* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – A
Cllr. R. Wheeler – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – A
Cllr Miss J. Clark – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *

Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – *
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Toby Leigh Kingsbridge Gazette – *


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Biggs wished it known that by virtue of his professional and development contacts he would leave the meeting if at any point he realised planning matters relating to clients came to be discussed.


Police Report – WPc Pengilly offered her and PCSO Gibsons apologies for not being able to attend this meeting and emailed the following report. The crime figures for the past two weeks for Salcombe were 1 x assault and this was classed as a Domestic Assault. 1 x Theft by finding but this was returned after the Police Facebook appeal. The person returning the item did not leave their details.

The safety on the roads campaign this month would be the start of the Summer Drink/Drugs driving and there would be stop checks completed in the Salcombe area. She advised it was clear that seatbelts were not being worn either, many people had already been given warnings but were still not wearing their seatbelts and the police would be taking formal action during the operation. She asked town council to please spread the word how important it was to clunk click every time. Also speeding along the A381 had been raised again so police time would be concentrated along this road. She and PCSO Gibson had spoken to Bloor Homes contractors on the Monday (a couple of weeks ago) when they were still parking on the verges and since this meeting with the threat of prosecution they did not believe any more vehicles had parked there.

Owing to the incident involving two police officers being attacked in Kingsbridge this has been a hard month for Kingsbridge police but things were now getting back to normal so if anyone had any problems they should report these in the usual manner.

County Councillor Report
Cty Cllr. Gilbert noted that the outcome of the Boundary Commission was through subject to approval. He would no longer represent part of Kingsbridge nor East Allington. The new area would gain Modbury, Kingston, Ringmore and Aveton Gifford. Therefore he currently represented thirteen parishes which would change to sixteen parishes in two years’ time and felt this was too large an area geographically. Allocation of area was allotted on the number of people on the electoral roll and due to the number of second homes rising those on the electoral roll had dropped. Currently this proposal was for this to be called ‘Salcombe’ division but this would be decided by correspondence and he felt that it would become ‘Salcombe/Modbury’ division. Cty Cllr Gilbert suggest that if Salcombe Town Council wanted to comment could say the area was too big but advised that the Boundary Commission would respond it met the numbers. This new area would also include two parliamentary constituencies as it was crossing the party political boundaries.

Up at County the bus reductions were going through although the 162 service was saved. He along with other County Councillors such as Julian Brazil had worked to support keeping this. Many of the proposed County cut backs were cancelled so things were quieter and with summer approaching all was ‘jogging along’.

The Mayor noted he was impressed with County street lighting report system as he had reported a fault last Monday which was fixed on Tuesday. Cty Cllr Gilbert noted that feedback from other parishes was the same, also for potholes but the system only worked if people reported. The Mayor requested Cty Cllr Gilbert to put a bit of pressure on County Enforcement with regard to the proposed system of permits that they intended to provide to businesses. The Town Clerk was asked to email Cty Cllr Gilbert with regard to the Traffic Regulation Order consultation stating concerns with regard to the lack of notification.

He had really tried to assist the owner of the Victoria Inn, who was a First Responder, with a parking issue but had to draw line under it after no solution was found. Cllr Lang noted that the proposed builders’ dispensation allowed them to park during a period when shops were trying to attract visitors and he felt County should not permit any builders’ dispensation during the holiday season. Cty Cllr Gilbert stated that it was hard to get County Councillors to change a political decision when it only affected Salcombe. Cllr Wheeler noted he was surprised that Dartmouth Town Council had not commented as they must face the same problem.

Cllr Wheeler noted that the previous year enforcement officers were requested not to ticket two previously advised cars parking by Clifton Place which were used as a base for the Regatta. District Council also provided a parking space in Whitestrand. The users however got blocked in at Clifton Place so he enquired whether there was anything else that could be done? It was agreed that Cllr Wheeler would phone and arrange such with county enforcement and if he ‘ccd’ Cty Cllr Gilbert into anything that required input he would support if necessary.

Cllr Lang noted that there was a complaint with regard to the footpath down Spion steps but he did not feel that the vegetation was unduly bad. If need be this complaint must be reported on the County website and the resident would be advised.
Cty Cllr. Gilbert left the meeting.

District Councillors Report
Dist Cllr Wright noted that he had been speaking with car parks with regard to the hair braiders issue and would meet with legal the following day.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that the Alston Gate appeal result had come through. Also as the newly designated District area wards bed in she observed that Salcombe had a resident population of just over 2000 but behaved like a large town with regard to the amount of planning so this made this ward a heavy load and keeping up with all issues was quite difficult. The Mayor noted that it was however like a large town during the summer season. The Mayor then asked about the current allocation of affordable housing. Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce advised that she had met with Cassandra from affordable housing the previous day and bidding was open again as it had been opened up to Band E to ensure the Salcombe connection. She flatly denied that anyone from Bristol had been allocated a property unless they met the connection criteria.

Cllr Lang enquired about the Hangar Mill decision and she advised that Wendy Ormsby from enforcement had said that a decision was imminent.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 27th May 2015 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


DEFERRED due to no further nominations.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.
• 1073/15/F Change of use from former dingy park (B8) to provide outside seating area (A3) Captain Morgans, Normandy Way, Salcombe TQ8 8ET – Applicant South Sands Hotel Ltd. Objection. This was currently public open space that should not be allowed to become private usage and there were concerns raised with regard to the plans making no provision for adjacent residential access and the alternative alleyways were narrow together with possible additional noise element. This was a full planning application for an area that District assets had said would be a trial and any granting of permission would make future objection to this change hard to support once the policy was changed. Town Council were concerned that there had been no formal tender process to ascertain other interested parties and potential other uses and this was not acceptable. Such erosion of community land to a private company was not a public service and it was felt to be morally wrong to let such out on a planning permission basis as it had an element of permanency and town council were aware of how the previous tenant boat owners were upset to be chucked off. Cllr Cohen felt nothing should happen on that land until the future use of Whitestrand was considered in a wider aspect. The area in question, when not busy, was currently used as Captain Morgans staff car park which should be raised with District enforcement to deal with.
• 1098/15/F Householder application for single storey extension to east elevation. Infill below decking and front steps to create bathroom and new front door. Demolition of existing garage and excavate to create space for new double garage and off street parking 3 Rockmount, Knowle Road, Salcombe TQ8 8EQ – Applicant Mr C. Willis – Objection as this was felt to be overdevelopment of the site with an adverse effect on the streetscene and was out of keeping with adjacent properties. It was noted that the proposal would include a large amount of excavation.
• 1100/15/F Householder application for new parking space to dwelling and altered pedestrian access 10 Grenville Road, Salcombe TQ8 8BJ – Applicant Miss V. Thomas – No objection. Whilst the design was felt acceptable concern was raised that the lowered kerb would ultimately create the loss of two on street parking spaces to provide one parking space in an area that is under extreme pressure for parking.
• 1104/15/F Change of use of single storey redundant public convenience to café/cold food takeaway facility and creation of decking and seating area adjacent (A1/A3) Public Conveniences, Cliff House Gardens, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant South Hams District Council – Objection. Town Council could not consider this application and sought clarification as the plans were not accurate. The application stated windows and doors in brown UPVc and yet the plans indicated hardwood. Town Council were opposed to UPVc in the Conservation Area and were concerned about the plethora of street signs and awning also proposed in the Conservation Area. The plans illustrated three perch seats which were low walls currently within Cliff House Gardens and one such position was beneath the information board which needed to remain unobstructed. A concern also was that the ground outside where this seating area was proposed was uneven for such potential usage. Cllr Cohen also noted concern that this café was intended outside of the central retail area and perhaps the area could be put to better use. He questioned if community groups such as the Regatta wanted to use this area would it mean that they could not use this area without purchasing from this business. There was a local objection noted from another shop owner with regard to competing with his newly established business.


• Emails between Alex Lammie and a resident to rectify the resident’s concerns with regard to 41/0581/15/VAR Freestanding Balcony to Roseland. An amicable agreement had been reached and changes were to be made to the planning permission already granted. Town Council were pleased with this outcome but also raised concern with the initial inaccuracy of the plans.


• 41/2636/14/F & 41/2637/14/LB The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ. Appeal Ref: APP/K1128/W 15/3017974 and APP/K1128/Y/15/3017903. Appeal starting date: 01 June 2015. Proposed development: Appeal against refusal of retrospective householder application and listed building consent for replacement garden shed. Town Council agreed to further write adding that this shed was not in keeping with the Conservation Area whilst reinforcing their previous objection and note it was detrimental to the visual aspect of Cliff House.
Dist Cllrs Wright and Mrs Pearce left the meeting.


• 1145/15/TW (No. 54) Site The Bolt, Sharpitor, Salcombe, TQ8 8LL Proposal to Fell Beech and two Sweet Chestnut. No objection but Town Council would rely on the Tree Officer’s expert advice.


• 1290/15/TW Site: Woodcot, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JU Agreed exemption to fell lime and remove deadwood from two Beeches. The Tree Officer however had advised that a formal application would be required for other trees to include beech with butt rot as diseased/dying no longer was an exemption. Town Council were asked to note that a ‘dead, dying or diseased’ notification had not applied since 2012 and now such exemption only covered ‘…dead..’ or ‘…are urgently necessary to remove an immediate risk of serious harm…’. However some form of telephone call or written notification to the authority was required to advise of works.


Pete Robinson advised that none of the quotes had provided drawings but each advised they would copy the current gates but the ornamental cross would be created out of wood not metal as previously.
It was AGREED to accept the quote received from Nigel Couch Joinery with regard to reinstatement of these gates at a cost less than £2000.


Chris Watkins of Devon County had advised that they had reviewed the sign suggestions provided by Salcombe Town Council and rationalised the quantity required and would shortly provide a worked up design. With provision of signs, posts and installation they expected the cost to be in the region of £3,000. An encapsulated map of the route to town was being created by Devon County Council at a cost not more than £30. Town Council felt that sleepers would be favourable to a low fence as this would cause less damage if bumped by vehicles.

It was AGREED to accept the quote from South West Highways for surface upgrading, with bull nosed edging and placing sleepers to enhance the layout of the park and ride at a cost up to £30,000.


The current list was NOTED and the councillors were asked to email changes or provide them for the first July meeting.


Cllr Biggs felt that having carried out the exercise reviewing disabled access with Cllrs Miss Clark he had not understood the issues until they did this. Having to go back when access was blocked in order to be able to get off a dropped kerb caused a great problem for wheelchair users. This was an obstruction of the pavement issue and not just about advertising boards. Cllr Wheeler felt that the message should be firm to say if the pavement did not belong to the board owner then businesses should not invade or obstruct and it would not be tolerated it was causing untold problems to those less able. Cllr Miss Clark did explain that during the previous review they did educate a lot of people when they went around but this message did not last. The Town Clerk was asked to enquire of Kingsbridge Town Council how they had enforced on this issue.

Cllr Lang felt there needed to be one rule for everyone but others felt that the area had to be accessible. No one wanted to affect business in Salcombe but everyone needed to encourage those who were less able or with pushchairs etc.

It was AGREED that town council would contact all businesses by letter noting that they had carried out a disability access review along Salcombe pavements noting that they were obstructed by advertising signs and other business associated items. It was increasingly apparent that there was increased obstruction and they respectfully ask that these items were removed so that the pavement was not obstructed for wheelchairs, pushchairs and families walking.




The Mayor attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting and noted there was very little discussed about Salcombe only the forthcoming Field of Light and the Tides Reach as the Judicial Review was overturned. Another matter raised was the Salcombe Park and Ride permits. Benches for the Berry were now ordered from Rattery Sawmill and quotes for fitting were being sought. With regard to the Kingsbridge Police AED project town council had advised that if other parishes were willing to contribute Salcombe would consider an offer. Cllr Biggs said that the police were no longer based in the Harbour Office but the Mayor questioned this as the harbour master advised they were building an office for the police. This would be clarified The Kingsbridge Gazette had included a map with AEDs and Kingsbridge town had none that were available 24 hours a day. The Mayor advised of the response from Pc Loxton with regard to other offers of assistance and further updates would be awaited. With regard to camper vans visiting Salcombe Cllr Whitfield had emailed to advise that Paul Pedrick at the petrol station had been receiving complaints as there was no access for them in the Park and Ride. In order to control usage town council needed to put in processes which they were currently doing to sort the Park and Ride area and therefore these could not be accommodated. Salcombe Information Centre had also requested a meeting so Cllrs Lang, Bricknell and Fice were to meet with them. The Mayor went on to note that the Tennis Club had formally applied to District for Section 106 monies to renew fences on their courts and were looking for funding in the region of £12000. Town Council should advise that they support a contribution towards this application and also review the other pressing community projects.


Cllr Miss Clark – She noted that her sister had a nasty fall off the edge of the kerb as the material was polished and very slippery. Cllr Biggs asked previously the stone could be grip grazed but there was nothing that could be done.

Cllr Wheeler – Noted the grass maintenance at The Berry was superb but was saddened that the donated bench had been vandalised.

Cllr Lang – Walked Spion steps but they were not badly covered with ivy. He noted a comment received with regard to the Park and Ride and explained its designation did not specify how such payment was made.

Cllr Cohen – Noted that Beehives were concerned with the Young Salcombe Centre roof and asked originally about getting Section 106 monies towards repairs but apparently a kind benefactor has stepped in. This was a full repairing lease so she was initially looking for assistance. The North Sands plaque proposal was still ongoing with Nigel Mortimer. He had a meeting with Bill Blanch, David Mason and Peter Hinchcliff down at Batson. Cllr Cohen wondered whether the conservation area/green where the reeds were could be cut back as they had lots of photographic history on its use and now people wanted to sit on benches but all they looked at was reeds. They wanted to see some type of compromise to allow people sitting on the green to enjoy the view. Cllr Wheeler stated that in 2006 they did scythe back but felt if Nigel Mortimer was resisting his advice should be sought. Cllr Biggs said people should not be interfering with a natural habitat and town council should go with what Nigel Mortimer had said.
Toby Leigh left the meeting.

Cllr Biggs – Asked about the concerns for the cracks in the wall at North Sands. Pete Robinson advised that the County Officer did not feel the section Cllr Biggs raised as an issue was a concern but a section further back towards the road that some bricks fallen out could drop down. The cracks on the other side under the property driveway was historically recorded and demonstrated that there was not much change in recent years. He did however speak to the homeowner as the wall there was to retain road their property, but the homeowner did not agree ownership. Cllr Wheeler advised that from his experience the party that benefits from the retaining of the wall is responsible for its maintenance. The County Officer did suggested that warning signs were needed on the wall where there were loose stones/rocks to identify potential danger. Cllr Biggs advised that when he was at North Sands he saw a child was walking through the tunnel from the grassed side and the parents asked why there was no grating there to stop such.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell – Advised by telephone that the housing up at Bonfire Hill was being allocated to Salcombe people. DCH had re-advertised four flats as the people who applied did not have sufficient Salcombe connection and therefore she felt that the Local Lettings Policy was working. DCH had also reduced the bands accepted so that people who had private rental/property already could be rehoused in larger properties with under occupancy so that their family could grow.


• The issue of camper vans not being allowed in the Park and Ride had been raised as some were saying they would not visit Salcombe again. It had been suggested that these people contact the Town Council so that an actual idea of numbers could be collated and perhaps an alternative location sought. Salcombe Information Centre advised that they had received other comments which they wished to discuss.
• Kingsbridge police have 5 cars. Each AED costs about £1000 so they are hoping to raise in the region of £5000. Pc Loxton had raised about £2500 so far. As of yet, no other Councils had replied to him officially, however, Kingsbridge Town Council had indicated in conversation that they would “support” the project so he was awaiting hearing. Ringmore Parish Council had also said they would like to help but not mentioned any amounts.
• The benches and picnic tables from Rattery Sawmill had been ordered. Quotes for installation were awaited so that Section 106 monies could be drawn down from District.
• Notification of the County Traffic Regulation Order with regard to Dispensation Permits was on their website and any objections and/or comments needed to be received by Devon County Council by 26th June 2015.
• District Rates Department advised that the cemeteries did not fall within the rate relief guidelines i.e. charitable or small business.


Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature:
003351 Bayleaf Gardening Ltd. – Gardening maintenance £567.38
003352 SHDC – Bonfire Hill Refuse £14.59 and Jubilee Gardens Play equipment Annual insurance and inspection £120.00 Total: £134.59
003353 Torr View Forge – 50% deposit for supply and fitting 2 parking height restriction barriers £1290.60
003354 Screwfix Direct Ltd. – Padlocks £65.97


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 24th June 2015 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 9.15p.m.
……………………………………………….. 24th June 2015.
Town Mayor.

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