* Denotes Attendance

Cllr. R. Wheeler – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr R Clark Deputy Mayor – A
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr H. Taylor – *
Cllr. M. Fice – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr Miss J. Clark – A
Cllr Mrs R. King – A
Cllr R. Collings – A
Cllr R. Whitfield – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr P Coulson – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *
PCSO D. Gibson – A
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
Toby Kingsbridge Gazette – *

One Minutes silence was observed out of respect for Dist Cllr Carter who passed away yesterday.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting as follows:
• Cllr Biggs wished it known that by virtue of his professional and development contacts he would leave the meeting at any point he realised planning matters relating to clients came to be discussed. He would however give advanced notice of declarable interests he was aware of prior to discussion.


The owner of the property next door to Ridge House wished to object to the planning application that town council had before them. An application had been put in before on this property and withdrawn and now resubmitted. The plans the neighbour advised stated that consultation had taken place with neighbours but it had not. The developer took photographs last August from their side but there was no consultation. The applicant had dropped the height another 800mm but the fence would be much higher due to the fall in land. The application he felt was also economical with the truth as it showed low walls of 1.5m and did not illustrate the actual hillside drop. Thus the height of the walls could overshadow by up to 4 m high and he as a close neighbour now had light issues. He was also concerned that there would be an engineering problem.

Police Report PCSO Dave Gibson – It was noted that domestic oil had disappeared/been stolen from a garden tank in Kingsbridge and all were asked to be vigilant.

District Councillor’s Report:
Development management committee had allowed a wind turbine. He explained that the District policy now was that if such could be clearly shown to be linked to a farm business et al then District was sympathetic and also discussed field solar panels. He met with Sarah Wollaston MP twice and did mention points with regard to local housing and Salcombe’s preference for tenants. There was also a workshop on the review of T18.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 12th February 2014 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record. l


Councillors considered the following applications and sent such observations to the District as Planning Authority:
• 0314/14/F Demolition of Ridge House and replacement with two semi-detached dwellings with parking (resubmission of 41/2751/13/F) Ridge House, Grenville Road, Salcombe TQ8 8BJ – Applicant Mr M. Gomme It was claimed that it was within same footprint but it was not. They applicant had lowered the ridge height by excavating but the next door neighbour felt that maybe the dividing wall was his and was checking this with his solicitor. The proposed houses were being designed as reverse level for enjoyment of the view but with the adjacent Trennels development in place it was felt there was no view. Also a camera shot of such view was selective in its direction to achieve such. Objection. This was felt to be an overdevelopment of the site which did not as stated accord with the current footprint. Also the structure was felt to be unneighbourly imposing and an overbearing solid block masonry proposed as a retaining/screen wall. Overlooking was also a concern. There was a question raised with regard to a right to light and the shadowing imposed which could create a loss of amenity for the neighbouring property. Although not a planning issue the point with regard to the retaining wall was questioned as to ownership.
• 0321/14/F Retrospective householder application for construction of store and erection of boundary wall Puffins, Fortescue Road, Salcombe TQ8 8AP – Applicant Mr and Mrs Handslip – There was a bike/bin store constructed in the driveway right up to a boundary fence. About 8 feet high at one point the most important element was a screen wall constructed which had come across boundary margins in Fortescue Road which completely obliterated a vehicular view down Fortescue Road when pulling out of the neighbours drive. Thus there was a loss of highway visibility and encroachment creating drainage issues. The large electricity box for the property was placed on the neighbour’s side and the structure wall finish was not completed so was felt unneighbourly and out of keeping with the area. Objection. The overbearing height of the structure and the height of the wall up to the boundary line and loss of highway visibility on accessing the highway were felt not to fit into this landscape together with the unneighbourly incursion of rainwater drainage on the neighbour due to the layout of these works. The materials and finish of this property was not felt good design and had an adverse effect on the overall streetscene.
• 0404/14/F Householder application for replacement of existing conservatory with single-storey extension 5 Park Rise, Salcombe TQ8 8NX – Applicant Mr and Mrs Buchanan – No objection.


• 0441/14/TW (No. 58) Reg. No: 3481 Site: 8 Salcombe Heights Close, Salcombe TQ8 8EL. Proposal to Thin canopy of Elm tree by 10%. Branches to be removed shall not exceed 75mm in diameter. Crown lift to 1m above bank level which equates to 3 to 4m above sloping ground level – Objection. This tree was felt to be healthy and an important feature to be retained in the landscape as is.


• Most already forwarded by email for information.


It was AGREED to request Gareth Penwill of Ashford Solicitors, Plymouth to put in place Parking Orders and advise of signage within the Park and Ride at a cost of £1500.

The Mayor advised he was still researching solar powered ticket machines which were the norm nowadays and was waiting to hear from the Mercia Group but was advised that provision and installation would cost about £2600.

The Park and Ride suggested layouts were received for consideration from Vickery Holman. It was questioned how the design of traffic flow went in these suggestions, one way or two. Also where was the access for the footpath at the end corner and also the placement for bus stopping and turning area. A meeting would be held to further discuss.
The member of the public left the meeting.


The emergency works required following the storms to clear the fallen trees and branches hanging dangerously within trees were AGREED to enable Will Hampton to clear the wooded area and footpath at a cost of £820. He would also stack the brash of the sweet chestnut so they would blend in with the woodland and make a good wildlife habitat.


Cllr Lang walked all the footpaths and noted that in an ideal world could have some work done on them but County funds did not allow. Therefore some should be approached knowing that wellingtons/walking boots should be worn, however some needed work to overhanging/adjacent trees. The footpath from North Sands up to Collaton was a problem and Motherhill Farm to Hangar Mill down the back of Beadon there was at one point a tree that had come down but of more concern was if there was a lot of rain the footpath could get washed away. A tree was noted on the footpath from town council P&R towards Shadycombe but County rangers had been noted in the area so he would check for a fallen tree again. Town Council could ask Peter Guy to meet and advise on what works volunteers could carry out. All paths out past South Sands were mostly maintained by National Trust. It was AGREED to adopt the report prepared with regard to the condition of pathways in the parish and submit such to County Footpaths and a vote of thanks was given to Cllr Lang.
Cllr Biggs arrived at the meeting.


The letter and information provided by a local metal detecting club was considered with regard to their request to identify areas so that they could raise money for charities or local causes with a metal detecting rally. It was AGREED they should be advised to communicate with the Salcombe Maritime and History Society as to interesting areas as Town Council did not own the amount of land they required and most of the land was cemeteries.


The Mayor advised he had also spoken with a resident from Chandlers Heights with regard to a complaint of noise from a generator of a business close by, Cllr Fice confirmed such noise intrusion.

He thanked to all councillors who attended the informal Neighbourhood Plan meeting to discuss those in the community to approach who might join a committee/steering group. An invite would be made inviting them all to attend and take part in Planning Aid training. There had been a meeting with Roger Barrett and Mike Hodder of the Maritime Museum to discuss sharing the Council Hall building by relinquishing the Town Clerk’s office within and what was possible. This would assist Town Council in reviewing their rent. An explanation with regard to mortuary use and disposing of artefacts from there by the Museum was given with a view to usage of that building as well. The Mayor noted that there was to be an on site meeting the following day at the Council Hall at 10.30a.m. to look at the works completed at the Council Hall.


Cllr Lang – Noted builders were dumping their cars in Buckley Street and blocking it and he had spoken to PCSO Gibson as to whether this matter came under the traffic warden or police. He had been advised that this was a police matter and if it happened to ring 101 and get the police down. He had also attended with Cllr Clark and Iain Randall all the town council open space areas to consider what additional maintenance works needed to be done. One hedge would be cut back but otherwise all areas were tidy. On visiting Redfern woods it was noted it was full of beer cans and needed clearing.

Cllr Cohen – Noted that the owners of the Winking Prawn wished to know what was actually being installed at the North Sands car park and the Town Clerk had requested the District Engineers to speak to them. Dist. Cllr Coulson said District hoped to create a hedge between the field and stream channel, to be installed, to discourage children playing in that area. He also felt that the North Sands area was a muddy disgrace and explained District would use s106 monies for this project which the Mayor felt wrong as they had Government monies for flooding problems. The Mayor went on to say that if this was a three way project between County, South West Water and District they should not use s106 monies as there was then no commitment from District as they were only taking away the town’s s106 open space/parks money. The Mayor felt there was never a proper discussion with town council on this area of land and the works being carried out. If it was a safety measure then it should not be using s106 monies. Dist. Cllr Coulson stated that District felt it was a reasonable use for this open space money. Cllr Cohen noted he felt he was concerned too as town council had not been consulted. It was agreed that Courtney Park currently needed more input. Dist Cllr. Coulson responded that District was doing emergency works and the town should put money into this project by doing the landscaping to keep children safe and away from a water hazard. Cllr Biggs asked how much of the town’s s106 monies were being put into this project but Dist Cllr. Coulson did not know the figure. It was asserted that the car parking revenue obtained from Salcombe should have been used for the District car park flooding issue. County were mending the culvert and so District felt they should do works to divert the stream and so they had to incur costs that were not budgeted for and therefore they found emergency funding. South West Water he felt were victims of this episode and they had offered £20,000 towards the project. Cllr Fice explained to Dist Cllr. Coulson that this was not the first time that decisions had been made at District that involved the town that the town council were not informed about until as decision was made. This he noted was the biggest bug bear on this matter, not the fact of the safety aspect for children. Dist Cllr. Coulson was asked when the decision was made to use s106 monies. He responded that the decision was made when District held an emergency meeting and was ask why at this point it was not bought back to town council? Dist. Cllr Coulson stated it was not in the town council budget nor in their control and District had to make this decision. On an emergency side speed was understood but once everything was safe then anything thereafter that was discussed should have been bought to town council and that was what was lacking. Cllr Taylor noted that obviously at some point there was a risk assessment and District decided their course of action but he regretted the s106 money was being used although this was an emergency. Cllr Biggs reiterated that town council felt the flooding problem was not what it was about, it was about what Cllr Fice stated there there was an underlying current that town council were not consulted. Therefore town council were merely explaining to Dist. Cllr Coulson that the dissatisfaction was as much this as previous issues. Town Council were not criticising District and the discussion was abandoned as town council could not get their point across.
Cllr Coulson left the meeting.

Cllr Whitfield – Bonfire Hill opposite the allotment at the entrance to the cul-de-sac a wooden fence had blown over and bits kept falling down into the highway.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell – The sign on the brow of the hill on the way into Salcombe the pole had dislodged as with the one at the bottom of Onslow Road/bottom of Sandhills junction directing people to Overbecks. At the top of Main Road where it met with St Dunstans the sign was lying on the wall.

Cllr Biggs – Noted that dogs were being allowed by their owners to run wild in Shadycombe Cemetery which was disrespectful to those within. Town Clerk to request the dog warden to attend and ask for Keep Dogs on Leads signs to be installed.

Cllr Taylor – Suggested the name Warren for the block of flats at RA3. He had done some research on Facebook and Twitter and noted an issue recently that may mean that town council must consider how they proceed with such media, if they do. There was also new legislation coming out from Department of Communities and Local Government with regard to Openness and therefore town council should await this. Ivybridge Town Council was preparing a report on this and was agreeable to sharing such with Salcombe. There was an article the previous Sunday in the Observer with regard to councillors and a Facebook issue which had now been handed to the police and therefore councillors needed to be aware of such.

He had nearly completed the draft Emergency Plan but needed a few more details especially from District on flood emergency and sand bag provision. Another question raised at this point was who was going to clear the used sandbags away once the flooding had passed.

Cllr Taylor also wished to pass on his personal thoughts to John Carter’s family and noted he would be sorely missed.


• A copy of the application to amend the times and dates for 2014 for the Park and Ride had been provided by Tally Ho.
• Steve Howrihane had advised that he and an engineer had checked the Victoria Quay wall prior to Christmas. The damage was cosmetic and not structural and would be done when other priorities were completed. With regard to the damaged benches he would look at these.
• District had confirmed their acceptance of the road names put forward for RA3 which a few adjustments to the ending terminology. District did note that the suggestions from the Salcombe Primary School were some of the most original and poignant ones they had received recently. However they had decided to allocate a further house name for the block of four flats and requested another suggestion from Town Council. The name Warren along with whatever ending District felt appropriate would be suggested.
• Local Government Boundary Commission had advised of their Final Recommendations in that Salcombe was now to include Thurlstone as Salcombe and Thurlstone Ward but retain two district councillors over a larger area.
• Noted that a link on the Neighbourhood Plan website had not been working but Cllr Collings had liaised with Vision and this was not rectified.
• James Spencer from Pebbles had offered some bushes/plants that his company had that could be used in the community. He was also prepared to offer his maintenance staff time to plant such and also advised that there still remained £1500 in the Chamber of Commerce account for hanging baskets or planted areas if town council identified.
• The request from businesses for signage from within town to Island Street had been considered by Adam Keay. It does not quite comply with what the recommendations usually require but for the short term he was happy to go with this in the understanding that the Chamber of Commerce/businesses would review and compact the signage at a future date to include proper tourist trail signs. Illustration provided at meeting.
• Greenlands had provided some notes with their final estimate with regard to outstanding works. Colette Charsley had also provided a maintenance schedule. These needed to be considered and would be placed on the next agenda.
• Further details were received with regard to the Egremont Trust application for a grant and would be considered at a future meeting.
• Salcombe Maritime Museum was to hold a special exhibition between April to October 2014 to mark the First World War Centenary and the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.
• Anthony Stumbles and Ian Branscombe of Luscombe Maye had confirmed that they would attend the Oak tree planting at the Berry on Monday 3rd March at 10/10.30a.m.
• A bay tree had been cut down in the garden of the property behind the Council Hall.


Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature:
003120 and 21 Wages – February £1311.17
003122 HMRC – February £488.02
003123 Cliff House Trust Ltd. – Rent for office £3678.00
003124 Adrian Mundy – Approved works at Bonfire Hill Cemetery to date £960
Toby of the Gazette and Cllr Biggs left the meeting.


Members of the public and press were excluded from this part of the meeting as the item under discussion contained information exempt under the LGA 1972, Schedule 12(a) Park 1, Section 1 and the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960.


It was AGREED to instruct the solicitor to proceed in three stages with a report at each so that Town Council could consider the legal advice at each point so as not to be involved in unnecessary legal fees.


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 12th March 2014 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.
Meeting Closed: 21.18p.m.

………………………………………………….. 12th March 2014.
Town Mayor.

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