* Denotes Attendance

Cllr. M. Fice – Mayor (in the Chair) – *
Cllr. A. Biggs – *
Cllr Mrs C. Bricknell – A
Cllr H. Taylor – *
Cllr. R. Wheeler – *
Cllr D. Cohen – *
Cllr T. Lang – *
Cllr Miss J. Clark – *
Cllr Mrs R. King – A
Cllr R. Collings – A
Cllr R. Whitfield – *
Cllr J. Valentine – *

Also in attendance:
Dist. Cllr P Coulson – *
Dist. Cllr Mrs Pearce A
Cty. Cllr. R Gilbert A
Gill Claydon (Clerk) *
WPC Jo Pengilly A
Toby Leigh Kingsbridge Gazette *

The Mayor welcomed James Valentine as a town councillor and he provided his Acceptance of Office duly signed.


Members were invited to acknowledge any declarable interests, including the nature and extent of such interests that they may have in any items to be considered at this meeting as follows:
• Cllr Biggs wished it known that by virtue of his professional and development contacts he would leave the meeting at any point he realised planning matters relating to clients came to be discussed. He would however give advanced notice of declarable interests he was aware of prior to discussion and these were planning applications 1463/14/F, 1478/14/F, 1481/14/F, 1495/14/F.
• Cllr Wheeler declared an interest in 1452/14/F


County Councillor – None.

District Councillor – Cllr Coulson noted there was not much happening in formal terms. He attended a Special Council meeting to discuss Transition 18 and felt it grew more disturbing each meeting. District aim was to maintain frontline services whilst cutting chunks out of support services and in its place use IT instead of staff. The District website was not necessarily their strong point and they were going for tried and tested computer systems not cutting edge. One decision taken at the meeting was that District would no longer have a CEO but instead they would have two. Dist Cllr Coulson noted they used to have ‘two spare wheels on the wagon’ as Assistant Directors and it was never quite clear what their actual roles were. They were more think tanks and now the drivers of this process of change. They had joined two councils, West Devon and South Hams, although their policies operated separately and they now had the original CEO who set this T18 rolling was leaving everything to these two one who would be Head of Paid Service – Alan Robinson and Marion ??? who would run West Devon as CEO. It was interesting times.

They had their first meeting of a task and finish group to look at coastal protection and flooding, following the Government’s cloudy issue of coastal protection authorities, flood authorities and finding that South Hams was a coastal protection authority with no teeth. There were six members on this task and finish group and he was only one who turned up to the official meeting! Thus there was no quorum. Officers were to sort out who was responsible for what and this task was horrendous, a current coastal management plan was in force and they could only build on this and not many people who had seen it appeared to assimilate the contents to mean them. Much coast was designated as managed retreat. Torcross and Beesands in the next storms could face no assistance in works and the implications could be bad. A copy of the Coastal Management Plan was requested. Landscaping of areas was not good as engineers had just carried out works to Beesands and Torcross. Cllr Cohen enquired whether Government thought the coast should be left to its own devices. If Slapton Line was breached did District just sit back and allow it to revert or restore. Cllr Ms Clark noted when councillors were new that everyone should not talk in acronyms. Cllr Wheeler noted on national BBC news money had been spent at Beesands but not Hallsands. Dist Cllr Coulson went on to note that he did not know where Oliver Letwin MP received his facts from and raised a question on these. Iit was the same as Somerset where planning permission was granted on flood lands and here any works done at Hallsands had to be done by residents as authorities were not empowered to assist.

Cllr Biggs had received numerous complaints with regard to St. Dunstans Park and the Mayor and he had attended on Friday and taken photographs of the park and benches which were so overgrown people could to get to them, nor the play equipment nor up the steps. People were also worried about leaving children because of stinging nettles and there was growth of a tree which had not been looked at for at least two years to get to this point and thus no maintenance had been carried out for this period. The Mayor noted a meeting with Helen Dobby the previous day and that she was going to visit the area on her way out of Salcombe. Cliff House Gardens, Courtney Park and Cross Park Dist Cllrs Coulson and Gilbert had been to and it was believed they were better. The Courtney Park play equipment was questioned but apparently although tatty is was safe. However St. Dunstans Dist Cllr Coulson agreed was deplorable. On the steps down Baptist Lane and the part that went to Robinsons Row pedestrians could not walk down as the overgrowth was so bad. It was noted that this problem was down to residents for their property vegetation. At the bottom of Robinsons Row there had been a caterpillar track dumper using this access and it had broken some of the stones up.

It was noted that a disabled person had advised that they used to enjoy a BBQ on North Sands on the picnic bench but following the works on the culvert they could not now access this area. It was noted that there was an entrance further up by Cable Cottage. Dist Cllr Coulson noted however that it was bad and he had met Ross Kennerley to remedy this.

Sign at top of Onslow Road pointing down to Salcombe was now pointing out of town. Cllr Ms. Clark also noted that the smell from the culvert at North Sands was awful and Dist Cllr Coulson noted some dogs had been reported ill. However this was rotting vegetation in the Nature Reserve. If those visiting looked down by the water’s edge when the tide was out there was a phenomenal amount of seaweed buried there and this would contribute to the smell.

Cllr Lang noted that he exit from the Creek Car Park was meant to have a No Entry sign which was annually taken away in the Winter but now needed replacing.

There was a Neighbourhood Plan drop in session at Malborough this evening so Dist Cllr Coulson was to attend this and left the meeting.

The Mayor noted that the representative for the Football Club was to arrive at 7p.m. and he would continue the meeting and then move back to this point to allow him to speak.

Roger Lidstone arrived whilst the planning applications that Cllr Biggs left the meeting for were considered.
Roger explained that the club had not forgotten grass cutting payments but as they were so historic they assumed Town Council had paid them and then when they arrived it was a difficult financial time so they requested grant assistance. They had asked the contractor to cut grass at the end of the 2013 season. Such matches at the end of the season fell out of sync with normal grass cutting cycle and the contractor then said “by the way I have other invoices you have not paid” and these went back to August and September 2013. The club stop collecting money from players at the end of season and they now have to pay to re-enter the league and take out annual insurance. The Mayor had considered their accounts and noted quite a swing from one year to another. Roger advised this was as they were down on earlier sponsorship and donations. For the first three seasons they pushed businesses to obtain sponsorship and received about £50 from each. They did not want to keep pushing local people and decided to see what they could do themselves. They have to date paid all the bills. They were also conscious this season that they would again have to ask for grants. It was noted that Town Council provided a grant for a line marker the season before last. At the Hockey pitch the rugby club applied for lighting and approached the football to use it for an honourable cost. However the pitch was cut up and dangerous so during the winter it was better to train on AstroTurf in Kingsbridge.


The Minutes of the meeting dated 11th June 2014 were approved by council and then duly signed by the Mayor as a true and correct record.


Councillors considered the following applications and sent such observations to the District as Planning Authority:
• 1403/14/F Householder application for extension to ground and first floor, rearrangement of internal layout Hillcot, Bennett Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JJ – Applicant Mr C. Cullen – No objection.
• Cllr Wheeler left the meeting whilst this was considered.
• 1452/14/F Retrospective householder application for erection of garden store The Glen, Shadycombe Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8ND – Applicant Mr D. Inch – No objection.
• 1463/14/F Householder application for construction of garage Stoneleigh, Main Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JW – Mr M. Jackson – No objection.
Cllr Biggs left the meeting whilst the applications that he had declared an interest in were all discussed together.
• 1478/14/F Construction of dwelling in garden plot (resubmission of 41/2256/13/F) Uppercot, Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8HJ – Applicant Mr H. McPhie – It was noted that this construction was actually on Bennett Road. Objection due to the adverse impact on the adjacent streetscene due to the removal of the bank. The design was not felt to be in keeping with other properties along Bennett Road and that if allowed to proceed a Traffic Management Plan was essential due to the amount of removal of earth during such construction.
• 1481/14/F Extension of existing annex to create separate dwelling Plot adjacent to Lower Deck, Shaws Corner, Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JL – Applicant N. & A. Swabey – No objection. However there were concerns with regard to removal of trees. The application states three trees to be felled but there are seven trees listed to be felled further on and plans show eight to be felled. Whilst some trees were known of there were additional ones and it was requested that the Tree Officer attend and give his opinion.
• 1483/14/F Householder application for reconstruction of double garage and creation of studio annexe above, with associated landscaping works (resubmission of planning ref: 41/0779/14/F) The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Mr A. Nicholls – Objection. This proposal was now terraced back and its height about 210mm lower. However it was still felt that the issues of concern had not been addressed with regard to the build style was different to the existing property and it was felt would detract from the design and there was concern for the effect on the amenity value of the streetscene as it was noted this proposal was within the grounds of a Listed Building and in a Conservation Area. There would be a visual impact when viewed from the estuary with the introduction of glass and bringing the existing structure forward to the edge of the garage. This would also intensify the overlooking of the neighbouring property raising privacy issues and un-neighbourliness as would bringing the terrace forward. There was to be an intensification of traffic due to the increase in residential usage and a concern was that with three further garages in this location there could be future overdevelopment allowed from this increase of use
• 1484/14/LB Listed building application for reconstruction of double garage and creation of studio annexe above, with associated landscaping works (resubmission of planning ref: 41/0780/14/LB) The Grange, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JQ – Applicant Mr A. Nicholls – As above.
• 1495/14/F Householder application for velux roof light, sun tube and awning to ground floor balcony Estura, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JH – Applicant Mr M. Solovieva – No objection. However town council could not support the awning on the ground floor window (second floor for apartment) which overlooked the estuary and thus its impact along this estuary vista and within an AONB.
• 1496/14/F Householder application for re-covering of roof and replacement balustrade to existing balconies Upper Maxpoffle, 11 Devon Road, Salcombe TQ8 8EZ – Applicant Mrs J. Kemp – Objection. The application statement was not correct because it was not just re-covering but the whole roof was to be raised by 10cm and being a terrace going up this amount would affect the visual line. There was no perceived problem with a glass balustrade but with the roof increase and the fact that the planning application did not state what the applicant wanted to do was felt misleading. This increase of roof was to accommodate insulating and this should be addressed internally.


• 1412/14/TCA Location Friday Cottage, Robinsons Row, Salcombe TQ8 8EU. Proposal to prune back Pittosporum over boundary wall by 2m. Remove bay stem closest to wall at approximately 1m and reduce Bay by 50%. Remove Cypress. No objection to removing stems but town council would welcome an expert opinion from the tree officer with regard to the remaining works.


• 1173/14/TW Appli. No: 3510 Site Woodcot, Cliff Road, Salcombe TQ8 8JU. Refusal of consent to crown reduce Hornbeam by 2.5m on all sides due to impact on the amenity value of the tree.


• Most already forwarded by email for information.
• Various hand written copies letters of objection sent to District Council in relation to application 1353/14F and 1354/14/LB Sunnycombe noted.


As a Local Government organisation any enforcement for parking fees must be considered under the Civil Adjudication and not private. Therefore Premier Parking Solutions had been notified of this and advised that their governing body had an agreement with the Department of Transport and they had taken expert advice and could provide the documents. This paperwork had been passed to the town council solicitor so that he could advise before putting such Notices in the newspaper. The Licence received carried a charge of £500 and the solicitor would need to go through it because it was structured for a Local Authority and this would incur a further cost of an hour of work. He could draft the Order and Advert/Notices the following morning and then look at the contract in the afternoon. It was AGREED to proceed with the Notice and Order and allow an additional hours sum for the solicitor’s work. PPS had offered to take the £500 fee for the public enforcement contract from the income.

Cllr Wheeler had notified Mr Yeoman that he would no longer be able to park his truck at the Park and Ride and he had acknowledged his understanding of this.


It was noted that occasionally town council received a call from national television etc and they wanted to go live with a report at say 6a.m. Certain media liked to get quick turn around on responses and therefore it was suggested that town council needed to nominate a designated councillor. It was AGREED that Cllr Wheeler would be the media officer and link.


It was AGREED to give the Salcombe Football Club a grant to assist with some of this year’s grass cutting of the pitch at a cost of £300.00.
This item was considered following Roger Lidstone making his comments during Open Forum and he then left the meeting at that point.


The Mayor noted the follow up from the District waste meeting with a discussion with the Harbour Master. At the initial District meeting the problem of rubbish by public bins was suggested to be from yachts. However the Harbour Master said they had a problem the other way around with people taking rubbish from the land and putting such in water borne skips. The Harbour Office staff met incoming boats and asked about rubbish on board and provided red bags to be put into water borne skips and would challenge the dumping of black bags etc. At a meeting with Helen Dobby she clarified points that were made within the waste meeting relating to the intended Litter Control Order. The Litter Control Order would require people in the lower half of town not to put rubbish in just plastic bags but also a seagull proof container. There was actually no mention about holiday home businesses having to collect and store litter. The main discussion at the meeting was actually about public bins. Cllr Taylor noted that much of the problem was the trade waste so how was District going to address this and would traders have to put their waste in seagull proof bags. It was confirmed that they would also be provided with seagull proof bags for recycling as seagulls were ripping open these. Cllr Whitfield was asked and noted that he had never seen anyone on the harbour boats using the bins for land waste and never seen a red bag but had seen people climbing up onto land and putting bin bags out. There is to be produced a leaflet for all yachts and signs on public bins saying just for casual waste not for domestic. A lot of bins were sited at the top of pontoons so they would be moved. Two at Whitestrand were to be moved to the other end of the car park. It was asked how long the consultation would be and in what form. The Litter Control Order must go first through scrutiny at District and then to Executive and at Scrutiny the consultation would come in. No way would it get to Executive before the end of 2014 and probably would be out in April 2015. Another issue noted was that now Captain Morgans had increased its size this brought that amount more of public bin rubbish. The area needed larger capacity to cope with this amount of rubbish.

A meeting had taken place with Kate Cassar, Helen Dobby and Steve Forsey and the Mayor was asked to explain their roles. He went on to note that a lot of assets in Salcombe were owned by District and this meeting was to discuss these various elements and where the RA4 area of land covered. Steve Forsey was particularly concentrating on the harbour owned trailer park as currently District was looking at building a terrace of workshops with 7 units which would include relocation of their Harbour Office. To do this they would need to move the coach park and Town Council suggested that these could be placed on Gould Road consideration was given to the need to move the recycling bins. The recycling bins were a problem because town council felt that areas of RA4, between the fire station and toilets were possible but other than this they did not know where to suggest. If there was nowhere else to move the bottle bank to they would potentially lose one unit. This was however a positive build which was designed for marine businesses. No time scale was provided but it appeared to be moving along. With regard to bottle Banks a comment was raised that there were more bottles outside than in them but apparently District had a new collection system as they had their own lorry and staff so would be able to collect more often.

The Berry was discussed and particularly the delineation of the perimeter before any transfer to town council. District felt the hedge bank was the perimeter but as this has been attacked and encroached this area must be reviewed. Helen Dobby was to look at the St. Dunstans play area maintenance. Also town council requested information with regard to the area of land which was previously used for the dingy parking at Whitestrand and Steve Forsey said its change of use was a trial for a season. Cllr Biggs noted that two people who had spaces down there were informed by District that they did not own this but it was acknowledged by historical use they would have possessory title.

The Library Open meeting was felt to have had a poor turnout. It also developed into a meeting rather than a pop in session. The Devon County representative noted that County was looking to save between 30-50% of costs across County and gave a figure of £14800 so they wanted to save £8000 for Salcombe which it was noted was more than 50%. Salcombe library was not owned by County and it was questioned whether they would still pay rent but no answer was given. A Salcombe library group was being formed which the town council were asked if they wanted to be officially involved in and they said they felt it was a County matter.

The Mayor also had a meeting with Iain Randall after the last meeting at Bonfire Hill cemetery and noted it did look much better cutting wise now. Iain Randall explained his recent difficulties with regard to machinery failures and explained why the bottom end of Shadycombe Cemetery could not be cut because of some wild flowers that had to be left. Also the town clerk and he had meeting at Jubilee Gardens with Judith Newman and her team who were still battling the weeds. A suggestion was made by her at this meeting that she should possibly provide some more planting where the grasses were which would pad out and give more colour.

An update of the contact made with Salcombe businesses and residents for a pre Neighbhourhood Plan meeting was made and it was noted that Cllrs Wheeler and Mrs Bricknell were the town council representatives.

The Mayor noted the Service of the Sea was to in Salcombe church on July 13th at 10a.m.and asked all to please attend.


Cllr Miss Clark – She and Cllr Cohen attended the Design Panel for Tides Reach. The main points were that they wanted to extend the hotel and have more bedrooms and the Rigby Group would like to go further out rather than up but several architects on the panel wished up rather than out. Where the entrance was proposed at back of hotel meant that the service vehicles would have to travel the same route. Many on the panel were not happy that the entrance was going to be at back of the hotel as people would not have the ‘wow’ factor when arriving. Cllr Miss Clark then gave her view and it was noted that the Environment Agency had made a constraint on the height of a wall.
Toby Leigh left the meeting.

Cllr Cohen – Noted with regard to the Tides Reach he would like to be convinced about one or two points although another councillor felt personally at this point the design was innovative, bold and of merit. Cllr Cohen could not attend the meeting for the library but noted that communication between all parties involved was important.

It was noted that the hedge/trees outside the Rugby Club needed to be cut but this work had been placed with a contractor.

Cllr Lang – Parking adjacent to the Harbour Hotel had been barriered off and the deliveries either there or to adjacent developments was causing problems. Practically every space in Fore Street was occupied by builders with dispensations notices. Someone had complained from Malborough about the footpath to Collaton and that it was overgrown. Cllr Lang had met a contractor from Devon County who was clearing some branches and he advised he was only going to cut as far as Martins Way which was halfway up but Cllr Lang walked 100 yards and noted that this extra section would clear this pathway and asked him to do this work which he did..

Cllr Whitfield – The Island Cruising Club store was being knocked down behind the car park and they would be rebuilding as per their permitted plans that went through in 2012. Therefore all vehicles that had been using this area had been evicted from their parking.

Cllr Taylor – Thanked the town clerk for the ensuring the bus shelter at Onslow Road was pressured washed as it was disgusting and smelt. He also thanked Pete Robinson for his IT invention in the transfer over of computer documents. Along Bonaventure Road some properties had an electricity supply out of the pavement which then fed through a stone wall and he raised concern as to whether they were safe. The Mayor asked Cllr Taylor if he could report this on the reporting page of the electricity board and he agreed.
Cllr Taylor left the meeting.


• Town Council were asked to consider possible dates for a meeting with Rob Harkness next week. The town clerk would arrange.
• Meetings to discuss project funding for the CLAG bid would be held in Malborough on 2nd July 10.30 – 12.30 and Dartmouth Academy 15th July 6-8pm. Cllrs Choen and Lang were to attend.
• Keith Hardacre of Devon County had advised that the Government recommendation when building properties for the elderly was one parking space per five dwellings and any more requirement within a development had to be considered by the developer not County. When the Residents Parkings was considered in 2003 Sir Simon Day and others made considered decisions with regard to owner occupiers being resident at that time of allocation and were awarded 2 permits per property and a visitor’s permit. This was not implemented until 2007. In 2011 – 12 when Mrs Featherstone’s permit was issued this was done on request to an administrator and not automatically, as now, through the computer system. Therefore it was not picked up that this permit should not have been issued. Chandlers Heights was not included in the Residents Permits zone as there was not sufficient on street parking in Shadycombe for all those residents and thus it could not be implemented. When County realised this error in November 2013 they wrote giving pre warning that this permit would discontinue on 31st July. It was felt that this response was not satisfactory nor correct and that Salcombe was overdue a residents parking review and this should be done.
• Also during the conversation with on street parking at County it was advised that only 4 dispensations permits are allowed per property/building site. If there were any breaches of usage then the head of enforcement could be advised and these would be looked at.
• Email from Cty Cllr Gilbert requested comments from Town Council with regard to moving parking at Edinburgh House, Devon Road. Town Council felt it seemed that the opening had been moved in the wrong direction and the Mayor was to respond directly.
• Kingsbridge and Salcombe Chamber of Commerce wished to note their concern that the Rivermaid remained closed and unavailable to people wishing to visit the town. Most current enquiries are with regard to the ferry and many coming to the town to use such are being turned away. They therefore wished Salcombe and Kingsbridge Town Councils to do all they could to request that the vessel was run again. A councillor noted that the Rivermaid owner had problems with the MCA about the Riverboat being suitable for passenger carrying purposes. They wanted to get it running but legislation kept tripping them. Cllr Wheeler was to feedback.
• Letter received from Colette Charsley expressed her disappointment with the service provided and thanked town council for bringing this matter to her attention and assured them of her continued support.
• Requested Iain Randall to pressure wash the bus shelter at the top of Onslow Road following a report by Cllr Taylor that it needed such. Iain Randall would also advise whether it needed annual maintenance and if so a costing.
• Cllrs Ms Clark and Fice would attend the Town and Parish Emergency planning on Tuesday 1st July 7p.m. at Follaton House. .
• Land Registry would be surveying the Land at Fortescue Road, Salcombe.


Current Account: £500.00
Deposit Account: £228421.73

Councillors APPROVED the following cheques for signature:
003173 Greenspace – Maintenance contract £446.33
003174 HMRC – £543.01
003175 and 76 Wages – £1402.54


The next meeting would be held on Wednesday 9th July 2014 in the Library at Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe at 6.30p.m.

Meeting Closed: 21.32p.m.

………………………………………………….. 9th July 2014.
Town Mayor.

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