* Denotes Attendance

Cllr R Moore Town Mayor (in the Chair) – A
Cllr Clark – A
Cur Mrs J Lidstone – *
ClIr M Long – *
Cllr. I. Hatch – A
Cllr L. King – *
Cllr. R. Wheeler – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – A
Cllr M. Fice – *
ClIr R. Bothwick – A
Cllr H. Taylor – A
Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr J Carter
District Councillor Dist. Cllr P Coulson
District Councillor Gill Claydon (Clerk)
Pc Mullin
PCSO Gibson


Members were invited to declare personal or prejudicial interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting as follows:
ClIr Biggs wished it known that by virtue of his professional and development contacts he would leave the meeting should planning matters relating to clients he was aware of at such time were discussed and any item relating to land at RA3. He also declared an interest in items 320 and 321 below and advised he would leave the room when these matters were considered.


Bruce Usher attended to present his St. David’s planning application and further discuss his intentions. He explained the proposals location on the corner of Herbert and Bonaventure Road and that he had looked at the property originally to refurbish and move here with his family. His architect had recommended that they should not go ahead as the property was unstable and should be knocked down and rebuilt. Pre application drawings were drawn up and he had discussions with District who appeared content and it was not felt necessary for him to attend and discuss with town council.
Town Council noted that the style and form was generally accepted but the main consideration was gross overdevelopment of this site. The planning working party had looked at the present scale of property and the footprint being proposed although they acknowledged that such gables broke up some of the effect although there was a lot of glass. Such overdevelopment was considered where the proposal had moved further towards Herbert Road by approx 2.5 – 3m and by moving down the garden frontage as such was viewed up Herbert Road. Currently there was space around the property but such would now be over dominant on the Herbert Road frontage- Thus the size of footprint and its overbearing nature was overdevelopment with the primary concern for the frontage towards Herbert Road. The plans were illustrative but there were no measurements. By moving things outwards to occupy a large amount of frontage and removing garden area which was currently open together with the inclusion of a garage impact also contributed.
The applicant noted that in the pre-consultation there was a blue box around this area looking at streetscene effect to see where such massing of building could go. Working in conjunction with District planners and noting the road there was not a set given distance from the boundary along Herbert Road and with no linear frontage such was felt not to be introducing something that was not already apparent. He felt that what they were proposing was a better building than currently that could become a landmark building and something for other developments to aspire to. On their original 3 D modelling it seemed an improvement.
Town Council did not disagree with the aspiration that what was proposed could improve this plot but were concered with size and scale. All vertical gables did increase the overbearing feeling visually. With its location the visual effect on this corner was a subjective opinion but many planning applications in Salcombe tend to try to maximise the
land space whereas Town Council were trying to keep the feeling of what was valued in for the area. Town Council concern was that with such ongoing development eventually 90% of Salcombe would be concrete if they were not careful. The Planning Working Party did view this site from further up Herbert Road and it brought a canyon feeling in due to the plot being near to the road. They enquired whether it could not be moved back into the garden plot? Due to the property behind and the camber of land this proposal would block a view. Discussion took place with regard to the height of the gable and closeness to the road. The applicant noted that originally theft proposal had two
dormers and District planners said absolutely no way. Through the pre-consultation this current design was borne out of District comments. Dist Cllr Coulson noted the scale massing and effect on streetscene.
The applicant noted that they wanted to enhance the streetscene and not just have more space inside being 3.4 metres back from the footpath but town council pointed out that such was nine feet further forward! The applicant advised he would look at the Herbert Road issue and speak to District and see what they say. If the other two gables were more subservient i.e. dormers or set back this would change the focal point of the house and would soften the slope to Bonaventure. But it was the Herbert Road side that was the problem not Bonaventure.
Mr Usher left the meeting.


Dist. ClIr Carter – Noted he had attended the yacht club in Plymouth to consider Harbour matters. The Estuary Conservation meeting last week was interesting and on Monday he had been at Buckfastleigh for a workshop with SMT considering how to move into the future.
Dist. Cllr. Coulson attended with other District Councillors to consider a number of wind turbine sites and noted the interesting differences in design and visual impact from small changes made. A matt finish quite markedly was less visible than high gloss in the landscape. Also they talked to people in the adjacent areas and obtained their impressions of them. They were viewing fairly modest scale wind turbines which were in and around farm buildings largely to support business rather than to pump wattage into the National Grid. District is moving towards creating a Renewable Energy Policy.
The last Development Management Committee was a long day and a major point to note was that the Executive in November adopted the Supplementary Planning Document on ‘Master Planning and Development Briefs’ but at a subsequent meeting one officer made a pretty masterful job at demolishing this SPD by indicating that it was entirely voluntary and no pressure was on anybody to comply. He had also attended a Batson Cross meeting with regard to the RA3 Masterplan.
The Mayor enquired which way District Councillors were going to vote the next day with regard to Second Home Council Tax? Dist ClIr Coulson found that the move from 50% to 90% tax did not result in any significant increase in flows of cash to District. It certainly encouraged a fair amount of people to move from domestic rates to business rates which in itself was a loss. There was a feeling that such increase could be introduced if bodies were attempting to ‘have a go at second home owners’ otherwise there was nothing in it for District as there was no perceived income benefit. It was noted also that losing rate payers to business rates was a major problem in Salcombe.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 28th November 2012 were approved and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


Councillors considered the following planning and tree works applications and sent observations to the District as Planning Authority:
2677/12/P Temporary use as marshalling yard, parking and materials storage to service 2 building projects in North Sands and South Sands, Site at SX7257 3801 adj to The Cedar House, Moult Hill, Salcombe TQ8 8LF – Applicant Mr S. Greaves —Objection. It was noted that this field had been used previously for two projects and was raised with planning enforcement. Also this application was retrospective because it had been used already for two weeks with complaints being received from neighbouring people. This usage is
ongoing although it states temporary as mentioned previously it was objected to through enforcement previously
Town Council understood the reasoning for this but felt the problem was it was not just being used as a marshalling yard and storage of materials. It was noted that there was a vast amount of soil travelling in and out with materials being delivered and thus the road was being broken up. Also it was felt that the contractor was not clearing the roadways and there were no washing facilities for vehicles at the exit/entrance. This was a multiple use of the site without the necessary considerable amount of control. Reverting to the statement that this was temporary use it was suggested that it had already been used 18 months to two years and the disturbance of land was not fully reinstated and now it was being used again.
A suggestion was made that this was almost a waste transfer station and was becoming a permanent usage
and thus needed licencing. Of note was that there was originally no entrance at this point and this should be closed.
2635/12/F Householder application for proposed extension to the North elevation to be extended to the clients boundary. Rationalisation of the second storey fenestration The Cottage, Salcombe Court, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Mr P. Whittingham —Objection. Town Council did not support building to the boundaries and felt that the proposal was out of keeping with existing plans for reinstatement. Such proposed extension to the north elevation was out of keeping with the existing building plans for reinstatement. The circular stairway was felt to be an obtrusive and damaging addition to the building as was the balcony which introduced an incongruous addition which destroyed the symmetry and provided a
mismatch of styles. The rationalisation of fenestration should not include the use of powder coated aluminium windows and doors as appear to be proposed and it is suggested that only wood should be used to maintain the integrity of the building.
2695/12/F Householder application for reinstatement of existing landing stage and access steps to Poyntz Croft, Cliff Road, South Sands, Salcombe TQ8 8LL – Applicant Mr V. Patel – Objection. It was felt that such proposal would ‘industrialise’ this section of coast with extensive metal steps up the cliff face and visible concrete. There are currently no moorings along this stretch of cliff. The current access provision was noted and it was felt that at low tide this can hardly be seen. There was also a hydraulic lift proposed which would seriously change the visual aspect of this area. It was suggested that this proposal was contrary to the SSSI, Coastal Protectection Zon Policy and CO3, C04, CS7, CS9, DPI and DP2.

• Email dated 10th December 2012 from Enforcement Officer advised that the notification of concerns with regard to the creation of a field entrance and tipping of building waste was not felt to be a planning issue as yet
• WORK TO TREE PRESERVATION ORDER TREES – Notification received but not on agenda as had been incorrectly send to Ivybridge Town Council- 2785/12/TW Reg No: 3344 Site Overbecks, Sharpitor, Salcombe. Proposal to fell various Chestnut trees, Sequioa, Lawson Cypress and Willow and remove a single limb from a Pine free. No objection to works but Town Council would wish to see re planting with appropriate native trees
Cllr Carter left the meeting.


This was dispensed with as all applications have beer, given an extension for responses.
C/Jr Biggs left the meeting for the new two items.


To receive reports from councillors nominated to attend meetings and decide on any course of action required.
Cllr Taylor noted that the meeting was interesting and that Bloor’s representative had explained the process that the steering group would be going through. It was noted that a further meeting will take place at the Salcombe school on Saturday 19th January 10a.m. Reference was made to comments that people thought the process was being rushed through but it did not appear different to all other commercial process. Steering group was only formed to monitor that the process was done well and it did appear open and transparent. When the community are formally consulted and information comes back from the public, the steering group were going to have to ensure that the information had been acted upon.
Dist- Cllr. Coulson felt it was interesting learning curve and as an oversight and scrutiny committee they must be there to see fair play and it did appear to be so. Those taking part cannot start to push their own agendas and lobby what they think the community want and must just wait to see what they hear back from the community.
Cllr Long noted that there was one question with regard to the condensing of the time scale of this consultation and the need to have time to look at reports as they are coming back. The group need a week to sit down and read and this was a concern with the pace of meetings, including reading the draft Master Plan at the end of the process The Mayor noted that the response to the final draft was probably one of the most important steps so over at Ivybridge they have two weeks.


Following a request by the Director of Planning and Development for the Harbour/Marine Hotel with regard to extending the area they currently have permitted by County for on street parking of skips it was AGREED that Town Council could not support the inclusion of a fenced off area of parking between the skips to allow vehicles to deliver and remove such skips. Just two skips should be permitted and the contractors must find a more effective way of managing deliveries even by placing the skips closer together and reversing down to remove both. It was noted there
was concern that on site vehicles were parking there all day when this was only supposed to be delivery lorries. It was questioned that now the development had advanced whether deliveries could be made on site now.Dist Cllr. Coulson Left the meeting


It was AGREED:
(a) that in future the Library room be set up with the oval table and three trestle tables for Town Council meetings.
(b) to accept the offer by Cliff House Trust Limited for them to carry out maintenance works in the New Year to alleviate the damp in the Town Clerk’s office.


It was AGREED that the Finance Working Party would consider the provision of weed spraying and one additional footpath cut per year and put forward a draft budget/precept for the next meeting.


This item was DEFERRED for Town Council to consider at the next meeting.


It was AGREED to accept the draft newsletter as tabled and for delivery to all households in Salcombe to be arranged during the Christmas period. Howard will compile. Rob will summarise and send Howard.


It was AGREED to carry out a review of all footpaths and adopt the format for reporting back as provided by Cllr Long and councillors agreed after the meeting the allocation such footpath review tasks from the map provided.


DEFERRED awaiting receipt of the expert reports to consider such actions required.
It was AGREED to approve the Dispensation Policy as drafted and that the Town Clerk could deal with such requests accordingly.


The mayor advised he attended the WRVS Christmas lunch with the Citizen of Year and noted how superb the menu and atmosphere provided were. Also such presentation made by the WRVS for others community work was noted.
The Kingsbridge and Salcombe chamber of commerce wanted to carry out a commercial/business survey as they felt the District one was not accurate. The Chamber of Commerce meeting tabled but deferred a decision of whether such would be carried out asking what was needed, what people like, what should be stopped etc. There had been a meeting at Follaton House with regard to RA3 affordable housing and the Mayor stated that the officers had said there was HCA grant money available through different channels although there was not a lot. District were going to pay to carry out a feasibility study on Town Council’s portion of land with regard to affordable housing.


• Cllr Wheeler – Noted that the finance working party meeting had been covered.
• Cllr Hatch – The drain at Sandhills by the new house which used to be pink was blocked. County Highways it was suggested needed to clear this and ascertain what caused the blockage. Other drains were muddied up too.
• CIII- Long – Had requested details of the mechanical sweeping and times. He also enquired when the school boy steps were to be repaired and completed by.


Consideration would be given to the trees within Shadycombe Cemetery that had lower branches which were now touching the tops of gravestones and required works which the Tree Warden acknowledged and would put in hand.
Cemetery records report week 4 outlined that the source data spreadsheets had caused a ‘fatal’ error on addition and removal of data columns and thus the company were looking at this problem and Pete Robinson had been unable to continue. Currently the paper records were being sorted.

• County salting of pavements to clear moss and slippery surfaces were raised by Cllrs Riggs and Long and would be investigated.
• A flood surgery was to be held by District and attended by representatives from the Environment Agency and Devon County Council, as well as officers from South Hams District Council from 17:00 – 20:00 on Monday 17th December 2012. This was an opportunity for members of the public to let them know about their experiences of the November flooding incidents.
• A meeting had been requested with Marion Playle and Malcolm Elliott on such planning application decision disparity with a suggest date of the following week or after January 7th To date no response had been received.
• Cemetery grass had been cut but at Bonfire Hill although Jeyes fluid had been put down it needed a bespoke moss killer on the pathways. Town Clerk asked whether this should go on the next agenda to consider or ratify so that lain Randall could treat.
• The details of the claim made by a user of the Park and Ride had now been passed to Town Council insurers who were dealing with accordingly.



• None received other than that already emailed.


Current Account £501.00 Deposit Account £239,819.72
County Grass cutting – £490.88
Bonfire Hill -£150.00
VAT Reimbursement 2010/11 —2011/12 £6428.60
Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature
Cliff House Trust Limited – Rent to March 2012 £3678.00
Bower Wines — Civic Community Lunch £244.70
One Bill – Telephone £32.69
Concorde Copiers – Maintenance £14.48
SHDC – Bonfire Hill Refuse £24.84
Information Commissioner – Data Protection registration £35.00
Tally Ho! Coaches Limited – Park and Ride bus provision shortfall £1755.85
lain Randall – Maintenance contract £446.33
Staff wages, NI and Tax To be paid


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 9″ January 2013 in the Main Hall at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.
Meeting Closed: 910pm
9 January2013.
Town Mayor.

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