* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor – A
Cllr. A. Biggs (in the Chair) – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr. R. Wheeler – A
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott – *
Cllr Mrs A. Clacy – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *
Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – *
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Chris Derrick – Kingsbridge Gazette reporter – A


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. Cllr Biggs declared a work interest in 0362/16 and Cllr Lang took the chair for this item only.


Richard Muxworthy was present along with his client David Blatchford with regard to 3069/15/HHO Bridleway House. There had been a re-advertisement of this application due to amendments as his client had noted previous comments on overdevelopment and the expanse of glass together with overlooking. Thus he had redesigned and reduced the amount of glass and with regard to possible overdevelopment pointed out this was a house on a very substantial site surrounded by woodland and they were demolishing the current garage and another building so the footprint would be less. He acknowledged they were going up partially by one more storey. On the concern that there would be an impact on surrounding properties he noted the property was completely surrounded by trees so he did not feel they would be any impact or overlooking other than exists at present. Visibility from the estuary he suggested would not be an issue as from the scaffolding they could not see a problem and he felt the overtly modern design would sit well in surroundings. The applicant noted the woodland and the comment that they had been taking trees down and advised they had an expert who was creating a 10 year management plan. The expert, Stuart, explained he had considered the trees around the building to ensure the development was sustainable and there was no effect on the trees and provided the applicant with a survey on this to ensure the British Standard. They were looking at the woodland as a whole as they felt it had been neglected and some trees were dead, some rotten and it was an even age woodland. Therefore at some point they could all collapse so the management plan was to bring in uneven age so they dead and dying would be replanted with native species. He stated there was a lot of work going on to make sure the woodland was stable and long term.

Cllr Lang noted that a lot of trees had been removed but understood that there was a blanket Tree Preservation Order on the wood. The expert responded that only the laurel hedge had been removed but no trees taken out of woodland only tidying removal. They would obtain TPO permission when they needed the work but currently they were consulting with the Forestry Commission to get a Woodland Management Plan agreed. Their application had been in for about 8 weeks – a woodland designated order so the Forestry Commission had to be involved. The applicant stated that the neighbours who were previously complaining said when they developed their own properties they were not allowed above a certain level. For a Listed Building he could agree this was needed but his property was further back and they were planting extra magnolia trees to protect the decking area and give the neighbour her privacy and she now appeared content.

Pauline Bearblock was in attendance to explain her changes to her own application at Dower House. This application was not on todays agenda but she would not be able to attend the following meeting. Following the first application and comments received the architect redone the drawings so she could answer any questions and address the previous points from neighbours. She had half of the garden and at the top of the garden a terrace. She wanted a new terrace to be kept at the same height but across the width of the garden with something underneath which previously had proposed more glass so they reduced this. Half the glass would be split into three pieces, non-reflective and she did not believe it could be seen from estuary because it was lower than the visibility point. The seating area would remain the same size as the current area but be slightly angled for a different view and nowhere near the neighbours. She had checked both neighbours could not see each other unless they were to go right up to the wall. She had visited all the cottages and given plans to everyone along there and either side, second homes, and both seemed content. On the Cliff House side Mr and Mrs Adams (he was an architect) were happy and had written a letter of support. Newton House could not see but in their objection they stated the garden room was raised but she advised it was not as the roof was at the same height as the current terrace. The objectors suggested getting rid of the current terrace and placing a zinc roof over but she did not want to do this. She also advised she went across on the ferry and could not see her property until the middle of the estuary.
Pauline Bearblock left the meeting.

Police Report – WPc Jo Pengilly advised they were unable to attend but would give a full report at the next meeting.

District Councillor Report
Cllr Mrs Pearce noted she and Cllr Wright had received the town council email covering various matters and she would try to address as many as possible. With regard to the public bin replacement required at Colemans Corner District knew and it was on the list to be installed. She agreed that not badging the South Hams/Tavistock District Council vans well enough did give out the wrong message but as they worked in partnership vans would also be in Tavistock. She was still awaiting a response with regard to the St. Dunstans play area clearance of weeds and town weed spraying which had been contracted but never carried out by District.

With regard to plans for Whitestrand they did have some concept boards and would get these to town council for consideration. They were aware that they could not go up a floor for the Harbour Office due to the Kings Arms covenant. Cllr Cohen enquired about this change of use with regard to the emerging Neighbourhood Plan ideas. The proposal had gone out to tender to see what interest there was and there followed a discussion with regard to the concern of retaining use as a car park with others aspiration for a town centre area.

With regard to the hairbraiders there was a policy to move them on. Cllr Wright advised that the enforcement officers for the car park and locality officers would request them to move them on. District did not feel it justified them seeking legal proceedings. Cllr Mrs Pearce however noted they must not chain bikes to the bike stands overnight to retain their place. Town Council was concerned because where they sat caused a hazard for drivers trying to see to access and egress the car park. Also they sat in this area blocking the public bins and when people were queuing to be served they were doing so in the road. On the matter of the Courtney Park bench District was not replacing benches but Cathy Aubertin did look at the parking and Cllr Mrs Pearce should have a reply to this at the next meeting. She was pleased to report that the sewage leak at South Sands had been fixed. With regard to the waste collection and black bags they did not have a list of properties that would be affected but some properties with such rubbish collection would be changed but this was mainly in all the other towns.

Cllr Wright noted concerns raised with regard to the Clifton Place flood defence gate and had spoken with engineers and was advised there would be one way valves installed in the holes plus a rubber skirt then when this was all up and running it would be a community asset that when in doubt anyone could shut the door. Those presents noted that the right hand pillar looking out to sea had a gap between it and the wall. The Deputy Mayors also noted comments with regard to the brick finish used and felt the render was fine but the visible brick was a house brick and there was nothing around that blended with it. It was suggested they should render over the bricks also. As there had been no planning application for the wall only the adjacent window town council had not been able to comment on the materials used. Mr Rimmer of Clifton Place mentioned he had made the same objection to Dan Field Engineer and Dan Field had said there had been no other complaints so this information would be passed to him.

The employment units at Batson planning application was in and Phase 1 was for the units with phase 2 to look at the general area but District had agreed do this after the units were let in case there needed to be another entrance opposite provided. The question left was where the recycling and coach parking were going. Cllr Wright had been adamant that there must be a coach park somewhere but the Harbour Master felt there was minimal needed for parking of coaches in the area. Cllr Mrs Sinnott from working with the Salcombe Information Centre could provide evidence as to the need. Following the presentation by Ali Jones requesting a kiosk on Whitestrand or some alternative area District had responded that there would be nothing for this year as they were carrying out stage 1 works but they were considering maybe by the old phone boxes adjacent to the ATM. It was noted that other businesses already had advertising signs in this area which would be displaced and are currently often covered by the intrusion of the hair braiders.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell noted that the Courtney Park area was in a bad state and all the play equipment mats needed refurbishing. When initially she had been asked to consider a revamp of play equipment project she had invited seven companies to quote and they visited but only one quoted. Cllr Wright noted that all play areas should be inspected and he would investigate the reports for Courtney Park. Cllr Mrs Sinnott noted complaints from parents about this play area in that it was used by dogs too and could the area not be separated.

Cllr Cohen asked if town council could have a more of an insight into the aspirations of District Council so that the Neighbourhood Plan Team could be made aware that any of their project proposals needed to cater for long term revenue balancing to District. He felt that the group did not realise that they must maximize any return to District as those creating the Neighbourhood Plan might be disappointed if they could not achieve what the plan set out to identify. Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that District needed this area to be a public space too but this must be balanced with shopkeepers and people wanting parking near the town centre. It was in fact a balancing act. Therefore the District intention was to take the community space back from the waters edge and see how this additional space worked and then move on from there and she offered to speak to Andy Barsby of the Neighbourhood Plan to explain. As it was she noted that the draft Neighbourhood Plan had to go through District before went out to public consultation.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 9th March 2016 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


It was AGREED to co-opted Mary Kemp as town councillor and she would be provided with the Acceptance of Office and Declaration of Interests to be completed and signed prior to the next meeting.


The following applications were considered and town council observations submitted to District Planning:
• 3069/15/HHO READVERTISEMENT (Amended Plans) Householder application for demolition of single storey wing of house together with 2no. Outbuildings. Erection of side extensions, front entrance and partial additional storey, basement, terrace, driveway and associated works Bridleway House, Moulthaven Service Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LF – Applicant Mr D. Blatchford – Objection. It was acknowledged that what this application now proposed was smaller but town council remained concerned with regard to the increase in structure and its impact within the AONB together with the concern for the removal of trees as work had already commenced.
Three remaining members of the public left the meeting.
• 0034/16/HHO READVERTISEMENT (Amended Description)Householder application for external alterations including replacement of flat roof with pitched roof Brook Cottage, Horsecombe Cross to Batson Hill along Zc320, Higher Batson, TQ8 8NF – Applicant Mrs A. Watson – No objection.
• 0100/16/FUL Replacement and extension to balconies of Flats nos. 2,3 and 4 Lyndhurst, Bonaventure Road, Salcombe TQ8 8BG – Applicant Mr S. David – Objection as this proposal was felt to adversely impact on the street scene due to materials and style not being appropriate for the building.
• 0184/16/HHO Householder application for the erection of a single storey ancillary building in the garden Friday Cottage, Robinsons Row, Salcombe TQ8 8EU – Applicant Mrs P. Dudgeon – Objection. This construction would take over the predominant amount of the garden by its massing and appeared to be a self contained dwelling which would have an impact on the Conservation Area. There was concern with regard to overlooking of Poll Cottage which only had a small terrace and such incursion could impact on their amenity light as the garden of Friday Cottage was set at a higher level.
• 0185/16/LBC Listed Building Consent for the erection of a single storey ancillary building in the garden Friday Cottage, Robinsons Row, Salcombe TQ8 8EU – Applicant Mrs P. Dudgeon – As above.
• 0354/16/HHO Householder application for replacement of garden shed in front garden 1 Kingsale Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8AS – Applicant Mrs E. Williams – It was noted that there was no shed in situ at this property and also that the hedge which would have screened had been removed. Objection due to the adverse effect on the streetscene.
Cllr Biggs left the meeting whilst this application was considered as first item.
• 0362/16/FUL Demolition of the existing stone boundary wall and the redevelopment of the site to form a 400 sqm retail convenience store (Use Class A1) and 6 residential dwellings above, with new vehicular access and parking Former Gas Works, Gould Road, Salcombe TQ8 8DU – Applicant Freemantle Developments Ltd. – OBJECTION Town Council remained concerned that these plans appeared the same as previous applications. The Cedar wood and render were not felt to be of a design which reflected an industrial area. There were concerns that the rear of the properties proposed at first floor level were to have roof terraces which could cause overlooking along with associated increased noise pollution, although there were no elevation plans of the rear of the development so this was not addressed. Also with this mix of resident and industrial it was felt that the parking provided was insufficient. It was felt that this was a designated employment area known as RA4 and as such should be used to further the demand for commercial property within Salcombe taking into consideration District Council’s evidence for the demand for industrial use. Also it was felt that the removal of the historic wall adjacent to this Conservation Area would not need to be removed if the purpose built commercial unit was incorporated as part of this structure. If planning permission were to be permitted it is requested that a condition should ensure that the commercial unit was let before the residential units were sold and be conditioned to be tied together. It remained of concern that the residential element had parking but nothing was provided for the shop usage.
• 0485/16/HHO Householder application for side extension to existing semi-detached house 1 Devon Villas, Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HD – Applicant Mr & Mrs D. Shalders – Objection due to its scale and impact in this area together with materials and design being out of keeping with regard to the Conservation Area, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and street scene.
• 0586/16/HHO Householder application for proposed modification to colonnade The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Mr A. Nicholls – No objection.
• 0587/16/LBC Listed building consent for proposed modification to colonnade The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Mr A. Nicholls – No objection.
• 0638/16/HHO Householder application for a replacement shed/gazebo combining two former outbuilding on site as one single storey garden outbuilding The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe, Devon TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Mr A. Nicholls – Objection. This proposal was felt to be no different to the structure which was refused and lost on appeal and continued to have an adverse impact on the Conservation Area and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
• 0664/16/HHO Householder application for erection of stone clad double garage and driveway Fo’c’sle, Onslow Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8AH – Applicant Mr and Mrs Bonner – No objection but a question was raised with regard to concern for surface water run off down the adjacent Onslow Road unless a permeable surface is used.

• Most information already passed on to town councillors.
• Acknowledgement from South Hams District Council dated 14th March 2016 of Town Council request for consent to undertake works on trees at Shadycombe Cemetery.
• 0353/16/FUL Installation of new door in place of window to rear, replacement of existing windows with double glazed windows, installation of new external steel staircase to roof terrace, renovation of existing dormers 61A Fore Street, Salcombe.


A report from the working party was considered with the further action AGREED that;
• councillors could add additional ideas/comments by emailing the Town Clerk
• to remove Euchre from the first phase as it was not open space recreational
• to add Island Cruising Club to the ‘representatives of existing sports clubs’
• to add to the second phase Salcombe Maritime Museum, Regatta Committee and the Swimming Pool Committee
• to add to the existing assets Salcombe School for their pitches, Jubilee Gardens, North Sands Green, Batson Village Green and Beadon Open Space.
Dist Cllrs Mrs Pearce and Wright left the meeting.


Suggestions were received with regard to wording for the council parking space and sign and it was AGREED the wording on the ground would state ‘Private No Parking’ Bigger and Raised and wording on the signs: Salcombe Town Council No unauthorised parking.


It was AGREED to provide a commemorative token for the Queen’s 90th Birthday to the children at Salcombe Primary School – 90 children, Salcombe Pre School – 30 children, Beehives – 18 children, Rafters in the Roof – 15 children to also include toddlers up to a cost of £350. Cllr Mrs Bricknell would ascertain how many toddlers there were taking into consideration duplication of some children attending both toddler groups.


The Mayor emailed and advised that with regard to a possible night time air ambulance landing site he had agreement from the Rugby Club to invite investigation to use the hockey club site and even the rugby pitch itself
The Salcombe Minibus had received a substantial anonymous donation to the minibus committee which would enable the purchase of a new bus as soon as the new charity structure was in place. If there were any questions or comments he would clarify and explain at the next meeting.
The Mayor had also received an enquiry by a resident for a breakdown of the precept following their receipt of the latest Council Tax bill. There was no reason not to provide this and he wondered if town council felt this should be available on the town council website and all agreed it should. The Town Mayors meeting with District Council CEOs was scheduled for the following week and the Mayor asked if councillors had any topics that they felt he should raise these should be emailed to the Town Clerk in advance.


• Cllr. Whitfield – Noted District was tidying the hedges at Batson but by the boat park there was a mound of tree clippings left on the grass with canoes and boats all tied up where the yacht club used to have permission use. Many drains around Salcombe were blocked and even the South West Water operatives were complaining. The Deputy Mayor noted this had previously been reported and suggested that everyone went onto the County website and reported each blocked drain. It was also suggested that an article could be placed in the Gazette and as no reporter was in attendance this item be passed to them.
• Cllr Cohen – A resident had mentioned that another resident from Batson had been doing some improvements on the footpath from Bloor Homes to Batson and he felt this was a good news item and would obtain photos of the works.
• Cllr Lang – Cliff House Woods steps to the back gate to The Grange he had been advised that builders had been using these and many of the bricks in the steps had been damaged. This had obvious happened in the last few weeks.
• Cllrs Mrs Bricknell – Noted it was a muddy mess down from Ackland, Grenville Road to Bonaventure down to the Methodist Church as the builders were using this path. Cllr Biggs had raised this with Cllr Wright by email and Cllr Wright had visited and spoken to the builders and felt there was no issue. The builders had stated that District gave permission that half the lane could be blocked with herass fencing to gain access to the site and Cllr Wright was looking into this assertion. Town Council felt that District Planning should have acknowledged this concern when town council raised it in their initial planning response.


• Noted that the project to place yellow fish symbols to warn that these drains go directly into the estuary had been struck by many of the signs being removed in Salcombe and Kingsbridge. Town Council were asked if any information had been heard within the community and if not to be vigilant on this matter.
• Town Clerk asked if quotes for the Mortuary roof had been sought as the roof was worse than thought.
• Town Council had been successful in securing funding from the Community Reinvestment Fund towards the creation of a path from Batson to Shadycombe car park, Salcombe.
• Devon County Council had advised that they would continue the highway verge grass cutting payment for four cuts per annum and would make a payment for such of £226p.a.
• Grant Thornton UK LLP were to continue as the Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited to audit Salcombe Town Council accounts for the year ended 31st March 2016 with a requested submission date for audit of 10th June 2016.
• Harbour Office had requested an internal advertising panel on the park and ride buses and would provide artwork. Also one business had requested placing a business card on the park and ride map border.


Bank Balances
Current Account £501.00
Deposit Account £215,042.81

Councillors APPROVED the following payments:
BACS payments:
Wages £1775.19
HMRC – Tax & NI £739.06
M.J. Hallett – Hedge trimming £252.00
SHDC – Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan Map £45.08

Cheques APPROVED for signature:
Cheque 3443 Cancelled for 3 in 1 and reissued 003446 Salcombe PCC (D. Stevens) £8.00


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 13th April 2016 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 20.40p.m.

……………………………………………….. 13th April 2016.
Town Mayor.

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