* Denotes Attendance

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr H. Taylor – *
Cllr. R. Wheeler – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr Miss J. Clark – *
Cllr Mrs R. King – A
Cllr R. Collings – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr J. Valentine – A

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr P Coulson – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – A
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – *
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Toby Leigh Kingsbridge Gazette – *


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting.
The following councillors declared an interest in each of these planning applications:
Cllr Taylor – 2674/14/F
Cllr Cohen – 2602/14/F, a near neighbour
Cllr Biggs – 2576/14/F as he had already posted his comments to this application on the District website.


Jonno Barrett was in attendance to speak with regard to the Tides Reach application and noted his support for the Catholic Church application with regard to their office parking. He advised he had lived near and worked in Salcombe for 30 years and went through a list of all the hotels that had closed over that period. He noted that the Tides Reach Hotel developers asserted that the hotel had been successful but could not continue if it was not increased in size. Mr Barrett was concerned as he felt that the proposal in this area would be overdevelopment. Whilst he felt that employment was a big issue in the area if this increase was not sustainable there would be ongoing damage from placing such a structure in this environment sat in a coastal preservation area. This proposal would change the area that people who come here choose to visit and by this change the fabric of Salcombe. His belief was that this structure was not appropriate for this vernacular as it was a cove with steep walls and this proposal would take a horizontal line across a vertical valley. The current Tides Reach Hotel fitted in and was totally different to this proposal which was sold as being akin to the De La Warr pavilion, Bexhill. He advised that he had previously not commented on development in town but felt this application affected the environment and questioned the stated amount of employment generated being 100 to 50 holiday makers. This equation needed to be thought about. He therefore begged town council to try and ensure that anyone considering this planning application at District saw it from the entrance of Salcombe, from the estuary. John Barclay the architect who produced the proposal for Tides Reach was in attendance and asserted the financial viability noting the owners who had a portfolio of nine hotels and explained they saw this as a long term investment. The owners had commissioned a report to look into the scale of development and potential for income generated over such period of time. For any owner in the short term he acknowledged it lent itself to residential but they were looking for long term with this hotel. With regard to design and scale the De La Warr had driven this particular style in what the client wanted to see but also it was art deco favoured along coastal developments around the area.

The Mayor asked if the architects had also designed and built property virtually identical in Torquay and was advised yes and in fact it was one of the drivers in that the client had visited this and such influenced this site. James Heaven introduced himself as an interior architect working internationally and as such he was au fait with buildings and materials. Initially he had thought this was a fantastic proposal and noted he had pushed back against local opinion as he had seen this reaction happen before. He acknowledged he had then looked into this in detail and considered what people said i.e. akin to Magaluf and Torquay and went and looked at the Torquay development and immediately thought ‘wow as office building’. The property in Torquay was a mixed use development and he now believed this proposal at South Sands was a rehash of the same plonked on the beach in South Sands. If it was a one off development of this size it could be of interest but this absolutely dominated the valley and laughed at its surroundings. In Magaluf or an art deco office building in Heathrow it would fit but because it was completely different to its environment it was a problem as was not appropriate.

Salcombe is one of the most beautiful places in UK and probably around the world. What makes places around the world special and amazing was an intrinsic local character that kept it so and the streets around Salcombe were not like this building. A sixty bedroom hotel of this style was far too large for this cove and anything bigger should be merging with its surroundings like a New England style maybe. The General Manager of South Sands Hotel welcomed the challenge of another hotel next door and felt people would be excited to have another hotel as it added to the choice for the public. However he was concerned what would happen to the current public parking for access to South Sands Beach. The South Sands was a smaller hotel which made enough income for its size and he could not see why this hotel attempted to fill this area and he urged others to note how in 3 D this hotel dominated. He was asked what the full time equivalent of employees for his hotel would be and was advised twenty and even his own staff had to struggle for parking in summer time. How would this new hotel survive? Les King noted that parking would be a nightmare for people who worked there, those who stayed and also access by people unloading canoes boats etc. He was also concerned about the Tides Reach having a private beach. Mr King was advised that this was an area within the hotel grounds not the beach. The architect noted the development in Torquay and appreciated the similarities but this incorporated a hotel service department with restaurants on the ground floor. He advised it was in fact a 51 not 60 bed. Their proposals were to increase parking that was currently on site by 50% and have dedicated disabled spaces near the hotel. The parking used as public access was currently owned by the Tides Reach hotel but the proposal was to have such dedicated to the hotel when it needed that level of parking. An area of land that the Squires family offered was in a flood zone so the Environment Agency would not let them use this. All current spaces were in the flood zone but an additional 25 parking spaces were to be provided that were out of the flood zone. The architect was asked whether the current area within Tides Reach which was available for the public was to be removed completely. He responded that the Rigley Group were looking for a number of options as to how to manage parking as it would assist the hotel to have valet parking and shuttle people from car parks in Salcombe but he could not commit to public parking.

Mark Long felt that Art Deco buildings by nature of their scale and size when seen within holiday sea front coastal areas were in prominent very open esplanades so that they sat well in their environment but this structure had been parachuted in and was a substantial proposal that put a dam across the valley. In a coastal zone everything hugged the valley but this was a barrier and its scale was out of keeping and had nothing in common with the vernacular of buildings around Salcombe. It was brutal architecture in the wrong place not Art Deco. If the economic side stacked up that was great for the town but a good economic side did not mean everyone needed to accept something that would affect the town for many years to come. Les King was concerned that the amount of construction traffic would be huge and such contractors needed to be responsible for the town roads and/or stone wall especially on the hair pin bend by the Winking Prawn, this would cause problems as half the roadway had already eroded away. The Mayor advised that this point had previously been raised directly with the architects as to how they would approach the site. Concern had been that works could cut off access to South Sands hotel and the developers replied they wanted to complete the major earthworks in the quiet season. John Barclay stated that the proposed construction method of building would use such materials and methods that would achieve faster construction. The primary structure of the building would be insulated concrete form work. Mark Long noted that the architect advised they would be using a different form of construction so there would not be a need for large vehicles but experience had shown that a larger number of smaller vehicles then were needed and the volume was just as bad for roads. After would come a larger volume of plumbers, carpenters and trades coming in and this travel together with parking had to be addressed. Jonno Barrett noted that the building period was short term and there would be hassle whatever happened but such out of keeping structure being introduced would affect the area for 50 years or more by its orientation.

Cllr Miss Clark noted that a few people had mentioned disabled access but she had probably only been down to South Sands twice to park as a disabled person and she was sure that the Tides Reach proposal would help disabled access. Cllr Cohen noted that some time previously he and Cllr Miss Clerk were part of a wider consultation at District Council and enquired whether in that period of time since that meeting had the architect felt they had been given an indication that they were on the right track or not. The architect agreed that District had indicated that they were on right tracks as the footprint had not changed. The Mayor however challenged this and noted that the original April proposed plans that were on display at Cliff House were different. In fact the current size was much larger than then particularly with regard to encroachment on the valley as it reached a point then and bent back but now went straight across. It was certainly more pointed towards the valley but did not extend across. Cllr Wheeler noted the sheer sides of the building where it came across the valley whereas before there was more of a stepping and in fact the Torquay property had more rounded features which were more in keeping with Torquay but did not sit well here. He felt that they should go back to the drawing board as this was overbearing and a template design and sat next to The Moult which was a well-established property with Listed status.

Caroline Salem noted that The Grange was given permission last November for renovation/restoration for converting the ground floor and this permission had conditions thereon. She had created a sketch of the property to make town council aware of the many changes to The Grange and its deforestation that had left it not what it was. The application for retrospective planning was for a shed that was, she asserted, originally a coal bunker. Another was for the colonnades and she had images. There were only 5% of Grade II listed buildings and thus there was a very special onus on the architect and the owner who were obliged to show an understanding of the property’s history and its settings. Officers were obliged under Planning Policy to preserve it in a manner appropriate of its significance and she noted that many people were sad how the Grange was now looking. It is Grade II Listed and the National Planning Policy Framework generally gives priority in development except in heritage and places of natural beauty. She felt the application for the shed and its size was misrepresented on the plans and information had been passed to the planning officer to indicate this and was unacceptable and a re-application with correct information should be requested. With such application it should be described as ancillary accommodation as it contained a W.C., kitchenette and other things. There had been no attempt to landscape and in fact there was new paved landscaping there. When considering what was significant about the Grange she felt it was the colonnades and its rounded frontage and guttering that made it beautiful. The route of guttering now meant that all water ran freely down now. With regard to the application for a self-contained flat and terrace above the boundary wall of the garden this failed to respect the significance of the landscaping and as such they were developing on the boundary presenting an urban setting. The architect’s describe the area above the garage as dead space but it was once very green. There was a proposal for a new stone wall behind the existing lower garden wall together with another extension and therefore the terrace was much higher. They all presented overlooking. Richard Atkinson of Atkinson architects noted that everybody was entitled to a personal and emotional opinion but most of the presentation just heard was factually incorrect. The shed was previously built illegally onto Cliff House and the new owners sorted this out. The WC was temporary accommodation for the construction workers. The architect then went through the previous structures and materials and advised that the building was being restored in accordance with all guidelines and they had not been aware of the appalling condition of the integrity of the building at the outset. When first commissioned the future detailed restoration was unknown and therefore he advised they had to submit retrospectively due to things found. There were new applications and other items had been through pre application discussions with English Heritage and Conservation officers at South Hams. The client had an existing double garage and upper level garden terrace and was seeking to infill this with a discrete studio. It was not a flat and it was written into the planning application that it was solely for the use of The Grange. With regard to the suggestion of deforestation he absolutely agreed it was a building site but this was due to the condition of stone walls on the site and his client was taking steps to do this work and once this work was completed a comprehensive landscaping would be undertaken to reinstate vegetation. His assertion was that the two retrospective applications were at the behest of District Council along with one new application. A question was raised as to why the colonnades were timber and left natural rather than white as originally. As this was a Georgian property they felt they would be timber and a local shipwright was employed to turn oak which seemed more in keeping to get this done locally and left natural. The contractor and the client were aware that their site had looked by a big building site for four years and were desperate that they wanted to complete. Cllr Lang asked why they had done all this work without planning permission. The response was that they were asked to make further submission after consultation with South Hams and English Heritage as at commencement they did not have detailed assessment of the fabric of the building. Further comments were raised with regard to materials and lack of earlier application for changes.

Police Report: PCSO Gibson offered apologies as both he and WPc Pengilly were not on duty and noted that the crimes for last 2 weeks were 2 x assaults (actually kids fighting) and 1 x shoplifting

District Councillor Coulson – Noted the recent Gas works site appeal and thanked all town councillors who turned up for this hearing and commented that he felt District were highly vulnerable not having a 5 year land supply. He suspected the Inspector would have to take the 5 year land supply lack into consideration. It was asked when a result would be out and Dist Cllr Coulson noted that the Inspector could come back for clarification on points but should be issuing a decision within 2 months. Cllr Wheeler asked if the designated employment/commercial area held no importance and was advised no against central Government housing drive.

The marine and coastal assets expenditure was to come before District committee the following day. One item would be the calculation of housing figures. Those figures were the basis for calculating the land supply needed for future housing. Cllr Lang asked when the Tides Reach Hotel plans were to come before District. Dist Cllr Coulson did not know for definite but probably the 14th January 2015 meeting. Cllr Cohen asked if the town were out of step with expectations at District and if so any consultation on the Tides Reach hotel would be cynical. Dist Cllr Coulson noted that pre application discussion had taken place and there had been some changes and at no time had red lines been drawn but it was impossible in an AONB or without highways or local comments to foresee.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 22nd October 2014 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


Councillors considered the following applications and sent such observations to the District as Planning Authority:
• 2502/14/F Householder application for inset dormer to the rear with recessed deck and bridge link at second floor level, with re-levelling and landscaping of rear garden Watch Hill, Allenhayes Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HU – Applicant Mr J. Britton – No objection.
• 2515/14/F Works to integrate two dwellings into a single dwelling (resubmission of 41/1717/14/F) 15 Island Street & The Oven, Church Lane, Salcombe – Applicant The Andrew Guest Settlement Trust – Objection. This proposal of raising the roof by 1m and then tapering down to the lower property would mean the adjacent property would lose a substantial amount of light. This exacerbates a current problem for loss of amenity of light levels for both neighbours.
Cllr Biggs left the meeting whilst the following application was considered.
• 2576/14/F Redevelopment of hotel to comprise of 51no. bedrooms, bar and restaurant, residents lounge, spa, swimming pool, ancillary service space and parking Tides Reach Hotel, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8LJ – Applicant EHC Estates Ltd. Various emails and hard copy letters were noted. Objection. This would be a dominant building on such footprint which would cause a loss of public views down the valley and from the sea with an additional a loss of amenity for the current public parking which had a long established use. The structure was felt to be overbearing and not in keeping with the vernacular and thus too dominant in AONB and for this site. The design as it now stands was not felt suitable for this rural enclosed space and had a destructive impact on the street scene. Town council were concerned about such movement of staff as they were only two parking spaces for staff and no staff quarters. Advice received was that staff would be bussed in but this raised further questions as to where from and if staff drove and parked on street they would remove more parking away from people wanting to go to the beach. Sewage issues were raised in this sensitive area in view of provision of 50% more bedrooms within the hotel. It was also noted that the public consultation held was not felt to have addressed the final plans and there appeared a significant change from the initial drawings shown. Town Council welcomed such use as a hotel and hoped that a more fitting design could be considered and if permitted noted that a full on and off site Traffic and Construction Management Plan should be provided due to the road surface and adjacent stone walls
Cllr Cohen left the meeting whilst the following application was considered.
• 2602/14/F Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement dwelling Hinemoa, Frobisher Lane, Salcombe, TQ8 8AQ – Mr P. West – No objection but a construction management plan was required and a civil engineers report to confirm that such mass of building can be accommodated within this location.
Dist Cllr. Coulson left the meeting.
• 2604/14/F Householder application for ground floor extension 9 Buckley Street, Salcombe, TQ8 8DD – Mr I. Houston – No objection.
• 2607/14/F Extension of access driveway and change of use of adjacent land from agricultural to garden 1, 2 & 3 Malt Cottages, Lower Batson, TQ8 8NJ – Mr D. Collins – Objection as this was felt to be an inappropriate use of materials and their consequent effect on the street scene was out of keeping and it was suggested that instead a wall structure be installed to retain this cut out section.
• 2616/14/LB Retrospective listed building consent for restoration of ground-floor colonnade with new columns and balustrade The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ – Mr A. Nicholls – Objection as it was felt that the materials and design were neither in keeping with this Listed Building nor the Conservation Area. It was noted that oak does not silver down as some woods but deepens more.
• 2636/14/F Retrospective householder application for replacement garden shed The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ – Mr A. Nicholls – Roof of shed was ankle height and is now 6ft high and used to be corrugated roof. Objection as the size of the shed was felt overdevelopment due to its height and was not in keeping with its location being nearby to a Listed Building.
• 2637/14/LB Retrospective listed building consent for replacement garden shed The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ – Mr A. Nicholls – As above.
• 2666/14/F Retrospective change of use of parking area to allow siting of temporary takeaway cafe and decking South Sands Hotel, Bolt Head, Salcombe, TQ8 8LL – Mr C. Erleigh – Objection. This was an inappropriate structure and positioning due to its location in the street scene and was out of keeping with the local vernacular also reducing much needed car parking in this tourist area.
• 2671/14/F Householder application for re-construction of garage and garden level roof terrace, new ancillary accommodation private studio at mid-level, repairs to stone garden walls and landscaping The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ – Mr A. Nicholls Objection on the basis of a loss of amenity to the neighbouring property and such detrimental view from the estuary in an AONB. The design was also in conflict with the Listed Building and such curtilage. There was a concern with regard to the amount of vegetation removed so far.
• 2673/14/LB Listed building consent for re-construction of garage and garden level roof terrace, new ancillary accommodation private studio at mid-level, repairs to stone garden walls and landscaping The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ – Mr A. Nicholls – As above.
Cllr Taylor left the meeting whilst the following application was considered. The Mayors stood the meeting down to allow Jonno Barrett to speak on concerns he had just realised with regard to this application.
• 2674/14/F Re-location of front boundary wall to site boundary to create additional car parking Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Devon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8HF – Plymouth RC Diocesan Trustees – Objection. It was noted that the use of the materials were out of keeping with the neighbouring properties and thus detracted from the street scene and it was suggested that a stone wall would be more suitable.. There was a concern raised that the locked post should be set back within the driveway to allow users to access the area to lock and unlock whilst manoeuvring in and out, off the highway.
Toby Leigh left the meeting. All members of the public had gradually departed by now.


The following tree works were referred to the Tree Officer due to lack of time.
• 2541/14/TW Location Monkston Point, Devon Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8LP To consider works to Fell 5 Monterey Cypress
• 2686/14/TW T1. Location Bridleway House, Moult Hill, Salcombe, TQ8 8LF To consider works to Sweet Chestnut. Fell. T2. Beech. Remove two lower branches. T3. Sweet Chestnut. Remove deadwood and 3 secondary limbs overhanging treehouse at 3m from ground level. T4. Sweet Chestnut. Remove deadwood. T5. 2x Scots Pine. Remove deadwood. T6. Remove dead tree behind Scots Pine. T7. Fir. Fell.
• 2785/14/TW Location: Sandhills, Sandhills Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JP To consider works to Fell Pine


• All emails received with regard to the Tides Reach and The Grant had already been forwarded by email to all town council for information and consideration before viewing the applications.


It was advised that with regard to any route that served the ‘services’ such as lifeboat and fire brigade these would continue to be gritted. The location of the grit bins was questioned and town council were advised that they were three within Salcombe. One at the junction with St. Dunstans Road, one at Batson and one up from Batson between at Lincombe Cross. With regard to carers accessing the older community this was not something included within the gritting consideration as most of this area population was elderly and local arrangements would need to be made. County did not have a ‘duty’ to treat noxious weeds and thus if savings were sought this could be withdrawn. Due to the weather conditions and works required by operatives this year the lengthsmen service had not been as proactive. It was proposed that the lengthsmen just dealt with areas on a rotational basis in future and thus once visited there would be no further service. Any reduction in the local highway engineer support would affect the ability for parish and County to provide answers quickly but it was noted that the local team were already operating on a 20% reduction in staff and thus this effect would not be seen.

It was AGREED to respond noting the concern with regard to gritting and the attendance or Emergency Services and carers accessing properties during such difficult weather conditions. There was also a belief that historically there used to be more grit bins around town and that these appeared to have been removed.


Pete Robinson advised that no further matters had arisen since the last steering group meeting on 30th September as the 14th October meeting was cancelled as the actions could not be put into effect in time. The brief for a Media Consultant procurement procedure had been put together and submitted to appropriate people and the next meeting would be on Tuesday for the steering group to consider applications. There would also be a meeting on Monday with the Chair of the Steering Group James Spencer Cllr Wheeler, Cllr Fice, and Pete. This was a process that was going to take time. A question was raised with regard to the Inspector but the Mayor felt the group were nowhere near to the Inspector stage and that the plan needed to be started before considering this. Cllr Mrs Pickering felt at this point she must stand back on this projected due to family circumstances and this was accepted. All councillors felt that two councillors should be on the steering group and Cllr Cohen agreed to step up.


The Mayor thanked Cllr Taylor and the Town Clerk for their work so far on this document and this was to be emailed to all town council for them to consider any additions or changes to this document in order that it could be adopted and actioned accordingly.


DEFERRED as the date for quotations to be received was 24th November.


This was DEFERRED pending receiving further quotes for the barrier.

It was noted that Devon County had sourced some planings for the car park surface and consideration needed to be given to transporting such and the laying of the material.

388. GRANT

It was AGREED to provide a grant of £1000 towards the Salcombe Christmas lights.


The Standing Orders were to be updated and considered in the near future but it was felt that the Recording/Filming of meetings should remain separate whilst parish and towns implement this new legislation to ascertain what further requirements there may be. It was AGREED to adopt this policy with regard to provision for filming of meetings.


It was AGREED that only the 10th December meeting would be held and there would be no manning of the office but just calls checked from time to time from 22nd December to 2nd January 2015.


The Mayor noted that the Park and Ride this season had only carried 16 people during the pilot extension of time to 8p.m and thus was not to be repeated. There would be a change needed of bus due to the low level step up required under the Disability Discrimination Act. The new bus would have less seats as space for wheelchairs and pushchair but passengers could stand on these new buses. They would also be slightly smaller so no increased problem for parking and highway access. There was discussion with regard to the dropping off point and there were still requests local for a Gould Road drop off but Tally Ho had canvassed the passengers and they did not want to go to Gould Road but the centre of town. Tally Ho would however like a bus stop and various locations were discussed in this meeting but none found accessible or suitable. Tally Ho could stop somewhere separately to off load a wheelchair as it was not felt that this would be a regular occurrence. Change to parking meters was being researched so that users could pay for parking alone or parking and bus ride. The new buses would increase the cost to town council with an increase of £5000 p.a. as Tally Ho must buy them in and they could not be used as a school bus due to capacity design. The Mayor had agreed to let Tally Ho have the running dates for next year by December. Advertising revenue back to Town Council would also be possible on the new buses as they were being purchased specifically for the Park and Ride usage.

The Remembrance Parade went well but sadly there was a meeting tonight at the Yacht Club to windup the Salcombe Royal British Legion group. Therefore next year Remembrance Parade would need to be fully organised by Town Council to coordinate with the church and organise things such as a PA. The Mayor and Town Clerk had also attended the two minute silence at the War Memorial on Armistice and this needed to be considered for next year.

The Friends of Cliff House Library Committee had invited the Mayor, District Councillors and County Councillor to their meeting. The Mayor had attended and was advised that County had completely changed the goal posts and was not having community led libraries but they must become charitable trusts so that they paid no rates. There were to be 10 pilots to be run and Salcombe were putting in to be considered for such.


• Cllr Wheeler – Attended the Regatta meeting open evening and had offered pa system and felt it had been a productive meeting that he had enjoyed.
• Cllr Lang – Noted a complaint that the street lights down Fore Street were out. Number 7 and 8 needed to be reported to County. He had also collected the Advance Warning Road Closed Signs for Remembrance Sunday
• Cllr Cohen – Jake Pickering and another had asked to meet him to explore thoughts on them putting together a new Salcombe Music Festival so he would meet with them and advise.
• Cllr Taylor – Felt that the Town Council should stick to 3 minutes per person for open forum in future. The Mayor however felt that this could be imposed if required but it was preferable to allow people time to make their views known. Taking this aside Cllr Taylor noted that this was his last town council meeting and thanked people for putting up with his views. He noted that all town councillors strived to work with the local community which was often overlooked.


• A further letter with regard to the purchase of a grave space was noted and the proposed response requesting payment. All councillors noted this letter and request payment for the grave. It was agreed that if this invoice was not paid within 14 days then the full amount became payable.
• Application received from Salcombe Maritime Museum for a subsidy in their rent, to be considered by the precept working group.
• A meeting had been called by Pennon Group PLC with regard to the re fencing of the South West Water area up on the Berry.
• The Local Government Boundary Commission had called a consultation to end on the 19th January 2015 with regard to an Electoral Review of Devon. Public consultation was scheduled to take place on the draft recommendations between May and July 2015 with the final result in September. The review is to seek to achieve a more balanced representation of County Councillor to voters. This review could recommend changes to the electoral arrangements of parish and town councils (i.e. the number, names and boundaries of each parish wards and the number of town councillors for each parish ward.
• Acknowledgement letter from HM Treasury with regard to the representations made on transport links to Devon and the South West.
• Meeting with Tally Ho to discuss the season and note recommendations for next year. These included the observation by the bus company that extending the service to 8p.m. had indicated that this was not viable nor needed. Also consideration should be given to whether to run the bus during the first May Bank Holiday and all weekends in June/July.
• Communication from ‘The Oil Club’ inviting residents of Salcombe to join them for bulk purchasing of heating oil.
• Information received with regard to the Community Warden Scheme and advisory literature as to how to undertake tasks. As yet no information with regard to Chapter 8 training for such duties.
• A resident from Fortescue Road had expressed concerns that she had been advised by a councillor that the edge of The Berry along Fortescue Road was to be fenced with concrete posts so that no one would be able to park along there. She felt that this could impede the flow of traffic as there would be no passing places. At present there were no plans for this area and she was advised of this.
• The Council Hall feasibility report still needed consideration and Cllr Biggs was to set this meeting up.


Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature:
0032042 Bayleaf Gardening Ltd. – Jubilee Gardens Contract £400.00
0032043 T. Lang – Reimbursement for travel to collect signs and purchase of signs £78.40
0032044 G. Claydon – Stamps and Civic Lunch Napkins £51.54
0032045 M. Fice – Travel expenses and civic lunch table decorations £108.50


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 26th November 2014 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed:21.57p.m.
………………………………………………….. 26th November 2014.
Town Mayor.

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