* – Attendance; A- Absent; N – No Apologies Received

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr Mrs L. Sinnott – *
Cllr Mrs M. Kemp – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr S. Wright – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *

Pete Robinson (Cemetery Manager and Project Officer) – A
WPC Jo Pengilly – A
PCSO D. Gibson – A
Chris Derrick Kingsbridge Gazette – *

Angela Clacy had tendered her resignation due to personal commitments.


Mike Fice was proposed as Town Mayor by Cllr Biggs and seconded by Cllr Cohen with all unanimously agreeing and upon election the Town Clerk received the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Mayor.


Andrew Biggs was proposed as Deputy Town Mayor by Cllr Fice and seconded by Cllr Mrs Bricknell with all unanimously agreeing and upon election the Town Clerk received the Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Deputy Mayor.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting. None received.


The allocation of working parties and representatives on outside organisations was AGREED as below:
• Salcombe Swimming Pool Association Mary Kemp
• Malborough Feoffees Mike Fice and Tony Lang
• Minibus Committee Mike Fice
• Port User Group Rich Whitfield and David Cohen
• Emergency Committee Andy Biggs, Rich Whitfield and Caroline Bricknell
• Allotment Committee Tony Lang
• Neighbourhoood Plan Group Mike Fice
• P3 and Footpath Warden Tony Lang
• Chamber of Commerce Mayor or councillor representative

Finance & Staffing Working Group Mike Fice Tony Lang and Lindy Sinnott
Planning Working Group Mike Fice Tony Lang David Cohen and whichever other councillors can attend
Media and Website Rich Whitfield


The following review of Leases, Tree Surveys and other legal obligations were APPROVED as detailed below:
• Cliff House Office – Annually paid Rental Agreement. The terms of ongoing rental were still being dealt with by town council solicitors as town council did not agree with the onerous new terms proposed.
• Council Hall Leases lapsed and now on Rolling Tenancy with Tourist Info Centre and Museum. Proposals for use of the Council Hall space were currently on hold. The Mortuary usage remained unresolved but some clearance had taken place.
• Valuation of market rental for Council Hall carried out February 2009. Payments had increased incrementally to attain market value although the Museum had again been given a £3000 grant to assist this year. The Mortuary was to be cleared of museum artefacts.
• Council Hall internal problems with regard to the leaking sink tap and handrail had been dealt with through the retention of a Handyman contract. The additional maintenance works completed, approved and awaiting quotes were provided and noted.
• Berry Lease held by peppercorn rent between Town Council and District Council for a term of 28 years until 2017. Fencing around the Berry had been undertaken to ensure security of the perimeter boundary.
• Ember Diamond Jubilee Gardens – Transferred to Town Council in October 2012 and Section 106 landscaping works carried out during 2013 with play equipment installed during September 2014. District Council currently carried out the regular Health and Safety checks and insurance under an Agreement with an annual inspection and report being provided by the ROSPA registered insurance company all at £100p.a.
• Welcome Gardens had been planted out following a Licence for use of the land with Devon County Council being provided in 2015.
• An agreement had been entered into October 2014 for Devon County Council to carry out meter emptying and parking enforcement at Bonfire Hill car park. The Service Level Agreement had been amended to include the provision of Ringo.
• Tally Ho provided the bus service on a seasonal basis with fees agreed annually. The fares for this coming year were kept at the same level with the bus charges to town council increasing but mitigated by the parking fees.
• The Harbour Hotel continued to pay quarterly for and utilise 13 spaces within the Bonfire Hill land under Licence.
• Town Council placed a defibrillator at the Spar Shop in Loring Road from May 2013 and this Agreement was that it would be maintained by South West Ambulance for a term of seven years until April/May 2020. Updating training had taken place and Cllr Biggs regularly checked the defibrillator.
• Ongoing SLCC, NALC and ICCM membership.
• The parish council website had been completely overhauled and was now with a different host and server and continually updated by Cllr Whitfield.

Tree Reports:
Hi Line had been commissioned to provide an overall assessment of all trees in the ownership of Town Council during January 2015. This report was now held as an ongoing Excel spreadsheet of needs during a high, medium, low assessment over a term of three years work. This was updated this year with works to be carried out during May 2016 as direct. The areas covered are below:
• The Berry – Luscombe Maye 100 years memorial oak was placed on the Berry 201?? And a further memorial tree was due to be planted in June 2016 in memorial.
• Redfern Woods.
• Bonaventure Woods.
• Shadycombe Cemetery (WORKS? And trees along Chota House boundary not advised by the expert to need works. The resident had been advised that they can apply for works and pay themselves and town council would consider the request.
• Bonfire Hill Cemetery Trees assessed as not needing professional tree report as of limited height or risk.
• Allotment boundary hedge and trees at far end.
• Town Council car parking raised garden area.

Policy Documents
• Standing Orders and Financial Regulations updated 25th November 2014.
• Town Council Risk Assessment document reviewed 12th May 2010. Pending final update.
• Cemetery fees reviewed January 2010. Research carried out by Cemetery Manager 2014/15 updated the fees and charging structure with policy to be reviewed later this year.
• Allotment Rents review still required.
• Grass cutting contract renewed 2015 – 2018 Iain Randall Helping Hands for General Grass Cutting maintenance. Bayleaf Gardening hold contract for Jubilee Gardens and Welcome Gardens. Tender review due January/February 2018.
• Annual weed spraying arrangements with District did not take place during their administrative change over in 2015. The cuts for 2016 are due to be carried out gratis in view of the previous year and any future contract to be reviewed.
• Kyocera Photocopier – Annually paid maintenance agreement in place, £120 pa.
• Annual Agreement with District for business collection of refuse at Bonfire Hill Cemetery recently updated.
• All Town Council insurance cover reviewed with agents WPS July 2013. Loyalty premium agreement for three years following insurance agent advice was agreed last year to be extended to run until July 2018.
• Outstanding are matters being dealt with by solicitors with regard to land registration and land issues.


Penny Shuttleworth of The Old Coachhouse was present with regard to application 1234/16/HHO The Grange. She asked why Town and District Council had not stopped the ongoing desecration of the old Grange building. Over the various planning applications there had been privacy issues noted initially but these were being ignored by retrospective applications. All points raised by objectors with regard to design, materials and landscaping etc had not being noted and branches had also already been taken off a tree so it had not been protected. This current application, she felt, continued the previous applications lack of acknowledging design and architectural importance of this historic Grade II Listed Building which was one of only three in Salcombe. This she felt put this building above the ordinary listings and as such the planning proposals for The Grange had shown no understanding of the history. There was now a mix of modern steps and dining area overlooking the sea which was not in keeping. These changes were already in place and she understood that Town Council could not do anything to stop it but urged they should think about this for future applications.

The Mayor advised that the forthcoming planning application she had spoken about had not been seen by town council as yet because the documents were awaited from District. He explained further that every application with regard to The Grange that had come in front of this council had met with objections and most of these objections had been upheld by District Council.

Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce noted that the gazebo was not supported by District Council and the owner and contractors had been told. Plans were eventually passed for the handrails and the pillars and the work carried out without permission was redesigned and as English Heritage did not object there was nothing further District Council could do. The present application she felt was annoying but it was not against any planning policy to put in a retrospective application so District must let it take its course. She had objected about the proposed railings as Nils White, a previous conservation planner at District, had worked hard on the design of the studio. At that time she had also demanded plans showing cross sections of the planters so that they ensured they were large and deep enough for vegetation to grow in and hide the glass panels. She had already sent her current observations to the planning officer but she could not prejudice herself at present by commenting in this meeting. She took on board what the representative from Heritage England said because District Council had pro-actively involved them and had them on site to advise. Graham Lawrence was dealing with the Conservation Issues and Matt Jones was dealing with the studio and all would work hard on this and ensure it followed the right course. Stern words were directed to the architect and builder about unauthorised works and that matter was not resolved as yet and District Council would be taking the matter further with a final warning as they were offences against the law.

Tessa Pike was in attendance and advised that she and her husband owned a section of Mullion Court adjacent to the Rock Park, Devon Road application and they felt that the extension was overpowering and incompatible with a Conservation Area which was close by. It was believed that this proposal was a 60% increase in size of the existing flat but it was difficult to ascertain such from the plans lodged as the applicant indicated that they owned all the property where in fact it was two maisonettes. She asserted that this was a block extension which when viewed from Devon Road would blot out the skyline, have a bad design with straight sides and some windows would be overlooking. Therefore she suggested this application was unneighbourly, unsympathetic and not appropriate in this setting and thus would affect the amenity values of adjacent properties.

Police Report
WPc Jo Pengilly emailed to advise that the calculated the crime figures for Salcombe during 2015 – 2016 with a comparison on 2014- 2015 were as follows:

2014 – 2015 (April 1st)
Theft 30 11 of which were Marine Crime
Burglary 05
Criminal Damage 06
Misc crimes 28

Total Crimes 69

2015 – 2016 (April 1st)
Theft 24 9 of which were Marine Crime
Burglary 06 4 of which were the Tides Reach Hotel which was empty
Criminal Damage 07 7
Misc crimes 30

Total Crimes 67
With a reduction in crime in the past year they had also completed traffic operations and visited the school/pre schools to pass on advice. This had been a busy year and now the busy season was approaching their work had increased again.

District Councillors Report
Dist Cllr Wright noted they had little to report but Dist Cllr Mrs Pearce advised there had been a further briefing on the question of District Council putting most of its work into a standalone company but this information did not advance what had already been imparted. Price Waterhouse Coopers’ report had arrived at District Council but members had not seen it yet so she hoped at the following meeting to advise town council further.

The Mayor noted some roadside signs that had appeared either end of Drake Road and questioned their validity. This was not felt to be a highways matter as the signs were adjacent to the street signs which came under District and were not directing motorists. The sign at Bonfire Hill end however could be confused and indicate that Bonfire Hill was a private road and therefore he sought a District opinion.


A letter had been received from an application and it was AGREED to invite this person to attend the following meeting to provide more details and introduce themself.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 27th April 2016 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


The following applications were considered and such observations from town council submitted to District.
• 661/16/HHO Householder application for a basement and ground floor rear extension Rock Park, Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HJ – Applicant Mr I. Gibb – Objection. This proposal was extremely visible from the estuary and as such would have a significant impact on the AONB and nearby Listed Building. The design was not felt to be in keeping with adjacent properties and certainly not the remainder of the building within which it sat. This would create an imbalance of design being the bottom half of a semi-detached house. There were also concerns raised with regard to potential loss of light to neighbouring properties particularly the adjacent semi as this proposal would remove an amount of downstairs light. It was advised that some land included within the application was not in the applicant’s ownership and the ‘certificates of service’ were therefore not complete.
• 0784/16/FUL Erection of new industrial units and associated access and parking Land adjacent, Gould Road, Salcombe, Devon – Chris Brook South Hams District Council – Concerns were raised as the plans did not clearly show the available space between the front of the proposed units and the road itself (i.e. any measurements). There was car parking provided at either end of the units and thus the concern was with regard to any impact on traffic by deliveries and it was questioned how much space there was for boats to be manoeuvred in and out if the units were used for such, due to size of access. Nothing in the plans indicated what was going to happen to the current coach parking spaces nor recycling area as this site would remove such provision. Town Council questioned the materials as it was proposed to use steel cladding which was not in keeping with the remainder of the area as the Fish Quay were all wooden based. Of significant concern was any build effect on the public footpath located above this site as there had already been one fall and works were needed to be undertaken to reinforce this land going forward.

Dist Cllrs Mrs Pearce and Wright advised there was a significant exchange of information with regard to those interested in using such units. Cllr Wright felt that the recycling could go immediately opposite in the car park on a triangle of land therein but town council were against this at it would lose further valuable parking spaces. Dist Cllr Wright then noted that District Council’s long term intention was to provide a different access into the car park and redesign parking. Town Council were against any parking spaces being lost and noted that objections had been received online with regard to losing places for people to leave boat trailers. The Harbour Master had this in hand and a forklift would deal with this matter.
Town Council SUPPORTED the units in principle but felt the steel cladding should be painted in green or left grey as if cost prohibited wood cladding this was felt more in keeping with the area. Clarification was sought from the planning officer with regard to access in front of the units for deliveries and ease of entry for boats. Also confirmation of the actual relocation area of recycling and coach parking was also requested before approval was given for this application. Town Council also wished a condition added that the use class be light industrial (D2) employment and that first refusal for such units go to local marine based industries and that no large national firms be allowed to acquire these units to the detriment of the smaller local businesses (local defined as businesses working on Salcombe estuary).
Judy and Four members of the public left the meeting.
• 0968/16/FULPlus – Re-advertised (Revised Plans) – Demolition of existing bungalow and replacement dwelling and garage Midships, Knowle Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8EQ – Applicant Mr and Mrs Parkinson – Albeit this proposal would sit higher it would remain on the footprint of the original building and the previous decking that overlooked the neighbour had been removed. It was noted that the ridge height was slightly higher than the currently approved plans by about 18inches – 2feet. The proposal was to place balconies on the first floor above the decking and this was not felt to have a major impact on the AONB. One concern however that was there was a large porch extending out from the front of the property which it was proposed to clad with zinc whilst the remaining roof was slate. As there was no zinc anywhere else In the locality it was felt to be totally out of keeping with the area. Therefore town council SUPPORTED the reduction in size and removal of decking but OBJECTED to the zinc roof on the porch.
Mr Parkinson left the meeting.

After the planning applications were considered to allow members of the public in attendance to hear the outcome and leave the meeting the Gould Road Units provision was discussed further. Town Council were worried what other usage option could go into the units with the concern that other outlets could out price the marine industry due to level of rents. The Mayor asked Cllr Wright if District Council was required to accept the best tender on price or what was best ‘in terms of local environment’. Cllr Wright felt they did not want something going in that would make other marine ventures go out of business. Therefore this could be controlled with Use Class designation. Cllr Mrs Sinnott was concerned as visitors and residents used that section of town to walk to and from Batson and then go onto Snapes and what impact these businesses would have on that piece of land. Cllr Wright advised that all those who had applied showing interest were Salcombe based and all were currently working in the marine industry. Their consultation established a need but also a need for other Salcombe based companies to expand ( i.e. Ice Cream) but this was probably not suitable in that location. It was noted that this was an important part of the town as it was located next to the water and should therefore be marine based.

The Mayor advised that in the first Appeal for the Gas Works Site a major point was that the applicants then were saying there was not enough need for marine industry in Salcombe. That planning inspector asked District Council if RA4 was for the marine industry and District Council responded that it was not it was for employment use. If they had said yes it was for marine industry the Appeal would have been allowed. The final question asked of Dist Cllr Wright was whether the rental level was discussed at the consultation stage and he advised no and therefore it was questioned whether the District rental cost would be a reasonable rate to marine businesses.
Chris Derrick of Kingsbridge Gazette and Dist Cllr Wright left the meeting.


At the Kingsbridge Chamber of Commerce the Mayor enquired about A boards and was advised that historically they had been removed by Devon County which was effective but as time goes by one creeps back and all follow. In the current low funding period Devon County would not come down and remove these again.

It was AGREED to consider accessibility due to street furniture around town and on receipt of the original letter sent out by Kingsbridge Town Council and Chamber of Commerce to compile a joint letter with the Salcombe Chamber of Commerce reminding Salcombe businesses of their responsibilities.


The quotes for the town council parking bay were noted and it was AGREED:
(a) Dart Fire would provide the signage at a cost of £26.98 plus VAT for two.
(b) LMS Highways Ltd. would provide the ground marking at a cost of £375.00 plus VAT.


It was AGREED that having reviewed the design options for a bench at Victoria Quay town council would proceed with the Balmoral bench, purchasing TWO to place side by side to ensure a standard design (removing the remaining current bench) and fitting to cost no more than £550 per bench with a donor awaiting to cover payment of one bench. If District and Count agree the leftover bench would be installed at the top of Courtney Park on the pavement to replace the missing bench. Town Clerk to enquire who had placed posts at the bench location at the top of Courtney Park.


Town Council having considered the Salcombe Minibus Committee’s proposed changes to the Constitution to allow asset transfer from the Salcombe Minibus to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and the Committee’s decision to only state one town council representative, as currently provided, AGREED the changes and that the document be signed by the current representative Cllr Fice and Cllr Biggs.

A letter of comfort with regard to the historic alterations over a period of time would be written along lines of ‘the current town council was not aware of the requirement of the Salcombe Minibus Constitution that required them to have four members on the committee. However they were quite content that their one representative of the past few years had been able to represent the town council in the running of the minibus and were therefore quite content that such representation be reduced to one member’.


The Mayor attended the Minibus AGM and the new CIO had been set up with just three Trustees and it was noted that only Trustees could be ‘members’. Three Trustees were selected so that the necessary administrative paperwork could be completed but at the AGM the remainder of the existing committee were also elected as Trustees. The Committee had received a donation of £7000 and now had enough money to purchase a new minibus which they were hoping to obtain before September 2016 when the MOT was due on the existing bus. The Committee would probably approach town council and request a grant towards the new bus. Cllr Cohen sought clarity that when Cty Cllr Gilbert stated he was putting funding towards this the money was a grant from his County funding pot and this was affirmed.

The Neighbourhood Plan Committee representatives were meeting with District Council officers the following day and expecting to start receiving results for the ‘economy’ and ‘housing’ surveys next week. There would be a meeting on Monday to review the draft Community Survey which was effectively the final draft before the plan was drawn up. Discussion had taken place in the group as to who could vote in the future referendum and the Mayor was going to raise this topic on Monday at the meeting after he had looked up information on this topic on the internet. They were also interested in the recent media information with regard to the St. Ives vote.

The Mayor looked at second home voting but the rules tended to be involve residency. In the Representation of the People Act section 5 paragraph 2 he noted that it defined ‘residency’ as the primary place where you run your life, a house used for recreational purpose was not regarded as a residency.

Simon Evans of the Lifeboat Committee would be invited to the open forum at the next meeting to update town council on the commemoration arrangements.

It had been reported that Balfour Beatty was now closing off Courtney Park and Knowle Road was not going to finish till 25th May, which some felt was perhaps improbable. If pedestrians were to go down schoolboy steps they would not be able to go through Courtney Park and this was effectively cutting off easy pedestrian access to the town. There were also things (builders materials/equipment) left lying around in the park which was unsafe for children. Clifton Place was now scheduled for 23rd May to 10th June and as advised previously town council were adamant that Clifton Place could not be closed or blocked with materials/plant over the May Bank Holiday as this area was in fact the focal point/centre of town during the busy period. The Town Clerk was to raise this matter and seek assurance of pedestrian access.


Cllr Biggs – Noted that there was rubble tipped on the land by the sailing dinghies believed to be by Salcombe Estuary rowing club which looked awful. Another councillor noted that this was just ordinary rubble for hardstanding for boats and the area had been dug out firstly.

Cllr Mrs Kemp – Was concerned with dog mess on schoolboy steps and along Island Street. The town clerk noted the item within her report that advised that this problem was being highlighted by District and residents were asked to report areas and incidents.

Cllr Mrs Bricknell – The pedestrian steps from Onslow Road to Spar Shop was very weedy and thus slippery and this would be reported to the County Highways team.


• Poundstone Court and The Roundhouse, Cliff Road notification of intention to apply for a Road Closure from 4- 6th July 2016. Town Council needed more details especially as this application was for a period during the busy summer season.
• Adam Keay wished comments with regard to a request for a Road Closure during May – June along Cliff Road between Newton and Bennett Road, works to be carried out at night to ensure the safety of a wall and road stability above Rockside. It was suggested that these could be done with night works and open during day but town council remained concerned with regard to the impact and also visitors to Harbour Hotel.
• District was to install name and information boards within the play areas and wished to know whether to call the play area The Berry or St. Dunstans. Town Clerk to advise that it was definitely called St. Dunstans Park and this should be advised along with noting that there were two thin trees still covered in bindweed within the park.
• Level One tree inspection training would be undertaken by Cllr Lang, town clerk and projects manager on Monday 6th June 9-2p.m. at Follaton House, provided by Hi-Line as approved by council previously.
• District Council had advised that they wished to target dog fouling across the South Hams and were asking residents along with parish and town councils to report areas where there was a problem and also to report incidents or impart any knowledge of those not clearing up after their dogs. An article to this effect was to be placed in the Kingsbridge Gazette by District.
• Park and Ride meters were not working properly during Crab Fest weekend as they were issuing tickets on payment of just one pound. Also the uptake of annual or half yearly permits for the Park and Ride had been low. The Town Clerk was requested to now approach the Holiday Home Companies to advise that they could apply for property permits (45 to be provided out of 180).

It was noted that the Rotary Club was running an alternative P&R service offering a Free Bus overflow field which was situated before getting to Salcombe P&R. The Information Centre and Salcombe Town Council were not advised of this provision. Apparently the Free bus was supposed to commence after the Town Council P&R was full up but it did not and offered free transport which took trade away from the P&R. As Town Council had originally considered not running the service on this early May Bank Holiday but had provided it for the Rotary Club as a form of grant this was felt to be discourteous. It was also noted that as stalls were closing down the fire brigade could not get through the road because of cars parked. Tally Ho provided the bus for the Rotary Club car park and this provision had been negotiated and happened without Town Council knowledge with their bus being provided at tax payers’ expense and this matter should be brought to the Rotary Clubs attention.
• Invitation to League of Friends of South Hams Hospital AGM Wednesday 18th May 2016 at 7p.m. at South Hams Hospital.
• Memorial tree to be placed in The Berry, wording for plaque provided for consideration by town council and approved although highlighting that it was Sunny Cove and not Bay.


Bank Balances
Current Account £536.00
Deposit Account £250,427.59
Receipts: Parking Machines Jan – Mar 2016 £813.76
P3 grant £500.00

Councillors APPROVED:
Internet payments to:
Greenspace – Fit posts in Shadycombe Cemetery £39.90
Fit bench at St. Dunstans Road corner on pavement £35.00 = Total payment £74.90
Hawthorns Accounting Sers Ltd. – Internal Audit 2016 £195.00
Marketing Means (UK) Ltd – Neighbourhood Plan 2nd invoice questionnaires £324.00
Bayleaf Gardening Ltd – Monthly contract May £546.98
Concorde I. Ltd. – Photocopier maintenance agreement annual payment £144.00
SHDC – Bonfire Hill refuse £15.42


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 25h May 2016 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 9.55p.m.

……………………………………………….. 25th May 2016.
Town Mayor.

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