• Introduction
  • Salcombe Town Council
  • Self Help Emergency Plan
  • Emergency “Grab Bag”
  • Possible Emergencies
  • Snow and Ice
  • High winds and Loss of power/communications
  • Serious road traffic collisions or aircraft crash
  • Major pollution or contamination incident
  • Water supply failure
  • Flooding
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Contact Directory
  • Emergency action Checklist 


Salcombe Town Council Emergency Plan has been prepared in order to assist the residents of this parish to cope in the event of an emergency or other unforeseen situation which has disrupted the normal day to day life of the area.

In most circumstances the ‘Blue Light’ services (police, fire and rescue, ambulance and possibly the coastguard as appropriate) would be attendance very quickly and thus the involvement of parishioners would be minimal.  In some situations a supporting role of “tea and sympathy” and possibly providing temporary shelter until the situation is resolved could be most valuable.

However, in the event of severe weather and/or commitments elsewhere the emergency services may not be able to respond as quickly as necessary and then it would be up to the residents to deal with the situation to the best of their ability.   Therefore Salcombe Town Council has drawn up lists of services and facilities available within the parish together with contact numbers of individuals who may be able to provide assistance.  We have also included a list of useful contacts outside our area.

In the first instance any unforeseen incident should be dealt with by those on the scene and further assistance sought as necessary. Town councillors are a useful source of advice and information and are a good first point of contact.

An up-to-date version of this booklet will be maintained for viewing or free download at:

Interested agencies are encouraged to place a link to this URL on their own websites and documents.

The Emergency Plan will be periodically revised and any suggestions for corrections, additions or updates should be sent to the Town Clerk, Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8JQ.

Please ensure you have the latest printed copy of this plan as details may be subject to change.

Salcombe Town Council Area 

Salcombe is a Town close to the entrance of the Kingsbridge/Salcombe estuary. It is within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Site of Special Scientific Interest and the older part of town is designated as a Conservation Area. It has an extensive waterfront, and being part of a naturally sheltered harbour it has a rich and unusual diversity of estuary marine habitats and supported wildlife and is host to industries such as Shipbuilding, Crabbing, and Tourism, with Sailing and Yachting being a very popular part of the Tourism Industry, Salcombe also has a very large percentage of second homes, and holiday homes that are rented out during the summer season.

According to the 2001 Census Salcombe had a population of 1,893. Salcombe has a Primary School, Redfern Health Centre, a Retained Fire Station and a Lifeboat Station, which has an inshore and offshore lifeboat. The Police maintain a presence at the Harbour Masters office at Whitestrand. During the summer months the Harbour Master operates a Harbour Patrol at night.  The town has many shops situated along by the waterfront but many of these are seasonal.  There is however a chemists, bakers, general store, delicatessen and butchers that stay open all year round along with a hardware shop and other facilities that are situated in Island Street.  There is also a general stores/Post Office that is open all year round and situated up the top of town in Loring Road.

Salcombe has a bus service operated by Tally Ho! Coaches, the route 606 operates Monday to Saturday. There is no Sunday Service, but there is an Exeter to Salcombe service that operates one service only on a Sunday. In the holiday periods a bus service is provided by Town Council through Tally Ho to transfer people from the Bonfire Hill Car Park to the Tourist Information Centre in Salcombe.  Along with this provision are foot passenger ferry crossings. Salcombe also has a Petrol Station which is open seven days a week.

The main A381 links Kingsbridge through to Salcombe passing through Malborough.  All roads in and around Salcombe are narrow, many with passing places only and the whole area becomes congested with visitors in the summer and builders/service vans et al during the other times.  Should emergency vehicles need to attend they could be hampered by any of these.

A minor injury unit is located in Kingsbridge hospital but it is not manned on a 24 hour basis.  The nearest railway station is in Totnes, where there is also a 24 hours minor injury unit.

Self-help Emergency Plan

The Civil Contingencies Act 2005 suggests that town and parish councils prepare a contingency plan for self-help in case of emergency.  Nearly all emergencies affecting our community will be dealt with by the “blue light services”, local authorities or public utility companies but there may be occasions when the community will have to help itself.  Salcombe Town Council have therefore prepared a community self-help plan which we hope will provide a framework for parishioners to cope with any emergencies affecting our community.

This guidance is by its very nature generic, and can be adapted to any incident.  Once the emergency services are in attendance the information in the plan can then be used to provide assistance and local knowledge.

Risks that may require the communities to act independently include isolation caused by bad weather or being unable to receive help from the emergency services due to widespread disaster or pandemic. In other situations such as major spillage, flood, aircraft accident or lost persons the emergency services could well rely on local knowledge to help in their efforts. 

Emergency “Grab Bag”

Householders are advised to prepare an emergency bag to help them locate essential items quickly should an incident occur.  It is also suggested that they collect and maintain a small emergency store of bottled water, ready to eat food and a can opener.

The bag should be small enough to carry and stored in a safe place where family members can find it.  It should be checked regularly and should include:

  • Details of regular prescriptions for your family and any medications.
  • Paper copy of useful telephone numbers (e.g. family, friends, insurance company, utilities, doctors etc)
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Important documents e.g. passport, insurance certificates
  • NHS numbers (you can obtain these from your doctor)
  • Toiletries
  • First Aid kit
  • Wind-up or battery radio, including spare batteries
  • Wind-up or battery torch with spare batteries
  • Essential keys (house, car, work)
  • Special items (e.g. spectacles, contact lenses)
  • Cash and debit/credit cards
  • Candles and matches


Snow and Ice

This could result in fallen trees, power disruption, blocked roads and failure of public transport.  With limited road access through our STC area we could quickly become isolated.

Salcombe Town Council has established a volunteer Snow Warden scheme and areas have been adopted where it is felt that gritting is most necessary:

The map below shows the main areas of gritting that has been adopted by this council as their snow policy, but it is also envisaged that the main arterial routes such as access from the fire station be gritted as a matter of course.

STC Gritting Map 

Volunteer List 

Andrew Biggs

Caroline Bricknell

Tony Lang

David Cohen

The numbers for these councilors can be found on the main contacts sheet

High Winds and Loss of Power/Communications                   

Since much of the local medium-voltage power and telecommunications networks still rely on overhead power lines localized outages can be anticipated during exceptionally windy weather.  Loss of electricity can have a “knock-on” effect on all other mains services. Mobile phone coverage of the parish is sometimes patchy and therefore cannot be relied on to provide back-up in the event of wired network failure.

If telephones are not affected and road traffic is moving freely contact should be made with the relevant service supplier to:

  • report the loss of service
  • obtain an estimate of time when service will resume
  • obtain advice on making situation safe if necessary

If reconnection is likely to be delayed the supplier should be asked to institute emergency measures to help the community deal with the situation until the services are reconnected.  South Hams District Council (01803 861234) should also be kept informed of the situation. 

Serious Road Traffic Accidents or Aircraft Crash

This would probably only be a short-term problem before the emergency services took over but help could be provided by local householders in the form of hot drinks, blankets, shelter etc.

Major Pollution or Contamination Incident 

While there is no known major or hazardous chemical or biological process industry in the area the possibility of airborne or waterborne contamination reaching the parish cannot be wholly ruled out.  However, management of any such incident would be very technically specialized and thus any response by the community would be confined to communication and observance of measures recommended by MoD, Police and Emergency Services.

Water Supply Failure 

In addition to inconvenience and reduced fire-fighting capability failure of the mains water supply may lead to a public health hazard from contamination of conduits. Good communication within the community will be of paramount importance in this eventuality.  As soon as possible South West Water will dispatch bowsers containing fresh, uncontaminated water supplies.


Areas within the lower part of town historically have been vulnerable to flooding.  District are currently negotiating with property owners to have a Flood Gate installed on the slipway.  Many of the shops in this area have flood measures which can be installed if due warning is provided.  However there are some properties that sit below the water level and thus are more prone to suffer.  Areas like South Sands can become cut off if storm damage affects the road.

Short-term localised flooding may occur after particularly intense rainfall (flash flooding) exacerbated by blocked culverts, and by high tides and tidal surges, as well as run off of surface water overwhelming the drainage system.

South Hams distribute sand bags and the exact location can be decided before any incident although in the past they have been piled up at Colemans Corner (Clifton Place) for collection and this has worked well.

South Hams Flood Line out of hours service        01803 867034

Emergency Accommodation 

Temporary accommodation could in an emergency be provided at the:

Salcombe Primary School
Onslow Road

Cliff House
Cliff Road

Salcombe Rugby Club
Two meads
Camperdown Road

Salcombe Young person’s centre (Beehives)
Youth Centre
Gould Road

These locations have both kitchen and bathroom facilities and contacts and their numbers can be found in the directory below.



First responders

First responders are volunteers trained and equipped to deal with some medical emergencies.  Based in the community they have greater local knowledge and are able to mobilise more rapidly than other rescue services. They are contacted through the normal Ambulance control centre.

Emergency 999

Redfern Health Centre                                                                             01548 842284
Pharmacies:  Boots Chemist                                                                    01548 842146
South Hams Hospital                                                                                01548 852349
Derriford Hospital                                                                                     01752 202082
Torbay Hospital                                                                                        01803 614567

FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES                                                                                                                    

Fire/Police/Ambulance/ Coastguard                                                          999/112 

H M Coastguard – Falmouth (Also 999/112)                                          01803 882704

Western Power Distribution Emergency Line                                         0800 3659000

Power Failure                                                                                         08457 651651

Environment Agency, South West Region emergencies                         0800 807060

Floodline                                                                                                 0345 988 1188

South Hams Floodline out of hours service                                             01803 867034

South West Water                                                                                    0800 1691144

Useful numbers 

Salcombe Harbour and Water taxi                                                         01548 843791

Hazel Burkitt (Salcombe Young Persons Centre/Beehives)                   07779850391

Chandlers Heights Office                                                                       01548 842397

Tourist Information Centre                                                                      01548 843927

Tally Ho Bus and Coach service                                                             01548 853081

West End Garage                                                                                   01548 842889



Andrew Biggs

17 Grenville Road, Salcombe TQ8 8BJ                             (h) 01548 844733                                         (mob) 07876 141937


Caroline Bricknell

9 Camperdown Road, Salcombe                                       (h) 01548 842267                        (mob) 07812 850518


David Cohen

Myrana, Drake Road, Salcombe TQ8 8EG                        (h)01548 843329


Mike Fice

21 Buckley Street, Salcombe TQ8                                     (h)01548 844560                                           (mob) 07730 422655


Tony Lang

8 Kingsale Road, Salcombe TQ8 8AS                                (h) 01548 843108


Richard Whitfield                                                                (mob) 07767 787255
31 Ember Road,Salcombe TQ8 8FP
Town Clerk: Gill Claydon

E-mail          01548  842282

E-mail                              01548  581185

(mob) 07840 560270


Project Manager and Cemetery Administrator: Pete Robinson

Beehive, 17 Landmark Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8NY                         (h) 01548 844027                                                             (mob) 07777 699701



General enquiries                                                                                                                01803 861234

Out of Hours                                                                                                                         01803 867034



District Councillor Ms Judy Pearce                                                                   01548842267

District Councillor Simon Wright                                                                       07970 836410


General Enquiries                                                                                            01392 382000

County Councillor: Rufus Gilbert                                                                      01548 856659



Emergency Accommodation

Cliff House – Keyholders                           Caretaker Simon                                                07453 210717

Office                                                  01548 844704


Salcombe Church of England Primary School

Keyholders                                                  Secretary Rachel                                                01548 842842

Caretaker Mark Roberts                                   07779329887


Salcombe Church

Keyholders                                                  Daniel French                                                     01548 844928


Salcombe Rugby Club

Keyholders                                                  Paul Billings                                                         01548 842639

(H) 01548 842311

(M) 07975518882


Salcombe Young Persons Centre/Beehives

Keyholder                                                    Hazel Burkitt                                                       07779850391


Emergency Food Supplies

WRVS Luncheon Club                           Julie Coleman                           01548 843603

The Ferry Inn                                                                                          01548 844000

The Kings Arms                                                                                      01548 842202

The Fortescue                                                                                        01548 842868

The Victoria                                                                                            01548 842604

Salcombe Bakehouse                                                                             01548 842824

Colemans Butchers                                                                                01548 842809

Cranchs Store                                                                                         01548 842331

Spar Store                                                                                               01548 842836

The Plaice restaurant and takeaway                                                     01548 843693

Mobile Fish & Chips                                                                               07534863023


BBC Radio Devon (104.3fm)                                                          01752 260323

Travel Desk                                                                                    0845 300 2829

Heart South Devon (100.5/100.8/101.2/101.9)



Name                                                                     Date

Action ………………………………………………………………………………

  • Dial 999 and ensure the emergency services are aware of

the emergency  and log any advice given.  Repeat advice back to the person on the other end of the phone.

  • Contact and inform South Hams District Council and Devon County Council. Remember to get person’s name, extension number and department where he/she works.
  • Contact member of the Town Council
  • Contact volunteers and keyholders as appropriate


                             YOURSELF OR OTHERS AT RISK


Peter Dale
Community Safety and Emergency Planning Officer
TOR2 Control Room
01803 861278/01803 867034 (out of hours)/07980 011895*

Town Council Emergency Committee

Andrew Biggs                     Caroline Bricknell                         Richard Whitfield

07876141937                        07812850518                                 07767787255              



Parish of Salcombe
Rev. Daniel French
Salcombe                                                                              01548 844928

Curate: Stephen Ball

Catholic Church
Monsignor Adrian Toffolo
Kingsbridge                                                              01548 852670


Date Completed: …………………….


Date to be revised:………………….. 6 months after adoption

By emergency committee members or Town Clerk/Project Manager.

Download as PDF

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