Dignitaries and members of the public assembled at the steps of the Council Hall in Salcombe on Monday 12th September to hear the Town Mayor, Cllr Mrs Nikki Turton, read the proclamation confirming King Charles III as our Monarch. Also in attendance were Deputy Mayor,... (read more)

Royal Proclamation

Public Reading of the Royal Proclamation Of His Majesty King Charles III by the Town Mayor on the steps of The Council Hall Market Street, Salcombe on Monday 12th September 2022 at 2.00 pm All Welcome to... (read more)

Books of Condolence

Books of Condolence are open to sign in Holy Trinity  Church Salcombe, which will  be closed at the end of the day after the funeral. An online book is available on the Royal website, please follow this link: The Royal Family (read more)

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