* Denotes Attendance

Cllr. R. Wheeler – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr R Clark Deputy Mayor – A
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – *
Cllr H. Taylor – *
Cllr. M. Fice – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr Miss J. Clark – A
Cllr Mrs R. King – A
Cllr R. Collings – A
Cllr R. Whitfield – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr J Carter – A
Dist. Cllr P Coulson – *
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert – *
Gill Claydon (Clerk) – *
PCSO D. Gibson – A
WPC Jo Pengelly – A
Gabby Kingsbridge Gazette – *


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting as follows:
• Cllr Biggs wished it known that by virtue of his professional and development contacts he would leave the meeting should planning matters relating to clients he was aware of at such time were discussed. He also noted an interest in planning application 2981/13/F


No member of the public present this was dispensed with.

Police Report emailed by PCSO Gibson
Recent crime figures for Salcombe noted there had only been one theft. The police had been in Salcombe with speed monitoring equipment recently and there had been generally good compliance with one or two as usual not being sensible. The Christmas drink/drive campaign was also carried out with a similar result.

District Councillor’s Report:
Dist Cllr Coulson noted town flooding issues. He was concerned that South Hams District placed sand bags at Chapel End in consideration of Town Councillors implementing such placing of the sand bags across the high street. The Town Clerk advised that she had received no notification of such provision and proposal for town council to carry out this work and was unaware of an agreement or plan for such implementation by volunteer town councillors.

District had considered the surge flooding problem before with proposals for a barrier to be placed at the end of the slipway but the adjacent property owner did not want such a barrier fitted to his property in view of loadings etc. He also noted that it was unlikely that public monies would be available to provide some sort of temporary barrier as there were not enough domestic properties being affected. Nevertheless he felt that some funds could be accessed and some solutions that could be placed in the road but that the town would have to put some funding towards such. Inflatable barriers were also possible. The Mayor enquired why a post could not be placed and a rubber seal put between such and the adjacent property to create a seal and provide a solution. Cllr Fice also noted that on the Tuesday in question a barrier on the slipway would not have been a solution because water was coming up the steps. Dist Cllr Coulson had talked to James Kershaw District on these matters and it was being given further consideration.

Flooding was still present at North Sands and the height of water had at its peak reached the top of the sump of the sewage pumping station and was close to the electrics. Excel had brought one pump and then another one had to come in and they tried jetting the conduit under the road too. Most seaweed was taken away but it looked like a collapse as well within the tunnel. Devon County and SW Water were going to have to dig out and inspect the culvert so District would have to keep the pumps running so the road would stay closed. There was an emergency meeting held with County and South West Water at Ivybridge but no one appeared to take responsibility and there were no funds but due to recent developments this was not now just a routine maintenance issue but appeared an emergency so Devon County might have to take the lead. Consideration had been given to conducting the flow of water down the valley and under the car park then under the road but this appeared foolhardy and perhaps they should just take an open watercourse around the car park and then channel this across just below the road. This could cost in the region of £20k – £30k.

In response to the Town Clerk’s enquiry as to why no further information had been forthcoming with regard to the RA3 Section 106 agreement Dist Cllr Coulson noted he had received an internal memorandum which left him no clearer and he would call a meeting at District. The play area at North Sands he went on to advise, he felt, was not well provided for and at the Jubilee Park in Kingsbridge they used the stream as a feature and perhaps this RA3 Section 106 provision could assist funds for alleviating the North Sands flooding and put in place play equipment.

Noting the Brandwood appeal just received he advised that the planning office Matt Jones went ahead with a decision as he felt the application was a non contentious rejection. Dist. Cllr Coulson stated when a response of Town Council was cited in support of a planning refusal it must be justifiable to an inspector. The Mayor and Cllr Fice felt that his comments were unjustified as the officer had obviously felt that the town council response was satisfactory. Also this statement appeared in conflict with others officers’ interpretation who when attending an RA3 site visit indicated they encouraged a layman’s view of community feeling. The reasons from Salcombe with regard to planning comments were however always provided for decisions made by them. It was further noted that earlier the District Councillor had expressed his personal concerns on town council representing the community view on the application for the Old Gas Works as they were being told by the District Councillor that Town Council did not have anyone who could speak to it. Cllr Cohen felt that as the town council live locally they were best placed in the community to represent the local comments on planning applications. Those Town Councillors around the table did not see any point in trying to teach the District planning officers what policies they should use and felt they should merely represent the views given locally. Dist Cllr Coulson felt that a lot of planning officers overlooked the Conservation Area considerations and there were many transient planning officers in the department and thus town council should highlight planning policy but those present disagreed.

District had a meeting the following day on the budget which he would attend. The Mayor noted that Sarah Woolaston MP had offered her support for any meeting in the community with regard to flooding.

Cllr Lang noted that previously some builders had requested permanent parking spaces in Whitestrand which were refused but enquired why now local builders of a property had been allowed to feed the meters in Whitestrand and businesses close by felt that the car park being loaded with builders vans indicated that Salcombe was closed. Dist Cllr. Coulson would ask enforcement officers who had permitted this.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 11th December 2013 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


Councillors considered the following applications and sent such observations to the District as Planning Authority:
• 2835/13/F Householder application for removal of uPVC conservatory, lobby and windows. Construction for extension and raising of wall plate to enable dormer (resubmission of application 2641/13/F) Sandhill, Sandhills Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JP – Applicant Mr M. Nathenson – Objection as it was felt there was no material difference and there were still design and material issues noted as it was felt this proposal by virtue of this application removed the character of this property. This was due in part to the proposed box dormers which could be improved by pitched dormers as they were more in keeping with the architectural character of this building. Castellations had also been removed and zinc introduced in order to achieve elevated views in an AONB which were felt at odds with the overall character.
Cllr Biggs left the meeting whilst the following application was considered.
• 2981/13/F Householder application for ground floor extension to provide additional living space 5 Main Road, West View Terrace, Salcombe TQ8 8AB – Applicant Mr M. Yeoman – No objection.
• 2987/13/F Householder application for flat green roof on proposed extension (amendment to planning approval 2150/12/F) 9 Robinsons Row, Salcombe TQ8 8EU – Applicant – Dr. A. Walker – Zinc sheeting was felt to be a compromise to provide a shallow roof/sedam. No objection.
• 2988/13/LB Listed Building consent for flat green roof on proposed extension (amendment to planning approval 2150/12/F) 9 Robinsons Row, Salcombe TQ8 8EU – Applicant – Dr. A. Walker – No objection.


• 3009/13/TW Reg. No: 3453 Site Murrawingi, Moult Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LG Proposal – Various works – Town Council felt that these works should be considered and advised by the Tree officer.


• 2509/13/TW (No. 43) Reg. No: 3424 Site: 4 Beacon Court, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8LA. Consent granted to fell Cupressus macrocarpa.
• 2595/13/TW (No. 25) Reg. No: 3428 Site: Trebor 5 Coronation Road, Salcombe TQ8 8EA. Consent granted to remove one main leader overhanging garden and one small secondary over neighbours shed.


• Most already forwarded by email for information.
• Letter dated 16th December 2013 from District planning advised of an unauthorised breach of planning condition 16 of permission 0158/11/F Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Cliff Road. The condition required construction traffic to follow an agreed route but HGV’s had been found causing traffic problems in town in November.
• 1854/13/F Appeal ref: APP/K1128/D 13/2211094 Site Address: Brandwood, Sandhills Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JP Proposed development: Appeal against refusal of Householder application for erection of detached garage in existing parking area. Noted as there was no formal opportunity to comment further.

180. PRECEPT 2014/15

Draft papers were provided to all present and an overview given. The decision was DEFERRED pending further information required on the park and ride and other possible expenditure before consideration of the submission of an application to District Council for payment.


It was AGREED to request the Town Council’s currently approved surveyor to carry out a feasibility survey at a cost not exceeding £750.00 on the Council Hall building to allow better long term structural accommodation and ensuring good community usage.

182. GRANT

No reply to questions received to date and thus this would only be considered when further information was provided by Victim Support with regard to support of crime victims within the town.


This was DEFERRED to allow discussion with Tally Ho Buses as to the effect of such concessionary removal.


It was AGREED to ratify the additional works added to the original contract for Bonaventure and Redfern Woods to remove trees overhanging neighbouring Redfern properties at a cost of £370.


The tenders received were reviewed and it was AGREED to appoint Will Hampton to carry out these works to include the placement of the donated Oak tree up at the Berry.
Gabby of the Kingsbridge Gazette left the meeting.


The Mayor noted all the flooding issues and his conversation with Sarah Woolaston MP offering her support. The Park and Ride field he advised was locked just before Christmas to allow the grass areas to regenerate ready for the next season and the Park and Ride gates were tack welded so they could not be removed. There were some high costings provided for how to tackle putting in place a more permanent surface but these were being considered within the precept at present. The Harbour Hotel had an ongoing agreement and their users had been locking the gate and requested and been allowed to place a small forklift truck in one of their reserved bays. Prior to such closure flyers were put around the vehicles using this area so people knew it was being locked.

Information/direction signs for Island Street were requested by some of the businesses as they wanted to steer people down Island Street from Shadycombe car park. It was acknowledged as quite an interesting working street so it would be good to extend the town this way. Businesses and/or Chamber of Commerce would be putting money towards the cost of the signs and were looking at Heritage Brown signs as ‘an arts quarter’ but this depended on County Council. There was disappointment with regard to the double yellow lines along Shadycombe Road and in view of the width of the road at this point it was felt by the Chamber meeting that there should be some provision for coach parking or an on street parking area even if it were pay and display.


Cllr Fice – One bench on creek car park had either fallen apart or been vandalised and Dist. Cllr Coulson noted this and would advise District. (The location was the third one in from the Young Peoples Centre). Concern had been raised in the community with regard to the Spar Shop signs being placed at junctions but these were being gradually removed so this was not felt an ongoing issue.

Cllr Whitfield – Noted the open space trees at Ember Road were still down.

Cllr Taylor – Noted there was a mini digger at the Berry being used by South West Water and that the condition of the grass area needed to be watched. The Town Clerk noted that photographs had been taken of the edge of the cemetery and Park and Ride with the RA3 development plot to note the condition of the boundary. Cllr Taylor advised that a draft Emergency plan should be prepared before the next meeting.


• Emails received from Stuart Jellings and Trevor Finch with regard to works at South Sands had indicated that they were relieving the flooding but that the blockage may be more severe that initially thought. District was however working on the problem and County along with SW Water had been involved.
• James Kershaw had following the meeting he attended where SW Water were present written to them asking them to provide a short and long term plan to deal with Salcombe’s concerns. He would be advising the town council as soon as he had a response.
• District letter dated 20th December 2013 details seasonal closures of underutilised public toilets would include Cliff House Gardens toilets. It was noted that the letter went on to state that a charging scheme was being considered for high use facilities such as Whitestrand, Salcombe.
• Road Closure Notice 17th – 21st March 2014 Roads Affected: Cliff Road and Fore Street from outside Moss Pharmacy. Works – Utility, new water supply.
• Annual work to add the names of the previous Town Mayor and current Citizen of the Year to the commemorative boards had been carried out during December 2013.
• A previous resident had requested to relinquish a previously reserved cemetery plot as they were moving and no longer used such. The original amount paid was to be reimbursed thus releasing the plot to be used at a future time.
• Malborough Parish Clerk provided the draft application for funding towards a chicane on the cycle path. The request by Salcombe for a further hedge cut to be included if they are to support this project was not included and a request for such had been made for the final application.


Bank balances:
Current £500
Deposit £214327.71

Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature:
003100 G. Fincham – Mayors and Citizen of the Year gold plating £85.00
003101 Will Hampton – Redfern and Bonaventure Woods £2220.00
003102 Concorde Copiers – Maintenance £29.75
003103 SLCC – Payment of half subscription £103.50
003104 R. Littlejohns – Reimbursement of cost of grave reservation £90.00
003105 SHDC – Refuse collection from Bonfire Hill November £14.04
003106 Devon County Council – Results from speed detection radar £226.43
003107 Iain Randall – Maintenance contract December 2013 £446.23
003108 Information Commissioner – Data Protection registration renewal £35.00
003109 SHDC – Refuse collection from Bonfire Hill December £14.11
003110 Post Office Ltd – 50 x 1st Class, 50 x 2nd Class Stamps £55.00


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 20.47p.m.

………………………………………………….. 22nd January 2014.
Town Mayor.

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