cllr Wheeler noted that in reality it was a broad brush NPPF and what was needed was an urban and rural view as these rules did not fit rural. He also noted that an AONB did not protect at all nowadays. Government needed to protect against constant second home development which was high value development. Cllr Branble agreed that the South Hams was perceived as an extremely desirable area to retire to and often 2nd homes become the main homes of retirees. That was a social market economy working, turn it around and say do we not have to accept it, otherwise Whitehall might take over planning for the South Hams and blanket it with homes that residents did not want built near them. It appeared that all parishes wanted affordable homes so long as they were not near them!

Cllr Bramble noted they recently turned down a development in an AONB as District Councillors did not feel there was a demonstrable need. It could feel it was an impossible position but if everyone wanted to live in a society that ran in a certain way they had to accept the cons with pros. Cllr Wheeler felt Government should limit the ‘feeding frenzy’ on high priced houses in this area. The route to argue for NPPF changes Cllr Bramble agreed was through District Council but he advised also through the local MP who was aware of problem in this area. Even affordable houses were 10 to 12 times the local wage so unless there was a top down dictate on land supply it would continue. Wealth brought in by second home owners and retirees was important for this economy but Cllr Wheeler noted it was also a drain on the health service in this area. Cllr Bramble agreed and noted that the major consideration worrying all district authorities in leading up to 2020 was how to cope with elderly care.

Transition 18 had been successful financially so District could cope better than other districts as they did not carry debt and had significant a borrowing facility. Next year they would have a budget surplus so this would be their bedrock for the years ahead and beyond. Cllr Bramble agreed working together on Neighbourhood Plans was of paramount importance as it would not give absolute authority in the face of policy but the value of constructing such was that it would create and maintain a dialogue between District and town/parish councils.

At the beginning of 2014 a report was commissioned on Local Government Finance and reported in February 2015. Devolution of powers were to be given over a 10 year period and it was estimated over £2billion would be being controlled at a national level by then. Devolved authority had got to become stronger. The Mayor agreed that Salcombe could use the Neighbourhood Plan as a tool, not just for planning but, as a wish list of projects from people in the town. Cllr Lang noted that people were objecting to ‘not in my back garden’ development and that people think it is new but he felt it had always been there, was this a planning issue? No. There was always an element of subjective judgement and certainly some decisions Cllr Bramble could not understand even in his own parish but after discussing the decision with planners he could see how they arrived at it. It was best that a formal set of criteria, policy, which has evolved should be used and not leave such decision to a few people in one room.

The Mayor raised the matter that George Osborne had noted business rates were to be devolved to District and questioned whether they would better or worse off? Cllr Bramble noted Districts may well be allowed more of the business rate but most went straight to Devon County and District retained little. The portion District retained was diluted by a series of tariffs applied nationally so that those with strong business structure areas did not receive it all whilst others had nothing and he suspected this would continue. By the time 2020 arrived and the revenue support grants were gone business rates would probably not match this and there would be a shortfall. By the time that Government ministers and the Treasury go through all these savings promises those receiving would probably not be happy with the offers.

Cllr Wright noted at this point that District’s 5 year strategic plan tomorrow would be presented because they felt the Revenue Support Grant would cease in 2020. Business rates they may keep but also they were being told they could ‘discount’ businesses to encourage large companies to move in so it was felt all would probably see a slump. With regard to Domestic Rates the independent commissioners had advised they would have freedom to set council tax and council tax discounts so devolved authorities might have more control and possibly without the need for a referendum. Cllr Bramble noted he would not like to manage or be a councillor of an authority at that point that had borrowed significantly.
Thanks was given to Dist Cllr Bramble for this discussion.


This item was DEFERRED.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.
• 1073/15/F READVERTISEMENT (Revised Description) Retrospective application for change of use from former dingy park (B8) to provide outside seating area (A3) Captain Morgans, Normandy Way, Salcombe TQ8 8ET – Applicant South Sands Hotel Ltd. – Objection District assets team had advised this was a trial and on this basis only a temporary licence/grant of planning was required for the 12 month trial. It was noted there was no provision for easy or designated access for the adjacent property owners across the area.
• 2023/15/F Construction of pedestrian access gate in existing fence to enable access to substation 11kv Substation, 1 Marine Mews, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Western Power Distribution – No objection. It was noted that this application was accessed on Newton Road.
Cllr Biggs left the meeting whilst the following TWO applications were considered.
• 2068/15/F Erection of single detached dwelling Salvora, Grenville Road, Salcombe TQ8 8BJ – Applicant Mr M. Cox – Plot goes from Loring to Grenville Road and this development would sit on Loring Road. Plans also do not state that there is demolition of an existing garage. Application did not give true picture of what was being proposed. Objection. This was felt to be an overdevelopment of a narrow site between two existing properties with a loss of light amenity to the neighbouring property Fintree as could be seen on the plan lines. Town Council requested that this application be resubmitted with fuller more accurate information.
• 2156/15/F Demolition of existing property and proposal of replacement dwelling Topwood, Sandhills Road, Salcombe TQ8 9JP – Applicant Mr M. Weaver – Objection. Nothing in the submitted plans to indicated the current elevations so comparison was hampered although it did illustrate the existing ridge heights. The proposed new property ridge height was over 3 m higher than existing and thus the whole upper level was higher than the existing ridge height. The annexe (self contained) was not felt to be ancillary to the property but more a studio with separate facilities and garage beneath with a significant impact on the streetscene as the removal of the landscaping would open the view up to the new house and instate a modern structure on the street and thus be overbearing.
• 2138/15/F Householder application for replacement of existing front facing dormer, new rear facing dormer and replacement of existing rear extension 4 Croft Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8DZ – Applicant Mr R Holder – No objection


• 2119/15/TW (No. 42) Site: Stonehanger, Herbert Road, Salcombe. Agreed works exempt and may be undertaken to Monterey Cypress. Substantial crown reduction and reshaping of canopy.


• All emails for information with regard to planning applications had already been sent to town councillors.
• 2015/0288 Batson High View, Batson Cross, Salcombe – Notification had been received that this enforcement had been investigated and the breach resolved. Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce had requested further information and contact with the developers as to why they had felt it necessary to work on a weekend. The outcome was awaited.
• Notification of Appeal Decision received – 2636/14/F and 2627/14/LB The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe. Proposal: replacement of a single storey garden shed. Both Appeals were dismissed.
• 1927/15/F Trafalgar House, 19 Coronation Road, Salcombe. Amended plan for information only to include materials changed and windows matched following Town Council comments.


It was explained that information not pertinent to an agenda item discussion was not recorded unless stated as a fact to be relied upon for a future decision. The item that had placed this discussion on the agenda was felt to be a councillor’s personal observation and not relevant to the topics within the Minutes. The Mayor noted that Salcombe Minutes included more background than most to give a broader picture to residents of the discussions.
• Legislation dictates only the decision should be minuted.
• NALC advice on open forum states that any matter put forward during Open Forum as fact should be included to illustrate on what evidence a decision was then made within the meeting as town council cannot necessarily check statements made within a meeting.
• Comments referring to individual councillors should be kept to a minimum within the Minutes so that unimportant discussion does not get included.
• If the comment is not relevant to the topic being discussed then there is no reason to include such other than to ask if it could be an agenda item at another time.
It was AGREED that the recording of Minutes remain as currently set out.
Dist Cllr Wright left the meeting.


The Mayor reported that he and Pete Robinson had met with Chris Rook from County. It was noted that the parking meters were being filled up and not emptied regularly. However County receive notification electronically when they are nearing capacity. Chris Rook would look to see if there was a better system and attempt quicker repairs when necessary. With regard to responsibility of cars parked a disclaimer sign would be sourced and installed.
Some signage was still awaited i.e. bottom of hill relating to directions to scheduled bus stop and this was being chased. The Mayor had produced an income report and talked all town council through this. Issues to be included in a new parking order were the six monthly or annual permits, Ringo for longer than 1 day and maybe an increase to charges per day (these had to be included all at the same time). County advised there would be a £1500 charge to get this in place by next Easter.

A meeting took place with the Chamber of Commerce as they were trying to seek clarification of the height barrier installation and the usage figures provided by them were discussed but not corroborated. The height barrier chain could be shortened to accommodate slightly larger vehicles with roof boxes but the highest was 2.2metres. The Chamber of Commerce understood that the only purpose for placing the barriers was to stop larger lorries getting in and churning the surface area up. The Chamber of Commerce were interested in the advertising possibilities (i.e. surrounding the town map in the noticeboard, on bus advertising and reverse of parking tickets). It was suggested that advertising could be offered to businesses outside Salcombe as well and they asked whether town council would be amenable to businesses sponsoring a map to be given out on the bus and that perhaps Coastal Local Action Group funding could be obtained for this. Cllr Mrs Sinnott advised that the Tourist Information Centre already provide this.

Chris Rook was advised that the £3.00 reimbursement had to be paid by Town Council as this problem was sent by County officers to town council. The car park user had however entered their registration incorrectly and thus chosen to obtain a further ticket. The responsibility for return of money was in fact down to Devon County as town council’s agents and this protocol would be followed in future.

With regard to enforcement visits to the Park & Ride and within town County always did both areas at the same visit and statistics were provided for September noting that sometimes they visited 4/5 times a day (at least 3 times) but do not necessarily come every day. The issue of inconsistency of ticketing cars in town was raised where some were given tickets and yet others parked on double yellow lines did not get ticket. Chris Rook suggested that if this happened a photo should be taken and sent to him and he could take this up with enforcement officers. Also it was mentioned there was no enforcement at the top of town except during winter and Chris Rook noted this for next year. They discussed contractor permits and noted an incident where a local trader used his permit to park in residents parking in Church Street whilst at Bar and Grill watching rugby. Various concerns were raised and Chris Rook noted that County were seriously considering evening and early morning rounds. On enquiring about permits obtained when cars were not registered in Salcombe County was aware that a lot of people had multiple addresses so they turned a blind eye to this.

Discussion took place with regard to the issue of the First Responder car and the suggestion of using the limited time space at the end of Buckley Street but apparently this needed a Traffic Regulation Order and if an urgent TRO was required it would cost £15,000. Also if eventually this was advertised and residents disagreed this could be refused and £15,000 wasted. Those present mentioned changes for a TRO all around Salcombe and Chris Rook suggested that town council could put together a full list of changes and the Mayor requested councillors to provide these by email. All could then be included as a standard general review for Salcombe and maybe at no cost but there would not be another chance or any changes again for many years.

The income highlighted the bus fare income was down over £4,000 but no doubt this was due to poor weather. For parking between March and August the income was up by £480. Total income at the P&R was down by £2000 and after subtracting 20% and with the VAT from Tally Ho takings were down just over £3000. The cost of bus provision went up £3000 due to disable access requirements. Profit was down but there was still a profit. During the two peak high season months town council make a loss on the bus cost. The main complaint appeared to be the lack of bus service around half term in May or Easter but as many visiting were not day visitors they did not need a bus. If businesses wanted more buses it was felt they could fund them. Salcombe Information Centre advised customers were confused as P&R tickets in other areas usually included the bus. However other areas in Cornwall where this did not apply were noted. It was noted that due to problems with the newly acquired buses one bus had been out of action all summer so the advertising was not displayed all the time.

It was AGREED;
(a) to request Ringo service in multiples of 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 5 days and 1 week permits;
cost of Parking – to remain at present charge
25% of spaces within the park and ride to be permits of 6 months or annual. Information to include an abbreviated name of a business or registration number with priority for issuing to local businesses.
Cllrs Mrs Clacy and Biggs left the meeting whilst the following item was discussed.
(b) to offer the current bus advertisers a reduced fee discount of 30% of this years cost for advertising next years.


It was advised that the representatives who actually walked around the Berry agreed the route and distance of 2metres back and as a car was about 1.8m wide this enabled alongside ‘off road’ parking for vehicles and passing places. What was agreed at that meeting with the people in attendance formed the basis of the instructions to town council contractors.
It was AGREED;
(a) that the letter received from residents with regard to the boundary be noted and such perimeter boundaries discussed when the fencing was installed.
(b) subject to confirmation of when the works could be carried out the quote received from Saltaire Garden Services be accepted for installing the fencing up to a cost of £6,250.


It was AGREED that the style of bench to be adopted for various town council installations be DEFERRED whilst confirmation of the length and seating capacity of the benches be confirmed with Rattery Sawmill.


It was AGREED to accept the legal advice received and write to South West Water as per Hedley Solicitor’s advice.


Cliff House Trust Ltd had firstly requested a 3% increase in rent for the office and then suggested a 2% increase which town council refused due to their concerns with the regard to the office and communal area provision. The current rent for the office and library had commenced at £2040 pa. which had increased now to £3750 p.a. Town council pay £725 as a contribution towards insurance, lift maintenance and electricity. The proposed Lease now stated £3750 rent plus an unknown contribution towards building insurance, supply of electricity, water and gas. The lease was for a period of only 15 years with a break clause every three years. Times for use of the library were noted as now being tightly prescribed. It was suggested that a RPI rental increase could provide an artificial level of rent and the repairing criteria was more onerous going forward. It was also noted that there was no obligation included for the landlord to repair or maintain communal areas.

From the legal overview provided it was AGREED that town council were not prepared to sign this Lease.


Cllr Wheeler advised that from the quotes received it would probably cost in the region of £1000 to put the website in place and then further training and support may cost £250 plus extras.

It was AGREED that the working party proceed with regard to updating and creating a new town council website up to a cost of £2000.


The current Neighbourhood Plan newsletter was noted. The Mayor had met with Rev French with regard to Remembrance Day planning and noted that one hymn was to be changed so the church would print out new service sheets. Cllrs Wheeler and Cohen confirmed that they would provide a PA system on the day and Cllr Whitfield noted that the flares were prepared.

There had been reference made earlier by both District Councillors with regard to District plans for Whitestrand car park and the Mayor noted a meeting with Chris Brook and Dan Field, District Engineers. There was now apparently a Health and Safety issue raised with regard to how high the drop from the unfenced quay, which was not now used, was so that District felt it should be fenced. They had suggested glass balustrade and stainless posts and wished to install decking over the Whitestrand pontoon to allow them to place more benches and effectively close the front half of Whitestrand to parking. Therefore the two current disabled parking spaces and those behind the current benches would disappear. It was said that visiting yachtsmen coming to town wanted good facilities so the Harbour Board wanted to enhance their facilities by changing the existing toilet/shower block and revamping the Harbour office notably to become a smaller unit. To pay for this work they wanted to include a commercial building such as a restaurant. Town Council advised them with regard to the covenant to the Kings Arms and that those present did not support the commercial building and had suggested relocating the Salcombe Information Centre to this area. Salcombe Information Centre District felt would not raise enough money for the intended rent. It was assumed that the newly created bench areas and decking would also be leased out to businesses.

It was questioned whether reducing the number of parking spaces in Whitestrand would cause angst amongst residents and traders who kept their spaces by using the meter all day. District responded that they could install smart meters that would not allow the same vehicle registration to be re-entered within the hour return limit. Also it was felt that a stainless balustrade was not sensible or aesthetically acceptable in this area and with high tides and there was nothing like this form of barrier along Kingsbridge or Dartmouth quays and they were all hazardous areas.

The Mayor noted the Civic Service and lunch on Sunday with the service commencing at 10.30 and any support from councillors at this would be appreciated.


Thanks was given to Cllr Mrs Bricknell for all her hard work out at the Fairweather Fountain and it was noted that District were to deal with the wall and tree that appeared unsafe. No further councillor reports were received.


• The concern of the raised nail heads on the benches up at the Berry had been rectified and the invoice would be processed accordingly
• An email was received from Pcso Gibson with regard to a CCTV camera being placed, ideally, in a location in the town to cover the main route in and out and funding this. The Harbour Authority had a spate of outboard thefts and was looking at upgrading their system but had no suitable sites. NO contribution but will consider siting.
• Cty Cllr Gilbert had highlighted the two Devon Highways conferences one being held today at Cullompton and the other the following week further up North Devon. A website for community assistance was noted as There would be an opportunity at this meeting to discuss experience and share views and consider the take up of Chapter 8 training. No councillors had been able to attend these meetings due to the distance of the venue, timing during the day and work commitments.
• Notification of a short familiarisation meeting with District on 4th November at 10a.m.was received to discuss the emerging Open Space, Sport and Recreation Plans which were to be created by parish and towns to inform distribution of Section 106 monies held. Mayor and Cllr Wheeler.
• Only one councillor responded with regard to when to hold the defibrillator training in November. Dates suggested were during weeks commencing 16th and 23rd November and it was agreed to book Thursday 19th November 6-9p.m. at Salcombe Primary School.
• Hugh Griffiths of Devon County wished to know the contact details of the Snow Warden and he would be advised that it is Cllr Biggs who also agreed to consider and possibly update the Snow Warden Rota.
• Nicola Williams of Pebbles had requested to ‘grow’ the Christmas tree at Beadon Cross. Growing the tree only meant adding more businesses who wanted to be involved to the funding and placing of such tree and a board of those involved to be placed with it. It was felt that as the newly installed garden was in place a Christmas tree at this site was not suitable. It was suggested that businesses could approach those who erected a tree at Whitestrand and see if they could contribute and assist.
• Notification of a Community Resilience conference to be held with key agencies in attendance (i.e. police, fire, Environment Agency, local authorities etc). The aim of the forum was to work with communities and individuals to help plan how to prepare, respond and recover from events such as flooding. This information would be circulated by email so that town council could check to see if anyone was available to attend.
• The Local Government Boundary Commission extended the consultation for County boundaries until 19th January 2016 for North Devon to provide further limited time due to the wealth of evidence put forward so far.
• Town Clerk and Project Manager had visited all maintenance projects to view bench locations, defects on highways/trees/ et al and considered future works list. These quotations and further information would be collected and brought to town council.
• Road Closure approved and notices received in readiness to place advising of Remembrance Sunday Service.
• Only one email was received from a business very positively acknowledging they would ensure access around A boards and any street furniture. No other communication had been received since delivery of town council’s letter.


Bank Balances
Current Account £410.00
Deposit Account £274,759.27

Received: VAT Reimbursement £13,260.54
County payment for grass cutting £226.00
Park and Ride 80% payment £15048.16

Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature:
Cheques approved at this meeting:
003412 Harbour Hotel – Civic Lunch £2655.00
003413 Salcombe Yacht Club – Neighbourhood plan Hire of Chart Room £66.80
003414 G. Claydon – Office sundries April – September 2015 £46.85
003415 Triangle Design and Print – Neighbourhood plan A4 Newsletter x 1300 £202.00
003416 SHDC –Bonfire Hill Refuse £39.36
003417 Bayleaf Gardening Ltd.- Jubilee and Welcome Gardens £546.98
003418 6th Kingsbridge Scout Group – Neighbourhood plan delivery of newsletters £150.00


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 28th October 2015 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 22.08 p.m.
……………………………………………….. 28th October 2015.
Town Mayor.

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