* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott – A
Cllr Mrs M. Kemp – *
Cllr K. Baker – *
Cllr N. Rudd – A
Cllr G. Lennox – *
Cllr Mrs N. Turton – *
Cllr P. Armstrong – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – A
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – *
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Chris Derrick Kingsbridge Gazette – A

The Chairman welcomed Nikki Turton and Peter Armstrong onto the Town Council.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. None declared.


Martin Smout vice Commodore Salcombe Yacht Club attended with regard to an issue the club had and the way they wished to deal with it. He explained the small beach storage they had historically used, the new site by the gas tank and the knock on effect to club facilities usage. Also their revenue was linked to their lease with Cliff House so a drop would reduce money they paid to Cliff House. He had met with Dist Cllr Wright who had suggested he seek Town Council’s thoughts.

The solution they wished was to bring dinghies to an area around the Watch House which was currently used by tenders. To achieve more space they had approached Chris Brook District Assets to ask if they could use part of lower Cliff House Gardens which was close to the estuary. If permitted they would move the tenders onto their land by the tank and ultimately use their section of land by Cliff House Gardens for dinghies together with an area of lower garden. As the garden was extensive they wished to cut an access through from the garden to the club land and rent an area of grass from the bottom of the steps back towards the wall of the club. It should hold 15 solos and they would make those spaces available to people sailing on a regular basis.

Cllr Biggs noted the benches situated to the right hand side under the arches and that a couple of town events used Cliff House Gardens quite extensively (i.e. Gig and Town Regattas). The area was also used for the Harbour swim as regatta stewards used this point to count people coming back in. Town Council asked that if they fenced the bottom steps would they allow the regatta swimmers to come through. They already came across club land and the footpath would be maintained. A discussion took place on membership rates and why they were changed.

Tenders currently around the Watch House idea would be moved to the tank area at Batson. A question was put as to why tender owners could not pay their dues as other users rather than take further town open space away. It was noted that things happening nowadays were forcing towns people out of the town in favour of private people’s entertainment. The area would take about 15 solo dinghies which would be tight and the club would have to double row them. A straw poll of solo owners indicated that they would rather put up with a lot of hassle at Cliff House Gardens rather than being further afield. It was agreed they would have a fence to contain the boats. With regard to creating an access through the wall town council would want the material from the wall retained so that the original wall could be replaced. Thanked him for attending.
Martin Smout left the meeting.

John Kempton advised he lived on Main Road Salcombe and had received the letter from town council’s solicitor but had only just returned from abroad. He advised that he called the solicitor who did not respond. The Land Registry map showed he had to cross the access to enter his garage and also illustrated his parcels of land. He had tried to claim right of way or lawful usage of this due to using such for 30 years but as there was no ownership being in place he could not obtain this but was assured that if the owners were found or Town/District Council owned it in future he could claim right of way. He perfectly understood town council’s reason for fencing and registering the land and not allowing the perimeter to be used as a car park. It looked pretty now and he requested that the dragon’s teeth not be quite so high or close but had an issue on the map provided with regard to where the cars and camper van were. He asserted that the people with the campervan had cut this area right back and now everyone believed it is parking whereas it was not. Placing the dragon’s teeth 1m from the roadway would mean people would park there and obscure visibility and narrow the section for access by dustmen and fire engines. The Mayor noted the 1m and explained that the original intention was fence out to the side of the road. An area was left for turning whereas Mr Kempton felt this should not be so as he used to reverse out of his garage to the turning but the parking now stopped this.

County Councillors report – Cty Cllr Gilbert advised that the County tax was increasing by 1.99% p.a. plus 3% for care in the community for the elderly. Government had allowed an increase of 6% over six years so County decided on 3% first year, 3% second year and nothing in the third year in case Government changed their mind. Over half the population was over 65years in Devon and rising fast so there were serious financial care problems. County Councils proportion was half of the council tax bill. Government had given Devon £8million extra for pothole repairs so this made up for the recent cut back in maintenance of roads and County budget for roads would remain the same this year. 94% of schools in Devon were marked as good or outstanding so this was a major improvement from 10 years ago. However Devon received £290 per child per year from Government which was £264 less than the average in the rest of the UK. Money had been pumped for last 25 – 30 years into Metropolitan areas and a lot of that was going into educating children than did not speak English. Now the Shires and rural areas were heating up their campaign and the recent Surrey saga was the Shires and rural areas getting angry for not getting money for roads, schools and elderly etc. There was now a fight against metro man with the drive from the same political affiliation. District and County Council were responsible for waste – 0% waste from this District went to landfill as it was diverted to the incinerator.

Totnes Cross to Halwell potholes, he was quietly confident, would be repaired in 2017/18 fiscal year before the winter as ongoing patches were temporary. He noted he had been dealing with a constituent with a concern on bad parking in Church Street. The Mayor responded that this was not bad parking but County Council parking permits exacerbating a problem. Enforcement would take place on Church Street and should be carried out shortly but the Mayor advised that all vans there had County permits. Town Council made this point when these permits were bought in. If enforcement was to attend then it was requested they included Buckley Street as drivers were parking on double yellow lines. All bays around town were full with dispensation parking permits and most are builders.

Cllr Lang noted that the District parking consultation was basically saying District would allow less dispensation notices and permits so District Council did not appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet as County. Cty Cllr Gilbert stated that for the time being there will be no limit on the number of District permits being issued. All existing parking permits would be renewed and if not the same it would be an equivalent but named differently so no one would lose parking. District was trying to simplify their system so that instead of 15 there would be just one permit with zones. Concern was raised that the contractors at End House had fenced off the on street parking bay and had they obtained permission.

The Mayor reported online last month to County a street light fault and had a response email that said he would receive a report back in 5 days. He heard nothing but the report now stated it was dealt with but it had not been. The Mayor asked if the Government allocated money for potholes and road budget would be ringfenced for potholes and Cty Cllr Gilbert confirmed this.
Cty Cllr Gilbert and Mr Kempton left the meeting.

District Councillors report – Dist Cllr Wright noted District was to make a decision on the budget the following day but was probably putting on £5 per household. There was also to be a recommendation that car park charges go up across District by an average of 2%. However as towns were controlling their own car parking income they would be asked to see how they wished to implement these charges. Currently District was working on a new website and clerks would be invited to try it out as it was fast and all cloud based. The had gone away from what experts advised and looked to see where most traffic was and placed the most used information on the front page, the more something was used it would move to the front page. Council tax bills were due to go out in March and at the same time new online services would be launched through a big market push. The Joint Local Plan was to go live on 20th February with a consultation for six weeks. He had a series of complaints about sewage in Batson and had talked to South West Water and finally they had said a survey with cameras was carried out and the Batson Heights development was nothing to do with the problem. However the builders at this location had put things down drains which then blocked the drains so all was now cleared. Personally he was always concerned with large building sites as there was no system in place to clear the drains and they tended to wash everything they cleaned off into surface water drains. The previous day the Government White Paper on Housing had been launched with proposals he felt were quite brave. Cllr Biggs having consider the paper did not think these aims would happen. Cllr Lang noted that yet again the problem was that Government used the same system to cover the whole country which did not work. Cllr Wright was not sure how to develop more affordable homes from this paper and Community Housing led projects information was yet to be received from officers.


The Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 25th January 2017 were considered and duly AGREED for the Chair to sign as a true and correct record.

The following applications were considered and such observations submitted to District Planning as below:
• 0072/17/HHO Householder application for three new dormers to first floor Yawl Watch, Devon Road Salcombe TQ8 8HJ – No objection.
• 0122/17/LBC Listed building consent for retrospective permission for small pentice roof and meter cupboard on the side (SW elevation) at garden level The Grange Cliff Road Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – No objection.


• 0154/17/TCA Proposal to fell Magnolia. Location Old Porch Cottage, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe TQ8 8DJ – No objection.


• 0784/16/FUL Land adjacent to Gould Road, Salcombe was to go to District Development Management committee on 15th February – Concern was noted with regard to access from Gould Road, design of the buildings and colour of cladding, consideration of units currently there, coach parking and resiting of recycling banks. Town Council felt any development should be retained as smaller units for maritime industry. Cllr Lennox suggested that this proposal could not be taken to its final stage without doing the whole master plan for the area and thus this application should be put on hold. As no representative of town council was able to attend something would be provided to Dist Cllr Wright so that he could read it out asking for the application to be withdrawn.


An application by the Co-op for a licence to supply alcohol from a new premises being developed at Gould Road was considered and it was AGREED there was no objection to such licence and hours proposed to coincide with the shop opening times.
Dist Cllr Wright left the meeting.


Reports had been completed by Town Council with regard to current public waste bins provision within Salcombe and thanks was given to Cllr Mrs Kemp for all her work on this. It was AGREED that the coloured map provided be circulated to all town council for their further consideration.
Major areas lacking in bin provision were noted as it was a distance between the below:
• Devon Road – one in the Plantation Woods, down the steps (inaccessible/unseen)
• next one along was at the top of Cliff House Woods, down the steps,
• within the park x 2
• then onto Cross Park but if people did not know they were there they would not find them.
• One at North Sands opposite toilets then bins in the car park but out there that was all.
• There was no provision along Cliff Road from The Grange to North Sands.
• Beadon Road had dog waste bins but not a waste bin where Beadon converted from the metalled road to unmade road.

Suggestions for changes or additions:
• Cliff House Gardens bins should go up onto the road.
• One could be placed at Woodcot Bridge for provision between The Grange, Cliff Road and North Sands


DEFERRED as still awaiting any estimates with regard to works to ensure the safety of the roof supports on this building. Further contacts for estimates were suggested.


It was noted that the works on Bridleway 10 which were to be paid out of the Parish Paths money held together with £1000 from the Footpath Officers allocation and Devon County Footpaths monies had been completed.

Cllr Lang had walked all paths and tabled a report to be forwarded to Devon County along with the funding sheet for 2016 to February 2017 which was duly AGREED as presented. It was noted that Beadon Lane was in a state and there was a new access which had appeared. However Cllr Mrs Kemp advised that the gateway was historically there but it had just been allowed to become overgrown. No 16 used to have a stile where it joined the bridleway but this had been sawn off. The landowner was concerned that if his sheep escaped as there was nothing to stop them going further. No 3 there was the remains of an old stile which needed attention. No 4 Lincombe Boat Yard needed to ensure clear passage for walkers at all times. Thanks was extended to Cllr Lang for walking all paths and producing this report.


Discussion took place on the remit and representation by town council on associations and working groups and the following amendments were AGREED:
Neighbourhood Plan Group – Add Cllr Lennox
Swimming Pool Committee – Cllr Rudd was already on this committee
Feoffees – Add Cllr Mrs Kemp
OSSR – Cllrs Biggs, Mrs Kemp, Mrs Bricknell and Baker
Coastal Communities Team – Cllr Mrs Turton to become the town council representative
Chamber of Commerce – Cllr Armstrong (to act as reserve to the Mayor).
Mortuary – Add Cllr Lennox
Media Officer – Cllr Lang


The volunteers nominated within the plan were updated and the following AGREED:
• Ex Councillors – Rob Wheeler and David Cohen to be replaced with Cllr Lennox and Cllr Kemp’s husband Peter, Cllr Rudd and Cllr Armstrong
• Chandlers Heights no longer had a contact telephone number so to be removed.
• WRVS was now renamed as RVW
• New Co-op to be added to list once built.
• Island Street Bar and Grill to be added
• Pastoral Care – Add Curate Revd Ruth Frampton.
• Add Cllr Mrs Kemp to Emergency Committee
Cllr Whitfield advised that telephone numbers must be continually checked and updated as with the Emergency Plan being on the town council website anyone can access these numbers at all times and therefore correct contact details were imperative.


Content and ideas for articles to input on the town council website were put forward and it was AGREED as follows:
• The requirement for a photo and resume from all new councillors.
• Suggested a rolling top ten current stories for information and interest.
• This was a council information site not a visitor tool.
• Open Spaces Sport and Recreation article to be written promoting involvement in this plan.

Cllr Rudd noted the town council site did not have a Facebook page but other local councils did. Others present felt this could open a dialogue town council could not monitor or close but others felt the public did not know what was going on and people accessed media nowadays through Apps. Cllr Biggs was concerned who would want to administer such 24 hours a day and it was decided to agenda this as an item to consider at the next meeting.


He noted the recent meeting with Tally Ho to discuss bus times and charges but this was reported fully later in the Minutes. An email had been received with regard to the tree within the council parking space. The Mayor would respond advising the correspondent she was incorrect in her observations and the tree would not be pruned in respect of interference with cables. As town council had a voluntary working party which carried out a considerable amount of work to this garden and there had been no contact from BT.


Cllr Biggs – Those riding motorbikes had been opening the maintenance gate and riding across the Berry out by Primrose Field. There were wheel tracks going down the Berry and across the playing field. Five bikes were there on Sunday and Monday. A padlock would be placed on the Berry maintenance gate put a post at Kingsale Road end would not be a good idea as this would obstruct wheelchair/buggy. With regard to the OSSR plan responses had been received from about four or five organisations. A list of who the consultation was sent to and who responses had been received from would be circulated. A reminder would also be sent to organisations.

Cllr Rudd – Advised of a Community Garden being created at Salcombe School with PTFA money along a war commemoration theme.

Cllr Mrs Kemp – Chamber of Trade representatives along with herself met Managers of Lloyds Bank but they were not prepared to answer any questions just listen to what was said. She felt there was no human touch or willingness to discuss matters at that meeting and the only thing she learnt was when the mobile bank van would attend, Salcombe 2hrs one morning and 2hrs another afternoon. Cllrs Mrs Kempt suggested Thursday due to the minibus bringing residents down but Lloyds had done no consultation on such provision and their minds were made up. Lloyds it appeared was hiding behind the fact that because they had given enough notice of when the branch was to be closed that was consultation and they ignored all feedback. Further discussion on the lack of consultation and provision took place and whilst it was inevitable that the branch was going to close the major concern was about the loss of the ATM and any future provision charging for such service. The proposed Co-op could provide an ATM but one was needed in the centre of town. The Spar cash machine often did not work. Also the bank van maximum withdrawal would be £300 which would not assist businesses. It was suggested that town council should write in firm terms to Lloyds advising that their lack of professionalism and willingness to work with the community would be highlighted in the media. Also an email would be sent to all businesses on the town council list to enquire if they were willing to take an ATM at their property or suggest somewhere.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell – Noted that someone had dumped white cabbages and thrown them everywhere at the park and ride and also into the cemetery below but she had cleared everything.

Cllr Mrs Turton – Received a complaint that seagulls bags had been left out and were blowing around in children’s’ faces hitting them. Town Council noted that previously District Council had been asked to enforce removal of these bags but they did not do it. It was suggested that they could have stickers printed to place on bags to say remove or there would be a fine.


• A resident in Bonaventure Road had advised that Western Power were replacing a current wooden lighting pole with a metal one and they felt that this affected the setting of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They also challenged the user of this land had moved from his property but retained this parking space and was moving the pole to accommodate his car and wished town council to comment. This was noted but not felt this was a town council issue.
• The contractor for Jubilee Gardens had provided an invoice for £50.98 which stated it was for the supply of one Euonymus. No discussion had taken place nor permission given with regard to the need for planting but the response had been that six plants were required for an area that had been bare for some time probably due to its position on a corner and perhaps youngsters running over it. The planting had not been sanctioned by town council and therefore payment was not agreed.
• Cathy Aubertin of District Car parks had advised that they had no proposals to remove the reserved parking for fishermen and confirmed there would be no limit to business permits. She also acknowledged that the extension of times for residents parking permits would have an impact of business users arriving to find places. This consultation had been extended until 14th February.
• Town Council had been successful in securing the TAP Fund grant this year for Cliff House Trust and could apply for the £2,292.72 once Cliff House Trust provided the necessary invoices.
• Citizen Advice had provided their Annual Report and explained the service that they provided to individuals, families and businesses and that they relied on grants from parish and towns for their income in order to provide such.
• Form of Notice that Section 24 to 28 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 are not to apply to a Business Tenancy served on town council with regard to the office within Cliff House. Forwarded to town council solicitor to deal with whilst renewing the Lease.
• Park and Ride Bus route as registered by Tally Ho with Office of the Traffic Commissioner received. Fares to go up in line with service buses to £1.10 Adult Single and £1.70 Adult Return.
• Email received from Salcombe Christmas Lights Committee thanking town council for their grant and advising that they intended to purchase collecting tins and placed so that people can donate if they wish but not feel pressured.
• The Fishermen’s Mission wished everyone to raise awareness of their service and that they could offer help and advice. An article for town council website would be obtained.


Bank Balances
Current Account £501.00
Deposit Account £265,584.00

Receipts: Nil

Town Council approved Internet payments below to be made in January to:
Claydon – Reimbursement for Copier paper and laminating sleeves plus staples and wallet pockets £44.41
Greenspace Grounds Maintenance – Supply of weed killer £412.00
SHDC – Bonfire Hill Refuse £29.10

Cheques APPROVED for signature:
Salcombe PCC – Annual Subscription for 3 in 1 magazine £8.00


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 22.10p.m.

……………………………………………….. 22nd February 2017.
Town Mayor.

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