Public Meeting.

Salcombe Town Council is holding a public meeting on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 at 7p.m. in the hall at Cliff House, Cliff Road to inform residents of Salcombe about an offer to town council for the community to take on the parks in town along with the open space at the Berry. South Hams District Council, in response to a request to transfer ownership of The Berry to town council, has also offered to transfer other town areas currently held by District Council.

Before going any further Town Council would need to obtain surveyors reports on the condition of areas such as the Cliff House Gardens estuary wall along with other reports to understand the cost of ongoing maintenance of all areas. As there is a cost to this exploratory exercise town council has asked their solicitor to attend this meeting and answer questions from residents on the legal position on these parcels of land so that the town can decide, firstly, whether they want to investigate the possibility of returning ownership of all or part of this land to the town.

All those interested are welcome to attend and be advised first hand of the actual legal position and feed local thoughts into the way forward for Salcombe.

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